Galacticmon is an Unknown Digimon. It is a Mega Digimon that is the largest size of any Digimon.[2] Having assimilated the data of an artificial satellite, Galacticmon possesses a variety of weaponry sufficient to destroy vast areas of the Digital World from ultra-high orbit. It requires a great deal of resources to move, however, necessitating the support of elite hackers. As such, there are few records of Galacticmon engaging in battle. It can also analyze attacks it receives in order to utilize those attacks for itself.[3]


  • Ragnarok Cannon: Fires a massive beam from the Ragnarok Cannon on its chest.
  • ????? (????): Fires a beam from its head; uses this attack if it fails to copy a technique.
  • Gimlet Gun: A piercing tail strike.
  • Space Laser (Spaser): Fires an enormous laser beam from its head.
  • Shuttle Scissors: A technique wherein Galacticmon seizes and bisects its enemies.
  • Satellite Buster: Uses the gun barrels on its shoulders to lock on to and attack faraway enemies.


Galacticmon is an incredibly huge cybernetic Digimon resembling some sort of spacecraft. It appears to carry at least two giant missile silos in place of legs. Galacticmon's tail contains a smaller head at the tip, and the tail is lined with solar panels which were once the power source of the Gunslinger. It also carries the Gunslinger's ultimate weapon, the "Ragnarok Cannon". It appears to have a maintenance system including skeletal metal hands. Galacticmon's head alone towers over even the largest Mega Digimon, and during one cutscene it is shown in orbit above Earth, further adding emphasis to its sheer size.


Ragnamon (ラグナモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.


Official name given by the Digimon Encyclopedia and used in American English media.


Galacticmon was designed by αρχιμεδεs, and was originally named "Gunslimon" (ガンスリモン?).[4]


Digimon Liberator[]

Zenith uses a Galaticmon card during his duel against Owen Dreadnought in the final of the Digimon World Card Championship. Galaticmon was on his field when he won. Welcome to LACUNA

Digimon World 3[]

Galacticmon is the final boss of the game. It plans to merge with Earth to become Gaiamon.

When Junior fights Galacticmon, it is fought in two stages: its tail and then its head. Its tail attacks simply with physical attacks: a stabbing motion like a scorpion and a beam that fires from its tip. Once the tail is defeated, the body intervenes and uses Ragnarok Cannon to reduce Junior's current Digimon to 1 HP. The head then comes into battle, with the ability to copy one of Junior's Digimon techniques, which it will fire in a small beam from the head. Galacticmon can also smack Junior's Digimon with its hands or launch a giant, wind-based beam.

After Galacticmon is finally defeated, it explodes and falls to Earth as a meteor shower.

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