Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode is a Dragonkin Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody. It is a form of Gaiomon, who was defeated in battle, that acquired a new power after unimaginable training. The Ogre data sleeping within its DigiCore has awakened, and its fighting style has changed to Ittō-ryū. Having mastered Tenrin Sword Style (天燐厳刀流 Tenrin Ittō-ryū?, lit. "Heavenly Phosphorus Invincible Sword Style"), a fencing technique told of in the Eastern Digital World, Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode specializes in "silent" fencing techniques in which it instantly cuts down its opponents without even making a sound. Once prepared for battle, it is almost impossible to approach Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode without leaving any openings.[4]


  • Binding Whirlwind (旋風縛 Senpū Baku?, lit. "Whirlwind Bind"): Restricts the opponent's movements with a tornado unleashed from the "Kikurin" (菊燐? lit. "Chrysanthemum and Phosphorus").
  • Kikurin Thunder Slash (菊燐一閃・號雷斬 Kikurin Issen: Gouraizan?, lit. "Chrysanthemum and Phosphorus Flash: Roaring Lightning Beheading"): Charges at lightning speed and then bisects the opponent with the "Kikurin", which surges with lightning
  • Splendid Blade of Tranquility (刀華静謐 Touka Seihitsu?, lit. "Sword Flower Tranquility"): Cuts down the enemies in its surroundings with a single stroke of its sword. It is said to quietly bring the battle to an end without them even realizing that they have been cut by their adversary.



Gaioumon-Itto Mode (ガイオウモン:厳刀ノ型)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media. The name is romanized with a hyphen rather than a colon despite the kanji using a colon. Some media leave out the colon.[5]

  • Ja: Gaiou (凱王? lit. "Triumphant King").
  • Mode. From Mode Change. ノ型 (no kata?) is semantically similar to Mode.
Gaiomon: Fierce Blade Mode

Official name given by the Digimon Encyclopedia and used in American English media. Most media leave out the colon.


Digimon ReArise[]

Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode digivolves from Gaiomon.

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