Gabo (ガーボ Gābo?) is a Gabumon who travels with Tai Kamiya and Zeromaru.


Gabo is easily stressed, a side-effect of being very knowledgeable about all the different Digimon and the Digital World. Compared to Tai and Zeromaru's easygoing attitude, he is a complete worrywart. He later changes and becomes one of the Digimon who deeply trusted in Tai and Zero's abilities.


Gabo is a Gabumon who worked as a messenger at Holy Angel Castle. He was tasked with bringing food back to the Castle to entertain the guests, but was attacked by a Tortomon on his trip back and injured his leg running away. He is spotted by Zeromaru and Tai Kamiya, whose presence in the Digital World surprises him. Tai bandages his leg while explaining that he was mysteriously transported from the Human World and while explaining his crisis, Gabo comments that he has never seen a Veedramon like Zero on Folder. They are interrupted by the attack of the Tortomon and Gabo is surprised at Tai and Zero's desire to fight it, then the boy asks him show the Castle if they win. While scanning the boy's record book, Gabo notices that all of their previous fights were against File Island Digimon, which he warns are weaker than Folder Digimon like Tortomon. However, when Tai defeats Tortomon by noticing a temporary opening in its shell that Gabo had doubted Zero could even hit, Gabo wonders at the combination of Tamer and Digital Monster. Wondering for a second if the two are the guests awaited at the castle, he agrees to take them back with him. 100% Tamer!!

When they arrive, Gabo introduces the pair to the stern Leo, currently scolding an Agumon for slacking off. When an angry Tai starts a fight with Leo's Kuwagamon by interfering in the punishment, Gabo is once again surprised to see that Tai took Kuawagamon's attacks head on as part of his plan. Turnabout Combination Later, after MagnaAngemon asks Tai to destroy Daemon for them, Gabo is shocked a third time at how readily the boy accepts the arduous task, supposing that the boy doesn't understand its seriousness. Still astounded, he observes the duel that Gekovitch demands with the pair in order to prove their strength, The History of the Folder Continent War and is then ordered by MagnaAngemon to guide them on the journey. The 5 Trials!!

Notes and references[]

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