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"Fusion Confusion"
無敵合体! パイルドラモン
(Muteki Gattai! Pairudoramon)
"Invincible Combination! Paildramon"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) October 8, 2000
(En:) February 3, 2001
Written by (Ja:) Atsushi Maekawa
(En:) Seth Walther, Jeff Nimoy, Bob Buchholz
Directed by (Ja:) Takao Yoshizawa
Chief Anim.
Yukio Ebisawa
Art Tetsuhiro Shimizu
Toei Animation
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The DigiDestined encounter a new type of digivolution when two Digimon become one, and as always, Izzy is ready to explain. Though first, the group must deal with the time bomb that is Ken's old base.


DA02 ep27 recap

Episode recap for Fusion Confusion.


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Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor Other

Digimon Analyser

DC pa.pngDC i.pngDC ru.pngDC do.pngDC ra.pngDC mo.pngDC n.png

Dragon Man Digimon

Special Move
Desperado Blaster
T.K.: "ExVeemon and Stingmon DNA digivolved into Paildramon. His Desperado Blaster attack will defeat Okuwamon for sure."


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

ExVeemon 1 Paildramon 3 Chibomon 7 DemiVeemon
ExVeemon b.jpg Paildramon b.jpg Chibomon b.jpg DemiVeemon b.jpg
(w/ Stingmon) + Leafmon

Stingmon 1 Paildramon 3 Leafmon
Stingmon b.jpg Paildramon b.jpg Leafmon b.jpg
(w/ ExVeemon) + Chibomon

Hawkmon 5 Poromon
Hawkmon b.jpg Poromon b.jpg

Armadillomon 5 Upamon
Armadillomon b.jpg Upamon b.jpg


T.K.: "There's no way they'll get through all this rubble."
Yolei: "Uh, I suppose Ken and Davis just didn't hear you, T.K."

—T.K. is wrong for once

"The warp is returning to normal. Oh, but my stiff neck isn't. I got to learn not to get so excited."

Izzy tends to get stressed out in intense situations.

Davis: "Sometimes I wish he weren't so smart so he didn't have so much to tell us."
DigiDestined: "Davis!"
Davis: "I'm sorry, but it hurts my brain to hold all that information!"

—Davis has yet to appreciate Izzy's knowledge.

"Until then, we'll even use balls of yarn to fight, if we have to."

Gatomon knows that when all you've got is a hammer...

"Enjoy your little victory while you can.. Eat, drink, and be merry little Digidestined.. For soon you'll be crushed!!"

—The threat from the Mysterious Woman isn't over yet.

Other notes

Continuity errors

  • In the flashback to the DigiDestined releasing the power of their crests, they are shown literally letting them go, but in "Now Apocalymon", the physical crests were destroyed, leaving only their power in the DigiDestined's hearts.

Animation errors

  • Omnimon's right shoulder is colored yellow instead of blue.
  • When Davis says "Woah!", his mouth doesn't move.
  • Davis's eyes suddenly go cross-eyed when he shouts, "Yeeaah."

Dubbing changes

  • In the original version, when the base becomes unstable for a second time, Cody does not accuse Ken of keeping information from the group, but is merely arguing against Ken, saying that Ken's crest was indeed helpful in stopping the reactor meltdown.
  • When talking to the DigiDestined, Arukenimon does not originally try to turn them against each other, but taunts them, telling them that there's nothing they can do to prevent the disaster.
  • In the English dub, Izzy claims that the original DigiDestined releasing their crests is "exactly how Omnimon came into existence." In the original version, Koushiro brings up Omegamon (a.k.a. Omnimon) to instead specify that their return to the Digital World happened shortly after the battle against Diablomon.

Digimon references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Paildramon announces the episode title in the Japanese episode.
  • In the flashback to the DigiDestined releasing the power of their crests, Tai is the only one seen in his original clothes while everyone else was in their real world clothes (i.e. the clothes they wore at the beginning of the series).
  • From this episode onwards, the Finnish version of this series stops being dubbed in Finnish, and is instead shown in its original Japanese form, with Finnish subtitles.