ForgeBeemon is an Cyborg Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody. It inhabits a mysterious secret honey base in the sky known as the "Royal Base." While Waspmon is in charge of security for the base, ForgeBeemon is tasked with its construction. Its arms are equipped with glue guns, and it uses the honey adhesive created in its abdomen to bond materials together. On occasion, FanBeemon can get stuck to the materials they carry. In such situations, ForgeBeemon can use its auxiliary arms to skillfully rescue them. It possesses another pair of mecha arms with saw-like teeth, along with a variety of other equipment that also provides offensive capabilities. While its arms are primarily used for construction, it cannot be taken lightly in combat. It's said that the ForgeBeemon will toil away day and night for QueenBeemon, despite not understanding what it is they are building.[1]


  • Torque Stinger: Rips its foe to shreds using the saw-teeth on its tail.
  • Bumble Welder: Discharges electrical energy from the welding arms that extend from its back.



ForgeBeemon (フォージビーモン)


Digimon Liberator (web novel)[]

At some point during Winr and the EX7-047: Tlalocmon deck main scenario NPC's duel, Winr used BT19-084: Winr's effect to put BT19-048: ForgeBeemon from his hand face up at the bottom of his security. This allowed it to use its security effect to increase the DP of Royal Base Digimon by 1000. Later in the duel, Tlalocmon attacks Winr's security and destroys it. DEBUG.2-1 Winr

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