Flybeemon b.jpg
Level Armor[1]
Type (Ja:) Insect
(En:) Insectoid
Attribute Free
Family Nature Spirits
Prior forms Hawkmon + Digi-Egg of Knowledge[2]
Partners Yolei Inoue[2]
Wood-spirit Army

Flybeemon is an Insectoid Digimon. It armor-digivolved through the power of the "Digi-Egg of Knowledge". It is a mythical Digimon that is said to have evolved in a mutant-like manner due to the power of the Digi-Egg when Kunemon emerged in large numbers. It is extremely rare to encounter Honeybeemon or Butterflymon with this species. It has very intense territoriality, and as for those that intrude its territory, it will try to repel them even if they are a Mega.[3]


  • Lightning Sting[4] (Fly Spark): Rapidly vibrates the wings on its back, sending out an electric shock. In Digimon Fusion, it instead fires lightning from its stinger, paralyzing foes.
  • Poison Stinger: Stabs the opponent with its poisonous stinger.
  • Needle Stinger: Launches its stinger.


Flybeemon resembles a red Ichneumon wasp with black stripes on its forearms, calves, and pelvis. Its antennae resemble black-tipped white feathers and it has three-toed hands and feet with black claws. It has metal visor on its forehead which bares the Crest of Knowledge on it and spiked spaulders and kneepads.


Flybeemon (フライビーモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


D-3 virtual pet

Main article: Flybeemon (Adventure)

Digimon Tamers

Three Flybeemon Bio-Emerge into the Real World and attack Renamon. Her battle with them is difficult but she manages to defeat them without the help of her Tamer Rika Nonaka. Divided They Stand

Digimon Fusion

Digimon Battle

Flybeemon is the armor digivolution of Hawkmon; the requirements are a Digi-Egg of Knowledge + 1 and an Evolutor. Its stat build is: 2 STR, 3 DEX, 2 CON, 1 INT, but its attribute is considered to be a Virus.

Digimon Masters

FlyBeemon Armor digivolves from Hawkmon using the Digi-Egg of Knowledge.

Notes and references

  1. Flybeemon's Armor level is treated as equivalent to the Champion level in the Digital Monster Card Game α. Flybeemon is a Champion Digimon in Digital Monster Card Game and a Rookie Digimon in Digimon Battle.
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  4. This attack is named "Electro-Sting" in Digimon Fusion, "Sweet Revenge! The Horrors of Honey Land!" [36], and retains its original name of "Fly Spark" in Digimon Battle.