Fluffymon is a Mini Bird Digimon. It goes about its activities while hiding within the luxuriant leaves of the forest trees. Its wings are undeveloped so it cannot yet fly, but it is agile enough to scamper up even vertical tree trunks. When Fluffymon deems that the threat has been sufficiently intimidated, it flees as fast as it possibly can.[2]


  • Birdy Head: Utilizes its speed to attack with a headbutt.


Fluffymon resembles green Dragon fruit.


Fluffymon (フラフィモン)

Official romanization given the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Liberator[]

Main article: Fluffymon (Liberator)

On Shoto Kazama's first turn in his duel against Frozen Knight he hatches a copy of EX7-004: Fluffymon. Later in the turn he digivolves it to ST18-05: Muchomon for 0 cost, the digivolution draw giving him ST18-08: Galemon. In a later turn, EX7-023: Hexeblaumon's on digivolving effect strips Galemon of its digivolution sources — sending both Fluffymon and Muchomon to Shoto's trash. Out of Control (Part 1) Later in the duel, he digivolves another copy of EX7-004 into another copy of ST18-04 then quickly digivolves that copy into another copy of ST18-08. Pteromon later fuses its consciousness with this stack whilsts it's EX7-034: GrandGalemon. Out of Control (Part 2)

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