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"Flower Power"
お台場の妖精! リリモン開花
(Odaiba no Yōsei! Ririmon Kaika)
"The Fairy of Odaiba! Lilymon Blossoms"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) November 7, 1999
(En:) February 5, 2000
Written by (Ja:) Hiro Masaki
(En:) Ardwight Chamberlain, Jeff Nimoy, Bob Buchholz
Directed by (Ja:) Takahiro Imamura
Chief Anim.
Setsuko Nobuzane
Art Yukiko Iijima
Toei Animation
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Myotismon finally loses his patience, surrounding the district in dense fog and rounding up every person in it, including the kids' parents. So, it's left up to the kids and their Digimon to rescue them.


DA ep 35 recap

Episode recap for Flower Power.


Fog (caused by Myotismon) begins to spread around Odaiba, rendering all forms of digital communication and public transport into the area useless. The next morning, a horde of Bakemon lead by Phantomon appear to round up residents into Big Sight where Myotismon is holding Gatomon captive. Amongst the people captured are Mimi, Palmon, and Sora. Sora remembers how she and Joe defeated Bakemon in her last encounter, using intimidating chants. So, she explains her idea and the people begin fighting back against the Bakemon. When DarkTyrannomon appears and hope seems lost, Palmon digivolves to Lillymon to neutralise his evil intentions. Biyomon also shows up, digivolving to scare Phantomon and the Bakemon away. Meanwhile, Tai and Kari have met up with Matt in a nearby location, where he is updated on Kari's new status as the eighth child. At that point, Myotismon decides he's had enough, and takes on Lillymon himself.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate

Digimon Analyser

Aquatic Mammal
Special Move
Spiral Edge
Gizamon: "Let the humans scream, it doesn't bother us Gizamon. We travel in packs creating terror, whether on land or underwater."
Special Move
Soul Chopper
Phantomon: "I am Phantomon. You don't want to be near me or my frightening little friends when I start to swing my... Shadow Scythe!"

Special Move
Fire Blast
Palmon: "It's DarkTyrannomon. He was actually a nice guy once until he was taken over by an evil computer virus, and his personality did a 180."
Special Move
Flower Cannon
Lillymon: "It's just little old me. Or should I say "...little old us". I'm Palmon and Togemon too. This is just my fully digivolved form. You can call me Lillymon."


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Agumon 1 Greymon 4 Agumon
Agumon t.gif Greymon t.gif Agumon t.gif
Palmon 2 Togemon 3 Lillymon
Palmon t.gif Togemon t.gif Lillymon t.gif

Biyomon 5 Birdramon
Biyomon t.gif Birdramon t.gif


"Soon now, not in fire or ice, but in fog, this world will be mine"

Myotismon as he seals off Odaiba with a fog bank.

"A 'C'?! Forget about Myotismon, this is a real disaster."

Gomamon keeps Joe's priorities in check after he gets a C on his test.

"If it's a systems glitch, it's like the Godzilla of all systems glitches!"

—Things are already going wrong at the TV Station.

Toshiko: "You just talked, I saw you! I thought you were a stuffed animal!"
Biyomon: "Well, life's full of surprises."

—Biyomon reveals herself as the Bakemon invade Sora's home.

"You know, I think he likes me."

Gabumon is surprised that Matt's father knew his name.

Toshiko: "We'll follow them and find out where they've taken her."
Biyomon: "But will it work?"
Toshiko: "We'll see."

—Toshiko and Biyomon discover that Sora has been captured.

"But I don't wanna get used to it! I wanna go home and sleep in my own bed! I wanna live life to the fullest! I wanna clean lint out of my dryer! I wanna pick up after my doggie! I wanna know what's happening on my soap operas! ...I'm so glad I got that off my chest."

Satoe proves that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

"Enough! That new-aged vocal battle won't help where you're going my pretty little miss. Seize her. Take her away!"

Phantomon as he orders the Bakemon to capture Sora.

"Oh, it's just a bird... A large bird, I grant you... A large, angry bird- AHH!!"

Phantomon underestimates Birdramon.

Other notes

Continuity errors

  • In an earlier episode, The Dancing Digimon, Sora's beanie seems to be made of a hard material which Joe uses as a drum. However, in this episode, the same type of beanie appears to be made of a softer material (similar to the feel of a real beanie).

Animation errors

  • In the scene where Mimi's mother freaks out, Tai's mother appears to have no feet.
  • Togemon is much larger in this episode than she is in normally, while DarkTyrannomon fluctuates in size throughout the episode.

Dubbing changes

  • When Joe is looking at his test results, a shot of the paper itself is removed from the English dub, presumeably because it's written in Japanese script.
  • A road sign saying "Beware of fog" and "Do not pass" is translated in the English dub.
  • A close-up shot of Joe drinking from a bottle is removed from the English dub.
  • Originally, the reason Mimi's mother starts crying is because she doesn't want her husband to die in the fighting (and she fears she would follow). She then stops crying when one of the group suggests he help escort the women and children outside instead.
  • In the English dub, the battle between Lillymon and Myotismon was moved to the end of the episode as a cliffhanger. Originally, the battle took place immediately after the battle with DarkTyrannomon, and the ending had Sora's mother urging Sora to retreat.
  • Before his battle with Lillymon began, Myotismon sent DarkTyrannomon back to the Digital World after the latter failed to stop the DigiDestined. In the original, Myotismon destroyed DarkTyrannomon.
  • The result of Myotismon's Crimson Lightning attack on Lillymon is cut out of the English dub as part of the episode cliffhanger. In the original episode, Lillymon dodges the attack, and counter-attacks with her Flower Cannon.

Digimon references

  • The musical piece Boléro, which is played throughout the original episode, refers to the movie Digimon Adventure, in which the piece is played throughout.
  • Sora has a flashback of the last time she encountered the Bakemon, in the episode The Dancing Digimon, which helps her to defeat them on this occasion.

Real-world references

The real life big, red saw outside the convention center.

  • The tape recorder being used by one of the employee's at the TV station has "Suny" written on it—a reference to the Sony Corporation.
  • The original episode features the musical piece Boléro, by Ravel.
  • Phantomon's English dub voice mimics that of the actor Boris Karloff, best known for his roles in horror films, including Frankenstein's monster.[1]
  • The convention center is a real building in Tokyo referred to as the Tokyo Big Sight. The big, red saw that appears during the battle with DarkTyrannomon is also real.
  • The mascots who are held in the convention center are Gachapin, Mukku and P-chan, characters from the kids' shows Hirake! Ponkikki and Ponkickies which aired on Fuji TV.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This episode is the first appearance of Palmon's Ultimate form, Lillymon.
  • Lillymon announces the episode title in the Japanese episode.
  • Matt's father never explains how he escaped the Gizamon whilst his work colleagues got captured.
  • Davis Motomiya, who features in Digimon Adventure 02, turns out to be one of the children held captive in the convention center (though he never appears).
  • A number of clocks displayed throughout this episode display the time as being soon after 6:00 AM. In the next episode, Tai's digivice displays the time as being 7:30 AM, implying the main events of this episode took place within 1½ hours.

Notes and references

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