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Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!
(Eikou no DejiKurosu, Tsukame! Oretachi no Mirai!!)
"A Glorious DigiXros, Seize It! Our Future!!"
Airdate (Ja:) September 24, 2011
(En:) August 16, 2015
Toei Animation
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Cast - Attacks
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Floating in the space betwen worlds, Examon and WarGreymon tell the humans about the past, and how Lord Bagra wanted to take over the Digital World. They explain that the DigiCards are the remnants of order of knights attempted to stop him, but an unexpected problem occurred; human digital technology. Due to that technology, the distance between the Human and Digital Worlds kept decreasing until the Digital World collapsed, turning the order into DigiCards. Examon and WarGreymon were trapped between worlds until Tactimon accidentally brought them with him when he was blown into the Human World. Despite this, they could still not act, but when Lord Bagra began his assault on the Human World, they were able to contact Angie and Jeremy, who retrieved them. Because of their actions, they were able to escape petrification and save the rest.

After the story, Ewan continues to blame himself, particularly for Damemon's death. Mikey levels with him and tells him about the possibility of regeneration with the power of the Code Crown. With the support of the others, Ewan takes back the Darkness Loader and turns it into a yellow-colored Fusion Loader. WarGreymon and Examon then revive the Omnimon DigiCard, and they all enter the Human World to confront MegaDarknessBagramon and his army. Christopher and Nene head to the front lines, while Angie and Jeremy support Ewan as he digifuses the army into fighters. As they distract MegaDarknessBagramon, Mikey prepares to catapult into the Dark Stone with the help of the DigiCards. Angie and Cutemon hitch a ride at the last moment, but they successfully enter the Dark Stone.

Inside, they attempt find Shoutmon only to be met by Lord Bagra's image. He asks for his surrender and displays an image of him destroying all in front of him, friend and foe, with a fog of acid. Lord Bagra then attempts to crush Mikey. Both Angie and Cutemon try to attack to free him, but he remains unfazed. He asks why Mikey resists, as under his dominion they would all be reborn into perfection. Mikey rejects his philosophy in its entirety, believing that everything has a purpose and a right to decide their own fates. Lord Bagra then decides to finish him, but at the very last moment, Shoutmon responds and saves Mikey. Lord Bagra is in disbelief as Shoutmon reveals that the Code Crown has chosen its own master: Mikey. It then revives all of their fallen allies. With all their help, they are able to dispel MegaDarknessBagramon's attack. The Code Crown then rescues the group from inside MegaDarknessBagramon and returns them to their allies.

The United Army gathers under the auspices of the completed Code Crown, united in purpose. The Digital World responds to their will as they perform the Final Fusion. All of the Digimon answer their call and digifuse with Shoutmon, forming the magnificent Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode. MegaDarknessBagramon absorbs the earth in an attempt to match him, but it is no use. Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode defeats MegaDarknessBagramon, and with his death, the Human World returns to normal.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Digimon begin to return home. Ewan realizes that, even with all of the Digimon he saw, he didn't see Damemon, but he won't give up hope. Shoutmon then tells Mikey he has to go because he needs to fix the Digital World but thanks him for having his dream come true: being the Digimon King. The humans say farewell to their Digimon, and life goes back to normal.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor Hybrid Xros Wars


6-54 Analyzer-01 JP.png
Bagra Army Emperor

Digimon Data Collection

DataCollection-Troopmon.png Troopmon
Type: Zombie Zinger
Special Moves
Dark March
Mikey: "This Digimon is a Zombie Zinger-type. He follows orders without question and doesn't have any ideas of his own. His special attack is Dark March, and he can work for a long time with no sleep!"
Monitamon 1: "That's Troopmon. I had one for a school project partner one time, and it didn't work out too well because of the 'no ideas' thing."
Monitamon 2: "But I bet the 'working with no sleep' came in handy."
Monitamon 3: "I prefer sleeping with no work, myself."

DataCollection-Troopmon.png Troopmon
Type: Undead
Special Moves
Death March
Khorošó Attack
Monitamon 1: "Troopmon. Its Special Move is Death March. It's like a machine that only follows orders."
Monitamon 2: "It can keep working without sleep."
Monitamon 3: "I want to sleep without working."


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)
Note: The Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode DigiFuse and Disengage Fuse are covered here.

Leomon 1 MadLeomon
Leomon b.jpg MadLeomon b.jpg
Kabuterimon 2 Kongoumon
Kabuterimon b.jpg Kongoumon b.jpg
Angewomon 3 LadyDevimon
Angewomon b.jpg LadyDevimon b.jpg
Cherubimon (Good) 4 Cherubimon (Evil)
Cherubimon (Good) b.jpg Cherubimon (Evil) b.jpg
Bearmon 5 Grizzlymon
Bearmon b.jpg Grizzlymon b.jpg
Gotsumon 6 Minotarumon
Gotsumon b.jpg Minotarumon b.jpg
Grademon 7 Grademon (Violet)
Grademon b.jpg Evil Grademon t.gif
Grademon b.jpg
Dracomon 8 CyberDracomon 27 Dracomon
Dracomon b.jpg CyberDracomon t.gif Dracomon b.jpg
(w/ Cyberdramon)
Cyberdramon 8 CyberDracomon
Cyberdramon (2010 anime) b.jpg CyberDracomon t.gif
(w/ Dracomon)
Golemon 10 GolemJijiTortomon 22 Golemon
Golemon b.jpg 6-54 GolemJijiTortomon.png Golemon b.jpg
(w/ Jijimon, Kamemon) + Jijimon, Kamemon
Jijimon 10 GolemJijiTortomon 22 Jijimon
Jijimon b.jpg 6-54 GolemJijiTortomon.png Jijimon b.jpg
(w/ Golemon, Kamemon) + Golemon, Kamemon
Kamemon 10 GolemJijiTortomon 22 Kamemon
Kamemon (Fusion) t.gif 6-54 GolemJijiTortomon.png Kamemon (Fusion) t.gif
(w/ Jijimon, Golemon) + Jijimon, Golemon
Gaossmon 13 PaunGaossmons
Gaossmon b.jpg PaunGaossmon t.gif
(w/ PawnChessmons)
PawnChessmon (White) 13 PaunGaossmons
PawnChessmon (White) b.jpg PaunGaossmon t.gif
(w/ Gaossmon)
Knightmon 15 Knightmon Wise-Sword Mode 30 Knightmon
Knightmon b.jpg 6-54 Knightmon Wise-Sword Mode.png Knightmon b.jpg
(w/ Wisemon) + Wisemon
Wisemon 15 Knightmon Wise-Sword Mode 30 Wisemon
Wisemon b.jpg 6-54 Knightmon Wise-Sword Mode.png Wisemon b.jpg
(w/ Knightmon) + Knightmon
Ballistamon 17 BalliBeastmon 25 Ballistamon
Ballistamon b.jpg 6-23 Analyzer-11 JP.png Ballistamon b.jpg
(w/ Beastmon) + Beastmon
Beastmon 17 BalliBeastmon 25 Beastmon
Beastmon b.jpg 6-23 Analyzer-11 JP.png Beastmon b.jpg
(w/ Ballistamon) + Ballistamon
Dorulumon 19 Drill Cannon 21 Dorulumon
Dorulumon b.jpg 6-54 Drill Cannon.png Dorulumon b.jpg
Monitamons 20 Hi-VisionMonitamons
Monitamon b.jpg Hi-VisionMonitamon b.jpg
JetMervamon 28 Mervamon
JetMervamon b.jpg Mervamon b.jpg
JetMervamon 28 Sparrowmon
JetMervamon b.jpg Sparrowmon b.jpg
MegaDarknessBagramon 28 MegaDarknessBagramon (Giant)
MegaDarknessBagramon b.jpg 6-54 MegaDarknessBagramon (Giant).png


"I'll tell you why! Because I...am the future...Digimon King!"


"My vision... How could... I have failed?"


Other notes

Animation errors

6-54 AniEr-01 JP.png
  • When the Digimon are going back to the Digital World, Mermaimon is miscolored with red hair, green tail, dark green hat, pink top, yellow belt, red bullet cartridges, and silver gloves and anchor.

Dubbing changes

  • The following scenes are removed from the American English version:
    • A group shot of the Fusion Fighters United Army right before battle.
    • JetMervamon attacking.
    • Deputymon attacking while riding on Dorulumon.

Digimon references

6-54 12.png