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File Island (ファイル島 Fairu-tou?) is the setting for the original Digital Monster toy, the Devimon arc of Digimon Adventure, Digimon World, Pocket Digimon World, Digimon World Re:Digitize, Decode, and Encode, Digimon Heroes!, Digimon Rumble Arena 2, and Digimon All-Star Rumble. In Adventure, it is located a little off the coast of the Server Continent. It also appears in Digimon Masters and Digimon ReArise.


Digimon Adventure[]

1-08 File Island

File Island is at the center of the four compass points guarded by the Harmonious Ones.[1] During Devimon's first attack on the DigiDestined, he splits the island into several islets in order to separate them. Evil Shows His Face However, the island is reformed after the Black Gears on each islet are destroyed. Subzero Ice Punch! A Clue From The Digi-Past The Dancing Digimon

After Apocalymon is defeated, the Digital World begins reformatting, starting with File Island and spreading outward. The Fate of Two Worlds

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[]

V-01 10 01

File Island near Folder Continent.

According to Gabo, the Digimon of Folder Continent are so strong that File Island Digimon can't compare to them. 100% Tamer!!

Digimon World[]

Digimon World 2[]

Digimon World Re:Digitize[]

File Island (Re-Digitize) b

File Island has the following locations: Ancient Bone Swamp, Binary Castle, Boncano Volcano, Fluorescent Cave, Gravel Wasteland, Night Canyon, Powdery Cliff, Railroad Plains, Signpost Forest, Submerged Ruins, and the Underground Waterway Labyrinth.

Digimon Masters[]

Digimon Collectors[]

File Island dco

Digimon Heroes![]

File Island (Crusader) b

In Digimon Heroes!, Digimon armies from all corners of File Island have been in a perpetual struggle leaving the island in ruins. Unhappy with the state of the world, Ophanimon summons the player – a crusader – to the Digital World to unite the island.[2]

Digimon ReArise[]

Primary Village appears.


Ancient Bone Swamp[]

Ancient Bone Swamp (古代骨の沼 Kodai Hone no Numa?) is a swamp in Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Back Dimension[]

Back Dimension (裏次元 Ura Jigen?) is a dimension created from the leftover memory of Machinedramon in Digimon World.

Beetle Land[]

Beetle Land (ビートランド Bīto Rando?, lit. "Beet Land") is a breeding area for insect Digimon.

In Digimon Adventure it is where the DigiDestined's Digimon Partners first digivolve from In-Training to Rookie. And so it begins...

In Digimon World, Beetle Land is a somewhat secret area accessible through fishing Seadramon. Beetle Land houses several insect-type Digimon including Tentomon, Kabuterimon, and Kuwagamon.


Beetle Land's Colosseum (コロシアム Koroshiamu?).

In Digimon World, it holds an annual tournament on the 22nd of each year, rewarding a Beetle Pearl as first prize.


Beetle Land's Square (広場 Hiroba?).

Binary Castle[]

Binary Castle b

Binary Castle (バイナリキャッスル Bainari Kyassuru?) is revered as a holy area in Digimon World Re:Digitize, with arching ceilings and pillars covered with monitors. It's said to be where all the data in File Island is calculated.[3]

Mirei, Angewomon, and LadyDevimon are in the Binary Castle when Taiga, Niko, Akiho, and Yuuya receive the e-mail with the Digitize Program.

Boncano Volcano[]

Boncano Volcano (ボンケーノ火山 Bonkēno Kazan?) is a volcano in Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Coela Beach[]

Coela Beach (シーラ岬 Shīra Misaki?, lit. "Coela Cape") is a beach located at the southern tip of Native Forest.

In Digimon Adventure, it is where Agumon first digivolves into Greymon to fight Shellmon. The Birth of Greymon

In Digimon World, Coela Beach is a small sandy beach connected to Native Forest. A wild Coelamon swims in Coela Beach at a certain time of the day, and once he is spotted he assists Mameo in entering Tropical Jungle. He eventually joins the city and sets up an Item Stand, shared with Betamon. When the Item Shop opens, he relaxes at Centar Clinic.

In Digimon All-Star Rumble, Coela Point is one of the battle areas for the Digital Monster Evolution Tournament. Goblimon, Tortomon, EBEmon,

Digital Plains[]

In Digimon All-Star Rumble, Digital Plains is one of the battle areas for the Digital Monster Evolution Tournament. ShellNumemon and Apemon live there, though they attack the participants of the tournament when they try to transverse the area.

Digital Station[]

In Digimon All-Star Rumble, Digital Station is one of the battle areas for the Digital Monster Evolution Tournament.


In Digimon World Re:Digitize, the Colosseum (コロシアム Koroshiamu?) is where Tamers battle each other. It is connected to the Primary Village. It is later updated into the DigiTower (デジタワー DejiTawā?), which has five floors; 1F, 10F, 20F, 30F, and 40F. It is locater where Infinity Mountain once was. Enormous amounts of data constantly flow in and out of the tower between the Real World and the Digital World, and it can be said to be a pillar that supports and links both worlds.[3]

One day, Taiga and Niko are logged in the Colosseum and about to battle each other, until an error freezes the game. After the error is fixed, Taiga and Agumon go back to the Colosseum to fight Akiho Rindou and Digitorin, until they are interrupted by Black's chase against Angewomon and LadyDevimon, which breaks the Colosseum's wall. Our Routine, Evolving!! Akiho and Digitorin challenge Black and Yuuya Kuga, allowing Mirei Mikagura to open an escape route to her Partners, but Digitorin is easily knocked out by the Dragon Man. Niko sends Sashenka to help, and Agumon warp digivolves to WarGreymon and fights Black. During the battle, the Colosseum is suddenly updated into the DigiTower, surprising Yuuya who never heard of plans for such a large update. WarGreymon has a sudden recovery from a fatal injury, and launches an unusaully strong "Gaia Force" that is able to force Yuuya and Black to retreat. Don't Quit, Advance!!

Taiga fights his final battle against Vitium in the DigiTower. Digimon World Re:Digitize

Dragon's Eye Lake[]

In Digimon Adventure, it is the place where the DigiDestined spend their first night, and the place were Gabumon first digivolves into Garurumon to fight Seadramon. Garurumon The lake contains a small island which has a derelict streetcar on it.

In Digimon World, Mameo can fish in Dragon Eye Lake. There are two different spots surrounded by the lake, and they are coined as the north lake and south lake. Several kinds of fishes exist in the lake, including the Digital Anchovy, Digital Snapper, Digital Catfish, Black Trout, and Digital Seabass. The south lake is famous throughout the game for the "lake guardian": Seadramon. Once the player gets enough information and the Amazing Rod, Seadramon can be caught. Once caught, Seadramon offers a technique, a Waterbottle, or friendship. Taking the friendship allows the player to travel to Beetle Land.

Drill Tunnel[]

Drill Tunnel is an ancient tunnel home to several Digimon.[citation needed]

In Digimon World, two Drimogemon dig through the tunnel, creating passages to Gear Savannah and Leomon's Ancestral Cave. Meanwhile, a third Drimogemon slacks off from digging, but gets back to work after challenging Mameo to a battle and losing, and a Meramon nearly destroys the tunnel after it is connected to its home in the savannah. Eventually, Ogremon sets up his third base within the tunnel.

Factorial Town[]

A factory were things are built and the then are taken apart again. Andromon is the operator of the factory. Where Tentomon first digivolved into Kabuterimon. Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker

In Digimon World, Factorial Town is a sub-quest area; therefore, it is not necessary to explore it in order to complete the game. It is originally accessible through Whamon's transportation service, however, the gate linking to Gear Savannah opens after the player finishes the events in Factorial Town. The town itself is patrolled by wild Guardromon, PlatinumSukamon, and Geremon. In the sewers, a sick Numemon is seen succumbing to the gaseous atmosphere. A wild Giromon is identified as the problem, and once he is defeated Andromon thanks the player and joins the city. Numemon also joins the city after a short fight, seemingly due to amnesia. Giromon himself joins the city after Andromon does, and creates a jukebox in the restaurant. A wild MetalMamemon is also seen lurking around Factorial Town. He appears rarely, and once defeated he joins Penguinmon in the curling rink.

In Digimon All-Star Rumble, Factory Town is one of the battle areas for the Digital Monster Evolution Tournament. Goblimon, Tortomon, and Cyclonemon live there, though they attack the participants of the tournament when they try to transverse the area.

Fluorescent Cave[]

Fluorescent Cave b

Fluorescent Cave (ケイコウ洞窟 Keikō Dōkutsu?) is a cave in Digimon World Re:Digitize.


This area is an icy tundra that is constantly below freezing and where there is almost always snow on the ground. It also contains some boiling hot springs, which serve as excellent spas. There are also randomly placed refrigerators (none of which are powered since the outside temperature is already so cold), some of which contain food such as eggs. It's unclear where exactly the food comes from. Tai and Matt each ended up here after being separated from the others and each other when Devimon split them up. Its landmark is the Ice Sanctuary. In Digimon World: Next Order, Mameo states that he and Jijimon had banished away the Ice Sanctuary due to the evil harboured within and was shocked to see it had wound up in the Next Order Digital World, now under the name of the "Frost Cathedral"

In Digimon World, several Digimon reside in Freezeland, including Penguinmon, Garurumon, Frigimon, Whamon, Mojyamon, and Angemon inside the Ice Sanctuary. Some Digimon infamously get sick when idling in Freezeland for too long, including most Vaccine-type Digimon and all Fresh/In-training Digimon.

Fossil Canyon[]

A deep canyon, home to various Dinosaur Digimon.

Gear Savannah[]

Gear Savannah (ギアサバンナ Gia Saban'na?) is a large, desert-like area which is near Mihirashi Mountain which is an almost endless stretch of grassland, broken up only by an occasional large gear or wayward telephone pole protruding from the ground. The Savannah lies between Mount Mihirashi and the Yokomon Village.

In Digimon World, Gear Savannah is a large plain-like area housing many important Digimon. It is accessed initially from either Mt. Panorama or Drill Tunnel. An Elecmon is seen roaming through the savannah, and will join the city after it shocks you 3 times. A Patamon duels Mameo and also joins the city once it's defeated three consecutive times. A wild Biyomon attempts to escape Mameo, however, a diversion created by him and his Digimon convinces it to join the city. Once File City gains a prosperity rating of 45 or higher, Leomon can be recruited after the Mameo finds his ancestor's sacred tablet in Drill Tunnel. A local card and recycling shop is seen west of Gear Savannah, however, it only operates during the first 15 days of each year.

Geko Swamp[]

Geko Swamp (ゲッコー湿地 Gekkō Shicchi?, lit. "Gecko Swamp") is the home of File Island's Gekomon.

In Digimon World, Geko Swamp is a moist area run by many Gekomon. The player must defeat an Otamamon, who only appears 30% of the time. Once defeated, the player is brought to Volume Villa, where ShogunGekomon resides. ShogunGekomon enables you to travel the Misty Trees safely, and offers merit points for your cards. These merit points can be spent on a variety of rare items, including stat chips and digivolution items.

Gravel Wasteland[]

Gravel Wasteland b

Gravel Wasteland (砂礫の荒野 Sareki no Kouya?) is the wasteland in the western portion of File Island in Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Great Canyon[]

Great Canyon (グレートキャニオン Gurēto Kyanion?) is a canyon.

Ancient Dino Region[]

Ancient Dino Region (ダイノ古代境 Daino Kodaikyō?) is a location in the Great Canyon. Many dinosaur type Digimon live here. In Digimon Adventure, Izzy, Tentomon, Mimi, and Palmon end up here after being separated from the others by Devimon. Its landmark is the Temple of the Digivice, where a Centarumon resides. The temple is ancient, and filled with mazes, ancient writings, and booby-traps. A Clue From The Digi-Past

Just before Apocalymon's appearance in "Now Apocalymon", Gennai referred to the aforementioned "Temple of the Digivice" as the "Dino" or "Deeno Runes".

Infinity Mountain[]

Infinity Mountain (ムゲンマウンテン Mugen Maunten?),[4] the central point of the island, few Digimon live on it. It is one of the largest and tallest mountains in the Digital World. Its peak is well above the cloud line, and is constantly covered in snow.

In Digimon Adventure, Devimon took residence on the mountain top, after he found the Black Gears within it. The first DigiDestined visit marked Gomamon's first digivolution into Ikkakumon. Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo The second visit, when the DigiDestined fought Devimon, marked Angemon's first appearance and Devimon's defeat. The mountain is also home to a Unimon that assists the DigiDestined in the fight against the Dark Masters. Piedmon's Last Jest

In Digimon World, Infinity Mountain is labeled Mt. Infinity. The passage to Mt. Infinity opens after a prosperity rating of 50 or higher. There are four bosses in Mt. Infinity: Devimon, Megadramon, MetalGreymon, and Machinedramon. Once Mt. Infinity is cleared once, the player can run through it a second time in order to face Digitamamon.

King's Castle[]

In Digimon All-Star Rumble, King's Castle is one of the battle areas for the Digital Monster Evolution Tournament. Goblimon and Boltmon live there, though they attack the participants of the tournament when they try to transverse the area. The castle has PawnChessmon statues.

Lava Pit[]

In Digimon All-Star Rumble, Lava Pit is one of the battle areas for the Digital Monster Evolution Tournament. Goblimon, Mushroomon, Apemon, Tortomon, Cyclonemon, SkullMammothmon, Boltmon, and EBEmon live there, though they attack the participants of the tournament when they try to transverse the area. It is where the Legendary Digimon is defeated by the winner of the tournament.

Mihirashi Mountain[]

Mihirashi Mountain is a dormant volcano which has a Yokomon Village at its base. It is the setting for "Biyomon Gets Firepower".

Across the Gear Savannah from the Yokomon Village is a mountain that's a source of the village's water. A Meramon lives there. The mountain is actually a volcano, whose warm temperatures heat up the village's water supply to near boiling before it flows down to the village. The high temperatures help kill off germs in the water, and make it safe to drink.

Misty Trees[]

Misty Trees is an area in Digimon World, connected between Toy Town, Freezeland, and Geko Swamp. It is home to several prominent Digimon, including Gabumon, Cherrymon, and Kokatorimon. It is surrounded by a very thick fog. Without ShogunGekomon's spell, the player cannot meet Cherrymon easily. The Cherrymon in Misty Trees eventually gets rid of the fog, and offers specialized training in the Brains stat.

Mount Monkey[]

Cr-64 01

Mount Monkey (猿山 /サル山 Saru-yama?) is a location in Digimon Heroes!.

Native Forest[]

Native Forest (迷わずの森 Mayowazu no Mori?, lit. "Wavering Forest") is a source of greenery on File Island.

In Digimon Adventure, it serves as the ideal place for Devimon's trap. The place is sometimes known for weakening Light aligned Digimon.[citation needed]

In Digimon World, it surrounds File City, and is the first place Mameo explores. It is home to a wild Agumon, Palmon, Kunemon, Etemon, and Ninjamon. Scattered throughout the forests are food items such as Digital Mushrooms and Blue Apples, as well as enemies including Dokunemon, Goblimon, ModokiBetamon, and RedVegiemon.

In Digimon All-Star Rumble, Native Forest is one of the battle areas for the Digital Monster Evolution Tournament. ShellNumemon, Mushroomon, Apemon, and SkullMammothmon live there, though they attack the participants of the tournament when they try to transverse the area.

Night Canyon[]

The Night Canyon (ナイトキャニオン Naito Kyanion?) is a canyon in Digimon World Re:Digitize.


A massive cemetery, home to the Bakemon. Joe and Sora ended up here after being separated from the others by Devimon.

In Digimon World, Overdell is connected to the Tropical Jungle and Great Canyon. The cemetery itself contains Gray Lord's Mansion, one of the few dungeon like areas in the game. Bakemon also lurks Overdell, and will join the city after a short conversation. In Gray Lord's Mansion, Myotismon runs a research project centering around unique Digivolution. His experiment, SkullGreymon, can also be found in Gray Lord's Mansion. Gray Lord's Mansion is also one of the three possible settings for the Back Dimension.

Powdery Cliff[]

Powdery Cliff b

Powdery Cliff (パウダリークリフ Paudarī Kurifu?) is an icy area in Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Primary Village/File City[]

Primary Village (はじまりの街 Hajimari no Machi?, lit. "Village of Beginnings") is a town at the base of Infinity Mountain. In Digimon World, it is named "File City".

In Digimon Adventure, it is where the Digi-Eggs of all deceased Digimon reappear. It is composed of various nursery toys—for example, the ground is elastic. It is guarded by Elecmon.

The landscape here consists of large green fields, huge stuffed building blocks the size of buildings, trees with toys and stuffed animals hanging from their branches, and large, soft, spongy, hills that are fun to bounce on. T.K. ended up here after being separated from the others by Devimon. DigiBaby Boom

When the Dark Masters reformed the Digital World into Spiral Mountain, their evil tainted Primary Village, and no new Digimon were born. After Apocalymon was defeated, a hail of the Digi-Eggs of all of the Dark Masters' victims rained down on the village. The Fate of Two Worlds

Wormmon was reborn here after he sacrificed himself to help Magnamon destroy Kimeramon. Genesis of Evil

In Digimon World, File City is a sprawling metropolis and one of the few civilized areas on File Island. File City acts as the primary location in Digimon World and is run by Jijimon. In the beginning, File City is uninhabited and secluded, but the city flourishes as Mameo recruits once-feral Digimon. As the city's prosperity increases, it becomes the home to several attractions including an item shop, arena tournaments, a clinic, a restaurant, a bank, and a transportation service. File City is patrolled by a Bakemon, an Ogremon, and a Tsunomon. Once Mameo has reached certain prosperity value, instead of File City, the digital road sign shows Digimon Town.

In Digimon World Re:Digitize, Taiga and Agumon arrive at Primary Village after defeating a blackened Gabumon.

In Digimon ReArise a BanchoLillymon, after arriving at Primary Village, decided to take it upon itself to look after the Primary Village Inhabitants, and its vernacular and personality started to rub off on the In-Training Digimon and they started to copy it. When Patamon, who used to live in Primary Village, returns to visit, the In-Training Digimon insult it, to the surprise of Patamon, who comes to an agreement with the local Elecmon that it would tell BanchoLillymon to stop being such a bad influence on the In-Training Digimon. After Patamon (as Angemon/Seraphimon) and BanchoLillymon fight each other over this they eventually team up to defeat Breakdramon who had tried to kill Motimon, Tokomon, and Wanyamon as they had snuck out of the Village and gone into Breakdramon's territory whilst Patamon and BanchoLillymon were fighting (Goblimon, Raremon, and Elecmon were supposed to be looking after them but had stopped paying attention), BanchoLillymon realises it hadn't been strong enough to defeat Breakdramon itself and decides to leave on a journey so that it could become stronger and leaves Patamon in charge. This upsets the Inhabitants, though they decide to become stronger as well so that BanchoLillymon would be impressed with them when it one day returned. Lullabies of an Angel and a Ringleader Later, a group of Spiral attack the Village and kidnap all the In-Training Digimon and Digi-Eggs, with one of the Digi-Eggs accidentally falling into the Digital Point — which is later found by Kazuma Natsuyagi, hatches as Botamon, and becomes his Partner Digimon. As the Tamers arrive to the Village, Keito's Elecmon is reunited with the other Elecmon though is distraught after learning what the Spiral had done. Eventually the group is able to defeat all the Sprial and save Primary Village. A One-Track Mind! Kazuma Joins the Party

Some of the known locations in File City in Digimon World are:

  • Arena: An arena that holds tournaments. It is built by Greymon. After Analogman has been defeated, MetalGreymon and Airdramon show up here.
    • Curling Area: An area where the sport of curling is performed. It is opened by a Penguinmon. Sometimes, MetalMamemon will appear here instead after it is recruited.
  • Clinic: A clinic that is run by a Centarumon and is later expanded by a Betamon and a Coelamon.
  • Green Gym: A training area in File City. It is later upgraded by a Kabuterimon and a Kuwagamon.
  • Item Bank: An item bank that is run by an Agumon who works as an Item Keeper. All items get stored here.
  • Item Shop: A shop that sells items. It is built once either Patamon, Biyomon, Monochromon, or Unimon is recruited. As more digimons are recruited, the shop will sell more items. Each digimon has its own unique item sold. If Piximon has been recruited, it will appear randomly in the shop. The Secret Item Shop can be found downstair. Devimon, Numemon, Mojyamon, and Mamemon sells items there, and Ninjamon provides item information.
  • Jijimon's House: This is where Jijimon resides.
  • Meat Farm: A farm that grows meat for File City. It is run by a Tanemon. It later expands when Palmon joins File City and is later upgraded by Vegiemon.
  • Restaurant: A restaurant built after either Tyrannomon, Digitamamon, Frigimon, Garurumon, Meramon, or Vademon has been recruited. If Giromon has been recruited, it will run Jukebox, where the player may choose different music. Due to text glitch (missing end character), this may freeze the game in the NTSC version.
  • Warp Shop / Birdra Transport: It is built by Birdramon. A Leomon can be seen here.

If either Coelamon or Betamon is recruited before the Item Shop opened, it will open an item stand, which sells some kinds of item (depending on which one is recruited). Recruiting both will make the stand sells more items. Once the shop opened, it will replace the item stand.

Proton Shrine[]

In Digimon All-Star Rumble, Proton Shrine is one of the battle areas for the Digital Monster Evolution Tournament.

Railroad Plains[]

Railroad Plains b

Railroad Plains (鉄路の平原 Tetsuro no Heigen?) is the plains at the southern of File Island.

In Digimon World Re:Digitize, it is the place where Taiga first arrives and meets Agumon, and the two are attacked by a blackened Gabumon, or Betamon in Decode.


The sewers lead from the Factorial Town to the vending machine field. File Island's Numemon live in the sewers due to their preference to dark and wet spaces.

Signpost Forest[]

Signpost Forest b

Signpost Forest (道標の森 Michishirube no Mori?) is a forest in Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Submerged Ruins[]

The Submerged Ruins (水没の古都 Suibutsu no Koto?) are ancient ruins south of the Railroad Plains in Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Tilly Valley[]

In Digimon All-Star Rumble, Tilly Valley is one of the battle areas for the Digital Monster Evolution Tournament.

Toy Town[]

Toy Town (おもちゃのまち Omocha no Machi?) is a European-looking village where abandoned toys reside. It is guarded by Monzaemon who takes care of broken toys. It is the setting for "Togemon in Toy Town".

Toy Town is a stage in Digimon Rumble Arena 2.

In Digimon All-Star Rumble, Toy Town is one of the battle areas for the Digital Monster Evolution Tournament.

Train Garage[]

The Train Garage (トレインガレージ Torein Garēji?) is an area in Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode.

It contains many trains and trams, one of which can take passengers to the Dark Area.

Tropical Jungle[]

The place where the DigiDestined first arrived. Mimi ended up here again after being separated from the others by Devimon. The jungle, in addition to being home to a wide variety of plant life, also has a large number of erratically placed street and traffic signs. Some of the trees are actually hollow, and serve as camouflaged shelters for Digimon who are seeking to avoid attacks.

Underground Waterway Labyrinth[]

The Underground Waterway Labyrinth (地下水路迷宮 Chika Suiro Meikyū?) is a labyrinth in Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Vending Machine Field[]

A field of erratically placed vending machines, none of which actually work or contain any food or beverages. The machines are nothing more than hollow shells. Numemon often like to hide inside the machines during the day, since it is close to the sewers and the jungle, and act as dark shelters to take refuge in.

Yokomon Village[]

Nearby to Mount Mihirashi, the home of Meramon. Where Biyomon first digivolves into Birdramon. The village sits next to a large lake, where a half-sunken cruise liner can be seen protruding from the waters. In times of crisis or attack, the Yokomon seek shelter in the ship. The Yokomon live inside small thatched huts. The village is renowned for its wells of clean and healthy drinking water. Biyomon Gets Firepower

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Notes and references[]

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