Fenriloogamon is a Dark Animal Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody. It is an imaginary Digimon created from the daydream of a DigiCore. It is a Digimon that Digivolved through the interface on its forehead when its creative powers were miraculously unleashed. Perhaps because the DigiCore originally contained data from the warg of real-world mythology, its creation turned out to be an "ultimate Dark Beast" clad in silver armor and possessing an inexhaustible supply of magic. It has complete control of the blue magical flames that permeate its body. Despite burning at an extremely high temperature, it ordinarily flickers beautifully in silence.[2] The garment wrapped around Fenriloogamon's neck, known as Gleipnir, is inscribed with ancient magics. They say that when Fenriloogamon's DigiCore is filled with strong emotions, the magic is activated and those emotions are made manifest.[3]


  • Ragnarok Howling: Howls to release a ball of blue flames that detonates instantly to incinerate everything in its vicinity.
  • Jotunheimr Gale: Laser-like flames that erupt from its limbs and cut through the enemy.
  • Hrodvitnir: Summons a duplicate of itself made of magical flame that is capable of using the same techniques as FenriLoogamon, causing much difficulty for its adversaries.



Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

Fenriloogamon (フェンリルガモン)
  • Fenrir
  • (Fra:) May be from Loup-garou (lit. "werewolf")
  • (Ja:) The ga may also be a reference to Garuru (ガルルル?), the onomatopoeia for a wolf's growl, and Garmr — a wolf in norse mythology.


Digimon Seekers (live action)[]

Vital Bracelet BE[]

Fenriloogamon is an obtainable Mega level Digimon in the Loogamon BEMemory.

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