Level Super Ultimate
Type Unknown
Attribute Virus
Prior forms Alphamon + BETA.mon + DORUmon (DNA)
Veemon + ExVeemon (DNA)
Next forms Xmon Apocalypse Mode


Xmon is a black Alphamon whose power is unlimited, being a brother to both BETA.mon and DORUmon. He tries to kill them so he can destroy the Digital World to get to the real world and take over that, too. When his brothers try to stop him, he transports them to "DDS" (Digital Dimension Spread) otherwise known as the Digital World's Birth, which is where he plans to destroy it. He then turns into his Apocalypse Mode, the biggest thing in existence, making Diaboromon Virus Mode look like an ant compared to the Sun, no over exaggeration used.

Apocalypse Mode

A Doom Level Digimon. In this mode, Xmon sends miniature version of himself to fight BETA.mon and DORUmon, they, thiking theyre doomed, hug and cry and DNA Digivolve to BetaDigimon and destroy Xmon.

Digimon Leader Team

An animated version of Xmon appeared in Digimon Leader Team. Whilst Veemon was under VenomMyotismon (Memory Spirit)'s control, he split part of his spirit to make a copy of ExVeemon. Which VenomMyotismon MS DNA Digivolved to make Xmon, Agumon then Element Digivolved to DeathGreymon to destroy Xmon.


  • BETADORU Earthquake
  • Time Portal

Attacks (Apocalypse Mode)

  • Galactic Destruction
  • Domesday
  • Miniature Killers