Level Beast Hybrid
Type Reptile
Attribute Variable
Family Royal Family
Deep Savers
Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Anyone + B Holy Spirit of Water
Slide forms Cetusmon


Velesmon is is a Mega-class Beast Hybrid Digimon whose name is derived from the Slavic god of earth, waters and the underworld, Veles. He is the Beast Holy Spirit of Water, created by King Royalmon as well as Queen Majestymon, the parents of Prince Signamon.


Velesmon is Cetusmon's Beast form, which he undertakes when she slide evolves using the B Holy Spirit of Water. He is Cetusmon's raw power form. Velesmon is Cetusmon's main battle form, when he needs to deal immense damage. He now takes the form of a crocodile-like creature. Like with the other Beast Spirits, Velesmon is noticeably beastly than his Cetusmon appearance, with Velesmon's personality changing in this form, though he is more arrogant and aggressive, he's once cold demeanor has softened. He was of the first of the Elemental Gods to obtain his Beast Spirit while in the Dark Area. The Mars symbol the other with the symbol representing the Spirits of Water are now imprinted on his body. Velesmon also uses this form when he is on land not just near a body of water. When underwater, Velesmon's true potential is shown, he is often seen with Rivieramon, the Beast Spirit of his twin sister Aquamon. He is unable to completely control his Spirit at first use, though he trains himself, and grows to master it.


  • Liquefy – Velesmon jumps into the water, glows blue, then disappears. He can then swim through the water as if he were invisible. Seconds later, he jumps out of the water and attacks the opponent.
  • Certain-kill Fang –  Velesmon shows his teeth, which on occasion shine when he's about to attack and bites down on the opponent.
  • Hydro Cannon - Velesmon opens his mouth. Then, a glowing light blue ball of water appears in front of his mouth and Velesmon fires it at the opponent.
  • Waterfall Climb - Velesmon's eyes glow light blue and a column of water rises from the water, and Velesmon swims up the column in a fast, spiraling motion. Or Velesmon has the column of water rush at his opponents. He uses this attack against Digimon who are aerial-based.
  • Okutank Cannon - Velesmon releases a shining blue orb of water from his mouth at the opponent, or Velesmon fires an orange blast at the opponent from his mouth.
  • Tail Attack - He can attack his opponents using his powerful tail.