The Return of Coredramon is a three-part episode of the second season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Another bright & shiny day at Tokyo Junior High School. Inside Ms. Kinta's classroom, the burly teacher erases writing on the chalkboard, & reveals the homework to the students. She says, "Which period in history would you have liked to have lived? These are the subjects for your assignment. So, enjoy your three-day weekend, everyone!" Nicky seems especially excited to be getting extra homework for the added school-less day. The room full of students comes alive with the teens exiting at the sound of the bell. We soon find the DigiDestined teens walking around an area of the school, with Brick & Stick following behind, along with other students. Brick mocks Kinta's statement to his pal in a funny voice, "Enjoy your three-day weekend everyone!" Stick scoffs, as he sips a drink from a plastic cup, remarking, "Yeah! The stupid assignment!" The DigiDestined teens break off from the bumbling duo, & proceed to sit down at a table in a park-like section of the school. Maggie starts discussing Kinta's assignment, saying, "Let's see, if I were to go back in time... I would definitely go back to last year when they had that huge sale on at the Galleria, remember, & I was out sick with the flu?" Zoe laughs at her best friend's squandering of time travel plans, noting, "Mag, I think we're supposed to go back a LITTLE farther back in time." Mag giggles, & the girls sit next to Liam & Nicky at the table. Cody & Alex take their time approaching their pals, with Cody stating, "I think I'd like to be in... Viking times. I always loved those books!" Alex chuckles, & adds, "I'd like to have lived in the days of... King Arthur!" He then proceeds to swing his arm around like he was carrying a sword. His friends get a laugh out of his enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, on the Evil Moon Palace, Tactimon eavesdrops on our heroes, remarking aloud in equal resentment, "If I could, I would send them ALL back in time! Then they would be out of my way forever!" MadLeomon, who fails to point out Tactimon did sort of try to send the DigiDestined back in time recently & pretty much failed, does bring up something we aren't privy to. He says, "Didn't the Ghost Of Darkness conjure up some wizard once that had those special powers, my lord?" Tactimon confirms, "Yes, but the Ghost is Lilithmon's creation, but she's been so touchy lately I don't know if she'll talk to him!" MadLeomon gets testy, saying, "Why don't you ORDER her to talk to him, sire?!" Tactimon grumbles, "You fool! You know Lilithmon! That won't work!" MadLeomon apologizes, nodding & saying, "Yes, I forgot!" The armored master of evil notes, "If you want something nice out of Lilithmon, you have to ask her nicely. Deliver my request with my warmest regards. Ha-ha-ha." MadLeomon departs to do his bidding, when Tactimon adds, "And one more thing, MadLeomon. Remind Lilithmon that no wife of mine shall EVER be allowed to fail me!" MadLeomon obeys, raspily saying, "Yes!" This causes Tactimon to pause, as he scratches his head & asks himself, "Why DID I marry her, anyway?" MadLeomon remarks, "Good question!", prompting his overlord to shout, "What?!" The hench-Digimon backs off & stutters, trying to play off his remark by stating, "Uhh, I was just saying.. we could send the DigiDestined back in time!" Tactimon screams at the blue goon, pointing out, "I already said that! Now go! And don't come back until you've delivered my request!" MadLeomon growls & grovels, leaving to do the deed assigned to him. Tactimon breathes heavily, & sits down on his throne, while talking to himself, "The DigiDestined will become nothing more than a faded memory. And I will finally control the world." He spins his throne around laughing, & we get a fullscreen image of the big golden T on the back of his chair.

Back at the park area of Tokyo Junior High, we find Brick & Stick sitting on a bench, playing thumb wrestling against each other. Brick pins Stick's thumb down, & wins the round. A few feet away, the DigiDesined teens are lounging at the table, continuing their discussion of the topic from class. Cody asks, "So what about you, Nicky? What period of time would you like to have lived in?" Nicky replies, "Well, that's an easy one. Back in the '30s with Albert Einstein. Course, uhh, I'd have to be his assistant." His teammates snicker over his statement, while Stick loudly struggles to free his thumb from Brick's clutches. Liam continues the discussion, saying, "Of course. Man, this is a tough one for me." Zoe eggs him on, mentioning, "C'mon, Liam! There's gotta be SOME period of time you'd be interested in." Mag wiggles her eyebrows & encourages by telling him, "Don't be shy!" Liam finally breaks out, saying, "I'm not! Okay, maybe the Renaissance time. Everything seemed... I dunno... romantic?" Zoe can only reply by saying, "Awww!", Mag calls it, "That's so sweet!", & the guys all laugh at his sensitivity. Behind them, Stick loses another round, & forces his hand out from Brick's with a strong pull. Brick overhears Liam's words, & brings them up to Stick, as he says, "Ehh, did you hear that?! That makes me sick!" Stick scoffs, "Romantic?! Heh! Get a load of that geek!" Brick tells his buddy, "Let's get out of here!", & the two quickly rush as far away from our heroes as they can waddle. Mag lets us know how her homework is going, as she says, "Okay, I finished all my math, my history... that means I just have.. English!" Her teammates/friends don't look too excited by her revelation.

Meanwhile, images of electric circuits & digital waves appear, implying that Lilithmon is off in some dimension in the Digital World or something. She's on her knees before a very creepy altar, made up two rock slabs, with a set of red crystals between it, & another blue set atop a platform above them. A large skull head is placed against that, with glowing humanoid eyeballs within it. The entire altar seems to glow with constant evil magic, fog & mist swarming all around the area, as well as flashes of lightning. This entire scene contradicts the earlier statement of the Ghost being Lilithmon's creation, as she seems to worship this entity like she did with Apocalymon back in season 1. She bows continuously & proclaims, "Oh, Ghost Of Darkness, my husband, Tactimon, has sent me before you." The skullhead talks in a deep, echoing voice, saying, "I heard about the wedding. What can I do for you, my evil child?" Lilithmon puts it bluntly, "Tactimon has come up with a ridiculous plan to get rid of those Digi-Brats by sending them back in time!" The Ghost Of Darkness tells her, "Wizardmon can carry that out. But as long as the leader leads them, you will never get rid of them completely." Lilithmon agrees, "My point exactly! You can send the DigiDestined back in time, send them to the moon, send them anywhere, but they always have their leader to lead them back!" She gets rowdy with her hands, gesturing them around, & causing red magic energy to course out from her palms as she says all this. The Ghost puts things straight, "Therefore, you must destroy the leader." Lilithmon exclaims, "At last! Somebody as intelligent as I am! How do we do it?" The Ghost Of Darkness explains, "The leader is quick-thinking, wise, & strong. He can only be defeated by another such as he. Wizardmon will get rid of the others & create the being who will finally destroy the leader." A huge flaming fireball streaks to the planet Earth, & lands rather incognativly in the bushes somewhere in Tokyo. The ball forms into the humanoid Digimon named Wizardmon, who exclaims, "Surprise, Seraphimon! I'm back!" They seem to be old rivals or something, but their history isn't elaborated upon. Wizardmon wears a long, crimson robe & cape, which covers his mouth. He also has a tiny wand in his possession, which has a skull on it resembling the Ghost Of Darkness. Lilithmon continues bowing before the Ghost, & cries, "Ghost Of Darkness, thank you! Tactimon's gonna love this!"

Wizardmon ducks down in the bushes, & laughs diabolically, as he awaits the arrival of two very strange individuals. It's Brick & Stick, who wander through the park. Brick tells his pal his latest scheme, "Okay, Stick. I've got an idea. From now on, we go to school every day & we try to get... an education!" Stick can't help but laugh in his trademark hyena-like manner. Brick appears serious on this idea, until the two of them bump into Wizardmon! He lets out a wicked chuckle, & tells them, "Look into my eyes!" His flame-colored eyes suddenly burst out two bolts of orange energy bolts. The both of which lock on to Brick & Stick's eyes, snaring them in a trance before they can react. The bumbling duo can only let their mouths go agape, as they're placed under Wizardmon's spell. He informs them, "You will do as I command!" Brick & Stick obey, speaking in unison in monotone, "Yes, Master." Wizardmon goes on to say, "You will go & seek a human named Alex, & bring me a sample of his hair, so that I may clone another of his image & strength!" He hands over a rather normal-looking pair of scissors to Brick, his arm glowing as he does this. Brick holds the scissors in his hand, & Stick, also obeying the same orders, holds his two of his own fingers outward like they were scissors as well. The now-mindless lackeys speak together again, "Yes, master!" Wizardmon orders them, "Now go!" They say once more, "Yes, master!", but remaining standing before him. He repeats himself, they repeat themselves, & he grows quite frustrated & angry. Aiming his wand at their feet & zapping some magic at them, Wizardmon causes both Brick & Stick to leap up into the air, as their legs are placed under what appears to be a walking spell, their legs leading their zombie-like bodies quickly through the park. Wizardmon watches them stumble away, & he shakes his head, sighing in disgust, "Humans."

Meanwhile, inside the Evil Moon Palace, Wisemon is wasting time mixing up some strange concoction in his workshop. Lilithmon enters & says in her usual loud scratchy voice, "Oh, Wisemon!" He turns his attention to her, as loyal as ever, asking, "Yes, my queen?" She tells him with an evil smile & maniacal glee, "I did it! Wizardmon is going to create another Alex!" Wisemon claps his hands together & exclaims, "Why, that's a brilliant idea, my queen!" Lilithmon concurs, "Yes! With our own little Alex, I can bring back Coredramon & defeat those Digi-Brats once & for all! A-ha-ha-ha!" It's so refreshing to not have to deal with a Lilithmon who's made up of the same stock footage shots over & over, isn't it? Back on Earth, Alex & Mag walk hand in hand over a small bridge in the park. He asks his girlfriend, "So, what are you up to this weekend?" She replies, "Well, the weather's so nice I might just sit outside & read a book! Want to join me?" Alex's all for it, telling her "yep", & the two laugh & smile, as they make their way over to a bench in the rather lovely plant decorated section of the city. Little do they know, that the zombified Brick & Stick are trailing behind them. Brick has the scissors cutting into the air wildly, & Stick does the same with his own two fingers. Alex asks his galpal, "So, what about me & you catch a movie later?" Mag turns him down, "Actually, you know what? I promised Zoe I'd go to the mall with her. Wanna go?" He's reluctant to shop, & gives a slight groan. Before he can answer, they both spot Brick & Stick crawling on the ground, trying in vain to sneak up on Alex. Mag cheerfully greets them, "Hi guys!" They rise up onto their knees, & stare at the DigiDestined teens, still in their spell state. Alex asks, "Are you guys okay?" The bumbling duo glance at each other with mindless faces, before saying in unison, "Yes, we're okay." They then quickly stand up & rush away from the scene before their plans can be further spoiled by questioning.

Alex looks at Mag & gestures his hand to his head in such a way to imply calling Brick & Stick crazy. She laughs heartily, especially when he tells her, "I worry about them sometimes." Brick & Stick haven't gone far, as they try sneaking up on him again, with the pair of pinking shears getting slowly closer to Alex's long locks. Alex's preoccupied with Mag, telling her, "Anyway, uhh, so you & Zoe are going to the mall, huh? So, uhh, I'm gonna go work out, & I'll meet you guys there." Just before Brick is about to trim off a piece of his hair, Alex snaps his body around & demands to know, "What are you guys doing?!" Brick hides the scissors under his armpit, & Stick presses his two fingers up against the lenses of his sunglasses, both trying to conceal their intentions. They reply to his demands by simply stating together, "Nothing." They then crawl on their knees away from the bench, leaving Alex shaking his head in confusion, & Mag wondering, "What was all that about?" Alex scoffs, "With those two, who knows!" Brick & Stick are back on their bedazzled feet, & stumbling off through the park, with Brick mumbling, "Must find the master!" Maggie appears to have lost her short term memory from this distraction, as she tells Alex, "Alright, well, I better go meet Zoe. You want to go?" Alex says roughly what he just told her again, "No, you know what? I gotta go work out. But I tell ya what, I'll meet ya there." He playfully slaps her hand, she giggles, & they bid goodbye to each other, going their separate ways. Alex ends up heading in the direction Brick & Stick went, & speaking of them, the bumbling duo wind up back where they started from. They march over to Wizardmon, standing before him without a single strand of Alex's hair. He scolds them, "You miserable, useless humans! Why do I have to do everything myself?!" Wizardmon aims his wand at Brick & Stick, apparently freeing them from both the servant & walking spells he placed earlier. They tumble over each other, & fall to the ground in a heap, knocked unconscious by the magical liberation.

Alex walks around the pond, says hello to a couple of passing girls, & continues on his merry way. He's alone when he ends up at the area where Wizardmon is hiding, the strange & evil Digimon popping up from the bushes in a flash of fire. He tells the surprised DigiDestined teen, "Ah-ha! Hello, Alex. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to meet you!" As Wizardmon laughs wickedly, Alex remains frozen in his tracks, looking around alertly, & standing poised for battle the minute this odd Digimon makes the first move. On the moon, Tactimon is checking out the scene with his Tacti-Vision. He turns from the balcony & (with MadLeomon at his side) faces about six of his Claymon. Tactimon commands, "Excellent! Wizardmon has Alexander cornered. Claymon! Get down there, on the double!" Back down in the park, Wizardmon informs Alex, "I have something very special planned for you!" Alex finally snaps back to reality, & lifts his fist, pressing the button on his digivice. He calls out, "Seraphimon, Kokuwamon, come in! I need your help!" At the Command Center, Kokuwamon stares at the Viewing Globe & exclaims, "Ay-yi-yi! Alex's in trouble!" Seraphimon confirms, "Right, Kokuwamon. That's my old rival, Wizardmon." Kokuwamon gasps, "Oh dear! I had better call the other DigiDestined immediately." Seraphimon tells him to hurry, & Kokuwamon quickly presses a few buttons, before raising his hands into the air & lamenting, "Wizardmon! There's no telling what he'll do!" At the park, the Claymon are all lined up in two rows, with the sixth Claymon backflipping down the center. Alex spots their entrance, & instantly leaps into the air, launching himself into Digimon-less combat. He starts thrashing his legs into a lone Claymon, knocking it down, & awaiting battle with the rest of them.

Elsewhere, back near the school, Nicky, Liam, & Cody are still sitting at the outdoor table. Liam remarks, "Well, this isn't a bad assignment, but I can think of a lot more fun things to do on a three-day weekend." Cody smiles & nods, hopefully realizing that since they'll probably all be done with the homework by the time the three-day weekend finally starts tomorrow. Their digivices go off, & with a precautionary peek to their surroundings to be sure no one is watching, Nicky answers the call, "Kokuwamon, what's going on?" Kokuwamon replies, "Teleport to the park! Alex's in trouble!" Liam asks, "What about Maggie & Zoe?" Kokuwamon answers, "I'll contact them. Hurry!" The three seem a bit reluctant, silently questioning Kokuwamon's signal, for good reasons. Remember, in the three-part episode The Wedding, Kokuwamon had gone evil & sent the team into a trap. They take a leap of faith, trusting the robot Digimon's guidance, & picking up their backpacks before rushing off to find a more secluded area to teleport out of. At the CC, Kokuwamon tells Seraphimon, "The DigiDestined are on their way, Seraphimon!" He states, "They must be careful, Kokuwamon. Wizardmon has the power to create illusions that become reality." Kokuwamon raises his hands again & cries, "Oh, this is terrible!" The five remaining DigiDestined teens teleport to the park & are greeted by several Claymon X. Mag fights a couple of Claymon at once, concluding the shot by kicking one into a chainlink fence. Alex rips into a gang of Claymon near a large electric windmill. Nicky does an impossible backflip into the air, & lands just in time to start knocking Claymon around. He concludes that by grabbing one & tossing it into the air. Speaking of which, Alex is towering above a downed Claymon, about to punch its X marking, when another snatches him from behind, & sends him hurling off into the distance. Alex doesn't just fly across the field, he literally spins vertically like a human tornado, his feet just inches off the ground, before dropping to the grass harshly. He shakes off the attack, hops back on his feet, & rushes back into battle.

Elsewhere, Cody takes on a few Claymon, mostly tossing kicks around, before concluding his sparring match with the claybrains by throwing a jump kick into one of them. Zoe does a reverse footage backwards leap onto a treestump, before launching herself into the air & kicking two Claymon in the upper chest at once. She lands, kicks them down again, knocks another down as well, & stands triumphantly, with a stern glare in her eyes as she searches out whoever else wants some butt whooping. Over near a hill, which appears to be just below a roadway, Alex kicks a Claymon to the ground. Distracted by this, two other Claymon grab his arms from behind, & hold the DigiDestined teen firmly in place. Liam isn't far away, but is quite busy with some of the clay drones, kicking & spinning his body around in a large green field. He finishes things up with a kick to an X, causing the first & only Claymon destruction in the entire episode. Alex struggles between the grasp of the two Claymon, unaware that Wizardmon has teleported himself to the top of the hill behind him. Wizardmon merely laughs as he aims his wand at Alex, & floods his body with his evil, orange, glowing sorcery. Alex falls onto his back, his feet kicked out from under him by the Claymon, who then pin his arms down as he seems to lose consciousness. Wizardmon orders the Claymon (who are crouched atop him with their hands on their waists, acting quite tough) to, "Bring me a lock of his hair!" The last Claymon that was knocked over finally recovers, & pulls the pair of magic scissors from out of his back. He hops over to where Alex is lying, & proceeds to trim out a small, but rather thick, chunk of his black hair. They seem to also repair his hair, as anytime we see him later, it looks completely untouched by any unprofessional evil digi-barbers. The Claymon follows Wizardmon's orders & brings the lock of Alex's hair to him, prompting Wizardmon to take it into his possession with a rather twisted laugh as a result. Wizardmon teleports away with his new prize, as do the three Claymon, who do a little dance of joy before vanishing from the scene.

Alex slowly awakens from his first physical defeat in ages, just as his teammates wander over & witness the stunning sight. Mag gasp, "Oh no, look!", as she's the first to notice him. Zoe is also shocked, asking, "What happened to him?!" Liam & Nicky are the first to rush to his side, with Liam asking, "Alex! Are you okay?!" Alex groggily arises, rubbing the back of his head & saying, "Yeah... I think so." Nicky thinks, "I think we'd better contact Seraphimon." Cody agrees, "Yeah, & maybe he can tell us who that shady-faced dude was!" Mag adds, "Yeah, & why he seems to be after Alex." Alex shrugs his shoulders, & rubs his bare arms, at a loss for why he was targeted. At the Command Center, Kokuwamon is in front of the Viewing Globe, noting, "Wizardmon disappeared as quickly as he appeared!" Seraphimon informs him, "This is not over yet, Kokuwamon. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait." The good-natured robot Digimon sighs, "Ohh. I just HATE waiting!" Had he been doing his usual job of scanning the area, he might be able to find out where Wizardmon went to. We see that Wizardmon has flame-aported over to a small mound of grass, where he growls evilly & tosses the small knotted lock of Alex's hair to the ground. He then aims his Ghost Of Darkness wand at it, & charges the hair with bluish magic. Instantly, the hair sprouts off a human body, an exact duplicate of Alexander! Well, almost exact, as his clothes are quite different from what the real one had on a few minutes ago. He has a green bandanna over his head & a green tanktop on with black pants (compared to the real Alex's loose hanging hair, white long-sleeved shirt, & blue jeans). The Alex clone opens his eyes, & they flash with energy, as he grunts for the first time. Wizardmon greets him, "Welcome to your new reality! From now on, you are Alex, protector & companion of the Great Digimon Coredramon! You shall follow ALL of my commands." The Alex Clone arises from the ground & faces his creator, promising, "I am here to serve you, Wizardmon." The evil Wizard Digimon replies, "Now, here is what I want you to do....!"

Still at the same spot in the park, Mag & Zoe stand around gabbing, while Liam & Cody are crouched down resting, & Alex remains rubbing his noggin. Nicky walks in, & urgently informs his teammates, "Guys, listen. According to Seraphimon, Wizardmon has the ability to create an illusion that then becomes reality." Zoe queries, "Like a nightmare that becomes true?" Nicky confirms, "Exactly!" Mag notices Alex's constant neck & head rubbing, & asks him, "Are you okay?" He groans & says a bit under his voice, "Yeah, I just got a headache." Cody & Liam finally stand up & walk over next to the rest of the team, with Cody stating, "Look, about this Wizardmon. Maybe if we all stay alert, we can beat him." Zoe remarks, "I hope you're right." Liam wonders, "So when's the next move?" Nicky mentions, "Well, Seraphimon said there's nothing we can really do right now. So I say we just go on with our day." Alex seems eager to find a place to nap, quickly saying, "Alright, but remember. Keep an eye on your digivices at all times." Both Mag & Nicky nod & say, "Okay" to this, & presumably the others do so as well. Alex walks over to Mag & pats her on the shoulder, stating, "I'm uhh, I think I'm gonna skip out on the mall today." She's fine with it, concertedly replying, "Alright, catch ya later." Alex explains while massaging the base of his skull, "I think I'm gonna go home & take care of this headache." He starts to stagger off, as Mag shouts, "Use aspirin!", & Liam says, "See ya, Alex.", all waving. As Alex slowly shuffles his feet through the sparsely wooded area, more goodbyes are exchanged through quickly dubbed in lines, mostly just "Bye! Hope ya feel better!" things from Mag & Zoe. Alex's so wrapped up in his woozy mind, that he fails to notice his clone standing in the bushes past where he walks! The Alex Clone has that trademark Evil DigiDestined smirk on his face, as he places a small blade of grass between his teeth, takes a look over to where the DigiDestined teens are, & then looks back to watch his original self walking off. The Clone chuckles diabolically, grinning with malicious intent as he stares toward his double's friends.

On the moon, Tactimon is quite pleased, stating, "Ahh! This is all going so much better than I expected! Perhaps I HAVE been underestimating Lilithmon. Wizardmon, what comes next?" He glances down at Earth with his Tacti-Vision, & checks out Wizardmon's head. The demonic figure replies, "To proceed without plan, we must make sure the rest of the DigiDestined are out of our way." Tactimon lets him know, "I warn you, that is easier said than done!" Wizardmon gets cocky, "Oh, trust me, Tactimon. The DigiDestined are going far. VERY far, indeed!" Tactimon cuts off his red-ray transmission & turns from the balcony, exclaiming, "Hahaha! This is unbelievable! The sheer magnitude of evilness, with Lilithmon & I joined together, has made us unstoppable!" MadLeomon stands there watching him rather quietly, as Etemon & Grumblemon are behind the wall again, peeping on the situation. They seem quite excited, as Etemon notes, "You know, this marriage must just work out after all!" Grumblemon agrees, "Yeah!" Back down at the pondside area of the park, Alex's Clone approaches the exact bench in front of the bushes where Wizardmon is hiding. With several citizens passing by, he waits for the right moment, sits down, & contacts the other DigiDestined on his digivice. Apparently, his cloned body came with the green digivice! Alex's Clone, speaking in a quite angry voice, says, "DigiDestined, come in. This is Alex." Nicky answers, "We read you Alex, what's up?" The Clone removes the piece of lawn from his lips, & plays leader, ordering, "Listen, something's come up. Meet me at the Tokyo city limits sign on the outskirts of town, right away! See ya there." Nicky tells him, "You got it, Alex", & the Clone reinserts the grass into his mouth, smiles evilly, & heads to the rendezvous point.

Soon at said Tokyo City Limits sign (with notations, "Pop. 367,000" & "Elev. 241 Ft"), Alex's Clone sits under the sign, against a large tree that it rests against. He sits there, chewing on his blade of grass, & tossing a small rock into the air & catching it in the same hand, wasting time. He finally hears the other five DigiDestined on their way to him, rushing down the street (which leads to a rather large stadium in the distance), calling out to him in a hurry. They reach his side, & Mag asks, "What's going on?!", with Liam adding, "Yeah, what's up, Alex?" Alex's Clone removes the lawn debris from his mouth & stands up, acting serious in pretending to be the real Alex. He says, "I'm not too sure. Seraphimon said we should all meet here." Nicky is eager to learn why they were summoned to the location, & states, "Alright. Well, let's contact him & see what's happening." Just as he's about to press the button on his digivice, Alex's Clone shouts, "No! I mean... look. He gave us our orders, right?" Liam buys it, noting, "Alex's right. Seraphimon must have a reason." Wizardmon ends the deception himself, by laughing wickedly, as he stands perched atop the trunk of the large ancient tree before them. He remarks, "You fools are so easily deceived!" Liam shouts out, "Quick, let's summon our Digimon!", but before his hand can reach his digivice, Alex's Clone grabs his arm. The team turns their attention to what they believe is Alex, all given a double shock by this odd betrayal. Nicky asks, "Alex?! What's going on, man?" Alex's Clone shakes his head & grins evilly, telling them, "You're way too late!" He backs away from Liam & the rest (all apparently too stunned to try summoning their Digimon or calling for help). As Wizardmon laughs maniacally over this, Maggie cries, "Huh!? Alex... NO!" The boy with the face of their leader stands before them, smirking devilishly.

Right next to the Tokyo City Limits sign, the six DigiDestined teens are together, but being torn apart at the same time. No, not because what appears to be Alex is crossing over out of their jurisdiction by exiting the town! Maggie walks closer to her boyfriend's clone & asks him worriedly, "Alex, what's going on?!" He ignores her & continues smiling evilly, as Cody points out, "He's turning on us, that's what!" Before they can have time to fully react, Wizardmon, still on the tree limbs above them, yells, "It doesn't matter now!" He waves his Ghost Of Darkness wand around, causing the area surrounding the tall tree to begin to warp strangely. Our five heroes stumble around, the weird time travel spell being woven over them like a torrential rain. They stagger to the Tokyo City Limits sign, clinging to it for support as they appear to be overcome with vertigo. Zoe is the loudest with the grunting & groaning, upstaged only by Wizardmon's constant laughter. Nicky hugs the sign the closest, with Zoe grabbing his waist, & Mag grabbing hers. Liam has ahold of the base of the sign, with Cody attached to his arm for support. The reality warping increases, & finally subsides as quickly as it began. The five open their eyes to find that everything is safe & sound in Tokyo.... 400 years earlier! Tactimon got his wish, the DigiDestined are now trapped back in time. The area is quite different than how it looks in the present year, the only remaining landmarks recognizable are the Tokyo City Limits sign & the tree behind it (which is obviously much smaller at the time. Seems Wizardmon needed a proper point of reference to send them back at, hence using that location with the old tree & the historic location of the boundary line marker). The location is quite wide open, with small houses & cattle drawn wagons wandering about. The townspeople are all dressed in kimonos & other early Japanese clothing, fitting the period this is set to be.

Anyway, the townsfolk spot the strange, transported visitors from another time, & instantly panic. Yes, even in the past, the people of Tokyo are prone to heavy anxiety. Our five heroes are nearly as stunned as they are, taking a look around in total shock, all having forgotten about Alex's apparent betrayal, & instead focusing on the problem of the moment. A few yards away is Tokyo Bay, with a massive ship docked on it. It's filled with Japanese soldiers! They overhear the disturbance, & one solider notes, "Captain, there's a disturbance in the township!" The DigiDestined teens watch as people scream upon seeing them, & flee with fear at their sight. Not everyone is frightened, & one such person is a black-haired girl near the horse stables, later named Kagome. Liam is the first to really speak (aside from Zoe's dubbed in "Whoa! What's going on?!"), as he asks, "Where are we?!" Nicky checks out the panicking populous, & notes, "Well, from the looks of things... I'd say..." Mag interrupts him, whining, "Wait, don't! I don't think I want to know." Nicky does so anyway, "Tokyo. Late 1600s." Zoe takes a clear reading of the city limits sign, which reads, "Tokyo Township. Population 124." Some smarmy broad screams & points at them, "Witches! See them?! They came from out of nowhere!" They can't find the words to protest her remarks at first. Kagome's two friends run away, leaving the teenager standing by herself in front of the Coach House, looking quite nervous as she stares at the five strangers a mere few feet away. Cody replies to the smarmy broad, "Witches?! No, wait! You don't understand!" Nicky adds, "We're not witches! We're just from a different place & time!" Nobody listens, except Kagome, who appears to flee with the rest of the people anyway. The soldiers begin to exit their ship, drawn by the pleas of townsfolk crying, "Help us!" Kagome hasn't fled, but has in fact, snuck around the Couch House, peeked into an empty stable, & remarked to herself, "Right." She then continues searching for something, departing for who knows where.

The Soldiers slowly march down the dirt road. They follow it towards the source of the phenomenon, just as the future shocking vision of the five teenagers from the future sends another couple racing away from the area. Mag spots the soldiers & whines, "Oh no!" Zoe notes, "They're NEVER gonna believe us!" Liam agrees, saying, "Yeah, let's jam!" The five quickly start running, prompting one of the soldiers to say, "They're on the run, men. Take chase!", all of them increasing their pace to match our heroes'. The DigiDestined teens pass by a fort outpost, many wooden fences, & even cause a woman to order her children into the safety of their own home. Our heroic fugitives continue sprinting down the gravel streets, wandering aimlessly through the township. Meanwhile, Kagome sneaks around near the edge of the bay, following their trail, & looking for something. The Soldiers, four in all, charge forth, pressing onward, with their swords drawn. They're lead by what appears to be the Captain, a man of good breeding, & a very familiar face that we'll hear more of in the next episode. He leads the other three down the road, & winds up leading them into an empty dead end. Just around the corner, the five DigiDestined teens hop a fence, & notice as Kagome pops up & shouts, "This way, follow me!" The Soldiers think they see them, & race around the horse-stable building. Our heroes follow Kagome into a large barn, & quickly shut down the door quietly behind themselves. They remain pressed up against the massive door structure, as they remain quiet, trying their best to hide out. The Soldiers are overheard talking, "I can't believe it.", "What happened? They vanished!", "No, they've got to be back here somewhere. They can't just disappear off the face of the Earth!", "No, but they can if they're witches!" The Soldiers appear to walk right past the barn door, causing Liam & Kagome to breath a sigh of relief, & take a first glimpse into each other's eyes.

Elsewhen, in the present time Tokyo, the real deal Alexander walks through the park. He passes two girls, who are talking gossip to each other. He's rubbing his neck some more, as he wanders over & speaks to the blonde girl, asking, "Hey, have you seen the guys?" She replies, "No. Have you checked Hojo's?" He rubs his head again, & sighs, "Okay, thanks." As he walks off, the two girls undress him with their eyes, both smiling widely & making contended noises & giggles. Just a few feet away, Alex bumps into his clone! The clone steps out from the bushes, rather nonchalantly in his approach, now with a small twig in his mouth that he's chewing on. Alex's taken aback when he realizes that he's looking at his doppleganger, pausing in his tracks & facing the stranger with his face. The clone removes the twig, & speaks in a deep, diabolical voice, "Hello, Alex. Allow me to introduce myself." Alex shakes his head & asks, "What's going on?! Who are you?!" Alex's twin merely replies, "I'm the partner of Coredramon." He places the twig back between his teeth, & grins despicably.

The Soldiers run around, mothers lock up their children, & the DigiDestined teens are still hiding out in the barn with Kagome. The Soldiers lurking around outside say pretty much the same thing as they did last time, though some of the dialogue is changed! Here's what they say: "Where have they gone to?", "They've disappeared!", "They couldn't have!", "No! I can't find their whereabouts, sir!", "Where are they?!", "This is impossible!", "They've vanished into thin air.", "Over here!", "They certainly ARE witches!", &, "Hurry!" Once the troops have depart the scene, failing to check inside the barn, our heroes breathe a sigh of relief. Especially Liam, who stands up against the wooden door, next to the person they have to thank for the rescue, a teenage female townsperson, named Kagome. He looks at her, & the two smile as they introduce themselves. Liam also introduces his teammates to her, "These are my friends, Nicky, Cody, Maggie, & Zoe." They wave at her, smile, & generally say hi. Kagome smiles back & nods her head. Mag asks the girl, "Why is everyone calling us witches?" Nicky, ever the brain, explains, "Because in olden days, anyone who was considered different, or unusual, was accused of being a witch." He pinches his blue shirt, as an example of unusual items. Kagome replies in confusion, "Olden days?" Zoe looks at Mag, & then tells her, "Uhh, Kagome, we can explain everything. I think." The DigiDestined teens smirk, at a loss for words to describe their situation. Cody hands it over to the closest thing they really have to a leader at the moment, "Yeah, right! You try, Nicky!" Nicky is a bit reluctant, as are his teammates, but begins to think in laymen's terms & begins to say to Kagome, "Alrighty. Where should I begin? Have you ever wondered what Tokyo would be like in the future?"

Elsewhile, 400 years away in Tokyo Park, Alexander faces his clone. Alex asks his doppleganger, "If you're like me, you can't be evil!" The clone, speaking in a malicious tone, notes, "Let's face it, we all have our dark sides." Alex refuses to except that, stating, "My dark side faded with Coredramon's powers!" The clone presses his finger against his twin's chest & exclaims, "I AM Coredramon's partner! Only I'm more powerful than you, partner of Baihumon. So, are you gonna fight against yourself?" The generally goody-goody Alex ponders for a moment, trying to decide whether or not he wants to struggle with his inner demons physically or not. Up on the Evil Moon Palace, Tactimon checks out the scene, pumps his fist into the air & shouts, "Ahh, yes! Mission accomplished!" MadLeomon notices Lilithmon entering the room, & groans, "Ohhh, no! Not her again!" Lilithmon approaches her husband on the balcony, & screams at the hench-Digimon, "Zip it, you purple pussycat!" She embraces hands with her husband, calling him "Tacti!" Tactimon offers, "Lilithmon, my lovely wife. Come & observe the two Alex's stand face-to-face. Perfectly matched with both wit & skill!" She likes what she hears, shrilling with glee, "So tell me more, my evil husband! Ahahaha!" Tactimon mentions, "There IS one difference between them. Our DigiDestined does not suffer the burden of having to fight fair!" He, Lilithmon, & even MadLeomon erupt in diabolical laughter from this revelation. Lilithmon notes, "And you know what THAT means, Tacti baby! No more DigiDestined! AHhaha!" Tactimon remarks, "I feel like celebrating. Shall we dance, my dear?" He takes her by the hand & leads her down the steps of the balcony. Lilithmon chuckles slightly, a bit nervously as she seems to not really want to get close to the evil skinbag. But she follows anyway, saying, "Hmm... lovely idea." Tango music begins to play from out of nowhere, & Etemon & Grumblemon can't help but be amazed. Grumblemon says, "Wowee! Who would have thought that Tactimon was such a twinkletoes!", prompting Etemon to agree, "Uh-huh!" The evil Digimon overlords prance out onto the fog-filled open floor of the throne room. Lilithmon appears to be leading them along in the tango, with Tactimon noting, "Really, my dear. I am perfectly capable of leading!" MadLeomon whines to himself, "Tactimon is losing control of EVERYTHING around here!" Grumblemon comments, "Even though the music's loud, it's got a good beat. I give it a 74!" Tactimon & Lilithmon continue to dance, with Tactimon finally leading, causing his witchy wifey to purr with excitement, as he dips her & notes, "Ahh, Lilithmon, my love. You dance so lightly on my feet!"

Still stuck in the 1690s, the five DigiDestined teens take a rest inside of the barn. Nicky finishes explaining things to Kagome, "And basically, that's how we traveled back in time, & ended up here." A Soldier is overheard saying, "Let's go back around the front. They have to be here somewhere!" Liam walks over to Kagome & tries to comfort her with a warm smile, "Don't worry, Kagome. I know it's hard to understand all this." She returns the smile & tells him, "I can't imagine Tokyo 400 years from now! What's it like?" Maggie gets materialistic with her, stating, "It is AWESOME! You have to see the malls, the shops there are SO cool!" Zoe agrees, "Yeah, girl. The makeup department at the Super Store? OH!" Kagome is confused once more, asking, "Super Store?" Mag feels the brunt of the culture clash & promises, "We'll tell you about it later, Kagome.", giving a wink & a click of her tongue. Cody finally talks, "Yeah, good idea! Cause I think we need to find a way to get out of here." Liam mentions to Nicky, "Well, let's try to contact Seraphimon." The brainy one replies, "Well, I really doubt our digivice signal's gonna get through, but anything's worth a shot." He pulls out his digivice & presses the button, causing a negative sounding beep to chime. Nicky speaks into it, "Kokuwamon? Seraphimon? Kokuwamon, Seraphimon, can you hear me?!" No reply is heard.

Meanwhile, forward in present-day Tokyo, Brick & Stick are still napping on the ground where Wizardmon left them. Stick has his arm around his pal, cuddling up close, as Brick sucks on his thumb, the two snoring aloud. Two attractive girls notice them, & can't help but giggle. The sound of embarrassment awakens Stick, who quickly pats his pal on the robust stomach & says, "Brickie, wake up!" That he does, exploding back to consciousness screaming, "Where's Wizardmon?!" Stick asks, "Who's Wizardmon?", & Brick mentions, "Come on, don't you remember, man? That shady-faced guy!" Stick can only wonder, "Did you have beans for lunch?" Brick is annoyed, saying, "No, what did that have to do with anything!?" His best friend points out, "You always have weird dreams whenever you eat beans!", followed by his trademark goofy laugh. They arise from the ground, with Brick showing signs of a future detective, as he frustratedly notes, "I KNOW there was some sort of wizard around here!" Stick doesn't seem to care that he doesn't remember half of his afternoon, as he merely continues chuckling & repeating, "Beans, Brickie! Haha! Beans!" Elsewhere in the park, Alex & his clone stand facing each other. The clone continues to rub his fingers against a small twig he's been biting on for a while, as he informs his twin, "So you see, I know all about you. All your secrets & weaknesses. So why don't you make it easier on yourself, & surrender to me?" Not to be outdone or upstaged by himself, Alex barks back, "If you REALLY knew me, you'd know I'd never do that!" Over at the Command Center, all is quiet, but not silent. Seraphimon tells his robotic Digimon assistant, "Kokuwamon, activate the Viewing Globe. I detect a disturbance in the DigiGrid." Kokuwamon does so, walking over to the Globe, & upon witnessing the twin DigiDestined, he exclaims, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! This can't be! There are TWO Alex's!" On the Globe, we can hear the clone tell his double, "So that's the way you want it, huh?" Seraphimon mentions to Kokuwamon, "Now we know what Wizardmon was up to. He has cloned his own DigiDestined." For the second time in a day, Kokuwamon cries, "Oh no! This is terrible!", as he walks back to the control consoles. Seraphimon tells him, "Contact the other DigiDestined, Kokuwamon, & advise them of the situation." Kokuwamon presses some buttons, & notes, "This is very strange, Seraphimon. The DigiDestined do not appear to be anywhere in Tokyo!" Seraphimon urges him, "You MUST keep trying, Kokuwamon." The automaton-like Digimon promises, "Yes, Seraphimon. I am expanding the search parameters, now!"

Back in the park, we see the clone tell Alex again (while taking the small twig out of his mouth once more), "So that's the way you want it, huh? Coredramon versus Baihumon." As the clone is giving an evil grin, his evil creator, Wizardmon, sneaks up from behind some tree moss (actually walking for a change). He shouts, "Now!", prompting Alex to turn & spot the shady-faced sorcerer. Alex reaches around & grabs the back of his belt, yelling, "Time to summon the Digimon!" The clone chews on the twig some more, before chucking it to the ground & reaching around his own belt, while remarking, "I was HOPING you'd say that." Pulling out his digivice, Alex calls out for & summons Baihumon. The clone, using Alex's original digivice, calls out for & summon Coredramon for the very first time. Wizardmon stands off under the shade of a tree, laughing maniacally, as the clone & Coredramon faces Alex & Baihumon. The two Tommy's & their Digimon stand ready for battle, posing anxiously. Wizardmon gloats, "Yes! Summon your Digimon! That's EXACTLY what I want you to do!" Alex notes, "Well, one thing's for sure. Two of me can't exist in the same place, at the same time." The clone motions his arms, replying, "At last we agree on one thing! After I defeat you, I'll be happy to take your place." Wizardmon snickers sinisterly, as he comments, "It's SHOW time!"

The battle of the century begins, with Baihumon throwing the first tail-whip! Coredramon ducks, & throws one back, which Baihumon also ducks. He then tosses a more swift kick into his opponent, striking Coredramon on the chest. A flash of white energy crackles up where the blow was struck. Baihumon then tosses a slash, a little too high, as Coredramon dodges it, chops at his arm twice in return (white & green sparks collide), & lifts his knee into the air to strike back. Baihumon blocks the knee (white sparks), & kicks his leg up into Coredramon again, hitting his chest & causing more white sparks, with some green mixed in. Baihumon then attempts a tail sweep maneuver, which Coredramon anticipates, & leaps into the air to avoid successfully. Baihumon stands back up & tosses another slash, which Coredramon counter-slashes, the two claws slamming into each other with white & green sparks. Coredramon snatches up Baihumon's paw, & then does the same to his other claw when a second slash is thrown. With sparking green & white energy coursing through the connected claws, Baihumon lands a tail-slash into his rival's chest again, & knocks himself out of the claw hold. Both Digimon land on their backs, but quickly leap back onto their feet to continue the battle anew. This time, Coredramon throws a spinning tail-whipping, Baihumon ducks & throws one back. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Both Alex & the clone realize that it's going nowhere, so they both take a pause, facing each other silently. The clone appears to gesture as if he's wiping his lip off with his thumb, before sending Coredramon charging forth & resuming action. Coredramon throws a slash, Baihumon blocks it, & sparks fly. He tries another hit, but Baihumon cuts it off with his elbow. The next Coredramon-thrown blow is missed by ducking, & the one after that blocked by Baihumon's forearm. Baihumon finally throws one, but Coredramon blocks it. He then throws one in return, which Baihumon blocks.

Eventually, Baihumon tries that tail-sweep maneuver again. Coredramon hops up into the air, & avoids it completely, though this time lands right between his master & Wizardmon. Wizardmon's had a ringside seat to the entire fight, & has spent most of it laughing his evil head off. When Coredramon rises to pose between the two evils, Wizardmon remarks to the real deal, "Alexander, your tenacity surprises me!" Alex takes the snide comment in stride, noting "Ahh. Your FIRST mistake. Never underestimate the power of the human spirit!" Speaking of human spirit, back in the 1690s, outside of the Coach House, a Japanese Soldier & his Captain tiptoe around the building. They whisper while sneaking around, the Soldier soon peeking his head into the stable, & leading on as he & the Captain begin to realize the missing "witches" are within their grasp. Cody's voice can barely be heard coming from within the Coach House barn, as he says. "If we can't reach Seraphimon, does that mean we'll be trapped here forever?" Mag's voice also carries, "Well, Alex's still back there. He'll come for us." Nicky's also a bigmouth, saying, "Assuming he knows where to look. I mean, remember, we ARE 400 years in the past, right?" Mag realizes, "Oh yeah. Nicky, you'd better keep trying!" The Soldier & his equally armored Captain follow the sound of the voices, & enter the barn stable coach house place slowly. Nicky tries again, pressing the button on his digivice & exclaiming, "Seraphimon! Kokuwamon! Can you hear me?!" over & over, & remarking worriedly to his friends, "Guys, I still can't get through!" Mag & Zoe look at each other, both frightened. Maggie says, "We've got to do something!", & Cody suggests, "Well, let's just summon our Digimon!" Behind Liam & Kagome is a screened section that cuts off the barn area from the rest of the stable. The Captain & the Japanese Soldier pop up suddenly, & shout, "AH-HA!" Our heroes all turn their attention to this man, with Mag being the first to recognize him. She asks, "Stick?!", & the Captain merely replies in confusion, "What?" He indeed is a dead ringer for Stick, & is perhaps an ancestor. The Captain spots the only one of the fugitives he knows, & says, "Kagome. You will be punished for helping these witches!" She pleads, "They're not witches!", & Liam, trying to defend her honor, shouts, "Leave her alone!" Trapped in time, low on gas, & caught by soldiers, Mag wonders to Zoe, "What are we going to do?"

400 years later, Baihumon leaps into the air, as he takes his battle with himself out to a wider open field. Coredramon does the same, jumping up, with what appears to be rather stormy rainclouds in the distance. They land facing each other, along with both Alex & his Clone prepare to continue fighting. When Baihumon & Coredramon snap their necks out, readying their next blows, more white powder puffs off of them. Baihumon throws the first tail-whip, which Coredramon ducks out of the way of. Baihumon swings another tail-whip, it's blocked, etc. There are lots of swift & very rapid slashes tossed back & forth. No true blows get struck, no real damage accumulated upon either of the Digimon. They're so evenly matched, it's not even funny. Eventually, Baihumon does manage to land his claw into his precessor's chest, but it ends up shocking him in such a way, that both of them are knocked backwards. They both crouch on the ground across from each other. Alex shouts to his clone, "Give it up, you. Your brand of evil will NEVER win!" The clone angrily replies, "Never! YOU'RE the one who should be giving up!" Alex says something in return, which is remarkably vengeful, "I'll destroy you if that's the last thing I EVER do!" Wizardmon has grown tired of the battle, & growls, "All right. Enough of this child's play. Let's have some REAL action!" He aims his Ghost Of Darkness wand at Baihumon, & fires off a yellow stream of energy. Baihumon stands up, & is taken by surprise, as the beam hits his torso & wraps around his body, ensnaring his forelimbs as well. Wizardmon laughs wickedly, as Alex begins to collapse from shock of what's happening to his Digimon, falling to the ground in a heap. The yellow energy, with bits of whiteness swirling about to imply a power drain, dissipates, as Baihumon lies on his side, sprawled across the lawn. He struggles to maintain consciousness, as yellow, white, & even bluish surges of power course throughout his body. Wizardmon walks over, steps on his back, & aims the wand down once more, firing another yellow pulse, & causing Baihumon to forcibly return into the unconscious Alex's digivice! The evil sorcerer Digimon laughs some more, noting, "I don't think THIS DigiDestined will interfere with our plans any further." The clone stands in front of him, as Wizardmon orders, "You need to use the Core Dagger. We need Coredramon's true power to begin the destruction of the city. But first, pay a visit to my old friend Seraphimon. Make sure he knows it is I who is behind the destruction of his precious DigiDestined." Wizardmon holds out his hand, & with a flash of white light from his sleeve, causes a duplicate green digivice to appear in his palm! It seems that while the clone has every item at his disposal due to his being an exact copy of Alex, he lacked a true digivice. The clone takes the digivice, & obeys, "As you wish, Master." He departs to do as commanded, & Wizardmon whips his head around, boasting, "My revenge is sweet! Ahahaha!" He too vanishes, via his flame-aportation, leaving the real Alex still groveling on the ground. He struggles to get up, but he can't even open his eyes, his body wracked with pain from the power drain.

Whenwhile, elsemean, in the 1690s, everything is like we left it. The five DigiDestined teens & Kagome, confronted by the Japanese Soldier & the Captain who looks just like Stick. Liam turns to his teammates, & says, "Nicky, we can't summon our Digimon now!" Mag agrees on the subject of not giving the Soldiers any more fuel to the witchhunting fire, noting, "Of course not. Kagome shouldn't be punished for trying to help us." Kagome puts her hands to her face & appears to start crying, but Liam comforts her, taking her hands in his & assuring her with a nod that everything will be alright. Nicky concurs with Maggie, saying, "Let me take care of this. Cody, you just play along." He steps over to the fenced window of the stable & speaks to the Soldiers, "Um, excuse me, gentlemen. If I could just have a minute of your time, I think I could explain everything." That's our cue to skip ahead 400 years, to when Nicky finally finishes explaining everything! At the Command Center in the present day, Kokuwamon cries, "Ay-yi-yi! Seraphimon, I can't locate the DigiDestined anywhere!" Seraphimon gives his automaton-like Digimon assistant some encouragement, "You MUST keep trying, Kokuwamon. Alex cannot face this threat alone." Kokuwamon replies, "Right, Seraphimon! I'll do my best." As he's busy pressing the same few buttons over & over, he's unaware that someone has started to play stock footage from "DigiDeastined With Evil" behind him! The evil clone of Alex teleports into the Command Center, with a flash of greenish fire. The Alex clone, looks around & remarks, "Whoa, hehe. This is a cool setup!" He's either talking about the CC, of which the memories of he didn't retain from his twin, or the entire situation with him popping in unexpectedly. He sneaks up behind Kokuwamon, who whines, "Oh dear!", then turns & quickly glances at the clone & says, "Oh. Hi, Alex!", before realizing what's going on & screaming in fear. Seraphimon informs his robotic Digimon pal, "Kokuwamon, that is not our Alex. That's Wizardmon's Alex creation!" The clone confirms, "That's right, you old windbag! And I'm here to deliver a message." Trying to trick him into showing his hand, Seraphimon asks, "First, tell me what Wizardmon has done with Alex & the other DigiDestined." The clone aims his finger at the giant figure in a tube & shouts, "Keep your forcefield on, old man! Whatever I'm gonna tell you, I'll tell you when I'm good & ready. Understand?!"

Meanwhile, up on the Evil Moon Palace, the party just don't stop. Etemon & Grumblemon hop up & down behind the wall, peeking into the throne room still. Etemon exclaims, "Ooo! They look so UGLY together!" Inside the throne room, MadLeomon doesn't share the sentiment, slapping his hand to his forehead & groaning, "Oh! Too much to bear! Nooo! No!" The sight that's causing him to cringe is Tactimon & Lilithmon continuing to dance around the room to a tango beat. They both laughs amusedly, as they prance around the misty-covered floor, locked in the proper position. Tactimon proclaims, "Isn't life wonderful, my dear?" She agrees, "It IS, my love!" He dips her in his arms, & she grumbles under her breath an addition to her words, "It'll get even better when I take control!" He raises her up, & she places the stem of a wilted rose into her mouth. Tactimon takes it out & asks, "What did you say, my queen?" Lilithmon plays it off, stammering, "Uhh, I said, you're such a hero, you make me lose control!" He spins her around, & leads her across the room, stating, "Of course I do! And as soon as we get rid of the leader of the DigiDestined, I believe it's time to think about a new addition to our family." He dips Lilithmon again, prompting her eyes to bulge out when she hears this remark. He raises her up & she yells, "Addition?! What kind of addition?!" Tactimon explains, "Why, a baby!" Lilithmon screams aloud in shock, "What?!" He's quite serious about the idea, commenting, "You know, our own little bundle of evil. One that would have YOUR incredible looks, & MY brains!" He gestures while mentioning this, taking her by the hand, & then pointing his finger to his helmet. Lilithmon nearly cries, though not from happiness, as she says, "Uhh, excuse me, a moment, I'll be right back. AHHHH!" She races out of the room, prompting Tactimon to stand confused, saying, "Lilithmon? That wasn't quite the reaction I was expecting!" Soon in Wisemon's Workshop, the gentle natured Digimon maker is on the floor. He's inspecting the pieces of something he apparently dropped & broke while humming to himself. Lilithmon rushes in & shouts his name, & he arises, remarking, "Oh, my queen! How nice to see you!" She yells, "Nevermind that! That potion you made me is going too far! Make me a new potion quick!" She's referencing the potion used to make Tactimon fall in love with her in "The Wedding, Part 1", of course. Wisemon obeys, asking, "What kind, my queen?" Lilithmon explains, "A kind that will make Tactimon forget his stupid idea! He wants me to have a BABY! Ugh!" Wisemon is delighted by this idea of Tactimon's, noting, "Oh, but that sounds ever-so charming, my queen!" She feels differently, barking, "Charming, my foot! I'm not having a baby! Now make a new potion & be quick about it!" She storms off, leaving Wisemon a bit nervous, as he thinks to himself, "A new potion?! Oh dear. Exactly what did I put in the last one?" He begins to fumble around his chemistry equipment, mixing glitter with some other liquids in a hurry.

Back 400 years ago, inside the Coach House, Nicky's apparent explanation to the Soldiers has gone on offscreen. Now, Cody points out, "You see, we too are citizens of Tokyo." Nicky, who looks quite nervous, says, "Good point!", before turning to the Soldiers & stating, "Here's the situation..." The Stick-lookalike Captain silences the 'witches', shouting, "Hold your tongue! You're all under arrest!" The DigiDestined teens are stunned, Kagome as well. Maggie comments, "Nicky, somehow I don't think that they bought your story." Time for plan B, with Cody asking his teammates, "Ready, guys?" Zoe replies, "Yes. Go." Quickly, all six of the teenagers race out of the barn. The Japanese Captain can only call out, "Halt! Halt, you doggy bones! I hate it! I hate them!", as they escape. His fellow Soldier doesn't so much better, banging his sword against the fenced window. The fugitives flee from the Coach House, with Kagome & Liam holding hands. The three Soldiers follow their Captain's lead, marching down the side road, until they reach a barrier. A small wooden stick for a gate, which brings them to a grinding halt, before the Captain orders them to back up & jump over it, continuing on their way, the Captain pointing his sword outward & screaming, "Get them!" Our heroes charge through a boathouse, & end up bumping into a flock of sheep. They manage to avoid collision with the woolly animals, & return to fleeing. The Japanese Soldiers follow much along the same path, stopping when the sheep block their way, though it's barely much of a distraction.

Anyway, Kagome has finally broken loose of Liam's grasp, & leads the DigiDestined teens on a path out of the township of Tokyo. They charge towards the woods, with Kagome yelling, "This way! They're gaining on us!" Nicky asks, "Where are we running to?!", & she tells him, "My uncle! He'll help us!" After they pass through that area, the Soldiers are right behind. At a fork in the road, the Captain successfully guides his three troops into the proper direction of the "witches", proving he's not quite as inept as his future descendant. Up the dirt road in the woods, a cattle drawn wagon treks along. The DigiDestined teens race up behind it, & pile in, one by one, with Kagome in tow. She calls out to a man sitting next to the driver, saying, "Daisuke, we need your help!" Boy, a good thing her uncle was just passing by! Mag tells the man, "Thanks a lot!" The man comments, "You're all right now, kodomo!" (Kodomo is Japanese for children.) Once again, Mag gets a deja vu, as she tells her teammates, "Uhh, can you guys please take a look at Uncle Daisuke?" They do, & their jaws drop, as they realize Kagome's uncle is a dead ringer for Brick! Our heroes can't help but exclaim bewilderedly, "Brick?!", in unison. Kagome seems confused by their comment, as does her uncle, as he replies, "No, Daisuke's the name!" He urges them to relax, saying, "We'll be back to my homestead in a short while. Just sit back & catch your breath!" The wagon presses onward, as do the Japanese Soldiers not far behind them. The Captain leads his men in the wrong direction for once, shouting, "The woods, gentlemen!" He & two of his Japanese troops charge into the forest, as another dubs in, "I don't think they're over there, sir!"

In another time, at the Command Center, the Evil Alex Clone continues confronting Seraphimon. Alex's clone tells him, "Take a look, old timer. I AM the partner of Coredramon now, & there's nothing you can do about it." Seraphimon tries his luck again at treachery, saying, "Don't be so sure of yourself. I DEMAND to know what you've done with the DigiDestined!" The clone buys it, remarking ominously, "Let's just say, wherever they are, history is repeating itself." Seraphimon talks big, telling the clone, "I warn you. If any harm is come to them, I'll..." The clone chuckles, "What, gonna send that stupid robot Digimon after me? Get real!" He then presses a button on his digivice, & teleports away in his greenish fire mode again. Seraphimon states, "Quick! Kokuwamon! Did you hear what he said?" Kokuwamon walks in, & confirms, "Affirmative, Seraphimon! He said that the DigiDestined are in a place where history is repeating itself." The automaton-like Digimon is perfectly unharmed, likely just snuck off to hide from any danger, but is back with a vengeance, quickly pressing buttons on the console. Seraphimon mentions, "Wizardmon must have sent them back in time." Kokuwamon presses more buttons & says, "Activating Time Processor now, Seraphimon! But unless we can pinpoint the time period they went back to, it could take a VERY long time to find them!" The digital sage laments, "Without more information, we have no choice. Start with the present day, & work your way backward, scanning for their genetic markers." Kokuwamon's worried as usual, "What if we can't find them, Seraphimon?!" He tells his robotic Digimon assistant, "Have faith, Kokuwamon. We WILL. We know Alexander is still in the present time. We must locate him. Only HE can stop Wizardmon's DigiDestined." Kokuwamon ay-yi-yi's, "What a day this has turned out to be!" Speaking of Wizardmon, he's still at his favorite hangout, the pondside area of the park. He & Alex's Clone stare into the water, as Wizardmon mentions, "Ahh, you have done well, my DigiDestined. It is now time to begin the destruction! I shall go back in time, to keep the other DigiDestined... occupied. Hahaha!" He then flame-aports out of sight, apparently on his way to join the timelost teens 400 years ago. The Evil Alex Clone laughs at this devilish display, & once alone, he grips his fist, & proclaims, "Coredramon! The time has come to retrieve your powers, & serve your new master!"

In the 1690s, at Uncle Daisuke's Farm For Converted Brand Rice. The five time displaced DigiDestined teens do what they've done most these past two episodes, & that's stand around taking a break from all the stress that comes with being attacked by evil Digimon. Well, all stand but Zoe, who sits on the grass, next to Cody's legs. Nicky wanders over & takes a look at the large brick structure, either a massive oven or an outhouse. He returns to his teammates, & says, "Well, it looks like we finally lost those soldiers." Kagome, standing between Liam & Uncle Daisuke, leans against a post with her hands behind her back, & if you look at it the right way, it looks like she's about to be burned at the stake! Liam thanks her for the help, she smiles & nods, & even Daisuke takes a bow. A few feet away, Zoe starts rubbing her side, complaining, "Cody, your FOOT is tickling my back!" Cody looks down, & slowly backs away, remarking, "Uhh, that's not my foot!" Zoe turns & takes a look at the tickling source, finding that her rear was being massaged by a trio of vermin! She hops up & runs screaming, "Rats!", prompting both Uncle Daisuke & Kagome to erupt with laughter. Nobody else finds this amusing, especially Zoe, who wipes her clothes off, saying, "Don't laugh! I HATE rats!" Mag & Nicky both give disgusted faces, with Mag remarking, "Ew!" Daisuke & Kagome's good-natured snickering ends when Wizardmon's voice calls out, "Well, that's good to know! You will especially enjoy what I have planned for you next! Ahahaha!" Wizardmon is standing atop part of the brick kiln/crap house, with his Ghost Of Darkness wand in hand, aimed to the air. Our heroes are a bit surprised to see him, but quickly get over their shock & prepare to face him. Uncle Daisuke steps in front of Kagome, acting like he's going to defend her. He pulls back his sleeves, though looks quite frightened by the appearance of a true witch. Cody shouts, "Man, not YOU again!" Wizardmon responds, "Yes, I just thought I'd bring a bit of news from home. The city's about to be destroyed. Too bad you're not there to see it." Liam boasts, "You'll never get away with this!" The evil sorcerer Digimon replies, "But I already have! Now, did someone say something about... rats?!" Wizardmon aims his wand at the three booty-blind mice, & fires a blast of bluish energy.

Instantly, all three of the verminous rodents digivolve into Chuumon! The five DigiDestined teens spot the ugly rat Digimon, & are incredibly creeped out. Uncle Daisuke screams louder in terror than even Kagome upon seeing them. Nicky realizes only one course of action, & tells his pals, "Guys? I think it's time!" They all nod, Liam replies, "You got it!", & they reach into their pockets. Cody shouts, "It's time to summon our Digimon!", & nothing happens. They take a look around, & realize their Digimon are absent! Mag cries, "It's not working!", & Zoe takes a look at the rodent infestation, whining, "I HATE rats!" The Chuumon squeak, growl, & rub their furry hands together, looking around with their heads. Nicky dubs in a line, "Oh, that's right. We've been transported back 400 years BEFORE we met Seraphimon. We don't have our Digimon here." What he means to say, is that their connection to the Digital Grid is null & void at this time period. Seraphimon & Kokuwamon were still in a state of suspended animation until just a hundred or so years before Lilithmon's return, all systems shut down. Perhaps their failed attempted activation of the Grid caused their mentors to awaken in the first place. They turn their attention back to the monstrous mice Digimon, with Liam remarking, "We can try to take them!" Nicky vetoes this, saying, "No! It's too risky! We don't know what they're capable of." Mag rushes over to the terrified Daisuke & Kagome, urging them to run. That they do, joining the rest of the DigiDestined teens as they flee the farm. Wizardmon laughs, saying, "Did you really think you could get away?!" He fires his wand at a small shack located near Daisuke's farm, causing it to explode under the bombardment of multicolored magic. They shield their eyes from the flying debris & smoke, & simply run around the burning house. Wizardmon bids goodbye to the Chuumon, "I will leave you now, to have some fun. Do with them what you wish! Ahaha!" He apparently returns to the present time. The Chuumon, meanwhile, growl diabolically, & though they lack verbal skills, they understand his orders, & skitter off to wreak havoc.

Finally, back in the present time, the clone of Alex, proclaims to the city, "Tokyo! Prepare for your destruction!" He whips out his Core Dagger, & plays that classic tune which causes Coredramon to DigiGrow. He standing on the dock of Tokyo Bay, in his usual upper construction side position. The summoning sound of Coredramon's echoes throughout the area for the first time since "DigiDestined No More". Several workers on the loading docks across from him, work unsuspectingly. The fanfare from the Dagger calls out once again, & Coredramon Digi-Grows anew. The workers drive their forklifts around, & haul crates, likely thankful that nobody's trashed that area in a while. The clone plays the tune another few times, & Coredramon's water bubbling increases. It eventually splashes up so high, that it strikes some workers, dousing them, & alerting them to the disturbance occurring nearby. More bubbling, more workers getting soaked, & more of Alex's Clone playing the Core Dagger's flute mode. Up in the Moon Palace, Tactimon triumphantly rests on his mighty throne. He gloats, "At long last, the DigiDestined are history! Ahahh hahaha! Hahahaha!" His evil laughter continues on & on, as does this trilogy.

400 years later at Tokyo Park, Alexander remains wearily struggling to regain full consciousness, as he lies on his stomach, grunting & groaning. Meanwhile, up on the Evil Moon Palace, the neurotic newlyweds, Lilithmon & Tactimon, are laughing maniacally. Lilithmon sits in Tactimon's lap, as he sits on his throne, his hand in hers. She exclaims, "Oh yes! Bliss is a world without the DigiDestined!" They cease embracing, & rise from the iron cast chair, Tactimon promising, "Ahh, soon, my little snookums. Soon." He begins to walk over to the balcony, with his wife following, saying warmly, "Tacky, baby. Why don't you go & check up on Wizardmon. See what he's up to next. I LOVE that Wizardmon!" He pauses & picks up her magic wand, handing it to her & taking his T-Staff, which is placed next to it near the throne. Tactimon remarks, "Yes! That WAS one of my best ideas, if I do say so myself! Haha!" He rushes up to take a closer view at the planet Earth, as Lilithmon follows behind, shouting in anger, "Well, DON'T say so yourself! That was MY idea!" Tactimon tries to play things lovingly, "You aren't contradicting me? Are you, my love?" Lilithmon, who is both in the right & not exactly (Tactimon's idea was to send the DigiDestined out of time, Lilithmon's was the second Alex plan, so they're BOTH right), replies loudly, "YEAH!" Tactimon turns to his right hand Digimon, asking, "MadLeomon, whose idea was it?!" MadLeomon, his loyalty only to Tactimon since "The Mutiny", quickly answers, "Uhh, YOURS, my lord!" Tactimon gets childish, telling Lilithmon, "THERE! That proves it!" She responds equally immature, saying "Not!", & then turning over to MadLeomon & calling him a, "Spineless blue goober!" They both sigh with growls, ending the discussion when Tactimon looks to Earth with his red vision ray, stating, "What difference does it make as long as it's working!" Lilithmon's evil sneer turns to a wicked grin, as Tactimon calls out, "Wizardmon! What is our status?" Now back in Tokyo in the present time, Wizardmon informs his boss of the day, "All is well, Tactimon. The clone of Alexander's about to start the destruction of Tokyo!" Tactimon breaks off the Tacti-Vision transmission, throws his arms into the air, & exclaims, "Ahh! Hahahaha! Excellent! First, Tokyo. And then, the world!" He erupts with diabolical laughter, as does Lilithmon, as they embrace once again, excited about the prospect of succeeding for a change.

Meanwhile, 400 years ago, the Japanese Soldiers that were hunting the five time displaced DigiDestined earlier, are now on lunch break in the Edo Township. The four of them stand next to a man, who is in his underpants & has his head & arms locked in a vice. The Soldiers, including the Stick-ancestor Captain, are beholding the power of cheese! Eating big hunks of cheddar, among other flavors. The prisoner guy talks like he's one of those Jewish comedians, saying, "Every day it's the same stinking cheese! Oy vey!" One of the soldiers actually speaks in a non-dubbed voice, yelling at the shackled man, "You be quiet!" He turns back towards the Captain, who begins to give orders, "The witches are still in our midst. We'll split up into two groups. Group one, you will take the North side of town. Team two will..." He gets cut off when he spots a line of panicking townsfolk racing down the street nearby. One of the two soldiers asks, "Permission to speak, sir! What would ya like team two to do, sir?" The Captain's staring at the crowd leads to him witnessing the source of the disturbance, two of the Chuumon! The digitally enhanced Chuumon cease chasing & terrorizing the townsfolk, once they get a whiff of the cheese the soldiers are eating. The Captain stammers, blinking his eyes stunned & replies to the soldiers calmly, "Run." They're confused, until they turn to see the stupid, stupid Chuumon rushing their way. The Captain cries, "Runnnnn! Ruuuuun!", & that they do, fleeing around the back of the building. The Chuumon chase the former witch hunters, passing by the prisoner who, still locked in the gallows, shouts, "Give 'em the cheese! C'mon, just give 'em the cheese!" The Soldiers fail to hear him, & also fail to drop the pasteurized dairy products. The Soldiers soon join the crowd of escaping citizens, running for their lives from the horrible looking Chuumon.

Momentarily, 400 years in the future, below a pole containing the Japanese Flag, the modern day Brick & Stick head down a stairway outside a massive complex. Stick slides along the handrails, landing at the bottom successfully, & barely misses hitting two young girls. The bumbling duo has apparently gotten over their encounter with Wizardmon, & casually walk along, until they spot Alex staggering towards them. He's finally managed to find the will to get off his sorry butt & attempt to track down his teammates. Brick & Stick stop before him, one of them whistling as they notice he appears to be quite drained of his normally extruding energy. Alex, his vision very blurry, asks the moronic misfits, "Have you guys seen the guys?" Brick replies, "No, have YOU?" He turns to Stick, who laughs with his trademark giggle, the two getting a chuckle at Alex's expense. As wiped out of patience as he is power, Alex sternly states, "I mean it, Brick. Have you seen them?" Brick responds with an attitude, "No! I do not KNOW where those geeks are!" Stick notes, "And might I add, we don't CARE!" Brick agrees, & they return to walking down the steps, as Alex stumbles his way up them. Stick comments to his pal, "Boy, did HE look off!", while banging his finger against the top of his head. Brick concurs, "I'm tellin' ya, man, it's the martial arts!" The bumbling duo depart, making this eight episodes in a row that they didn't spend trying to find the DigiDestined's true identities! Alex goes up towards the larger flight of stairs, rubbing the back of his head again. Elsewhere, at the Command Center, Kokuwamon glances uncomfortably close to the Viewing Globe. Seraphimon asks him, "Are you having any luck, Kokuwamon?" The wily automaton-like Digimon exclaims, "Yes! I've found Alex, Seraphimon!" The digital sage adds, "What about the rest of the DigiDestined?" Kokuwamon shuffles back over closer to Seraphimon's tube, & mentions, "No, no sign of them yet." Suddenly, the sirens sound & the alarms flash. Kokuwamon presses some buttons & shouts, "Ay-yi-yi-yi! What's going on, Seraphimon?!" The big floating figure explains, "It's what I feared most, Kokuwamon. Alex's clone is attempting to cause destruction on the city with Coredramon." The robot Digimon cries, "Oh, no!", as he continues pressing buttons. Seraphimon says, "If he's successful, there could be a disaster. Alert Alex immediately!"

Alex, intensely groggy from the battles & digital draining he's been through in the past few hours, takes a rest next to a flowerbed. After as lengthy a breather as he's going to get, Alex hears the familiar chime from his digivice. It takes him a minute to answer it, first opening his eyes, & then taking a look around to be sure nobody is listening. He presses it & asks, "Seraphimon, come in." Good thing Kokuwamon wasn't the one calling, since Seraphimon answers, "Alex, we have an emergency & can't locate the other DigiDestined. Your clone is DigiGrowing Coredramon. Once in control, he will use its powers for evil." Alex, seemingly given a second or third wind by the mentioning of his dark double, proclaims, "I'll do my best to stop him, Seraphimon." The digital mentor wishes him luck, "Be very careful, Alexander. And may the power protect you." The transmission between them ends, & Seraphimon quickly tells his assistant, "Kokuwamon, I'm very concerned about Alex. Maintain continuous visual contact." Kokuwamon okays this plan, pressing some buttons & saying, "Establishing visual contact now!", as he walks back over to the Viewing Globe. Seraphimon explains, "When Wizardmon created Alex's clone, it drained Alex of some of his energy. All of his senses could be effected." Kokuwamon ay-yi-yi's, "You were right, Seraphimon! Look!" The Viewing Globe shows Alex attempting to climb that tall flight of stairs from earlier, & tripping when he reaches the seventh step. He slams hard against the stone slab stairs, rolling down them harshly & plopping down onto the cement. Alex recovers slowly, wondering, "Man, what's wrong with me!?", as he uses the handrails to drag himself up. Kokuwamon asks his digital companion, "What are we going to do, Seraphimon?!" Seraphimon says, "Once Alex summon Baihumon, the two of them will both be reenergized. But only for a short time. We MUST find the other DigiDestined, Kokuwamon." Kokuwamon agrees, "Right, Seraphimon. I just wish I knew where to look!"

Alex's clone plays some more on his Core Dagger, & Coredramon roughly whips his arms around, almost dancing to the tune. Wizardmon stands on the docks, & proclaims, "Energize yourself with evil, Coredramon. Energize yourself with EVIL! Ahaha!" He fires his Ghost Of Darkness wand into the sky, firing a beam of power into Coredramon. The mighty digital beast can do nothing but growl helplessly, as he's overcome with a spell. Coredramon's eyes get all goofy, flashing from pure bright red to extremely bright red! The clone gestures his hands, stating, "Coredramon! We are now united by the forces of evil!" Coredramon's eyes flash again, & he whips his massive tail around, smashing through various abandoned sections of the dock. The explode, before his tail drops back into the sea, causing another tidalwave to splash up & flood the buildings. Coredramon presses onward, step by step, slowly, taking forever just to reach dry land! In the Command Center, Seraphimon speaks to the last remaining DigiDestined through his digivice, saying, "Alex, even though you feel weak, if you can manage to summon Baihumon, the both of you will be reenergized for a brief time." In the city, Alex shouts, "It's time to summon Baihumon!". With a surge of digital power, Baihumon is reborn instantly. Alex takes a look at his Digimon like it was the first time he'd seen him, waving Toraclaw around in the air & exciting shouting, "You're right! It worked, Seraphimon! Now to put an end to this doppelganger of mine, once & for all!" He swiftly resheaths his enchanted Saber named Toraclaw.

Coredramon marches viciously onto the docks of Tokyo harbor. It steps foot onto the dry land, & crushes a packing trailer beneath its sole, causing a small burst. As he stomps around the docks, more fires kick up around him, flames pocketing the warehouses in the area. Alex's clone shouts, "Destroy it, ALL!", & that Coredramon does. Whipping its mighty tail against the side of a building. Alex's Clone cries, "Perfect!" upon witnessing this, & Coredramon's spellbound eyes flash in response. It next moves on to grab the orange & white striped smokestack. Coredramon picks it up, & chomps down on it with its sharp cast iron teeth. Up on the Moon Palace, Tactimon discovers that Alex is back in action, & tells MadLeomon, "Alexander mustn't be allowed to interfere. Send down the Claymon!" MadLeomon bows & obeys, "With pleasure, my evilness!" They show up in the park, shaking their rear ends in the air, literally. Alexander remarks, "Whoa! Not YOU guys again! Well. First things first!" He does a flip into the air, narrowly avoiding a powerline, & lands amid the trio of Claymon. More of that white powder is kicked up, as Alex very easily throws a few punches & kicks into the claybrains, striking all three of their X's. The Claymon explode into pieces, & Alexander comments, "Haha! Nice try, Tactimon. But you'll have to do better than that!" On the moon balcony, Tactimon overhears him, & replies, "Ahh, I WILL, Alexander. Haha! Trust me, I WILL!"

Back on Earth, Alexander whips out Toraclaw the Saber from his belt holster. Alex talks to the sentient, yet usually quiet, enchanted blade, asking, "Hey, Toraclaw! You okay, buddy?" The saber replies, "Yes, quite!" Alexander tells him, "Good! We'd better put a move on my evil clone, before Tactimon decides to turn up the heat." Aiming Toraclaw's head into the air, Alex shouts, "Baihumon, DigiGrow!" Baihumon bursts into white energy & grows into a humongous size. Alex leaps atop Baihumon, saying, "Okay, Toraclaw. Let's prove to him that good always triumphs over evil." Holding Toraclaw in his hand, together Alexander & the saber say in unison, "Baihumon, battle ready, now!" Coredramon is in the distance, roaring aloud as he becomes aware of the second Digimon on the scene. Alex proclaims, "Let's do it!", with Toraclaw in hand. Alexander speaks to Coredramon with remembrance, as he should, by saying, "Sorry, old friend. But I've got to shut you down!" Coredramon, still under the evil spell, merely growls, & stomps through the city. Baihumon speeds towards the city, vibrating intensely & roaring deeply. Coredramon smashes a building into chunks of debris, sparks & smoke, as Baihumon supposedly passes underneath. Alex ducks his head, as the destruction stirs overhead. Toraclaw says, "Ahh! I think you need a bit more power!" Alexander does as the wise blade recommends, & motions his hands, shouting, "Convert to Warrior Mode, now!" Baihumon bursts in white energy & its body becomes a silhouette, & digivolves into its tall humanoid Warrior Mode known as WhiteTigerVespamon. It lands in the city, & faces the well-dried Coredramon.

Immediately, WhiteTigerVespamon unleashes a energy sphere with a Japanese symbol, as within, & Alex initiates, "Thunderbolt, FIRE!" Not one, but three flaming balls of energy are discharged from WhiteTigerVespamon's energy sphere, each one striking Coredramon perfectly. Alex pumps his fist into the air & exclaims, "Direct hit! Alright!" The smoke clears, & Coredramon is relatively unharmed by the attack. With a quick snap of the back, Coredramon's dragontail rips around & cuts into WhiteTigerVespamon. Alexander is shaken up quite roughly on WhiteTigerVespamon's shoulder, as his Digimon starts erupting with sparks. The ancient, & quite more experienced, Coredramon's single attack has proven to be lethal indeed. So much, that Alexander has been thrown clear off of WhiteTigerVespamon's shoulder, & hurled into the air! Alex, his lack of power & concentration from Wizardmon's assaults earlier likely a cause for this quick defeat, drops to the ground, with Toraclaw in hand. WhiteTigerVespamon isn't seen again, so it must have retreated into Alex's digivice. Over at the Command Center, Seraphimon tells his robotic Digimon assistant, "Alexander is growing weak." Kokuwamon, pressing buttons, cries, "I CAN'T find the DigiDestined!" Seraphimon urges him, "Keep trying, Kokuwamon. Without the other DigiDestined, Alexander will surely be defeated." Kokuwamon shuffles his big feet across the floor & approaches a different sector of the consoles, whining, "Oh, no!" Meanwhile, in 1690s Edo, more running from the Chuumon. The five DigiDestined teens, Uncle Daisuke, Kagome, various townsfolk, & some of the Soldiers are shown fleeing from the Chuumon. The DigiDestined teens run along side a slow moving oxcart, & Uncle Daisuke comedically trailing behind as two of the digital rodent raiders near gnawing range.

Alexander remains where he landed, in the wooded area, possibly the park again. He's crouched down, in a bit of pain, clutching Toraclaw in his grasp. The saber keeps an eye out, alerting his partner, "Alex, look out! Wizardmon!" It's not only Wizardmon, but the evil clone as well. Wizardmon asks the weary hero, "So, Alexander. Are you ready to surrender?" Alex proclaims, "Never!" His clone mentions, "Remember, only ONE Alex can survive!" Alexander stares at the two masterminds behind his downfall, his vision blurring, as Wizardmon asks, "What'll it be, you pitiful excuse for a DigiDestined?!" Alex's mind clears enough to utter a request, "Well, I, uhh,... I might surrender. If you can send me to the same place as you sent my friends." The clone falls for the bait & switch routine, asking in disbelief, "You want to travel 400 years back in time?" Alexander whispers to Toraclaw, "YES! Just what I wanted to know." On the Moon Palace, Tactimon remains glued to his balcony seat. Lilithmon, anxious to find out the situation with Alex, asks, "What's going on?!" His steel clad facemask tinges with a red glow of anger, as he informs her, "Alexander is not giving up!" Lilithmon groans, & tries to find a bright ray of darkness, noting, "As long as the DigiDestined are gone, he won't be able to keep it up much longer!" She grumbles frustrated some more, & wanders down the steps, as Tactimon replies, "Yes. And only our wizard friend holds the power to transport across time. Alexander has finally met his match!" At the Command Center, Alex's tip pays off. On the Viewing Globe, the five time displaced DigiDestined teens are shown running away from the Chuumon. Notice, due to relativity, we see them in the past at the exact same point in time as we would if seeing them now. Other words, the same amount of time they've been there has passed in the present time for everyone else. Hence why their presence in the past hasn't done much of anything to change the future so far. Kokuwamon exclaims, "Seraphimon! I've found them! And they're all safe & sound... I think. That was brilliant the way Alex tricked his clone." Seraphimon appears to be a bit jealous that his own attempts at tricking the clone into admitting where the others were didn't work, as he doesn't talk about it at all, simply saying, "Contact Alex immediately. He must gain control of that magic wand."

In the park, Alexander has finally arisen from his landing spot, & is ready for action. He swings Toraclaw around in the air, while making "he-yaa!" sounds. Alex's clone seems to be eager to spar with his twin again, but backs off. Alex's Digivice beeps, & he takes the time out to answer it. The baddies, proving themselves patient, just stand there & let him take the call. Alex answers, "I read you, Seraphimon. Hope you got good news!" Seraphimon replies, "Yes, Alex. We located the other DigiDestined. Capture Wizardmon's magic wand, & use it to transport back in time to rescue them." Alexander, seemingly invigorated by the mention that his teammates have been found, shouts, "Right!", right before delivering the crucial blow. The clone can only extend his hands out in protest, as Alexander leaps into the air, & kicks his right foot into Wizardmon. The white sneaker strikes the Ghost Of Darkness Wand, which Wizardmon so carelessly had out in the open, within kicking range. There's a discharge of multicolored magic, as the wand is knocked out of his clutches. Taken by total surprise, Wizardmon is helpless to do anything but get smacked aside by Alex, as he aims himself for where the Wand fell. His clone isn't about to let this happen, mirroring his movements & grabbing Alexander's wrist. The clone shouts, "Oh no, you don't!", as he yanks Alex's hand away from the wand, just inches from the target. His whole body is tossed backwards, & the doppleganger DigiDestined face one another once again. Alexander immediately jumps into the air, hopping over his clone, & landing exactly next to the wand. Wizardmon is noticeably still on the ground. Alex takes the wand in his hand, & boasts to his twin, "You of all people shouldn't underestimate me! Hahaha!" He then speaks into his digivice, saying, "Seraphimon! I've got the wand. I'm on my way!" Alexander, with wand in hand, crosses his arms, & causes the magic stick to surge to life. He & Baihumon are wrapped in the same style of warping the other DigiDestined were when transported through time. Wizardmon, still lying on the ground, cries out, "Noooo!", as he & the clone witness Alex's victory. Alexander & Baihumon are engulfed by the temporal distortion, & they warp through history, vanishing instantly.

Meanwhile, the DigiDestined are partying like it's 1699, 400 years ago. They, along with a ton of Edo citizens, including the four Soldiers, race through the unpaved streets. The Chuumon follow along, & after covering every single inch of the 17th century township, our heroes wind up directly in front of an open wooden platform. It's got a tall post on the center of it, & as you can tell, it's where they string people up & hang them! Alexander & Baihumon time-teleport just underneath the hanging post, & Alex draws the attention of everyone, including his teammates, to himself by yelling, "Hey you guys!" Hardly few of the people scream at the sight of a teenage boy with a large white tiger-like creature warping onto the scene, when just a little while ago, they were running scared from five regular teenagers. Our heroes all smile upon noticing their leader has come to save them as expect, with Mag gasping, "Alex!" Alexander, wand in hand, states, "I'm SO glad you guys are safe!" The Chuumon regroup, & scurry off into the woods, planning to do some more terrorizing elsewhere in the village. Alex tells his friends, "I've come to take you back. But we gotta hurry! My evil clone has unleashed Coredramon on Tokyo!" Zoe remarks, "But we can't just leave these people here with these giant rat Digimon running around!" Alexander, seemingly realizing the relative nature of their digital method of time travel, tells her, "There's no time to deal with that now, Zoe. We'll come back & finish off those dirty rat Digimon." Liam, who despite just being told will be coming back to face the vermin, turns to his instant girlfriend Kagome, & pleads, "Come with us. There's so much I want to show you." She shakes her head, & sighs, "No, Liam. This is MY world. You must return to yours & save YOUR township. I'll always remember you." She leans in & gives him a peck on the cheek, humbling the partner of Mammothmon speechless. Cody rushes over & takes his pal by the hand & urges, "C'mon, Liam!" Nicky notes, "We gotta go!", & Mag shouts, "C'mon!", from up above the platform next to her hero. Liam's dragged away from Kagome before he can return the kiss, as he & his teammates join Alex under the brutal hanging post. Alexander tells the quite calm crowd, "Don't worry, everyone! We'll come back & take care of those rat Digimon!" His teammates lock arms together with him, & prepare to travel back... to the future! Liam manages a quick, "I'll never forget you, Kagome!", causing her to smile, just before the wand creates a warp field around the six DigiDestined, & teleports them into the timestream. Kagome is distraught, & is comforted by two fellow townswomen. The other citizens are stunned, shouting in confusion, "They disappeared!" Uncle Daisuke takes off his straw hat, & questions what he saw with his own eyes. The three Japanese Soldiers walk around the area where the six strangers vanished from, baffled & searching for clues which they never find.

The wand-wielding Alexander arrives back in the present time with his five friends, at the same spot he left it. His clone stands around, seemingly awaiting the return, & Wizardmon is back over in the bushes. Once our heroes are all warped back to reality, Alexander begins to engage the clone in combat, quickly telling his teammates, "You guys summon your Digimon & shut down Coredramon! I'll handle these two." Maggie gets the honors of shouting, "It's time to summon our Digimon!" The five teenagers pull out their digivices & summon their individual Digimon. Instantly, they begin to digivolve their Digimon to the Thunder Digimon. All of the Thunder Digimon next DigiXros up, & form ThunderOmnimon. It's powered up, & on the scene in no time. Coredramon growls upon seeing them, likely disappointed that he didn't get to fight DoruGreymon personally. Below them, in the woods, Wizardmon is out of the bushes, & is apparently being helped along by his creation, Alex's clone. Maybe he's hiding behind his master in an attempt to be the last to go, but it looks more like he's comforting Wizardmon. Alexander aims the Ghost Of Darkness Wand at them, & proclaims, "Looks like the show's over, Wizardmon. And your own evil magic will be your downfall!" Alex fires the wand at Wizardmon, sparkily white energy courses outward, & strikes the crimson robed sorcerer Digimon. He screams in agony, as his body dissipates, leaving nothing behind but his hat & cape in a heap on the floor. The clone watches this in horror, dropping to his knees next to the pile of Wizardmon. Alex informs his clone, "You're finally free from Wizardmon's evil spell!" The clone seems to have paid no attention to the boy behind the curtain after all, as he clutches the robed remains in his hand, & says, "I feel like such a fool! I can't believe I let him control me!" Alexander stands by his side & explains, "You control Coredramon! Only you can stop him!" The clone cries in as much defeat as depression, "I can't!" Alex stresses, "You HAVE to!", but the clone would rather mope next to his creator/controler's clothes.

Above them, in the streets of the modern day city, Coredramon roars viciously. His blood-red eyes are still glowing, signifying that while Wizardmon's death cut off the spell on the clone, the spell on Coredramon remains. ThunderOmnimon readies its massive metal fist, & punches it into Coredramon's hull. The punch was a tough one, & sends Coredramon toppling over. The five DigiDestined watching on top of a distant building cheer for themselves, acting victorious over one blow to their former partner! Cody figures, "Maybe if we jolt him hard enough, we can break the spell!" In other words, he wants to take out all his frustrations with "power hungry" Alex vicariously through Coredramon. Soon after he says that, Coredramon is back on its feet, & roars some more. It then pulls the same maneuver it used successfully on Baihumon earlier. Coredramon whips its tail towards ThunderOmnimon, causing sparks to fly as it cuts narrowly in our heroes' direction. They struggle to keep control of their Digimon as the whipping gets worse, with Liam commenting to Cody's earlier one, "It hasn't worked yet!" Coredramon ceases his attack, & appears to get a laugh out of their misery. ThunderOmnimon marches closer, giving its rival Digimon time to activate its five finger talon bullets! They launch towards the DigiDestined, but the towering ThunderOmnimon mere charges through the bombardment. One or two blasts do strike it. After that hit, Liam cries, "We've lost contact!", Cody tells Nicky, "Nicky, get back the contact!", he nods & replies, "Right!" Cody orders Liam, "Liam, power up the weapons!", he responds, "Got it!", & Cody exclaims in general, "Alright, guys, let's finish the job!" With a crossing of his forearms, he motions for the team to proclaim in unison, "Thunder Saber, power up!"

ThunderOmnimon's eyes light up. It unsheathes its Thunder Saber, & holds it up, charging the blade with a surge of lightning-like energy. The evil Coredramon growls, standing with its arms out, like saying, "Come get some!" Below, Alexander runs through the park in dramatic slow motion, his right arm in the air, crying out, "Wait! Guys! You don't have to do that now! Wait! Stop!" On top of the building, the five DigiDestined have their arms held high, as they prepare to chop them down, gesturing what they're calling out, "Thunder Saber, battle action!" ThunderOmnimon continues filling the Saber with electricity, before lifting it up against its left shoulder, & prompting the rushing waterfall background to appear. The formally evil clone of Alex comes to his senses finally, & realizes, "Alex's right! I MUST stop them!" He puts his lips to his Core Dagger, & blows, ringing out that familiar summoning call. Coredramon's red eyes suddenly lose the glow, flashing back to normal, causing the sentient digital beast to let loose a mighty growl. Oddly, he's next shown with his arms downward, electricity surging throughout his body, as he falls over, as if struck by something! With Coredramon down, the clone exclaims, "Wizardmon's spell is broken!" His barely conscious Digimon lies on the ground, moaning wearily. On top of the building, the DigiDestined cheer for their triumphant win without resorting to destroying anything (Zoe is heard shouting, "Take that!). ThunderOmnimon swings its Saber around, before resheathing it, standing tall over the city victoriously. The clone mentions, "It's time to return Coredramon into my digivice!" With a last few set of activating fanfares, Coredramon hops back up onto its feet, & return into the clone's digivice. The clone lowers his Core Dagger for the last time, & remarks, "At least that's over with." Alexander holds his saber up high, as Toraclaw wonders aloud, "Now, what to do with two Alex's?" The real Alex notes, "We'll figure something out."

The no-longer-evil clone of Alex falls back to his knees, & laments, "I just can't believe I was responsible for all that destruction." Alexander kneels beside him, gropes his shoulder, & says, "You were under Wizardmon's magic spell. It wasn't your fault! No matter how hard they try, Lilithmon & Tactimon have NEVER been able to turn me evil!" His clone asks, "But me?", & Alex responds with a slight chuckle, "Not even a PART of me. Now, I've got some unfinished business to attend to in the form of some giant rat Digimon. Come with me, together we can free Tokyo's past from Tactimon's evil spell!" His clone remains quite depressingly quiet, but doesn't resist when Alexander helps him back to his feet. Alex chuckles again, as he puts his arm around his clone, says, "Ah, come on, Al." Alexander activates the Ghost Of Darkness Wand again, causing the warping time dilation vortex to envelope the both of them. One last time to the late 1690s Edo we go, finding people panicking as usual. Even men on horses are terrified by whatever it is that is making everybody else run for their lives. Kagome, the Japanese Captain resembling Stick, & the Brick-lookalike Uncle Daisuke, are mere feet in front of one of the Chuumon, as they flee down a steep hill. Two of the rodent Digimon stand side by side atop the hill, growling as ferociously as they possibly can. The other Chuumon is more or less herding the humans like future cattle for the slaughter down below. The townsfolk of the colonial township come to a screeching halt, the moment they spot the warping entrance of Alexander & his clone! The Chuumon don't seem to happy to see them, as the two Alexs make the scene, shouting their usual Karate grunts. The clone takes a look at his opponents, & proclaims, "One last battle with Coredramon!" He leaps up into the air, & jets across the yard with his leg poised outward, howling with power. His body actually trails green behind it as he streaks through the air, his foot perfectly striking the lone Chuumon. The creature is dropped with that single kick, prompting the clone to remark, "Alright, who's next?!" Uncle Daisuke, the Captain, & Kagome watch this display, jaws agape.

The remaining two Chuumon chatter, knowing that they're up next for an Alex Attack! Alexander does the honors on them, throwing several kicks & punches into the furry rodent Digimon. They try to fight back, scratching their claws at him, but not a single cut is inflicted. Alex even reaches underneath one of them, yanks its tail, & sends the creature hurling into the air. It lands next to its fellow Chuumon, just feet away from the clone, who is beating the cheese out of the Chuumon. He soon flips the mutant creature over onto its back, joining its two brothers on the ground nearby. As the Chuumon appear to throw a tantrum, kicking their feet rapidly against the ground, the clone comments, "I think it's time to shrink these guys BACK to size!" Alex agrees, "I think you're right. Let's do it!" He aims the wand at the vermin trio, firing a bluish white beam, & reverting them all to their original, sewer-dwelling-size forms of regular rats. The townspeople cheer graciously for their saviors, the exterminating witches. Kagome is also quite happy, as is Uncle Daisuke, & the Captain cries, "Hurrah! Haha!" Alexander & his clone stand, face to face where the rats once were. Alex comments his double, "Congratulations on a job well done, Al! But now, I think it's time we headed home." His clone shakes his head, & sighs, "I can't, Alex. You said it yourself. Only ONE of us can exist at the same time." Alex places his hand on his clone's arm, & tries protesting, saying, "Seraphimon will think of something!", as the crowd of townsfolk begins to flock closer to them.

Alex's clone gently pushes his twin's hand off, noting, "There's no place for me there. Let me stay here where I can do some GOOD for a change." The Japanese Captain with Stick's face speaks up, looking at Kagome quite disturbingly, & saying with his helmet off, "He's always welcome to join.... my regiment." Uncle Daisuke is the first to cheer, & cheers loudest, at the kind gesture. Everyone else soon raises their hands, cheering & shouting, all wanting to welcome the witch in with open arms, when earlier they were fleeing from them. The clone pulls out his digivice, remarking, "I don't think I'll be needing THIS is anymore." Alexander is a bit reluctant, taking a moment to think, before sighing & caving in to his dark side's demands, "Well, if your mind's made up...." Alex presses the wand to the clone's hand, causing a surge of green energy to flood into the clone's hand. The digivice is seemingly sucked into the skull-head of the wand, leaving behind the clone, dressed in a green colored kimono! Alex tells his twin, "There you go. I wish you nothing but luck, my friend." The clone fits in fine with everyone else in the township. They shake hands, & the clone parts ways with him. Alexander states, "I hope everything works out for you. Hey, I'll never forget ya!" His clone ceases walking, turns around, smiles & says, "You don't have much of a choice. I'm a part of you!" Alex salutes his doppleganger, chuckling to himself, "I don't know if the history books are ready for this!" The clone, proving he still is a being of magical construct, & the physical embodiment of what remained of his powers, raises his hand, snaps his fingers, & causes a small black hairband to form out of green energy! The clone ties the hairband in his hair to form a ponytail, continuing to smile, as he walks off into the crowd. Several townspeople are heard gasping, "Wow!" Alexander bids goodbye, "Take care, buddy.", before activating the wand & warping back through the timestream the way he came.

The Edo citizens are amazed by his disappearance, despite how they saw him do it once already. Alex's clone begins to shake hands with people (one lady even tugs on his ponytail!), as Kagome approaches the crowd also. Uncle Daisuke walks with the Japanese Captain, who, trying to make sure Alex's clone does no damage to history, says, "Perhaps I spoke too soon about that regiment thing. Ahh well. All's well that ends well!" He turns to Daisuke, & they shake hands, unaware that 400 years later, their lookalike possible descendants are best buddies, & would KILL to see a DigiDestined with his/her Digimon like they did! Finally of note, many wonder what happens to the clone after this.

Once again in the present day, Alex appears to be rested up, as he does some spar-punching with Cody. Nearby, the other four DigiDestined teens are sitting at the outside table they were at earlier, working on homework again. Zoe remarks, "You guys, I am SO glad Seraphimon destroyed that magic wand." Mag agrees, "No kidding, that thing was BAD news!" Zoe nods, & continues reading her book, likely wondering why she & Mag aren't off at the mall like they planned. Alex stops sparring & laughs, noting, "There was some good that came out of it!" What good he means exactly isn't elaborated on. Liam, the only one not doing something, sits with his hand against his head, sulking. Cody asks his pal, "Hey Liam, what's with you?" He replies defensively, "NOTHING! Just... thinking." His teammates realize he misses Kagome badly, even though he didn't even know the girl! Nicky, an expert one single-episode relationships, pats him on the back & says, "Come on, man. At least we know they're all okay now." Liam grumbles, "Yeah, I guess", & returns to moping. Suddenly, a leggy teenage girl walks by, & drops her books on the ground beside him. She cries, "Sorry!", & Liam quickly crouches down, offering, "Here, let me help you." Zoe smiles when she sees the girl's face, pointing her out to Maggie. The girl, predictably, is a dead ringer for Kagome! Sure, one could say Kagome was her ancestor, though that would likely mean this girl is related to Brick, or even Stick! Anyway, Liam & the Kagome double lock eyes, both giving each other wide smiles. Since she's neither seen nor mentioned again, we must assume their possible relationship is, no pun intended, history.

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