The Digi-Transfer is a two-part episode of the second season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Taylor, Spencer, & Carly are chosen for the World Peace Conference in Switzerland. This means the DigiDestined are going to need a trio of replacements. But first, in order to transfer the powers to anyone else, our six heroes must travel across the Digital World, to a place called the Deserted Dimension.

There, they attempt to locate the fabled Sword of Light. The DigiDestined aren't alone on the Deserted Dimension, as Tactimon & MadLeomon have followed in their very own, massive evil Digimon, called Leviamon. So big, it not only can crush DoruGreymon & Ebonwumon in one of its clawed feet, but it does just that!

Back on Earth, to prevent Seraphimon from choosing any replacements, Etemon & Grumblemon activate the Sleep Machine, which knocks out most of Tokyo. Cody, Liam, & Zoe (having recently transferred to Tokyo Junior High School from Hiroshima for reasons never disclosed) are spared, & try to destroy the machine, only to end up captured by Claymon.

Elsewhere, just when the DigiDestined locate the Sword of Light, Tactimon fires Leviamon's laser-breath, thus obliterating most of the Deserted Dimension.

Cody, Liam, & Zoe face the same slumbering fate of the rest of the city, until Liam's soccer skills helps to take out the Sleep Machine. Meanwhile, across the Digital World, the DigiDestined barely manage to snag the Sword of Light & teleport away before the entire Deserted Dimension is melted into slag by Tactimon's Zord, Leviamon.

Now able to complete the Digi-Transfer, the replacement DigiDestined, Cody, Liam, & Zoe, are given the red, black, & yellow digivices respectively. Their first mission comes instantly, as Tactimon sends his latest Digimon, Otoroshimon, down to attack the city.

As if the Thunder Digimon didn't have enough trouble, Leviamon returns, but thanks to its blowing up of the Deserted Dimension & round trips across the universe, it quickly runs out of energy & retreats. Taylor, Spencer, & Carly depart to the airport, with their former teammates & former best friends watching from VERY afar on the Viewing Globe.

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