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This article details the relationships between Takuya Kanbara and his fellow DigiDestined of Digimon Frontier.


Koji Minamoto[]

Although Takuya originally cannot get along with Koji, they become closer friends as the series progresses, even saving his life a few times. Takuya is the first one he tells he has a brother and it causes Takuya to realize just how much he cares about and misses his own little brother. Takuya convinces Koji to fight for Koichi and helps him rescue his brother by weakening Velgemon for him so he can purify him.

J.P. Shibayama[]

J.P. sometimes does not get along with Takuya and seem to envy him for his achievements (such as being the first to digivolve and being a hero whom Tommy admires and respect or even his decisions made). Eventually, however, he looks to Takuya as a leader.

Tommy Himi[]

Takuya protects and cares for Tommy, acting as a older-brother figure. Takuya often protects Tommy, to which Tommy looks up to him.

Zoe Orimoto[]

From the beginning of the series, Zoe is able to tell Takuya has a crush on her. As such, she teases him a lot at first for being too prideful to confess it, which leads to a lot of butting heads between the two. As the series progresses, however, they both begin to develop mutual respect and care for each other.

In the English dub, Takuya almost finally admits his crush on her when they are together in Ophanimon's Castle by saying that he "really likes her" before stating it as not "like, like", resulting in both of them blushing, embarrassed. Shortly afterward, he falls asleep before Zoe is about to confide something personal to him.

Koichi Kimura[]

Takuya and Koichi didn't interact much, even after Koichi joined the group, but when Lucemon Chaos Mode scanned Koichi's data, Takuya was furious and he and Koji became Susanoomon to avenge Koichi's demise and destroy Lucemon.