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This article details the relationships between Suzie Wong and her fellow Tamer of Digimon Tamers.

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Takato Matsuki

Henry Wong

Henry is Suzie's older brother and thus Suzie takes an interest in everything Henry does, although this is mostly because of Terriermon. Henry's becoming a Tamer was eventually what led Suzie to find Antylamon/Lopmon. Suzie looks up to her brother to a certain degree but has a large amount of her own independence.

Rika Nonaka

Jeri Kato

Ryo Akiyama

In the 46th episode, after Antylamon helps Justimon defeating one of the D-Reaper's agents, Ryo thanks Suzie. As a reward, he gives her her first Modify Card, that she will use later to make Antylamon fly. Notably, the card he gives her is the "Goliath" ("King Device" in the original) card, which he used earlier to help Cyberdramon defeat Majiramon. He claimed that "only the truly strong Tamers" can use it, suggesting that he sees great potential in Suzie.

Kazu Shioda

Kenta Kitagawa