Solar Flare
Solar Flare's Flag
General information
Leader: Ryo Aonuma
Intentions: To show the Digital World there power.
Appearances: Super Digimon Xros Wars

Solar Flare is a cold-blooded army in Super Digimon Xros Wars.



Ryo Aonuma


Kairi Naminé
(井ノ上 京 Naminé Kairi)
Yolei Inoue (Digital World) t
Voice actor(s):Tifanie Christun
Age 13
Grade 7th
Gender Female
Known relatives Unnamed Mother and Father, Riku Naminé
Nationality Japanese


Riku Naminé


Tai Takeru


Greymon (2010 anime) t

Greymon is Ryo's main partner. He looks like a blue-skinned version of a regular Greymon, but with a metal helmet shaped like a GeoGreymon's, and a cannon-tipped tail.


  • Mega Flame: Attacks with a jet of flames that burns its surroundings to nothing.
  • Blaster Tail: Drives its tail into opponents for 360° around itself.
  • Horn Strike: Assaults the opponent with a technique effective for both approach and retreat.
  • Axe Tail: The tail has an axe silhouette that then hits the enemy




Cyberdramon (2010 anime) t

Cyberdramon is an alien-type dragon Digimon.

Cyberdramon is the most powerful member of Solar Flare.


  • Eraser Claw
  • Glutton Fang: Suddenly extends his ribs from his chest and skewers the opponent.
  • Cyber Blader: Cuts apart the opponent by riding on his spinning tail while holding the Twin Lancer in his hands.
  • Death Divider: Spins around the Twin Lancer's shaft and attacks with his tail.
  • Cyber spin:He spins at a super fast speed and hits then enemy after coming from underground.


AeroVeedramon/ExVeemon is rather strong and a good friend of MailBirdramon met in the Canyon Zone


  • Dragon Impulse: Creates an energy dragon and releases it at his enemy.
  • V-Wing Blade: Shoots out a V-shaped blade of energy from his wings.
  • V-Breath Arrow: Shoots out a V-shaped heatbeam that burns an enemy into a crisp in a second.
  • Vee-Laser (X-Laser): Fires a laser from the X on its chest/stomach.


Raidramon t

Raidramon is often the "Blue Thunder" of Solar Flare. He is often seen without the "Crest of Friendship" on him


  • Thunder Blast (Blue Thunder): Strikes with a bolt of lightning.
  • Lightning Blade: Fires a bolt of lightning from the blade on his forehead.
  • Electric Bite: Electrifying bite attack.


Beelzemon (2010 anime) t
Beelzemon Blast Mode t

Beelzemon battles as his normal and Blast Mode. He is the "Solar Flare" of the army. (This is not the same Beelzemon from the original Xros Wars)


  • Death the Cannon: Fast draws a tremendously powerful shot from the Berenjena SDX, which is said to have almost godly speed.
  • Darkness Claw: Paralyzes the opponent instead of granting their desires, whispering about their final rewards and making a complete fool out of them. Unable to move, that fool will be the target of its fast draw until they lay down life's burden.
  • Corona Blaster (Death Slinger): Fires a powerful energy blast from his cannon.
  • Corona Destroyer (Chaos Flare): Draws an inverted pentagram with his cannon and fires energy blasts through it creating a giant continuous beam as long he keeps firing.
  • Solar Flare: Takes in solar energy and fires it as a Flamethrower.


Hawkmon t

Hawkmon is the partner to Kairi.


Gaossmon t



MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t

MetalGreymon (2010 anime) is the Digi-Xros of Greymon and MailBirdramon.

MetalGreymon often is used to fight of the Dark Knight army.


  • Trident Arm: Smashes its claw into the opponent, a technique exceptionally enhanced in offensive power due to adding extremely high-temperature claws on top of Greymon's already mighty strength.
  • Giga Destroyer: Annihilates all of the opponents surrounding it by emitting ultra-high energy, homing laser beams at them.
  • Clawquake: MetalGreymon's claw strikes the ground that the makes and earthquake the falling rocks then hit the enemy.

MetalGreymon + Cyber Launcher

6-21 Analyzer-12 JP

MetalGreymon + Cyber Launcher is the Digi-Xros of MetalGreymon and Cyberdramon.

The Cyber Launcher as said by Ryo is only used under extreme emergencys.


  • Cyber Launcher: He fires a blast of blue energy.
  • Cyber Gigantic Launcher: Concentrates and fires all of its energy.
  • Coronal Mass Ejection: Lowers its thermal power but opens all of its gunports, allowing it to attack countless enemies.

"Cyberdramon (2010 anime) + AreoVeedramon"

This form is Cyberdramon with AreoVeedramon's armor hands,feet and wings.


  • Areo Cyber blast: He spins and beams of energy hit the enemy.

"Greymon (2010 anime) + Cyberdramon (2010 anime)"

The tails becomes part of the sword he has and it becomes a axe and his wings become Greymon blue and his mask becoms a shield.


  • Axe strike: He swings his axe and hits the enemy with tremendous force.

MetalGreymon + Cyber Launcher + Gaossmon

The Cyber Launcher will fire missiles that look like Gaossmon.


  • Gaoss Blast: The Cyber Launcher fires Gaossmon missiles.


  • This army mostly has Veemon Digivolutions.