Shadow ExoGrimmon
Level Super Ultimate
Type Shadow Chronodragon
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Nightmare Soldier
Prior forms Grimmon + Helixmon-03
Partners ???

ShadowExoGrimmon is a digimon created by Helixmon-03's Ultima Fusion in Grimmon, he have the full control of the Summoning and Call attacks, and he as well can control the shadows and the machines.

This body is fully controled by Helixmon, meaning that he is a perfect digimon. Differently from DarkAzulongmon, he doesn't have any kind of semelhance with Shadowdramon nor Helixmon. But this new digimon is 100% made of Black Chrome digizoid, except in his blades and claws, which are made of normal Chrome digizoid. Thanks to the Black Chrome digizoid, he have access to the past digivolution weapons like the Nemesis Cannon, the Fatality Drill and the Cybernetic spear.

Also, he can use a more powerful version of the Holy Destroyer technique, that Helixmon-03 (Shadowdramon form) could use. He is the most powerful digimon that exists.


Since the Ultima Fusion just change the colors (in the appearance factor), he is exactly like ExoGrimmon, but he trades his purple-colored armor for a black one, and his "Chaotic Wings" colors appears like ShineGreymon's during the Ruin Mode.


Summon Shadowdramon: Summons a Shadowdramon to use his Shadow Breath and destroy automatically the enemy.

Exa Grim Blade: Pulls of the Olympus Blade from his armor and cuts the enemy soul, completely destroying it.

Nemesis Eliminator: Draws from his armor the Nemesis and the X-Eliminator cannons and activates them to a massive obliteration.

Shadow Wing Destroyers: Uses the pure dark power of the Chaotic Wings to drain all digimon nearby, absorbing them powers.

Call ???mon: Summons any digimon that Shadow ExoGrimmon have destroyed to use its most powerful move.

Cyber Demon's Axe: Powers up his tail axe with the laser power from the Cybernetic Spear and cuts off the enemy's head.