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This article details the relationships between Ryo Akiyama and his fellow DigiDestined and Tamers in both the Digimon Adventure/02 and Digimon Tamers continuities.


Ken Ichijouji

He was Ken's partner during their adventure in the Digital World. After Ken was implanted with a Dark Spore, unaware of the consequences, Ryo took care of Ken before getting him back to the Real World. Tag Tamers

Takato Matsuki

Henry Wong

Rika Nonaka

Though Ryo holds nothing against Rika, their relationship is somewhat strained due to her pride, as she lost to him in the card game tournament. In the American dub of Digimon Tamers, Ryo tries to impress and even flirt with her, giving her nicknames like "Pumpkin" or "Wildcat".

Jeri Katou

Kazu Shioda

Kazu is in awe of Ryo due to his status as the Digimon King.[citation needed] During the battle against ADR-06: Horn Striker, the two work together and Kazu's Guardromon even saves Justimon's life earning Kazu Ryo's thanks, causing him to be very happy. When Is A Mon Justimon?

Kenta Kitagawa

Suzie Wong

Suzie's Antylamon saves Justimon from ADR-06: Horn Striker and helps defeat it. As thanks, Ryo gives Suzie the Radiant Glow card, her first. When Is A Mon Justimon?

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