Mummymon Arachne Mode
Type Composition
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Mummymon + Arukenimon

Mummymon Arachne Mode is a Composition Digimon whose name is derived from "Mummymon" and the mythological "Queen of Spiders", Arachne. It is called the "Devotion Mode" of Mummymon and Arukenimon. Legend has it that a there was once a Mummymon who fell in love with an Arukenimon, but his love was unrequited. Though she would not love him, Mummymon became Arukenimon's devoted friend and companion. One day, the Mummymon took a fatal blow meant for Arukenimon. Arukenimon realized the true depth of their bond that day. She refused to lose her lover, and saved his life by performing a Digi-Xros with him. Their two hearts now beat as one, creating an unstoppable power. Though it is born from two Virus-Type Digimon, the bond shared by its two parts has dulled its chaotic personality, though it still carries around its favorite gun, "Obelisk v2."


  • Spider Vulcan: Fires numerous ectoplasmic beams in rapid succession from the six barrels of "Obelisk v2." These shots are so fast and powerful that they are said to reduce opponents to dust.
  • Necro Fog: Lowers the bandana from its mouth and blows out an acidic smog.
  • Pharaoh Bind: Ensnares its enemey with its bandages. An improved version of "Snake Bandage" that has an adhesive quality to it.