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This article details the relationships between Marcus Damon and his fellow DigiDestined of Digimon Data Squad.


Thomas H. Norstein

Marcus and Thomas didn't get along at first due to their different personalities, but soon became good friends. Thomas originally didn't much like Marcus due to his overconfidence and his attitude into getting into fighting without a plan.

Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda

Yoshi's part job is to babysit Marcus. They often argue with each other.

Keenan Crier

Marcus and Keenan have a good brotherly relationship. He acts as a big brother to Keenan.

Tai Kamiya

Tai and Marcus have two similarities. One is the fact that they both have an Agumon with digivolutions of Greymon species. The other is their strong passion and lack of sensitivity. The only difference is with the final forms. While one Agumon (Adventure) achieves his final form by combining with Gabumon (Adventure), the other Agumon (Data Squad) achieves his by mode changing in his mega form. Tai and Marcus had worked together to save Tagiru and Arresterdramon once before all the legendary heroes had come together.

Mikey Kudo

Tagiru Akashi

Respects Tagiru's way of fighting.

Yuu Amano