This is a list of episodes from the fanfictional anime season Mighty Morphin' Digi-Rangers.

# Title
01 "[[Day of the Digi]]"
"Lilithmon attacks! Enter the Digi-Rangers!"
(リリッスモン アタックス エンター ザー ディギレインガーズ)
When Lilithmon is freed, Seraphimon summons 5 "teenagers with attitude" who become the world's 1st Digi-Rangers! 
02 "[[Soar Digi-Rangers!]]"
"High in the sky! Flight High Digi-Rangers!"
(ハイ イン ザー スカイ! フライト ハイ ディギレインガーズ!)
When the Digi-Rangers fight Lilithmon's new Digimon, they use Birdramon to go high up and fight! 
03 "[[Hard Friendship]]"
"Stone Digi-Rangers! Battle against Ankylomon!"
(ストーン ディギレインガーズ! バットル アゲンスト アンキロモン!)
Ankylomon attacks the Digi-Rangers, and turns Trini, Bradley and Jason to stone! Leaving Dan, Sonia, and their Digimon to fight back. 
04 "[[Angel Up!]]"
"Old friendship?! Lilithmon and Seraphimon's former friendship?!"
(オールド フレンドシップ?! リリッスモン アンド サーアフィモンズ フォーマー フレンドシップ?!)
When the Digi-Rangers try to find out why Lilithmon hates Seraphimon and wants to conquer the world, a reluctant Seraphimon tells them. Meanwhile Lilithmon's goons ask Lilithmon the same question. 
05 "[[A Song Problem]]"
"Kokuwamon you traitor! Fight off DarkVolumon!"
(コクワモン ユー トレイター! ファイトオフ ダークボリューモン!)
When Sonia wants to write a song, she gets some help from the others. Lilithmon finds out that a virused Kokuwamon Digivolves to DarkVolumon, so she get WaruMonzaemon to insert a virus into him. So the Digi-Rangers have to fight their friend... 
06 "[[Ice Storm]]"
"Ice Digimon Attack! Don't freeze Digi-Rangers"
(アイス ディギモン アタック ドーント フリーズ ディギレインガーズ)
The Digi-Rangers have to battle IceLeomon and keep from freezing into icicles. 
07 "[[False Love]]"
"Love Control! Save the Digi-Rangers, Naminé!"
(ラブ コントロール! セイブ ザー ディギレインガーズ, ナミン!)
Lilithmon, creates some problems for the Digi-Rangers, by making everyone in town fall in love. Sonia's Crest ends up getting poisoned, due to the false love. Dan is able to rush to her aid. Will he stop Lilithmon in time, or will her spell kill the Pink Ranger? 
08 "[[Save a friend!]]"
"Kids are taken! Brave the Dangerous Carnival Digi-Rangers!"
(キッズ アー テイケン! ブレイブ ザー デインジェロス カーニブル ディギレインガーズ!)
Millions of kids world wide, are taken to a Carnival created by Lilithmon. The Digi-Rangers must sneak in and save the kids. 
09 "[[Sonia's Toy Story]]"
"A Toy Digimon? Naminé's Favorite Toy Is Taken!"
(アー トイ ディギモン? ナミン'ス フェイボイット トイ イズ テイケン)
Sonia's favorite stuffed animal, Mrs. Hoppy, is taken and turned into Rabbitmon. Now the Rangers must fight without Sonia no less! 
10 "[[Reinforcements from Xros]]"
"Generals? Hunters? New friends to the Digi-Rangers?"
(ジェンレルズ? ハンタズ? ニュー フレンズ ター ザー ディギレインガーズ?)
When the Digi-Ranger struggle to stop a Digimon, Seraphimon gets some familiar faces to help the Digi-Rangers. 
11 "[[Dramon Battle]]"
"Look at the Digimon! Attack of the Dramon!"
(ルック アット ザー ディギモン! アタック オブ ザー ダモン!)
Lilithmon sends the Dramon Army to attack the Digi-Rangers. 
12 "[[Digi-Ranger Punks]]"
"Girl Digi-Rangers turn! Male Digi-Rangers fight!"
(ガール ディギレインガーズ ターン! メイル ディギレインガーズ ファイト!)
Wisemon makes a potion that makes Sonia and Trini turn on the boys. When ShogunGekomon attacks the male Digi-Rangers fight on their own. 
13 "[[Sparrowmon Soars]]"
"Love shines! Digivolve to Ultimate Birdramon!"
(ラブ シャインズ! ディギボルブ ター アルティメート バードラモン!)
When there's an attack, during Sonia's birthday, Sonia's Crest begins to glow, and Bidramon Digivolves! 
14 "[[Ultimate Power!]]"
"Ultimate Power! Fight against Lilithmon heats up!"
(アルティメート パウアー! ファイト アゲンスト リリッスモン ヒーツ アップ!)
Lilithmon finds out about Sparrowmon! She demands Wisemon to make more powerful Digimon. Meanwhile, Serpahimon tells the Digi-Rangers about the Ultimate level. 
15 "[[Okuwamon Strikes!]]"
"Okuwamon Attacks! First battle against an Ultimate!"
(オオクワモン アタックス! ファースト バットル アゲンスト アン アルティメート!)
Lilithmon sends Okuwamon to attack the Digi-Rangers. With Sparrowmon being the only Ultimate level Digimon they have Sonia is sent into the battle. Will Sparrowmon be able to stop Okuwamon? Or will Lilithmon stop the Digi-Rangers? 
16 "[[Rize to Ultimate!]]"
"Ultimate Battle! Stop Lampmon and Gargomon RizeGreymon!"
(アルティメート バットル! ストップ ランプモン アンド ガーゴモン ライズグレイモン!)
When Lampmon and Gargoylemon attack and drain most of the town's energy and emotions, Trini is the only one left to fight, when her kindness shines Greymon is able to Digivolve to RizeGreymon
17 "[[Dark Digi-Ranger Pt.1 "Dan's Twin"]]"
"Evil Silver Power! Lilithmon's Digi-Ranger?!"
(イーブル シルバー パウアー! リリッスモンズ ディギレインガー?!)
Lilithmon takes Dan's twin brother Ian, and turns him into the evil Silver Digi-Ranger. 
18 "[[Dark Digi-Ranger Pt.2 "The Power of Silver"]]"
"Silver goes Ultimate?! Fight back Digi-Rangers!"
(シルバー ゴーズ アルティメート?! ファイト バック ディギレインガーズ!)
The Silver Ranger's partner Digivolves to Ultimate! The Digi-Rangers try desperately to stop him. When Sonia's helmet was knocked off, the Silver Ranger leaves. 
19 "[[Dark Digi-Ranger Pt.3 "Sonia vs the Silver Ranger"]]"
"Naminé vs the Silver Ranger! True test of the Crest!"
(ナミン バースス ザー シルバー レインジャー! トルー テッスト オブ・ザー クレッスト!)
Sonia is sent to fight the Silver Ranger, due to what happened in their last battle. The Silver Ranger is very hesitant to fight Sonia, and Lilithmon finds out what the Digi-Rangers are trying. She sends Stingmon to fight the other Rangers, and creates a new Digimon to fight Sonia and keep the Silver Ranger under her control! 
20 "[[Dark Digi-Ranger Pt.4 "The true identity of the Silver Ranger]]"
"The Digi-Rangers find out Silver! True identity of the Silver Ranger"
While at school, Sonia finds the same Digimon who Lilithmon used to control the Silver Ranger, inhabiting Ian's shadow. She tells the others about Ian being the Silver Ranger! The Digi-Rangers head into action and see Ian as the Silver Ranger. Kokuwamon tells the Digi-Rangers that he's close to getting Seraphimon back. 
21 "[[Dark Digi-Ranger Pt.5 "Saving Ian"]]"
"Rescuing Ian! Save the Ike twin!"
(レッスキューイング イアン! セイブ ザー アイク トウィン!)
Ian is sent to get rid of the Digi-Rangers. The Digi-Rangers, with Seraphimon brought back, the Digi-Rangers attack, but FighterShoutmon is no match for the dark Ultimate Digimon. Dan's Courage is able to give FighterShoutmon the ability to Digivolve to DefenderShoutmon. Ian is freed and is his partner and he becomes Gumdramon, Ian's true partner. Ian joins the Digi-Rangers and becomes the 6th Ranger. Seraphimon tells him the rules, and he becomes the 6th Ranger. He apologizes for everything he said and did while under Lilithmon's control. 
22 "[[A New Digi-Groove]]"
"A New Threat? A New Digimon! Fight of GigaBreakdramon! 6th Digi-Ranger Prove Yourself!"
(アー ニュー スレット? アー ニュー ディギモン! ファイト オブ ギガブレイクドラモン! ティーエイチ ディギレインガー プルーブ ヨーセルフ!)
When GigaBreakdramon is created by WaruMonzaemon and FlaWizarmon, the Digi-Rangers need to use all their power. Ian tries to prove himself as a true Digi-Ranger! 
23 "[[Mission Digital]]"
"Head to the Digital World Digi-Rangers!"
(ヘッド ター ザー ディジットル ウァールド ディギレインガーズ!)
Lilithmon attacks the Digital World, so Seraphimon sends the Digi-Rangers to go save the Digital World. 
24 "[[A Strong Heart]]"
"Love's Hard! Find the Power Ian and Naminé!"
(ヘッド ター ザー ディジットル ウァールド ディギレインガーズ!)
When everyone but Ian and Sonia are turned into stone, Ian and Sonia work as a team to stop Lilithmon. 
25 "[[Girls of Darkness Pt. 1 "Girls join the Darkness"]]"
"Evil Girl Rangers! Naminé and Trini join Lilithmon!?"
(イーブル ガール レインジャーズ! ナミン アンド トリニー ジョイン リリッスモン!?)
Lilithmon uses two LadyDevimon to control Sonia and Trini. When the girls attack, only Dan, Jason and Bradley are the only ones able to fight back. Meanwhile, Ian is taking a test at school, and is unable to help the others. 
26 "[[Girls of Darkness Pt. 2 "Fight Back"]]"
"Evil Girl Rangers! Fight Back!"
(イーブル ガール レインジャーズ! ファイト バック!)
With the girls free from Lilithmon's control, the battle heats up, as the Ultimate Digimon fight Lilithmon head-on! 
27 "[[Teamwork!]]"
"Twin-work! Ian and Danny work together!"
(トウィン-ウァーク! イアン アンド ダニー ウァーク タゲザー!)
Ian and Dan struggle to work in unison, and they go to find weapons to help the Digi-Rangers in battle, during this the duo encounters Moosemon
28 "[[A 7th Digimon]]"
"It can't be true?! Seven Digimon?!"
(イット カーント ビー トルー?! セブン ディギモン?!)
When the Digi-Rangers struggle, a Submarimon appears. Seraphimon says he has nothing to do with the Submarimon. When Ian heads into town he meets his old friend Mizuki Amano. Mizuki moves on Honolulu, with her partner Submarimon. But not without a battle, and a tearful goodbye from the other Digi-Rangers. 
29 "[[Island Of Emotions Pt. 1]]"
"Land on a twisted Island! Go for victory Digi-Rangers! (Part 1)"
(ランド オン アー トウィッスティッド アイランド! ゴー フォー ビックタリー ディギレインガーズ! (パート ウァン))
Lilithmon sends the Digi-Rangers to an Island in the Digital World. The Rangers find out they don't have access to their powers. A Kotemon tells the Digi-Rangers that there are five points on the Island, each marked with the Crests belonging to the Digi-Rangers. Ian points out there are six of them. Kotemon tells them that after the original five Digi-Rangers get their Crests back, they are to head for the center of the Island where Ian's powers are along with their Digimon. Kotemon also tells them that to get their powers back, they have to face their greatest fear or greatest desire. 
30 "[[Island Of Emotions Pt. 2]]"
"Land on a twisted Island! Go for victory Digi-Rangers! (Part 2)"
(ランド オン アー トウィッスティッド アイランド! ゴー フォー ビックタリー ディギレインガーズ! (パート トゥー))
All the Digi-Rangers fight their fear/desire. But things are set to a standstill when it's Ian's turn. He nearly gives up, but Kotemon, the other Digi-Rangers, and the voice of Gumdramon, help him find the power in himself to beat his fear, and get the Digimon back. The Digi-Rangers are sent back to Earth, when all hope seems lost, Ian and Gumdramon gain the ability to Biomerge to Mega Slayerdramon! Then they manage beat Lilithmon's new Digimon. During Ian and Dan's kung-fu competition, the other Rangers see Kotemon is the judge. 
31 "[[Navy-Blue Power]]"
"Mizuki returns! Fight in the ocean Digi-Rangers!"
(ミズキ リッターンズ! ファイト イン ザー オーシュン ディギレインガーズ!)
Lilithmon attacks the one place the Digi-Rangers can't reach no matter what they try: the Ocean! Ian suggests they get Mizuki. Seraphimon even with knowledge that she may not be a Ranger, he summons her to the Digi-Center. She and Submarimon hold off the Vikemon, and the Digi-Rangers team up with her. She tells the team if they need her, just call.

This episode was dedicated to Thuy Trang, voice actress of Trini. Due to this, the next few episodes get delayed. 

32 "[[Calamity Sonia]]"
"Bad Day! Save Naminé Digi-Rangers!"
(バッド デイ! セイブ ナミン ピンク ディギレインガーズ!)
Sonia has one of the worst days of here life. It only gets worse when she's taken by Millenniummon. Ian and the other Rangers take action immediately, when things seems hopeless for Sonia, Ian and Gumdramon; Biomerged attack Millenniumon. The feelings that Sonia holds for Ian, allows her Crest to glow and gives her the ability to Biomerge with Biyomon, to Mega Hououmon
33 "[[SuperStar Ian]]"
"SuperStar Ian! SuperStarmon's hunt!"
(スーペスター イアン! スーパースターモン'ス ハント!)
SuperStarmon wants Ian to be a slave, Ian refuses but when all the other Digi-Rangers are taken Ian must get Mizuki and fight back! 
34 "[[Valeis Shutdown]]"
"Hangout shutdown?! Save the Sushi Shop!"
(ハンガウト シャットダウン?! セイブ ザー スーシー ショップ!)
Ian faces an old fear about dogs. But Lilithmon sends Doggymon to abuse this fear. 
35 "[[The Silver's Work]]"
"Face the Past! Ian's Battle!"
(フェイス ザー パースト! イアン'ズ バットル!)
Lilithmon creates an evil clone of the Silver Ranger. Ian and Gumdramon fight the clone. The clone tells Ian that Lilithmon will beat the other Rangers. After Slayerdramon beats the clone it tells Ian to "enjoy the power while it lasts." Ian and Gumdramon help the others. But what the clone told Ian continues to bother him... 
36 "[[The Silver Candle Pt. 1]]"
"Last days as a Digi-Ranger! Fight unlike before Ian! (Part 1)"
(ラースト デイズ アズ アー ディギレインガー! ファイト アンライク ビフォー イアン! (パート ウァン))
Ian finds out what the clone meant. Lilithmon has created the Silver Candle, and it'll drain Ian's power. Gumdramon, may not survive, Ian learns of this. The others are sent to get the Silver Candle before it's to late... 
37 "[[The Silver Candle Pt. 2]]"
"Last days as a Digi-Ranger! Fight unlike before Ian! (Part 2)"
(ラースト デイズ アズ アー ディギレインガー! ファイト アンライク ビフォー イアン! (パート トゥー))
The Rangers are on their way to get the Candle, will Ian still be a Digi-Ranger? Or will the Digi-Rangers fail?! Find out in this plot changing episode! 
38 "[[Pink with Heart]]"
"Lost Love! Get back in action Naminé!"
(ロッスト ラブ! ゲット バック イン アックシュン ナミン!)
Sonia is depressed of the lose of Ian. Mizuki arrives to help the others. Sonia, now has to find self-confidence, but she doesn't have just Biyomon at her side... 
39 "[[Water in the Air]]"
"Aqua Air Xros!"
(アクァー エア クスロズ!)
When the other Digi-Rangers are captured, along with Gumdramon, Sonia and Mizuki must Digi-Xros Sparrowmon and Submarimon to fight Sagomon and Pteramon 
40 "[[D5 Pt. 1]]"
"Danger! D5 is on it's way! (Part 1)"
(デインジャー! ディー イズ オン イツ ウェイ! (パート ウァン))
Lilithmon uses the Power of D5, to destroy Earth and the Digital World, giving the Digi-Ranger 48 hours to save both worlds... 
41 "[[D5 Pt. 2]]"
"Danger! D5 is on it's way! (Part 2)"
(デインジャー! ディー イズ オン イツ ウェイ! (パート トゥー))
With time running out, all the Rangers Biomerge, but is it enough, to save the human and Digital worlds?! 
42 "[[Mizuki departs]]"
"Mizuki departs"
(ミズキ ディッパーツ)
Mizuki needs to head home, but Lilithmon won't let her leave alive. But Lilithmon is stopped. Mizuki heads back home, in hopes of saying hi to Ian for the other Rangers. 
43 "[[Pearl of Nightmares]]"
"Nightmares! Get back your self-confidence Digi-Rangers!"
(ナイトメアズ! ゲット バック ヨー セルフコンフィッデーンス ディギレインガーズ!)
Lilithmon makes a pearl that gives the Digi-Rangers nightmares. Gumdramon is the only one who sees something's up, so he heads to save his friends. 
44 "[[Seen Digimon]]"
"Caught with Digimon! Stay hidden Digi-Rangers!"
(コート ウィズ ディギモン! ステイ ヒッドン ディギレインガーズ!)
Due to an attack from Lilithmon, the humans (aside from the Rangers and other Digimon) are able to see the Digi-Ranger's Digimon! They must remain the the Digi-Center, until Seraphimon can fix the problem. 
45 "[[Double Trouble]]"
"Rangers gone bad? Save the day Gumdramon!"
(レインジャーズ ゴン バッド? セイブ ザー デイ ガムドラモン!)
Lilithmon sends Digimon to impersonate the Digi-Rangers. However, her plan doesn't completely work, due to the fact Sonia is out sick. Biyomon tells Gumdramon, he needs to go save the day. Gumdramon heads out, but we he be able to save the Rangers' reputation in time, before the city is destroyed?! 
46 "[[Sonia's Crest Shines]]"
"Shine Bright! Love that is Pure"
(シャイン ブライト! ラブ ザット イズ ピュア)
Sonia, has trouble focusing, but when visions of Ian begin to make her Crest glow. Will she be able to control her mind when the Rangers are attacked. 
47 "[[A date]]"
"Love shines! Mizuki and Danny's date!"
(ラブ シャインズ! ミズキ アンド ダニー'エ デイト!)
When Mizuki returns for a few days, Dan agrees to go on a date with Mizuki. Sonia notices how her crest reacts, and she knows love will be a forgone conclusion. However their lives as Rangers prevent this. Mizuki tells Sonia, she has a place in her heart for both twins, and Sonia's Crest is prof of that fact. 
48 "[[A Silver Return Pt. 1]]"
"A trap! Re-energize Silver! (Part 1)"
(アー トラップ! リーエナーガイズ シルバー! (パート ウァン))
The Digi-Ranger have plans to spend time with their parents, but Lilithmon kidnaps all the parents of the Digi-Rangers, and ransoms them for the Crests, they give up the Crests, but Sonia reviles that they still have one: The Crest of Ultimax, Ian's former Crest. 
49 "[[A Silver Return Pt. 2]]"
"A trap! Re-energize Silver! (Part 2)"
(アー トラップ! リーエナーガイズ シルバー! (パート トゥー))
The Digi-Rangers turn to Ian for help, and they manage to re-energize Ian's Armor. He heads to get the other Crests, and he manages to save the others. Ian's Armor and Crest get re-energized and it allows him to join the others in battle again. Even though his power may fail, he chooses to help the Digi-Rangers. 
50 "[[Cheerleading Days]]"
"Short a Ranger! Battle hard Ultimates!"
(ショート アー レインジャー! バットル ハード アルティメイテズ!)
Sonia joins the cheerleading team, however this distracts her from her Ranger duties. When BlackWarGreymon attacks, Sonia's cheerleading and gymnastic skill manage to stop him, when she Biomerges. 
51 "[[Of Fossils and Dino Digimon]]"
"Dinosaurs attack?! Don't get extinct Digi-Rangers!"
(ダイノソーズ アタック?! ドーント ゲット イックスティント ディギレインガーズ!)
The school the Rangers go to heads on a mining trip. Lilithmon uses the bones to create Triceramon, SkullGreymon, BlackGrowlmon, SkullMammothmon and Groundramon. The Rangers manage to hold of, but then Dorbickmon appears... 
52 "[[Goin' Digital]]"
"Save the other Rangers! Ian and Naminé's battle!"
(セイブ ザー オザー レインジャーズ! イアン アンド ナミン'エ バットル)
When Lilithmon sends Dan, Trini, Bradley, Jason and Mizuki to a prison dimension in the Digital World. Leaving Ian, Sonia and their Digimon to save them. 
53 "[[Cracked Day]]"
"Helmet cracks! Run Digi-Rangers, Run!"
(ヘルミット クラックス! ラン ディギレインガーズ, ラン!)
During battle, part of Ian's visor cracks open, Alexander and Rednaxela see this, and find it part of their scheme to find out who the Digi-Rangers are. Meanwhile Lilithmon plans to revale who the Digi-Rangers are. 
54 "[[Battle UP!]]"
"A new power? The power of the Battlizer!"
(アー ニュー パウアー? ザー パウアー オブ ザー バットリザー!)
Lilithmon creates a satilite preventing the Digi-Rangers' power to Biomerge. Serpahimon tells Dan and Shoutmon about a new power, the power of the Battlizer Armor! Will Dan and Shoutmon be able to unlock the power?! 
55 "[[Trini's Date]]"
"A date? Trini finds love?"
(アー デイト? トリニー ファインズ ラブ?)
Trini falls in love with a bad boy, who turns out not to be human, the person turns out to be Devidramon. Trini ends up hypnotized and joins Lilithmon again. Leaving all the other Digi-Rangers to fight back with some powerful Digimon. 
56 "[[Go for Gold Riches]]"
"Rich?! Where's our true friend?!"
(リッチ?! ウェアズ アウアー トルー フレンド?!)
Sonia's family srtikes gold! However, this makes Sonia move outside of town. Ian and the others begin to sruggle to fight Lilithmon. Ian and Gumdramon come up with a plan to get Sonia back! Will it work? Will Lilithmon interfer?! 
57 "[[Cheering Pink]]"
"Cheering Pink"
(チアリング ピンク)
Sonia's love of cheerleading and gymnastic allows her to plan things. When Sonia's cousin Maria arrives in town, wanting to be a cheerleader. Sonia helps her cousin. Meanwhile Wisemon has trouble choosing a Digimon to attack the Digi-Rangers. 
58 "[[A Digi-Ranger Christmas]]"
"Christmas for Digi-Rangers!"
(クリッスマス フォー ディギレインガーズ!)
Christmas is here! Alexander and Rednaxela are out of town, Lilithmon is taking a vacation, nothing could be better for our heroes. And Ian, tries to get a special misltoe kiss from Sonia. 
59 "[[Ranger New Year]]"
"Digi-New Year"
(ディギヌー ヤー)
It's New Years! The Rangers manage to enjoy the year of battles as Digi-Rangers. Meanwhile Lilithmon and Wisemon remince about a well spent year of battles. 
60 "[[Valentine's Day for Silver and Pink]]"
"Valentine's Day for Silver and Pink"
(バルンタインズ デイ フォー シルバー アンド ピンク)
It's Valentine Day! Ian plans a big day for him and someone special, and he manages to keep Gumdramon's mouth shut! Lilithmon leaves the Rangers alone. Ian then gets a big date with Kim (Sonia) and they have a time of their life. 
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