This is a list of episodes from the fanfictional anime season Digimon Mighty Squadron 02.

# Title
01/61 "[[The Mutiny Part 1]]"
Tactimon invades Lilithmon's palace & brings forth an attack on Tokyo. 
02/62 "[[The Mutiny Part 2]]"
Tactimon takes away the DigiDestined's ability to control their Digimon. 
3/63 "[[The Mutiny Part 3]]"
The DigiDestined receive new Digimon in order to defeat Tactimon's Digimon. 
4/64 "[[The Wanna-Be DigiDestined]]"
Tactimon sends to Earth Gorillamon, a Digimon that can shapeshift into any of the DigiDestined. 
5/65 "[[Claymon on the Brain]]"
Tactimon casts a spell on Spencer & Nicky, which makes them see their fellow DigiDestined as Claymon. 
6/66 "[[BlackSunflowmon, the Bloom of Doom]]"
Tactimon casts a spell on Maggie, causing her to be jealous at Carly. Later, Tactimon sends BlackSunflowmon to attack Earth. 
7/67 "[[The Green Dream]]"
MadLeomon plans to steal Alex's powers. 
8/68 "[[The Power Stealer]]"
The DigiDestined use an unusual defense against a vain Digimon. 
9/69 "[[The Beetle Invasion]]"
Kuwagamon sucks away Alex's power on its attack on Earth. 
10/70 "[[Welcome to Venus Island]]"
The DigiDestined travel to a dimension filled with Venus Fly Traps in order to save their young friend Amy. 
11/71 "[[The Song Of Roachmon]]"
When a bad-singing Digimon attacks the DigiDestined, only Maggie can use her music to stop him. 
12/72 "[[DigiDestined No More Part 1]]"
Alex gets attacked by Dokunumemon who sucks away his powers. 
13/73 "[[DigiDestined No More Part 2]]"
Alex is able to escape Tactimon's dimension & retrieve the DigiDestined's digivices. 
14/74 "[[Missing Green]]"
Taylor's guilt over Alex's loss of power causes more trouble for the DigiDestined. 
15/75 "[[Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park]]"
Tactimon has his Claymon steal Spencer's cousin's trumpet so that he can turn it into a bewitching Digimon. 
16/76 "[[Beauty & the Beast]]"
Tactimon kidnaps Maggie & makes her his evil queen. 
17/77 "[[The White Light Part 1]]"
Seraphimon & Kokuwamon go on a secret mission, leaving the DigiDestined to fight one of Tactimon's newest Digimon. 
18/78 "[[The White Light Part 2]]"
Seraphimon introduces the DigiDestined to the new Digimon Baihumon & its human partner... 
19/79 "[[Two For One]]"
Tactimon steals Maggie's purse & uses it to create two Digimon. 
20/80 "[[Opposites Attract]]"
Tactimon steals Nicky's electromagnetic geothermal gauge & turns into a magnetic Digimon. 
21/81 "[[Tactimon's Monster Mash]]"
Alex faces real Halloween Digimon when MadLeomon faces him. 
22/82 "[[The Ninja Encounter Part 1]]"
Tactimon kidnaps the winners of the ninja competition. 
23/83 "[[The Ninja Encounter Part 2]]"
24/84 "[[The Ninja Encounter Part 3]]"
The DigiDestined must risk revealing their true identities to their new friends. 
25/85 "[[A Digimon of Global Proportions]]"
The DigiDestined attend the first International Teen Summit. 
26/86 "[[Tacti-Waves]]"
Tactimon sends Radiomon to hypnotize everyone, including the DigiDestined. It's up to Cody, Liam, & Zoe to save them. 
27/87 "[[The Digi-Transfer Part 1]]"
Taylor, Spencer, & Carly are chosen to attend the International Teen Summit in Switzerland. The DigiDestined travel to the Deserted Dimension to find the Sword of Power to find out who to replace Taylor, Spencer, Carly. Meanwhile, Tactimon is trying to destroy the Sword of Power with his Digimon Leviamon. 
28/88 "[[The Digi-Transfer Part 2]]"
After the DigiDestined succeed in getting the Sword of Power, Taylor, Spencer, & Carly transfer their powers to Cody, Liam, & Zoe. Meanwhile, Tactimon sends Otoroshimon to Earth to put an end to this. 
29/89 "[[MadLeomon's Vice-Versa]]"
Liam realizes that his attractive hiking partner is taking him on a hike to nowhere. 
30/90 "[[Mirror of Regret]]"
Tactimon uses the Mirror of Regret to lower Liam's confidence. 
31/91 "[[When is a DigiDestined Not a DigiDestined?]]"
Tactimon's Digimon Kaleidomon casts a spell on the DigiDestined which makes them learn their memory. Can Brick & Stick save them? 
32/92 "[[Cody Just Wants to Have Fun]]"
Tactimon casts a spell on Cody, making him obsessed with Hojo's new pachinko game. 
33/93 "[[Lights, Camera, Action]]"
The DigiDestined get to go on TV to talk about their adventures. Meanwhile, Tactimon sends Geinokaimon to attack Earth. 
34/94 "[[When There's Smoke, There's Fire]]"
Zoe learns the value of being part of a team when the DigiDestined deal with SkullMeramon. 
35/95 "[[Scavenger Hunt]]"
Tactimon turns the DigiDestined's scavenger hunt into a hunt for survival. 
36/96 "[[The Great Kabukimon Escape]]"
The DigiDestined meet a friendly Digimon named Kabukimon & help him get back home to the Digital World. 
37/97 "[[Friends Forever]]"
Zoe & Maggie are having trouble getting along with Zoe's old friend. Meanwhile, Tactimon sends Sawmon to destroy the DigiDestined. 
38/98 "[[A Reel Fish Story]]"
Tactimon sends underwater Digimon to terrify a young swimmer. 
39/99 "[[DigiDestined Back In Time Part 1]]"
Tactimon makes time go backwards & turns the DigiDestined into powerless kids. 
40/100 "[[DigiDestined Back In Time Part 2]]"
Kokuwamon manages to save the DigiDestined & put them back to their rightful ages. 
41/101 "[[The Wedding Part 1]]"
Lilithmon returns & she drugs Tactimon with a potion that makes him fall in love with her. 
42/102 "[[The Wedding Part 2]]"
Tactimon proposes marriage to Lilithmon & she decides to capture the DigiDestined for their wedding present. 
43/103 "[[The Wedding Part 3]]"
Tactimon & Lilithmon get married & they decide to spend their honeymoon trying to destroy the DigiDestined. 
44/104 "[[The Return of Coredramon Part 1]]"
Tactimon & Lilithmon's Digimon Wizardmon to create an evil clone of Alex to bring back Coredramon & face Alex. 
45/105 "[[The Return of Coredramon Part 2]]"
Wizardmon sends the DigiDestined back in time, leaving Alex to face his clone alone. 
46/106 "[[The Return of Coredramon Part 3]]"
The entire world goes in balance when Alex & his clone face off in a final showdown. 
47/107 "[[Best Man For The Job]]"
Lilithmon casts a spell that turns the school election into an ugly rivalry between Maggie & Alex. 
48/108 "[[A Digi-Tale Part 1]]"
Tactimon traps Maggie, Alex, & Cody in a storybook. 
49/109 "[[A Digi-Tale Part 2]]"
Fairytale monsters prove to be a challenge to the DigiDestined. 
50/110 "[[Digi-Samurai Part 1]]"
Tactimon sends Maggie in time in the 1790s where she meets the DigiDestined's ancestors. 
51/111 "[[Digi-Samurai Part 2]]"
Maggie helps the DigiDestined's ancestors defend their town (as well as the future) against MadLeomon & Lilithmon & Tactimon's latest Digimon. 
52/112 "[[Nicky Gets Naughty]]"
Lilithmon & Tactimon creates an evil version of Nicky. 
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