The episodes of Adventure: Recon Tactical Squadron introduces new characters who works for DART, an organization that fights against invading digimon and learn about the secret past of the Digital World that the Digidestineds never knew about, and have introduced X-Antibody digimon to the Adventure Universe. The episodes are kinda like Digimon Data Squad, but have some changes to them.

Ep# Title
01 "The name is Kira! The Roar of GeoGreymon X!"
A digimon escapes from Digimon Action Recon Tactical Squadron Headquarters, DART agents Karen Hana and Miko Ichidou are sent after it, and found a bunch of delinquent high-schoolers in a park beaten up badly, who they assume was the digimon's doing. The digimon encounters a 16-year-old boy named Kira Kasai, who fought with the digimon and survive the fight with it, and befriended. But the two agents try to capture it, but Kira helped it escape. Later, DART enlist the help of the original Digidestined Tai Kamiya, who was brought up by agent Ichigo Kasai (who was Kira's twin brother and Tai's cousin). Meanwhile Kira hid Agumon X in a Tower Observatory Deck and told him to stay there. Kira then went to a convenience store (which belong to the family of Digidestined Yolei Inoue), to buy Agumon X snacks, when he is confronted by the two DARTs agents earlier along with his brother Ichigo and fellow member Suzaku Takame, who then took them to their headquarters and introduce them to Masamune Hijikata, the commander of DART, who explain the situation to him. Then a digimon attack was alerted and Kira rushed back to Agumon X who was thought to cause it, and was followed by Tai and Karen. Kira and Tai rushed to the scene of the attack and try to reason with Agumon X, who was in the time not involve in the attack because his head was stuck in a garbage can. The digimon revealed to be Kuwagamon X who was chasing a Calumon, Kira and Agumon X fought it and saved Calumon, but it was too much for them which put Agumon X in a near-death state, then an enraged Kira charged at Kuwagamon X and punch it, which activated his digi-aura. A mysterious old man gave Kira an orange-colored Digivice XD, combined with the power of Kira's digi-aura, Kira was able to digivolve Agumon X into GeoGreymon X and defeat Kuwagamon X, turning him back into a digi-egg. At the end the agents try continue to arrest Agumon X on the charge for assaulting the delinquents earlier, but was explained by Kira that he was the one did it. 
02 "The power within! Release it, Kira!"
Kira and Agumon X were escorted back to DART headquarters, so that Agumon X is sent back to the Digital World, due to the fact that he interacted with Kira, as they watched Kuwagamon X's digi-egg going back to the Digital World through the Digi-Port. They manage to escape, but Kira dropped his digivice back there. Kira decided to sneak Agumon back home and hide him there. But Kira's mom, Shiori was worried about him and ask him where he was last night, and Kira answered that everything was fine, after his mother left his room, Kira and Agumon X talk about their situation, but Shiori came back just in time for Kira to hide Agumon out on the balcony, and she ask if there was anyone else in his room, but Kira denied it. Kira's sister Asuka was shocked at the sight of Agumon X, screamed and went to her mother and talk to her that she saw some kind of giant talking lizard, and Shiori was convinced that it was an Unidentified Mysterious Animal or UMA for short. Agumon X was up in the roof when Asuka saw him, and the family heard the noises and Kira went to check it out, before anyone else could, but Agumon X fell and tumbled down and Kira was in the way, and they both gone down, leaving Kira unconscious. Kira then regain consciousness, and was worry about Agumon X and went downstair to see Agumon X and his family along with his brother Ichigo having dinner like nothing happen, and was more suprise of the appearance of Karen, Ichigo's digimon partner Guilmon X, and Calumon who Kira saved earlier, because DART decided to keep an eye on Kira and Agumon X. The next day was the first day of school, and Agumon X wanted to come along, Karen gave Kira his digivice, which was dropped off of him from the escape, and told him that he need to store Agumon X in there. And more surprisingly, Karen and Suzaku goes to the same school with him, which make it more shocked. Kira is in the same homeroom as Tai, Matt, Sora, and Karen, and heard there were strange stuff going on in the school at night, a rumor of ghosts coming alive. That night he, Ichigo, Suzaku, Karen, and Miko staked out to see if a digimon is involved, it turns out one of the students, Takahashi, hated the school, for the way everyone treated him to be a wimp, that he wish that it would be destroyed, thanks to the Snimon. Ichigo, Suzaku, Miko, and Karen got their digimon partner out and digivolved them to their champion level forms. But they wouldn't a match for it, then Kira try to fight it, and the punch he gave to the Snimon, activated the digi-aura, so he can digivolve Agumon X to GeoGreymon X, and they defeated Snimon. Kira was then approach by the same man who gave him the digivice, and told him that if he wanted to be the best he can fight strong opponents from the Digital World. After the battle, Kira joins the DART organization, and due to that Agumon X doesn't get sent back to the Digital World. Near the end a young man arrives in Japan, along with his digimon partner
03 "The child prodigy, Mason. Punch it, Gaogamon X!"
In the morning everyone was getting ready, Kira and Agumon X eat breakfast, Agumon X tries to get in the basket on Kira's bike, and got carried on Kira's back for a piggyback ride. At the same time, a boy named Mason(who arrived in the plane in the previous episode) also gets ready. Kira' communicator started to ring, and Neko, one of the DART computer operators, told him that there is a digimon near where he is, so he enter there, where he encountered DemiMeramon, and try to punch it to activate his digi-aura so that Agumon X will digivolve, but fail and let DemiMeramon escape, after the incident, the bystanders were wondering about what they saw, and Mason revealed to be a DART agent, wipe their memories clean, so they wouldn't remember what happen, and he chased after the escape digimon. Back at DART, Kira was depressed because he let DemiMeramon escape, and everyone wasn't surprise, because they did believe that Kira would screw up his first mission. Mason and his partner Gaomon X arrived at DART with the digi-egg of the defeated DemiMeramon who earlier escape, Kira was annoyed that Mason was his superior, and Mason`s first impression of Kira convinced him that Kira should be kick out of DART, this mad Kira angry, and he challenge Mason to a fight. Kira and Mason boxed it out at first, but they only ended up hurt. Then new digimon signals appear, prove to be DemiMeramons, who came from DemiMeramon multiplying copies of himself, due to Kira's carelessness. Mason tries to clean up the mess that Kira made, and he defeated the DemiMeramon by diverting their attention to him and Gaomon X, and digivolving Gaomon X to Gaogamon X, and defeated the DemiMeramon. After seeing the video on the screen, Kira wallowed in self-pity and accept that he isn`t the best. Kira then encounter the same old man who gave him the digivice, and gave Kira advice about how fire can`t be blown away, except harness and control. Then DART detects another set of DemiMeramon in an oil refinery nearby, Kira then head out there, while disobeying orders to wait for, to prove himself. Kira order Agumon X to use his spitfire blast, which in everyone`s eyes is stupid and could cause an explosion. Because of the attack, the DemiMeramon digivolved into Meramon, which make him solid, which will make Kira activate his digi-aura. Then Kira make Agumon X digivolve into GeoGreymon X, and they defeated Meramon, which surprise everyone. Back at the base, Mason criticize Kira`s plan, in which he says that Kira only uses his raw power, and wasn`t thinking, Kira says he`ll take raw power anytime in battle. Getting irritated of Kira`s and Mason`s bickering, commander Hijikata orders Kira and Mason to work together equally as partners, in which the two try to consider him to change his mind about working together with each other. 
04 "Kira and Mason! The monster at the end of this book, Devimon"
As ordered by commander Hijikata, Kira and Mason must work together, in order for them to get along. But their first mission working with each other didn't start to well. Their uncoordinated partnership almost let the Numemon escape, but Karen help clean up their mess as she listen to them arguing with each other. Later, Mason gave Kira a ride home in his limo, and Kira thanked him, but Mason said "no need" because he thought the commander thinks that he and Kira would become fast friends, if they work together. Asuka then came out of the house, and ask Kira if he could introduce her to his 'friend', then Shiori came out, and ask Kira the same thing. But Mason left, without saying a work, and muttered "family" and grunted. Later at night, two bank robbers tried to rob a bank, but due to an accident with the gadget they're using to open the vault's lock, they lock themselves in the vault, then the gadget gave off a signal, which attracted a digimon called Drimogemon, in which with his help, the bank thieves escape. When DART got the signal for it, Kira was late, Mason think that Kira should have stayed at home, Kira prove that he isn't completely incompetent by working on the computer, but due to his buffoonery he crashed the computer and completely erases the records of the crime on file, but Mason was able to create a copy of the records just in case. The team consist of Kira, Ichigo, Mason, Suzaku, Karen, and Miko headed out to confront the robbers and Drimogemon at another bank. Kira and Agumon X tries to stop the robbers from getting away, just then Drimogemon grew big and threw Kira and Agumon X to a nearby river at the time. Mason was glad that Kira was out of the way and hatch up an idea to lead Drimogemon to water, so he wouldn't dig anywhere. But Kira messes up that plan, and Drimogemon escape, Mason digivolve Gaomon X to Gaogamon X, to chase after Drimogemon, while Kira followed Drimogemon through the hole he created. Mason arrived at the point where Drimogemon resurfaces, and battle. Just as Drimogemon was about to leave through the hole, Kira stepped in, and digivolve Agumon X to GeoGreymon X. GeoGreymon X and Gaogamon X attack at the same time facing eachother to attack Drimogemon who was right between them, but their attacks cancel each other out. Then a mysterious digimon called Devimon appeared and took control of Drimogemon and attack both GeoGreymon X and Gaogamon X, then open a Digital Gate for him and Drimogemon to escape. Kira, Mason, and both of their respective digimon partner were dragged too by different Digital Gates, seperating them to different parts of the Digital World. 
05 "Digidestineds in trouble! Kira's and Mason's Flaming Tornado Combination!"
Picking things up from the last episode, the DARTS team tries to pick up the signal from the digivices Kira and Mason are carrying in the Digital World. Meanwhile, Kira and Agumon X are exploring the Digital World hoping to find Devimon and Drimogemon, they walk around for hours, until they heard an explosion coming from a metallic city about 20 minutes away from them, they rushed in, but was confronted by Drimogemon, who made them fall underground. Meanwhile, in the city, the Digidestineds Tai, Matt, Sora, Davis, Kari, T.K. and their respective digimon partners were being attacked by a digimon army, led by Devimon, who the Digidestined were surprised to see alive, and was the one who dragged them here, he tries to attack them, but was intervene by Gennai and Andromon, who tries to help them escape. Later, a strange light appeared and it changes all of the Digidestineds digivices into Digivice XDs, and Agumon changes into an Agumon X, while Gabumon changes into a Gabumon X. The Digidestineds came out of hiding, and uses their new digivices to digivolve their digimons into the Champion Levels, and the new Agumon and Gabumon digivolves to Greymon X and Garurumon X. Meanwhile, on their way to get to the city, Kira and Agumon X were attacked by Drimogemon, who tricked them into following him and caved them in. Kira and Agumon X were reunited with Mason and Gaomon X, who earlier got trapped in the same way Kira did, and was laughed at by Kira and Agumon X. All of them decide to work together to try to get out of there, while wandering around Drimogemon's unstabled tunnels, they finaly found Drimogemon, who didn't notice the group. Mason decided that it will be best for them to get to the surface and ignore Drimogemon, but Kira had other plans, and told the others to jump onto Drimogemon's back, as he steered him up to the surface and into the Metallic City. Meanwhile, Devimon was about to finish the Digidestined after they exhausted their digimon's energy, but was interrupted by Drimogemon's charging and crashed into a builing. Drimogemon emerge from the smoke and rubble and was a little dizzy and manage to shook it off, Devimon yelled at Drimogemon for interrupting him when he was about to destroy the Digidestined. But Kira, Mason and their respective digimon partners emerges from the smoke, the Digidestined were surprise to see him and his digimon partner being an Agumon. Devimon thought that they had died during Drimogemon's cave-in, and order Drimogemon to attack them, but Kira counter-attacked by punching back and knocking Drimogemon a few steps back, which activating his digi-aura, and digivolved Agumon X to GeoGreymon X, which surprised everyone by Kira's immense strength to knock down a huge digimon like Drimogemon and his Agumon's champion form being a GeoGreymon, Mason also activated his digi-aura to digivolve Gaomon X to Gaogamon X, as the two begins to attack, Drimogemon began to act very strange. Meanwhile, back at DART, the team finally got Kira, Mason, along with their digimon partner's signals confirming that they're all alive, but also got an energy signal that can only be described as digivolution. Drimogemon digivolved, much to everyone surprise, to Digmon, GeoGreymon X and Gaogamon X tries to attack seperately, but fail because of Digmon's speed. Mason got and idea from the last battle when GeoGreymon X and Gaogamon X attacks Drimogemon from opposite sides from each other, and their attacks negated, he asked Kira what will happen, if they attack side by side at the same time, both of them don't know but strangely enough agreed to the strategy. They ordered both of their digimon partners to return and waited for an opportunity to attack, when it did, their combined attacks created a flaming tornado, that not just targeted Digmon and also the rest of Devimon's digimon army, and they won and Digmon and the rest of the army turned into digi-eggs. Devimon was so shocked by the two combination, he escaped. Later, Kira, Mason, the digidestineds, and their digimons head to a location point in the Digital World, where they could be picked up and return to their world, while heading there, Mason and Kira talked it out and became fast friends. The group finally got back to the human world, and arrived in DART HQ, where Kira and Mason were congratulated for their teamwork during their battle with Drimogemon. 
06 "Break-up! Love crisis with Sora and Matt! Also Kira and Agumon X, team no more!"
Late in the evening, digidestineds: Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Davis, T.K., Kari, and Ken were walking together from one of Matt's concert, talking about how Matt and Sora's broke-up and it was made public during the concert. Matt's dad met up on a bridge with the kids while on his way home, and talk to them about what's wrong with them, when suddenly an explosion happened. A BlackGreymon caused it, and was chasing Kira, then it saw the group and tried to attack them, but was quickly attacked by Agumon X, who distracted him, then Kira punches it, which activate his digi-aura, which due to Izzy's surprise, digivolve Agumon X to GeoGreymon X, and uses his Mega Burst to take out BlackGreymon and also the building behind it. Ichigo, Mason, Suzaku, Karen, and Miko arrives at the scene to see Kira destroyed another building (again), good thing there weren't another humans than the digidestineds to witness it, otherwise DART would have been exposed to the media. The team (except Suzaku) scolded Kira for his stupid, reckless, and impatient actions, to see how much damage he did to his surroundings, but Kira shrugged it and says it's okay, because he finished the job, and also says the he and Agumon X are the ultimate team, and that no one can defeat them, in which the everyone were dazed and confused to understand. During dinner when Agumon X took the last egg, Kira was mad, and the both of them got in a huge fight, saying that each of them are important than the other, because of that they won't speak with each other. The next day, Kira left his digivice, containing the angry Agumon X, who won't leave, at DART headquarters, as he gone off to school. At school, the talk of Matt & Sora breaking was huge, as the girls including Karen tries to ask Matt out, and the guys including Suzaku try to do the same thing with Sora. Kira think that this is ridiculous, and people were acting crazy for no apparent reason, Tai asked what's wrong with Kira and that he was being angrier than usual. During lunch, he told Tai about the fight he and Agumon X had yesterday, and he told Tai that he is the most crucial part of their partnership, and without him, Agumon X couldn't digivolve, Tai think that Kira and Agumon X were being jerks to each other. After school, still mad, Kira walk to the park, where he is ambushed by delinquents from a different school, he fought them off and beaten them off. Kira continue to walk around town, where he encountered the mysterious old man who gave him the digivice yet again, and gave him advice in a form of a fortune, in which Kira took it as useless talk, the old man hoped that Kira would understand and figure it out soon. Meanwhile an Elecmon, a digimon who controls electricity, appears and messes around the traffic lights. Later, on their way from school, Matt, being followed by girls, along with Sora, followed by guys, stop at a traffic crossroads, bearing witness to a truck almost hitting a little girl, but Kira quickly saved the girl from being runned over, he asked Sora, who was nearby to look after the girl, as he chased Elecmon, who was the cause of the accident. He chased Elecmon to an electrical conduit, as he was about to face him, Kira was later interrupted by Ichigo, Mason, Suzaku, Karen, and Miko, who told Kira to stay out of the way, so they could do their job. They brought out their digimon partners and digivolved them to their Champion Forms, just as they were about to face them, Kira told them to stand where they are, and said that this is his battle. Then something bad happened, Elecmon digivolved to BlackGarurumon, and due to his youthful pride, Kira tries to stop him, but got a ride instead, when BlackGarurumon tries to escape. The team chased after them, before things has gotten worse, as BlackGarurumon stopped at an unfinished train stop, Kira jumped off and punch him, which activated his digi-aura, but Agumon X wasn't with him, and BlackGarurumon attacked him, but Kira blocked it, and realized that he need Agumon X, and that a digimon can be beaten by another digimon. Then, Agumon X appeared to help Kira, and Kira helped by making Agumon X digivolved to GeoGreymon X, and battle BlackGarurumon, and encourages GeoGreymon X to fight because the digi-aura is the bond that can help them in any fight, no matter how strong the opponent is, and because of that, they were able to beat BlackGarurumon. After the battle, Kira and Agumon X apologizes to each other, and said the fight was stupid. Then Kira wondered how did Agumon X got here, and Agumon X responded it was the mysterious old man who gave Kira the digivice, who brought him here, but he quickly disappeared during that battle without anybody noticing. Then Karen came in, telling them to clean up the big mess they made during the battle with BlackGarurumon. 
07 "Mason, substitute brother for Asuka birthday!"
Mason and Gaomon X were greeted by a polite Kira and Agumon X, to everyone surprise was being nice to Mason. In which Mason was quickly to suspect that Kira needed something from him. Kira explained about how he needed to attend a mandatory English, Science, Geography, Technology, and History make-up exams. Mason thought Kira wanted to be tutored by him so he can pass his exams, but Kira request is that he needed someone to a big brother to his little sister Asuka during her birthday tommorrow, because he has his make-up exams, and Ichigo is so busy waiting in line for the new plushie Asuka wanted for her birthday, and he asked Mason to do it. Mason thought wouldn't it to be better if Suzaku, the computer operators Tsubasa and Riku, or any of the older male digidestineds to do it. But Kira explained that Suzaku is catering for the party, Tsubasa and Riku were on double shift, and he hardly know any of the male digidestined at all, so he turned to Mason for help. That night, Kira formally introduced Mason to his family, and Mason also introduce his digimon partner Gaomon X to them as well, as they all have dinner together, Asuka asked Mason to take her and her mother to the new amusement park grand opening tomorrow, and Mason accepted the offer. The next day, on Asuka's birthday, Kira went to school for his make-up exams, as the other headed to the new Cartoon Magic Island amusement park. On their visit in the amusement the group bumped into Tai and Sora, in the Horror-themed section of the park, who appeared to be dating and decided to join them for lunch. Then Mason, Shiori, and Asuka decide to go to the Roman Coliseum in the Historical-themed section of the park, where they hear a concert performed by the Teenage Wolves lead by Matt, the song was about how love can be unpredictable and that it can go to your best friend/rival, in which kinda disturbs the party group. After the concert, they decide to go to the Adventure-themed section to ride the Speed-Coaster, where they met with the younger digidestineds Davis, Ken, T.K., Kari, Yolei, and Cody, who decided to ride it together. Then they rested at the water fountain in the center of the park, where they met with Izzy, Joe, and Mimi (who was visiting at the time from America), where they toss a coin in the fountain and made a wish. Meanwhile, Ichigo, who was on his way to the amusement park, after getting Asuka's present and dropping off at home, was approached by a mysterious man wearing a black suit and sunglasses, he introduces himself as Yukimura Okita of D-Elite and tells him that DART should disband, and that all digimon problems should go to his organization D-Elite to handled, but Ichigo refused and tell him that DART has everything under control, and they don't need D-Elite to handle it. As Ichigo left, Okita thinks that D-Elite will have to handle this under the radar, and orders his organization to begin something called Project Eye of the Storm. Back at the Amusement Park, the group continues having fun in various attractions of the park up to the Ferris Wheel at night, where they could watch the fireworks, and Mason remebers the memories of his mother while looking at the entire park from the top. But the day turns from good to bad, when a digimon called Thundermon X appears and attack the park, the Digidestineds rushes in to fight it, and Mason got off the Ferris Wheel as soon it gotten closer to the ground and orders DART to contain the Thundermon X, and the commander tells Mason to stand down, until back-ups arrives, but Mason disobeyed and gone to help the Digidestineds. Ichigo, who had just entered the park, rushes to fight Thundermon X too, where he met up with Mason and teams up with him. As the Digidestined were about to fight, Mason told them to stand down, and let him and Ichigo to do it. Ichigo and Mason let out their respective digimon partners and order them to attack Thundermon. Mason activate his digi-aura to digivolve Gaomon X to Gaogamon X, and Ichigo followed and digivolve Guilmon X to Growlmon X, and orders Ichigo to get Growlmon X to catch Thundermon X and twirl him in the air, and Ichigo agreed to it and orders Growlmon X to do it. Mason then ordered Gaogamon X to use his Spiral Blow to push Thundermon X up in the air, and made him explode, creating beautiful fireworks and also turning Thundermon X into a digi-egg. After the ordeal the Digidestined came out, and watched as Mason asked Asuka about the fireworks he created, and she said that they were pretty and beautiful, which made Mason blushed and smile. Meanwhile, back at Odaiba High, a tired Kira was finally finished with his enduring Make-Up exams. Back at Kira's and Ichigo's house, the Digidestineds, DART agents, their digimon partners, Shiori, and Asuka, had a fun time giving their presents to Asuka, playing party games, and having a beautiful gourmet prepared by Suzaku. At the end, Kira and Mason started to argued, in which Asuka was embarrassed by Kira's actions.

Note: Cartoon Magic Island was based on Tropical Land from Detective Conan 

08 "Karen Pop Star Boyfriend. Karen emotions to the mission!"
A teenage girl wearing a hat and sunglasses, is being chased around town by photographers. Meanwhile, Kira was at a ramen shop eating, then the same girl and photographers pass-by the shop, and Kira ignored it, as Kira was continuing eating, a News broadcast shows the up-and-coming famous teen singer Subaru "NEO" Katagiri with the same girl who was being chased earlier, who Kira identified as "Karen". Meanwhile, Karen thought she lost the paparazzi, took off her disguise, but was surprise by one cameraman. The next day, at DART HQ, Karen was scolded by Neko Kuro and Yuki Shiro, the two female computer operators, about how Karen was dating the famous Subaru Katagiri, the rest of the team just ignore the frantic whining of the girls. The commander came in and explain that a digimon signal of a Keramon appeared a month ago, and the main suspect is the singer NEO, and he order Karen to investigate the singer. The girls started to get frustrated on why Karen gets to do it, Karen then tells that Subaru Katagiri is her childhood friend, she then explain it with the team, outside HQ, of how different he was back then now, the girls asked why she didn't tell them about it before, Kira then explain that it isn't important. Then NEO came in riding his motorcycle, to tell Karen about dinner tonight, and then left. The girls were jealous about that Karen didn't introduce him to them, Mason then notice a photographer snooping on Karen and taking pictures, and kick a tin can at him, and the photographer left, while Kira explain that NEO is hiding a digimon with him, but Karen denied it and says that NEO was a nice guy and that he wouldn't do anything like that, Mason face then took a sudden interest on Karen's answer. Later that night, Karen and NEO have dinner and talk about the good old days of elementary school, then NEO had to go to his private room to work on a song, while Karen and Lalamon X investigate his apartment for Keramon. Meanwhile, in Kira's house, Tai, Sora, Izzy, and Matt were having a study group with Kira, while Kari and T.K. came along to watch the disaster unfold, Asuka was watching a TV interview of NEO, and talk to Kira about him, in which Kira just ignored, then she gave Kira a piece of bristol board and a pen, so that he can give it to Karen, so she can give it to NEO, who she heard that Karen was dating NEO, to which everyone was surprised she knew. Kira then asked how did she knew it, then he suspect Agumon X, and then tries tell Asuka getting a autograph is too much of a hassle, Asuka then was sadden that Kira wouldn't get the autograph for her, Agumon X pointed to Kira that he made her cry, and Kira responded that it was Agumon X fault for telling her in the first place, the others just ignore them and studied. Meanwhile, back at NEO's apartment, NEO orders Keramon to hack into the internet and upload NEO video ad all around the city. Back at Kira's house, Kira and Agumon X were still fighting, when suddenly the TV opened by itself, showing NEO's ad, not just that but the ad also showed on Izzy's computer, then Kira and Ichigo quickly suspect something is up, and head outside to see the city's sky being covered by an electrical surge. kira, Ichigo, and their digimon partners head to DART headquarters quickly to see that DART's computers are affected too. The commander explain that Keramon's behind it, and Kira raced to NEO's apartment to confront him. Back at NEO's apartment, Karen was about to open the door to NEO's private room, when suddenly Kira showed up, and Karen open to see him, Kira was relived that she wasn't harm, and Karen was about to scold Kira, when suddenly NEO showed up to see who it was. Then Kira grabbed NEO and threaten him to confess of harboring a digimon. Then Karen improvised by saying Kira is some crazy fan wanting an autograph, and kissed NEO in the cheek, to made sure her undercover work wasn't exposed. She then leaves, and Kira was about to be taken by security for trespassing, but try to escape. The next day, the team took all investigation matters of NEO, and conclude that NEO is using Keramon to make a fortune through fraud, but Karen protested that NEO maybe innocent. The commander order the computer operators of NEO's schedule for today, and decided organized a Team to capture Keramon, lead by Mason, to move in at midnight, when NEO isn't at home, and Mason requested that Karen should be excluded from the group, and the commander agreed to it. The group prepared and waited in 5 minutes to start the operation, when suddenly Karen came in, and head to NEO's private room, Mason predicted it happening, and order the operators to activate the hidden microphone in Karen, he hid earlier. When Karen headed in to NEO's private room, she was confronted by NEO himself, who prepared a fake schedule to catch who was snooping to learn his secret, and was betrayed that Karen was a part of it, and he revealed Keramon to Karen and confess that he use Keramon to make himself rich and famous. The team charged in to apprehend Keramon and save Karen, and a photographer who broke in, saw the digimons, and NEO got frusterated to see that his career is now ruin, and Keramon suddenly digivolved to Chrysalimon, and headed up to the roof. Mason, Suzaku, and Miko went after it and activate their digi-aura to digivolve their digimon to their Champion levels to battle, but fail after Chrysalimon beaten them. Kira and Ichigo shows up to finish the job, and they activated their digi-aura, to digivolve Agumon X and Guilmon X, to GeoGreymon X and Growlmon X, and combined their power to defeat Chrysalimon and turn him back into a digi-egg. Meanwhile, the photographer who took the photo of the incident was about to leave, when Karen erase his memories of the incident, just in time. NEO then saw what Karen did, and asked if she's gonna erase his memories too, even to the part of seeing each other again, Karen says yes, and said that she'll remember for the both of them, and erases his memories. At the end, Karen headed up to the roof of the building, and watch the sunrise with her heart broken. 
09 "Mason's Boxing Hero! Gaomon X vs. Togemon X, boxing match of the century!"
One day at DART HQ, Kira showed Karen a newspaper ad about the famous boxer Shinra Mouri and suspect that a digimon in involved, when Mason heard this he was disturbed and tells Kira what proof he has, Kira and Mason argues. Then the commander appears and asks Mason to take on a case regarding Mouri because they found a thorn with a digimon signature near the ring he was boxing in, Kira overconfidently boast to Mason about being right, but Mason denied the information, and the two were about to fight, but Karen stopped them and tells them to work on the case. The next day, Mason confronts with Mouri and jogged with him, then asks him about his past matches, Mouri answered irritated, and Mason apologizes and then asks him about anything strange during his comeback match, Mouri didn't think of any strange in particular, and Mason said his farewell and left, Mason then thinks of his childhood, and remembers when he watches Mouri's first boxing match. Meanwhile, Mouri arrives in his boxing gym only to see the members got beaten by Kira, and Kira tries to challenge him, but he declined, then Mouri's trainer appears and said that he'll do anything for Mouri to win, and Kira quickly suspects him. Meanwhile, Karen and Miko under the guise of newspaper reporters met up with Mouri's wife and they learn that she worries about her husband's well-being. Back at DART HQ, they narrowed their suspects to Mouri, his trainer, and his wife, Kira thinks that the trainer is behind it, and Mason requested the commander to investigate more so he'll find the answer, Mason continues to investigate Mouri and he finally found the solution for the case. The next day, Mason asks Mouri to spar with him, so that he'll find the answer to the case, Kira arrives in the gym and was surprised to see Mason there, Mason left after he finish a round with Mouri. Later, Gaomon X asks Mason about his recent behavior to the case, Mason then told Gaomon X that Mouri was his hero when he was young and believes he is innocent, Gaomon X figured out that Mason knows who's the culprit is. At night, Kira staked out in the gym, and was surprised to see the trainer sneaking in, and follows him, and discovered that the trainer isn't doing anything wrong but cheating on his diet, Kira was depressed that the trainer wasn't the culprit, then Mouri arrived in the gym, and Kira suspect that Mouri was the culprit, but was wrong when he saw him training. Kira, Ichigo, Suzaku, Karen, and Miko quickly withdraw their suspicions on Mouri and his trainer, but they were alerted on a digimon appearing. Meanwhile, Mason and Gaomon X caught Togemon X trying to weaken the boxing champion, and reveals the culprit to be Mouri's daughter. Togemon X escapes but he was cut off by Kira and the others, Togemon X manages to escape and chases after the champ to the boxing stadium, only to be tricked by Mason and Gaomon X who lead him there. Mason and Gaomon X challenges Togemon X to a fight, Kira and the others decided to stepped down and let him handle it, Gaomon X seems to be winning, but Togemon X grew bigger, and Mason decide to activate his digi-aura to digivolve Gaomon X to Gaogamon X, and they manage to beat Togemon X. Later, Mason explain to Mouri that his daughter used Togemon X to help him win, after hearing that Mouri decide to quit and throw away the champion match. At the day of the tournament, Mason watches as Mouri was about to forfeit the championship match in public, and left. 
10 "Kira's curse, bad luck everywhere! Also meet Ryu Seigi, Dragon of Justice!"
Kira, Ichigo, Asuka, Agumon X, and Guilmon X were invited by Mason to dine in his mansion. And because of Kira's embarrassing actions during dinner, Asuka exploded and said stuff that she wished happens to Kira, and ran out of the mansion, during Asuka's outburst, Agumon notices something spying on them, and attaches himself onto Kira. As Kira chased after Asuka, he slip on a banana peel, that mysteriously appeared, and Agumon pointed out it was a digimon's doing, but nobody believed him. Meanwhile, the Digidestineds along with Davis' sister Jun, were greeted by Ryu Seigi, a friend of Ryo Akiyama, and a member of DART, in the park where Matt's band are performing. While the group start to bond with him, Ryu started to notice Mason, and asked the group to come with him, Ryu finally greeted Mason, and was surprise by the presence of Kira. Mason explained that Kira is a new member of DART and Ichigo's twin brother, who Ryu really find it really hard to believe, anyway, Kira, Ichigo, and Mason were looking for Asuka, because she was embarrassed by Kira's dining habits earlier, the group glared at Kira, and he told them to knock it off. Kira and Mason continued their conversations, and Mason pointed out that Kira is a blockhead, everyone but Kira agreed, Agumon X tries to warn Kira that a digimon is near him, and Kira didn't believe a single word he said, then Kira ran into a sign. Mason suspects that Asuka may put a curse on Kira, because all her wishes were coming true, Kira didn't believe a word Mason said, and walked off and within a second, he fell off from chopsticks, the group witnessed it, and couldn't believe their eyes. Kira, Ichigo, and Mason returns to DART, while the rest goes search for Asuka, back at DART, a digimon signal appeared, and it was within DART HQ, and Agumon X pointed it out that it was coming from Kira, DART was about to restrain Kira, when Agumon X pointed out that the digimon was attach to Kira, and wasn't his fault, and it caused all those pranks on him. The gang started to wonder how the digimon got into DART HQ, and how Asuka was able to control it, Kira said it was nonsense, and went for the door to find Asuka, once Kira got to the door, an out-of-control cart came in and almost ran him over. Then the alarm rang, and it reported an out-of-control oil tanker heading for land, most notably DART HQ, Kira decide to take on the oil tanker so that no one will get hurt, realizing Kira might get hurt, Agumon X heads out to find Asuka. Meanwhile, Ryu and the Digidestineds were searching for Asuka, when they are met up with Professor Haruhiko Takenouchi and his assistant Shuu Kido, who were at the moment were making a documentary. The group finally found Asuka, who was frustrated and sad at the same time, Kari tries to cheer her up, but she was still gloomy. Then Agumon X came in looking for Asuka, the the group realized that Agumon X was out in public without a disguise. Agumon X tries to tell Asuka that Kira was in danger, and Asuka responded that she didn't care, and that Asuka said that Kira should take care of himself. The foghorn from the oil tanker was heard, and Asuka, Ryu, and the others what was it, Agumon X explained that the oil tanker was about to hit DART HQ, and Kira is diverting the attention to himself, to try to save innocent, after hearing this, the group raced to Kira's side. Back at DART, the team were able to identify the digimon as Bakemon, and due to its small size and invisibility, it's hard to capture, Mason came up with a plan to catch it. Meanwhile, back with Asuka and Agumon X, they raced with Ryu, the Digidestineds, and the rest, to try to stop Kira from getting hurt, as Asuka tries desperately to tell Kira to run away, Mason shows up with Ichigo, and said Kira isn't the type who runs away when there are people involved. Kira tells the boat that he is ready to face it, but Mason pointed out, that Kira was acting stupid, Kira was surprised by the people behind him, Mason explained that Asuka never put a curse on Kira, no matter how much he deserved it, and explained to Asuka that an invisible digimon heard what Asuka said, and pulled pranks on Kira to do it, then Kira realized that the pranks was caused by the digimon, even the oil tanker. Ryu let out his digimon partner Monodramon X from his digivice, and activate his digi-aura, to digivolve him to Strikedramon X, and tell them his plan was to stop the boat from the outside, if the ship gets near land, Ichigo responded by letting out Guilmon X and digivolve him to Growlmon X, to help him out. Karen and Miko came in a boat, and tell them that the crew can't get near the steering wheel, Mason was right about Bakemon being on the ship controlling it, Mason was about to go on the boat to get Bakemon, but kira stopped him and says that this is his fight, and Kira told Asuka not to worried, and that he'll be fine, just as Kira was about to leave, Mason gave him a something that will make Bakemon visible. When Kira and Agumon X head to the ship's control, and notice that Bakemon may be on the steering wheel, Agumon X attacks but it manage to dodge him, then Kira used Mason's formula, and it was able to make Bakemon visible, and punched him to activate his digi-aura. Then Bakemon began to grow very huge up to a size of a house, Agumon X digivolves to GeoGreymon X, and use his Mega Burst to destroy him and turn him back into a digi-egg. The ship finally stopped, and it was so close into hitting DART HQ. After the battle, Kira apologized to Asuka for his actions earlier, Asuka relived to see him alive, and said that Kira should be sorry for them. Mason then thought about this incident carefully, and told the commander that the way Bakemon reacted may have responded to Asuka's emotions, and thinks that human emotions may influence digimon, and vice versa. 
11 "The broken bond between father and son! Kira must fix this!"
Mason decides to take time off of DART to go to America, to research his theory of the connection of the digimon attacks and human emotions, as Mason was about to take off, he is then was greeted by the older Digidestineds, who were at the time, were about to visit their fellow friend and comrade Mimi Tachikawa, also with them was professor Takenouchi and his assistant Shuu, who were heading to the New York University for a lecture, Mason said he was going there, for an answer for his theorized research. Meanwhile back at DART, Kira was annoyed by the fact Mason gotten vacation time, the topic changed when Neko and Yuki were about to share their manjū they have gotten from their last Kyoto mission, but their box of manjus were empty, and it turns out that Agumon X ate them, the girls were so mad that Agumon X shift the blame to Kira, since the boss has to take responsibility, and the girls want Kira to get them another box of manjū. Kira says he knows the son of the owner of Hato bakery, as he head to the bakery, he notice Mr. Hato was being threaten by some people, Kira saved him and the people ran, Judai, Kira's friend came and was surprise that Kira was the one who saved his father, and tell him that the bakery isn't selling anymore manjūs. Meanwhile, Mr. Hato was finding money to settle his debts, but was approached by Vilemon, who said who will help him with his problem. Meanwhile, DART intercepted the digimon's signature, Karen and Miko headed there. Back at the bakery, Kira and Judai sees Mr. Hato off, and Judai told him that Mr. Hato may have gone off to the horse track to gamble, Karen and Miko arrived, and Kira found the perfect time to go after Mr. Hato and asked them to take him to the horse track. As they got to the horse track, Kira asked the others to find Mr. Hato, but got a surprise when Vilemon send his three DemiDevimon servants to "help" Mr. Hato, that DART gang detect the three digimon signals and went searching for them, the DemiDevimons fixed the race, so only Mr. Hato can win, and they disappeared, the gang decided to head back to HQ, but Kira refused and said that he promised to help Judai, and also he can't go back without the manjūs, the girls tries to convice him, but he refused saying it was his honor to help his friend. Back at the bakery, Mr. Hato thanked Vilemon for the so-called power he have received, Vilemon continues to control him to go to the horse track to gamble. Meanwhile in America, after the lecture, professor Takenouchi and Shuu decided to help Mason with his research, who was being assisted by professor Jacob B. Morgan, who was an export on the human psyche while doing tests on the patients brainwave patterns. A few days later in Japan, Mr. Hato continues gambling, while Kira and Judai continues to convince him to go back to making manjū, but no luck. Then Kira decided to sneak into Mr. Hato's warehouse, along with Judai, to investigate Mr. Hato's strange behavior, and found Vilemon, who Kira thought was an ugly statue, and was suspicious to Kira, when it suddenly twitched. Mr. Hato caught Kira and Judai, and told them to stay away from his "master" Vilemon, Kira tries to convince him that money isn't the solution for everything, but Mr. Hato's anger caused Vilemon to grow and attack them. Kira manage to save the two people from Vilemon and let out Agumon X to help him fight Vilemon and the DemiDevimons. Ichigo, Suzaku, Miko, and Karen arrives to help fight them. Kira and Judai tries to convince Mr. Hato to snap out of it, but Vilemon says he can't and that he is under his spell, and was powered by Mr. Hato's rage and greed, which Kira suspect something important to the case. Kira charged in at Vilemon and punch him, which activated his digi-aura, and digivolves Agumon X to GeoGreymon X, Vilemon thought his Nightmare Shocker attack defeated GeoGreymon X, but was wrong, when GeoGreymon X broke free and use his Mega Burst to finish Vilemon, and then use his Mega Burst to finish the DemiDevimon, and turn them back into digi-eggs. After the battle, Mr. Hato was freed from the spell, and Judai manage to get him back to his senses by telling him to open back the bakery and teach him how to make manjū, Mr. Hato agrees and began teaching him, Kira smiled at the resolved family bond. Back at DART, the team finally got to enjoyed the tasty manjūs even though it was late, and the commander asks Kira about the signal from Vilemon from going weak to off-the-charts, and Kira explained that during the battle he remembers that Vilemon said he was powered by the rage and greed of Mr. Hato, and believes there is a connection between human emotions of rage and greed and digimon. Mason returns, and he brought the Digidestineds, and said the Kira was correct, and requested the commander to order an immediate high alert for every DART divisions as a counter-measure, which surprised everyone. 
12 "Meet Dorumon, original Digimon with X-Antibody! The appearance of the Mega Digimon Merukimon"
Picking things up from the last episode, Mason returns from America after his intense research on human emotions, and presented a theory that the digmon acted the way they did in the human world, because they were feeding on the emotions on the people around them, and also show a chart that shows the thinning of the barrier between the human and digital world. DART picked up a digimon signal, DART agents and the Digidestined headed there, and was surprised that the signal was at Kira's house. They rushed inside to find everyone to be safe, and a digi-egg, the group decided to stay to keep an eye on it. Mason explained there have been other digi-eggs that made their way into the human world and that they were Agumon X, Guilmon X, Gaomon X, Terriermon X, Lalamon X, Renamon X, Monodramon X, the black and white PawnChessmons, and the two Dracomons, and that they were given partners compatible with their unique digi-aura. As they were talking, the egg began to move and act on its own, the group tries to catch the egg, but fails, just as Agumon X was about to get it, he slipped and cracked the egg, which hatched. The egg hatched into a Dodomon, and Asuka found it so cute, the team will think it will be best if the egg stays here, because there might be problem if the emotions around will affect it, Dodomon digivolves into Dorimon after 2 hours it hatched, Mason said it wasn't a problem, and says that Fresh Level digimon can digivolve into In-Training Level within a day. Mason whipped up a "little something" to help block the emotional energy into Dorimon, Kira freaked out on the size of how big it is, Agumon X tries to give Dorimon something to eat, but Dorimon was afraid by Agumon X and hide behind Asuka, and Asuka told Agumon X not to be mean to Dorimon, and Agumon X says okay and realized he wasn't being mean, Agumon X was jealous of Dorimon's attention and that he resorted to acting like Dorimon, but fail, and all the girls were hading for him, and Agumon X thought to him acting cute, but he was wrong, and they all went to Calumon who was on his head and they begin to hug him unconditionally, Agumon X felt like he was ignored and went to a corner of a room and crouch there while Agumon and Gatomon pat his back for comfort. Later that night, most of the group left, leaving Kira, Ichigo, Mason, Tai, Sora, and Kari there. Dorimon began acting strange and was afraid of something, and the group suspect of Agumon X, Mason and Gaomon X began dragging him away, Kira convince Agumon X won't bother him anymore, but Dorimon keep acting even more afraid, and Kira figured out it wasn't Agumon X's doing. Just then a digimon named Falcomon X appears, wanting Dorimon back, Kira tries to fight him, but he was fast for Kira, and try to force Asuka to give him Dorimon, but Dorimon protected Asuka from Falcomon X, Mason and Gaomon X came just in the nick of time and stop Falcomon X, and he fled, after the battle Dorimon suddenly digivolves into Dorumon and learns how to talk. The next day, Asuka and Dorumon plays around, while all the Digidestineds and DART agents discussed about the problem with Falcomon X going after Dorumon back at DART, Kira and the Digidestined decided to find Asuka to keep her safe. They were able to find her near the river with Dorumon, and kept an eye on them. Then suddenly, Falcomon X returns and tell Dorumon to come with him, but Dorumon refused. The DART agents arrives and digivolves their digimons into their Champion Forms, the Digidestined did the same with their digimons, Dorumon helped Kira punched Falcomon X to activate his digi-aura to get Agumon X to digivolve into GeoGreymon X. GeoGreymon X was about to finish Falcomon X with his Mega Burst, but failed when a Mega-Level digimon named Merukimon appears. GeoGreymon attacks with his Mega Burst, but fail and the attack deflects back at him, causing him to de-digivolved back into Agumon X, the rest of the digimon attacks all at once, but also fails and deflect their attacks back at them causing them to de-digivolved back into Rookie level. Merukimon was about to finish them off, but Dorumon steps in and sacrifice himself to save them, causing him to turn back into a digi-egg, Merukimon and Falcomon X returns to the Digital World, as the rest watched in horror as Asuka screams wanting Dorumon back. 
13 "D-Elite plans fail! Appearance of evil Devas! RizeGreymon X, Rising and WarGrowlmon X, Growling! Twin brothers, Perfect Evolution!"
Picking things up from the last episode, after their battle with Merukimon during the last episode, the DART members and the digidestineds recuperate and rested. Kira was annoyed because he lost to Merukimon, and his sister Asuka was sadden by the sacrifice of her digimon partner Dorumon. Director Ieyasu of the National Security Council appeared, and due to the recent action of DART incompetence, threaten to shut down DART. Meanwhile, in the Digital World, Merukimon and his followers watched as Dorumon egg hatched and was surprised when he sort-off remembers Asuka, and digivolves into Dorugamon, Merukimon lets Dorugamon to go back to the human world. Back in the human world, D-Elite launches their plans project Eye of the Storm, a digital vortex to suck up and destroy digimon, in the Odaiba oil refinery. While hanging out with fellow American Digidestined Michael. Ichigo, Suzaku, and Miko arrives, and tell the Digidestineds to follow them to find the source of the anomaly that is sucking up the stray digimons in Odaiba. Meanwhile, Dorugamon arrives in the human world causing mayhem, DART send out Kira, Mason, and Karen to take care of him. The News Report shows the footage of Dorugamon attacks earlier, and Asuka recognized the digimon as Dorumon and she goes after him, and Shiori followed. Meanwhile, Ichigo and the others found the source of the anomoly and Okita of D-Elite, Ichigo recognized him from the other day when the others were hanging around with Asuka on her birthday, Ichigo demanded what was going on, and Okita answer to get rid of the "filth" that plague this world and DART is just a useless organization whose not doing things right. then suddenly the vortex in the sky turns into a Digital Gate, and Devimon appears along with his companions, the Devas Majiramon and Mihiramon, to "thank" Okita for the assistance of collecting the digital energy of the capture digimon, to give him and his comrades power to destroy the Digidestineds. Okita was disgusted by the fact he gave the evil digimons more power that he ran in shame and find a way to fix his mistake, the Digidestineds digivolved their digimons into their Champion Forms to fight Devimon and his allies. Meanwhile, Kira, Mason and Agumon X were on a boat, while Gaogamon X and Sunflowmon X fought with Dorugamon in the waterfront, and Kira recognized that it was Dorumon there when he heard Dorugamon says Asuka's name, Kira tries to make Dorugamon remembers, but fail as he attack the boat he was on. Agumon X wakes Kira up, he notice he's back at shore and Mason and Gaomon X unconscious beside him, and he was surprised by the presence of mysterious old man who gave him the digivice, and he was about to give Kira advice as usual, but Kira said he doesn't need it, the old man stopped him from going anywhere, Kira was about to fight him, but Kira was surprised when he was knocked away by the old man's strength, and gave Kira advice on finding more power within and find the true meaning in one's self, Kira just ignored him and left with Agumon X, and the old man wondered if Kira would be a hero instead of a fighter because of his youthful pride. back with the battle against Devimon and the Devas, the Devas were able to defeat Kyubimon X and Gargomon X, then Dorugamon joined in and Ichigo was able to identify the digimon as Dorumon, which shocked everyone, then Devimon used his dark powers to manipulate Dorumon on his side. In a nick of time, Kira appeared and punches Dorumon to activate his digi-aura to digivolves Agumon X to GeoGreymon X, and GeoGreymon X uses his Mega Burst on Dorugamon and thought they have won, but the celebration was caught short when Dorugamon digivolves into DoruGreymon. Asuka appeared along with Shiori, Asuka tries to make DoruGreymon remembers her, but Kira said that DoruGreymon doesn't remembers her, but Asuka refused to believe it and calls out to DoruGreymon, but DoruGreymon confused responded by attacking, GeoGreymon X blocked the attack with his own body, and at the same time Mihiramon attacks Growlmon X, and making Growlmon X condition to near-deletion. Okita came along in a helicopter, hoping to use machine guns on the evil digimons, but they had no effect. Asuka cries on Kira, when DoruGreymon attacked her, and she thought that DoruGreymon completely forgotten her, and Kira watched in horror as GeoGreymon X drops to ground putting him in a near-death state. Kira and Ichigo thought their not powerful enough to fight DoruGreymon and the Devas, putting themselves in a pitiful mood, Kari comforts Asuka tears, and the twins saw that they're not powerful enough yet, and reached into their heart to wish for more power. And at that instant, a new powerful digi-aura appears around them, causing Kira to make GeoGreymon X to digivolves to RizeGreymon X, and also causing Ichigo to make Growlmon X digivolves to WarGrowlmon X, these two power causing both of their digimons to digivolved into the Ultimate Level, amazed and surprised everyone. DoruGreymon attackes again, but Rizegreymon defended and retaliate with his Trident Revolver, defeating DoruGreymon and turn him back into a digi-egg. Mihiramon combined his Tiger Wing Blades, Samurai Tiger Tail, and Armored Tiger Tail to defeat Wargrowlmon X, but was unsuccessful, and WarGrowlmon X finishes him off with his Atomic Blaster attack, turning him back into a digi-egg. Devimon orders Majiramon to use his Flaming Arrowheads to destroy them, but was unsuccessful because of RizeGreymon X's and WarGrowlmon X's strong defences were too powerful to penetrate, the two boys order their digimons to combined their attacks, RizeGreymon X's Rising Destroyer and WarGrowlmon X's Atomic Megalo Blaster combined power turned Majiramon and Devimon back into digi-eggs, the battle surprised the Digidestineds and DART alike, the old man smiled and think that Kira managed to find what he was looking for all along with himself, Okita was surprised that those kids were able to do it and grunted to show his frustration with DART cleaning up his mess. After the battle, Kira managed to find Dorumon's digi-egg, and gave it to Asuka for their last goodbye together, as Kira saw the tears in Asuka eyes, Kira promised to not let Asuka be sad again and decide to protect her by himself and RizeGreymon X. Back at DART, commander Hijikata reported to Director Ieyasu about the mission and that everything has return back to normal, and the entire thing was covered up and labeled a publicity stunt, and the public bought it, and Director Iesayu congratulated DART for their hard work. The computer operators were able to identify a second digimon signal that appeared from DoruGreymon to be Merukimon, DART and the Digidestined decides on going into the Digital World and finding out what Merukimon is planning. The commander stops them and began to tell them that they need to know the truth about Kira's and Ichigo's father. 
14 "Welcome to the Digital World! Arukenimon and Mummymon returns! Also the appearance of native human, Musha Karasu!"
Picking things up from the last episode, commander Hijikata explained to the Digidestineds and DART agents, that DART agents earlier have explored the Digital World 10 years earlier, and one of the agents sacrifice himself to let the others escape to the human world from a digimon attack, and his name was Zero Kasai, Kira's and Ichigo's father. Kira and Ichigo raced home to learn more of the truth from their mother and grandfather, and they told the two boys that their father was a leading researcher on digimon and the Digital World, and that he is finding a way of making his dream for digimon and humans to coexist together. Kira promised to return and not just him but with his father if he finds him, Ichigo made the same promise as well, Shiori was worried and tell them to be safe and come back alive. Meanwhile back at DART, Mason, Karen, and Miko went through the DART database to find information on Zero Kasai, but the data of the information was classified as Top Secret, and Mason wondered why they couldn't look for him. Meanwhile, Izzy with professor Takenouchi and Shuu went to the Todai, to find information on professor Kasai, hoping to know what happened to him. The next day, a group consist of DART field agents (Kira, Ichigo, Mason, Suzaku, Karen, Miko, and Ryu), and the younger Digidestineds (Davis, Yolei, Cody, T.K., Kari, and Ken) headed for the Digital World through the Digi-Port. They arrived in a digimon village that also doubles as a forest, the DART agents followed the Digidestineds as they go into a restaurant that was ran by their old friend Digitamamon, and ate some food for their long journey ahead. The were surprised by the appearance of Arukenimon and Mummymon, who were supposedly got destroyed by MaloMyotismon, and prepared themselves to fighting them. But they were attack by a mysterious boy named Musha, and Kira was able to counterattack him, and the group asked themselves why a human boy is in the Digital World, the boy told the group to leave the Digital World, as he said humans only bring "evil" to the Digital World, as Kira was struggling with the boy, Falcomon X helped the boy, and the group recognized the digimon, as he was on the same side as Merukimon. Arukenimon and Mummymon was surprised by the boy wasn't on the side of the Digidestined, then everyone was surprised when the boy took out a digivice, and activate his digi-aura to digivolve Falcomon X into Peckmon X, the group were amazed by the amazing speed he gotten that retaliated by digivolving their digimon to their Champion Forms and fought back, but their fighting was stopped by Cherrymon, Guardian of the Forest Village, to get them to stop so they wouldn't hurt the Nyokimons he was protecting. But things gone from bad to worst when Volcdoramon came, controlled by the evil Devas Sandiramon and Caturamon, the group decided to protect Cherrymon and the Nyokimons, which surprised Cherrymon seeing humans protecting digimons, but the sheer power of Volcdoramon were too much for them. But Kira told them to never give up as they have "twos trick up their sleeves", Kira and Ichigo activated the full power of their digi-aura, causing their two digimons to digivolve to the Ultimate Level, and beaten Volcdoramon and the two devas, turning back into digi-eggs. After seeing that demonstration of immense power, Arukenimon and Mummymon retreated, as well as Peckmon and Musha. Cherrymon and the village's digimons thanked their heroes from saving them, and the group asked which way to Merukimon's hideout, and were told that it is in the Infinite Ice Ridge, and the group headed there, hoping to stop Merukimon and to find a way home. 
15 "The Valley of Fear! MachGaogamon X and Rapidmon X vs. the Trio of Darkness!"
The group continues their journey to the Infinite Ice Ridge, but they come across a valley with buildings standing on it's walls. The group decided to go through the valley so that it might take less time to get to their destination faster. But they were ambushed by a bunch of Dokugumons, and got capture, and seperate them from their digimon partners. And things weren't bad enough, a digimon named MetalPhantomon, hypnotized the group into falling asleep and tries to suck out their life energy from them, and things get worst when he was in an alliance with the Devas Vajramon and Indramon. MetalPhantomon made the group think of their worst fears and memories. The ones who are taking the worst times are Mason and Suzaku, Mason experience the memory of losing his mother from an accident, while Suzaku experiencing his memory of saving Terriermon X's egg from Makuramon who kidnapped his little sister to the Digital World. Mason tries to stop his mother from going to the Summer Festival that caused her accident, and Suzaku tries to rescue his little sister from being kidnapped, but these events already happened the two boys couldn't stop it. The boys manage to broke free of the spell, and they couldn't forgive MetalPhantomon and the two devas for putting them through those memories, and activated a new powerful digi-aura, causing Gaomon X to digivolve to MachGaogamon X and Terriermon X to digivolve to Rapidmon X, and free the others in captivity. The Dokugumons tries to capture the group again, but fails. The group digivolves their digimon to the Champion Level to fight the Dokugumon. Meanwhile, MachGaogamon defeated Vajramon, and Rapidmon defeated Indramon, MetalPhantomon panicked and kept randomly attacking, even though he took out his own forces. Mason and Suzaku asked their respective digimon partners to finish off MetalPhantomon, and they did. The group manages to get out of the valley, and Mason decided to go, as they wasted enough time already, but then Karen suddenly collapses. 
16 "Life-threatening situation, Kari's fear, return to the Dark Ocean! The master of darkness Dragomon strikes, can Falcomon X be trusted!"
Picking things up from the last episode, Karen suddenly collapses and was exhausted. The group decided to take her to the nearest shelter to recuperate, but things get worst when Musha and Falcomon X returns attacks, he was about to attack the weak-bodied Karen, when suddenly he suddenly weaken when Karen touched him, Falcomon X blames the group for giving the "virus" to Musha, and escapes. Mason finally realized that Karen got infected with a virus from the Digital World, the group panicked and hope there was a way to cure Karen. Falcomon X returns and tell them to cure both Karen and Musha, is to go to a place called Coast Peak, where the area is absorbed by the Dark Ocean. Kari frozed by the mention of the location, the others asked why they need to go there, Falcomon X explained that the place has the "vaccine" they need to cure the virus, the group had no choice because of Karen's condition, and decided to go there. Miko, Lalamon X, and Renamon X decided to stay behind, while the rest go to the Coast Peak for the vaccine, the others asked Falcomon X why he didn't want to go there alone, he explained that the Dark Ocean is ruled by an evil digimon, and that before the Dark Ocean absorbed Coast Peak, it was contaminated because humans once lived there 10 years earlier, the group asked if the group were Dr. Kasai's, but Falcomon X said he didn't met them, maybe his friend Frigimon did, the Kira asked why didn't he asked her, Falcomon X said it was impossible and that Frigimon was no longer with them, Mason asked and thought digimon don't die and that their data convert them into digi-eggs, Falcomon X says what he said is the reason on why he hate humans so much. When they finally arrived in the Dark Ocean, the group got a weird feeling of the place and was surprised by the up-side down mansion on Coast Peak and decide to go in to look for the vaccine, the group found an old computer in one of the rooms, which was living proof that humans lived here once. Ichigo, Mason, Suzaku, and their respective digimon partners decided to stay to get more information of the mission 10 years ago from the computer, while the rest decide to look for the vaccine, they found it in the kitchen, and decided to go back, when suddenly they were attacked by the Dark Ocean's ruler Dragomon and the Devas Pajiramon and Sinduramon. Dragomon came to take Kari as his queen and tried to reach for her, but T.K. pushed her away and got taken instead, T.K. digivolves Patamon to Angemon, then digivolves him again to MagnaAngemon, Kari responded by digivolving Gatomon to Angewomon, Davis and Ken digivolves their digimon to their Champion Forms, then DNA digivolves them to Paildramon, Yolei and Cody armor digivolves their digimons to Halsemon and Digmon, Ryu activated his digi-aura to digivolve Monodramon X to Strikedramon X, and they began to battle Dragomon, Dragomon attacks, the attack also destroyed the computer, leaving the three boys with nothing. Meanwhile, Dragomon finally captured Kari, Kira told Falcomon X to leave, so he can give the antidote to Karen and Musha, Falcomon X why would they trusts him so much, and says that he might give the antidote solely to Musha and letting Karen suffer, Kira responded that Falcomon X kept his word and that he had other chances to betrayed them if he wanted, and says only coward betrays their friends, and that Falcomon X is no coward. Kira was then captured by Dragomon, Agumon X tries to help, but fails, Kira told Falcomon X to go right away, Falcomon X responded and went, Dragomon was about to get Falcomon X, but Gaomon X appears and attack, saving Falcomon X. Mason explained that Dragomon attack destroyed the computer, Ichigo, Suzaku, and Mason activated their digi-aura and digivolved their digimon partners to their Ultimate Level, the younger digidestineds were surprised by seeing Rookie Levels digivolving to Ultimate Levels. WarGrowlmon X and Rapidmon X fires at the two Devas, turning them back into digi-eggs, this created a distraction for MachGaogamon X to attack Dragomon, and got him outside the mansion. Kira, Kari, T.K., and Agumon X were falling, but MagnaAngemon caught T.K., Angewomon caught Kari, and MachGaogamon X caught Kira and Agumon X, just in time, but things get more worst when Dragomon survives and grew more bigger and goes after the three Ultimate Level digimons, Kira decided to retaliate and punch Dragomon on the head, which activated his digi-aura and digivolves Agumon X to RizeGreymon X, Dragomon attacked but RizeGreymon X's defences were too powerful, and he used his Trident Revolver to destroy Dragomon, and turn him back into a digi-egg. When Dragomon was destroyed, the Dark Ocean disappeared, and Coast Peak and other areas it absorbs were part of the Digital World again. The group returns to the shelter where Karen and Musha were resting, and Lalamon X said that Karen was feeling better, everyone was relived, and Mason asked where Musha and Falcomon X were, Lalamon X said they left and when Falcomon X returned he gave Karen the vaccine first, the group agrees that Falcomon X was trustworthy, this time around. Meanwhile, a recovered Musha and Falcomon X were going, and Falcomon X said the humans helped them making him better from the virus, but Musha still won't forgive humans for why they did to make his "mother" go away forever. 
17 "Weak no more! Lilamon X and Taomon X, team up!"
The group decided to rest after their little adventure last episode, the reason is to replenish their strength, the other is for Karen to recover from her illness. Karen recovered and says sorry to Lalmon X for being so weak, Miko heard her and said to herself that it wasn't Karen's fault, but herself for what happens, for not protecting Karen and the others. The group finally made it to the Infinite Ice Ridge, but they were attacked by Musha and Falcomon X, and one of Merukimon's follower, Gotsumon attacks with the Devas Vikaralamon and Kumbhiramon, causing the group to be seperated. Kira, Ichigo, Agumon X, Guilmon X, and Gaomon X are on the top of the cliff dealing with Musha. Suzaku, Ryu, Terriermon X, Monodramon X, and the younger Digidestineds are on one side of an ice valley, and Suzaku was happy to see his younger sister Shizuka alive, but not so happy to see Makuramon who is trying to get her, but also happy to see that one of the devas Antylamon is protecting his little sister. Suzaku confronted Makuramon for revenge for taking his little sister, Makuramon explained that Terriermon's digi-egg was meant as a sacrifice, and took Shizuka as a replacement, but Antylamon of the devas betrayed them, and decide to hide Shizuka from the devas. Suzaku was so angry that he activate his digi-aura to digivolve Terriermon X to Rapidmon X, and fight Makuramon, but he escaped and Suzaku promised to hunt him down for what he did, the Digidestined were surprised by the change of Suzaku's personality, Antylamon de-digivolves back to Lopmon, and helps them on their journey. Meanwhile, in another part of the valley, Mason, Karen, Miko, Lalamon X, and Renamon X, are being attacked by Gotsumon and the two Devas, Karen decided what's the difference since the male DART agents like Kira, Ichigo, Mason, and even Suzaku always finishes the fight against strong opponents, since she always sit back in the sidelines, Miko said that she wants to and tries protect everyone, but she doesn't have the power to do it, and pities herself. Mason said to the both of them that wasn't true, and that they're equal parts in during their fights. Meanwhile, the group at the top were attacked by Musha again, Kira and Ichigo with their respective digimon partners hold off Musha and Falcomon X, while Gaomon X goes down to find the others, and Kira told Musha that he is a human, and Musha doubt Kira's story, but on the inside thought about it, and fled. Karen was still thinking that she is weak, when Lalamon X protected her, she remembers how she met her, and it gave her the courage to do it, seeing Karen brave face, put Miko in a most cheery mood, that she understand that she will protect no matter and no longer pities herself. The two courageous strong hearts of the girls activated a new strong digi-auras, causing Karen to digivolve Lalamon X to Lilamon X, and causing Miko to digivolve Renamon X to Taomon X, they were able to beat the two Devas, the rest of the team reunites and saw how Karen and Miko were able to make their digimon digivolve to the Ultimate Level and beaten the Devas, and praised them for it. Soon after, the group decide to find a way to Merukimon, when they surprisingly meet the mysterious old man who gave Kira the digivice fishing in a frozen pond. 
18 "Trinity power times two times two! Showdown with Merukimon"
Picking things up from the last episode, the group met with the old man who gave Kira his digivice, the group were amazed on how Kira knew the man and that the man gave Kira the digivice in the first place, and was surprised by the old man's knowledge of Merukimon's location, Ichigo and Mason suspects that the old man is somehow connected to DART. The group followed the old man and they made it to Merukimon's hideout, but they were ambushed by Musha and Falcomon X, the old man was able to recognize the boy, and tries to convince him that he's not a digimon. Gotsumon came and he tries to bury everyone, even Musha and Falcomon X, the cave-in seperated the group. Ryu, Shizuka, and the younger Digidestineds were reunited with Makuramon, Ryu activated his digi-aura to digivolve Monodramon X to Strikedramon X, because of his fast speed, Strikedramon X was able to defeat Makuramon. Meanwhile, Ichigo, Mason, Suzaku, Karen, and Miko woke up from the cave-in and happen to see the old man is Gotsumon's hostage, and told the DART agents to drop their digivices, the old man tries to get Merukimon to see them, Gotsumon says Merukimon doesn't have time to deal with these small fries, but Merukimon accept the old man's request. Meanwhile, Kira is trying to keep Musha from falling, Musha said he doesn't want to be saved by a human, but Kira ignored him and tries to pull him up, and was successful and left Musha and Falcomon X to recover, later Falcomon X asked Musha if these humans aren't like the ones who took Frigimon from them, Musha thought about and decided that all "humans" are bad. Meanwhile the old man and the DART agents met up with Merukimon, and try to convince him that they wanted peace for both worlds, but he refused to believe it, after an event of how some humans destroyed hundreds of digimon, preventing them from becoming digi-eggs. Meanwhile, Musha attacks Kira again, and says that humans destroyed his "mother", Kira explained that digimon don't they, and their data turns them back into digi-eggs, Musha said that didn't happen to his "mother", and that she disappeared and never coming back again. Meanwhile, Ryu, Shizuka, and the younger Digidestineds made it to Merukimon's throne room with Strikedramon X, Paildramon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon behind them, preparing themselves for battle, just as about Merukimon rose up and begins to destroy them. Kira arrived in the nick of time, and punched Merukimon, activating his digi-aura, Merukimon was able to recognized the digi-aura, Kira introduced himself as "the great Kira Kasai", and when he heard the name "Kasai", he asked if it's possible if Kira is Zero Kasai's son, Kira was shocked of Merukimon saying his father's name and that he might even knew him, Merukimon was about to destroyed them all. Kira handed the other DART agents their digivices he found earlier, and all of them digivolves their digimons to the Ultimate Level. Musha and Falcomon X arrives, and seeing them shocked Gotsumon, Merukimon told his followers to stay back as he was about to begin his battle, the DART and Digidestineds digimons attacks one at a time, but that didn't work and they haven't put a scratch on Merukimon, then Kira got an idea of combining their attacks, even Mason agreed to it, they combined their strongest attacks and were able to weaken Merukimon and opened the Digital Gate that was hidden in his fortress, but Merukimon retailate and his attack causes the groups digimons to de-digivolve. He was too strong for them, then the old man steps in and let out his digimon partner Kamemon, which surprised everyone to see that the digimon knows how to fight, the old man activate his digi-aura and digivolves Kamemon to Gwappamon, and tell the group to take the unconscious Musha and retreat back to the human world through the digital gate, they listen and the group retreated taking Musha and Falcomon X back with them to the human world just as Merukimon attacked again. They arrived back in the human world, in the water front as they were about to be picked up by a helicopter with commander Hijikata inside. 
19 "Return to human world! Musha's past revealed!"
The group had to undertake a physical checkup with DART doctors after their return from the Digital World, however Kira and Musha weren't very cooperate. Kira wanted to help the old man who was still stuck in the Digital World fighting Merukimon, but the commander stopped him and says the "commander general" can take care of himself, Mason pointed out that the commander must be talking about the "older gentleman" who stayed behind as he appeared with the other DART agents after their checkups, the commander explained that the old man is commander general Nobunaga Kondo, the highest ranking member of DART. Kira was surprised by the news, and asked the others if they knew when they were so calm, they had their suspicions when that he was connected with DART at some point because he had a digivice and Kamemon with him, but the knowledge of him being the commander general is the one thing they didn't know back then. The commander forbidden the DART agents to go back to the Digital World until their physical check ups are finished. Later, Dr. Genbu Takame came to DART, to reunites with his young daughter after so long, the older Digidestineds came to see the younger Digidestineds are alright, Dr. Takenouchi and Shuu came to talk with commander Hijikata about something, the DART agents gave out their reports on their mission, and while everyone reunites after their journey, Kira and Musha tries to get back to the Digital World, the four computer operators tries to stop them, but the two boys and their digimon partners ended up destroying the Digi-Port, leaving everyone speechless, Mason tries to fix it and he says because of Kira's tampering, it might take two weeks to fix it, leaving Kira embarrassed and irritated. The commander thought the incident might be best so none of his agents can sneak into the Digital World behind his back, and begins his story on disappearances cases 10 years ago, and that the people who disappeared literally have gone to another world, the Digital World, a special government task force included former police detectives: Nobunaga Kondou and Masamune Hijikata, including civilians: Dr. Zero Kasai a university researcher, Zero's assistant Takasugi, Dr. Genbu Takame a fellow university researcher, Yukimura Okita a young 18-year-old university student intern, and the Karasus a couple who once work with NASA. Their expedition to the Digital World faces problems after problems: The digimons attacked them, their supplies are low, Dr. Kasai went missing, and the Karasus moaning. Commander Hijikata explained that the Karasus were Mushas parents, and he order Kira, Suzaku, Karen, and Miko to escort Musha to the Karasus so he could meet them. The next day, Musha denied having a human for a mother, Kira tries to convince him to see them, he manages to get Musha in the car. Miko drove the car with Musha and Falcomon X to be escorted while Karen sit in the front seat, Kira and Suzaku escort the car in motorcycles. Meanwhile, Tai, Matt, and their younger siblings decided to go camping with Matt's and T.K.'s father to relax, but Gotsumon appeared in the human world with three Okuwamons with him, Tai and Matt activated their digi-auras to digivolve Agumon and Gabumon to Greymon X and Garurumon X, but they were no match for the Okuwamon, then the two tried again and activated their digi-aura the same way Kira did before, and digivolves their digimons to MetalGreymon X and WereGarurumon X, but the two weren't enough to fight the three Ultimate Levels. DART arrives and took action as Suzaku, Karen, and Miko activated their digi-aura to digivolve their digimons to Ultimate Level, Lilamon X carried Kira up to get him to punch one of the Okuwamon, he did and it activate his digi-aura to digivolve Agumon to GeoGreymon X, Kira told GeoGreymon X to hold the Okuwamon and punches it again, activating his digi-aura digivolving GeoGreymon X to RizeGreymon X. The four easily defeated the Okuwamon with ease, Gotsumon decide to attack Musha, but Falcomon stops him on what's he doing, and Gotsumon says that Musha betrayed the entire Digital World for being with these humans, and attacks Musha, but Kira saved him. Gotsumon decided to retreat, and Falcomon X tries to convince him to take them with him, but Gotsumon refused, saying that the problems started because of Musha and that he is a human, Musha was shocked by this fact, and Gotsumon says it was the truth, Musha is a human. The group finally made it to the Karasus house in the mountains. 
20 "Musha's family reunion!"
The group finally made it the Karasus house, but when Musha saw how happy his human mother is with another baby, he left with Falcomon X. The group chased after him, but he was too fast. The group continuses chasing after Musha, while Kira is asked by a man if he was from DART, Kira says yes, and the man introduces himself as Itsuki Karasu, Musha's father, Kira explained that Musha was raised by digimon and thinks he is one, professor Karasu was relived, and then asked them to leave, Kira was surprised by professor Karasu's answer. Professor Karasu explained that during their experimental tests with the Digital Gate, Musha was sucked into the Digital World, and hope joining the expedition will find his son, but they gave up hope when they found his belongings. He also explained that his wife have gone through a breakdown and won't even socialize with anyone else in her life, but with the birth of her daughter causes her to heal, and asked Kira to leave, Kira was mad and says that professor Karasu should become a better father for his son and left. professor Karasu reflected on Kira's words, when suddenly the experimental Digital Gate opens, Mrs. Karasu came in on why the Digital Gate opened, and she thought that Musha found a way home, but instead the gate let out Hagurumon X, and took over the house, professor Karasu and his daughter got out, but Mrs. Karasu was still trapped inside. The DART group got the digimon signal and headed back to the house, Musha and Falcomon x heard something was wrong and came to see it, professor Karasu appeared and told the group that Hagurumon X is controlling the house and has Mrs. Karasu in it, Hagurumon X was acting strange, Kira contacted Mason, and Mason told him to remember his theory on human emotions effect on digimon, Kira was able to put it together and that Hagurumon X was acting on Musha's emotions for his mother's whereabouts, Kira promised to bring his mother back. Kira punched the house Hagurumon X was controlling activating his digi-aura causing Agumon X to digivolve to RizeGreymon X, trying to keep Hagurumon X busy while Musha saves his mother from the digimon. After Musha saves Mrs. Karasu, RizeGreymon X finishes off Hagurumon X, Mrs. Karasu was very happy when she reunited with Musha, but the reunion was cut off, when director Iesayu and his men came and arrested the Karasus for treason, opening a Digital Gate and letting loose a digimon, and illegal experiments with the digimon, which the charge professor Karasu denies. Musha steps in to save his parents, and Director Iesayu orders his men to arrest Musha, which lead to a manhunt to the woods. Meanwhile back in the Digital World, Gotsumon convince Merukimon that Musha and Falcomon X turned traitor and fought with the humans, Merukimon's friend and ally SaberLeomon came in after hearing Merukimon's problem with the humans. 
21 "Digidestineds unite! Find Musha and stop Digimon Army invading real world!"
SaberLeomon tells Merukimon to deal with the problems with the humans, permanently, but Merukimon refused in escalating this war any further, after SaberLeomon's meeting, Gotsumon follow Saberleomon in agreeing with his methods, and SaberLeomon agreed to make Gotsumon lead the attack on the human world. Meanwhile back in the human world, Iesayu mens are still on a manhunt for Musha, but the DART agents saved the boy, and bring him back to DART HQ, after seeing he's causing everyone trouble, Musha disappeared and the DART agents went searching for him everywhere. Meanwhile, the Digidestineds are having fun in one of Matt's concert, when suddenly an explosion happens outside the concert hall, then they saw an army of Pteramons and Boarmons rampaging through the city lead by Gotsumon. The DART agents got the signal and decided to find Musha later when a full-scaled digimon invasion siege the city. The Digidestineds and their digimon partners in their Armor and Ultimate level were holding them off, and were losing their energy, when suddenly the DART agents came with their digimons in Ultimate Level. The commander took out his digivice to decide to join them, but director Iesayu came in to see the process of the DART agents doing. Meanwhile, back in the battle, the DART and Digidestineds kept holding out against the digimon army, but the Pteramons attacked the humans grouped together, when suddenly they were saved by the PawnChessmons, the DART computer operators decided to join in, the girls activated their digi-auras to digivolve their PawnChessmons to KnightChessmons, the boys did the same and digivolve their Dracomons to Coredramons, Ryu appears and showing his true power, digivolves Monodramon X to Cyberdramon X, Gotsumon decided to call a ceasefire. Gotsumon demanded that all equipment that connects the Digital World to the human world to be destroyed, and they must hand over Musha, the group were about to denied the conditions, but director Iesayu ordered them to accept them and continue their search for Musha and hand him over to Gotsumon. Musha decided to give up and hand himself in, but the group told him not to, but Gotsumon charged in almost taking Musha, but Falcomon X came and protected Musha saying it doesn't matter if Musha is a human or a digimon, because he is his best friend, Musha treasured those words and activate his digi-aura to digivolve Falcomon X to Peckmon X, Gotsumon took their answer as a "no", and bean attacking again. Meanwhile, a mysterious man watched the battle and decided that it was long enough, and pressed a button, resulting of a huge Digital Gate opening in the sky, and sucking the Gotsumon and his digimon army back to the Digital World
22 "SaberLeomon Rage! The appearance of the mysterious Digimon! Will Musha fit in!"
Musha and Falcomon X are in the DART headquarters holding facility for some isolation. Meanwhile, DART agents and the Digidestineds must figure out how a huge Digital Gate opened up outside of DART HQ, and who have the resources to do it, The gang have more bad news when Musha isn't eating anything. A man speaks up on the problems of DART, and nobody even saw him entered, the group asked who is he, then he started talking with Agumon X, and how he's the first-rate specimen to be born in DART HQ, and how he can digivolve up to Ultimate Level, the commander identify the man as "Takasugi", the group asked the commander that if they know each other. The director says they do when he came in, and said because of Takasugi opening up the Digital Gate, he was able to save their lives, the director was also surprise that Kira was Zero Kasai's son because Takasugi told him so, he also explain that Takasugi was Dr. Kasai's assistant and took part in the Digital World expedition. Takasugi came to DART to do some research on Musha and Falcomon X, to see a human boy raised by digimon was so rare and exciting, but Kira denied it saying Musha is a human being. Musha and Falcomon X was about to escape, when they were being restrain by DART staff, but Kira was able to convince everyone by letting Musha stay with him, everybody agreed to it. When Kira and Ichigo came home, Asuka was surprised by their guest, the boys introduce Asuka to him, when Asuka saw a cardboard box and thought Agumon X or Guilmon X was in it, she was surprised that it was Falcomon X, and remembers the digi-egg incident, but ignored it and tell Musha and Falcomon X to take a bath. Kira, Ichigo, and their respective digimon partners introduce their whole family to Musha and Falcomon X(who they already met), they have some fun the whole time the two stayed. The next day, Musha remembers Frigimon when he looked at Shiori, and tries to run away, Kira stopped him and asked what is wrong, and Musha explain that he doesn't belong anywhere, Kira convince him that looking for the place you belong is tough at first but you'll know when he finds it, then Kira's got a message from the other DART agents saying SaberLeomon is causing mayhem and destruction at the oil refinery. Kira and Ichigo heads there right now, meanwhile the DART agents are holding their own against the Mega Level digimon, SaberLeomon says they're weak and that is this the best the humans come up with, WarGrowlmon X shows up and attacks using his "Atomic Megalo Blaster" attack, using that as a distraction, Kira punches SaberLeomon and activate his digi-aura, causing Agumon X to digivolve to RizeGreymon X, but that wasn't enough to stop SaberLeomon. Musha appeared and tries to tell SaberLeomon to leave, but SaberLeomon says what does Musha knows about being a digimon when he is in fact a human. Then suddenly a unknown mysterious digimon appears, fires a ray on SaberLeomon and did something to him, which gave Kira an opportunity to defeat SaberLeomon, and he told Musha to never give up in a fight and never surrender, he was able to break one of SaberLeomon's fangs and order RizeGreymon X to finish it, turning him back into a digi-egg. Kira inspires Musha to be true to himself, then suddenly SaberLeomon's digi-egg suddenly disappeared, which shocked everyone, Kira was asking what was going on. Takasugi suddenly appears and said if it hadn't been for that mysterious digimon, they would have been finished and then asked them what it's name is, the agents had no idea on it because it wasn't on the database, Mason got suspicious of Takasugi's motives. Later, back at Kira's house, Musha wondered if Kira liked having him here, and Kira answered of course. 
23 "Negotiations start, Digidestined and DART team up!"
Musha started to wonder why he a human being raised by digimon should do right now, after listening to SaberLeomon's words. Meanwhile the DART agents are still wondering what digimon was it that destroyed SaberLeomon on their last battle, suddenly Takasugi and some soldiers came in, and Takasugi commented on how they were able to finish fixing the Digital Port, which leave Kira and Agumon x annoyed because they didn't know it was fixed up. Things got into more of a surprise when they are order to escort Takasugi and soldiers to negotiate a peace treaty, director Iesayu is getting more irritated by DART because of the recent events and that the news of SaberLeomon attack is public, so he send Takasugi as a negotiator with Merukimon. But Mason asked them to wait a day, saying that there were a few finishing touches with the Digital Port, and Takasugi and his men left. After Takasugi's departure, Mason then whispered to the commander on what Takasugi's intentions to going to the Digital World, the commander says he has his suspicions and unable to confirm it. Kira and Ichigo told their family and Musha that they are both heading back to the Digital World, Musha told them to not go because of Merukimon hatred of humans, but the two won't change their minds about it. The next day, the DART agents and the Digidestineds head to the Digital World, most notably the Infinite Ice Ridge, to help professor Takasugi to negotiate with Merukimon, but Gotsumon appears and order Butenmon to attack them, Kira goes off head strong as usual, but he and Agumon X flies off when Butenmon swings his sword. Mason activate his digi-aura to digivolve Gaomon X to MachGaogamon X to fight Butenmon, but he wasn't good enough against him, the rest of the DART agents (except Kira who was still lying in the ground) and the Digidestineds digivolves their digimons to Ultimate Level, and they were able to defeat him. Gotsumon irritated, show his true power by digivolving into Meteormon, he easily weaken the group digimons, without breaking a sweat, Kira was able to surprise him and punches him, activating his digi-aura to digivolve Agumon X to RizeGreymon X, but Meteormon was too fast, Kira then conclude if Meteormon was moving fast at high speed, then he must be close when he attacks, RizeGreymon X was able to grab him when Meteormon attacked, the group were surprised by Kira being right, Lilamon X used her Un Deux Pollen to paralyze Meteormon, and MachGaogamon X was able to hit him with his Winning Knuckle, they thought they defeated him, but he was able withstand that and he begins to attack with his Cosmo Flash attack, but RizeGreymon X quickly attacks with his Rising Destroyer attack and defeating Meteormon. Back in the human world, Musha asked the commander to send him and Falcomon X to the Digital World. The group made it to Merukimon throne, and he says he was waiting for them to get here, Kira and Merukimon was about to face off, when Musha appears and tell them to stop. 
24 "Myotismon returns! Digital World past revealed, The evil of Junaku Takasugi!"
Musha stops Kira and Merukimon's before they fight, and Merukimon told the story on how Musha came to the Digital World. Merukimon identifies Takasugi as the human who caused the massacare of many digimons, with the help of his creation the Gizumons. They both told their sides of their storys. In the end Takasugi's goal is ruling both the human and the Digital World, and with the help of Myotismon, who the Digidestineds were surprised to see, Takasugi could be able to do it. Kira was furiously mad and begins to fight Takasugi and his man-made digimon that appears. 
25 "Digidestineds team up against Gizumon! The appearance of Crowmon X!"
Takasugi revealed his creation, an artificial digimon named Gizumon AT, Kira punches it and activated his digi-aura to digivolve Agumon X to RizeGreymon X, but his power wasn't enough to defeat him, the rest follows and digivolves their digimons to Ultimate Level, but still couldn't win against it, Takasugi says because Gizumon was made from remains of captured digimons, which shocked everyone. Without realizing, Myotismon minions captures the Digidestineds, leaving the DART agents to fight alone. Takasugi tries to persuade the DART agents to join his side, but they refused. Takasugi pseudo-digivolves Gizumon AT to Gizumon XT to finish them off. Merukimon told Musha not to hate all humans, but only those who are truly evil to the heart. Merukimon sacrifices himself to save the DART agents, and tells him of Zero's desire for digimon and humans to co-exist, as he said his last words, as he become permanently deleted by Gizumon XT's laser beam. Takasugi laughs at Merukimon's final words of human and digimon co-existing, Musha was angry, and activating a new digi-aura causing him to digivolve Falcomon X to Crowmon X, and they were able to defeat Gizumon XT, Takasugi and his men escape through a Digital Gate he created. After the battle, Musha pays his respect to Merukimon as he and the DART agents were about to leave. Meanwhile, Takasugi and Myotismon are plotting their next moves against the DART agents. 
26 "DARTS disbanded and forgotten! Please remember, guys!"
The DART agents finally made it back to the human world, only to find that Takasugi lied to the government about DART being a traitorous organization, and the National Security Council arresting them, and erasing the memories of Kira, Ichigo, Mason, Suzaku, Karen, and Miko. A month later Kira takes a jog up to a bench that is near DART headquarters to rest, and he it seems he doesn't even remember anything about the digimons. Meanwhile, the DART digimons are locked up, and Kudamon explained that he has his suspicions on Takasugi due to his recent actions, Falcomon X doesn't know what's going on with humanity, Kudamon explain the purpose of the DART organization on how it deal with the invading digimon problems. Meanwhile, the memoryless members of DART lived their normal lives, when during class, Kira saw the destroyed building being rebuilt by the digimon invasion a while back, he suddenly gets a headache filled with the memories of the event, Kira just brushes it off, Ichigo was having lunch in his school rooftop, when he saw the wrecked buildings also, and got the same headaches that Kira gotten, Suzaku wonders where his father and little sister are when he was helping his mother with things, when he suddenly saw a news report regarding the digimon invasion, which gave him a headache, Karen was hanging out with her friends, when she also saw the news report regarding the invasion, which gave her a headache, Miko was busy with her family's shrine, when she saw the destroyed buildings, she also gotten a headache, Mason got the headache too, when he was watching the news report on his computer, his butler gave him two cups of tea, and Mason wondered why. The digimons decided to break out, so that they wouldn't become one of Takasugi's puppets, Impmon appears and decide to help the captured digimons, by causing a fire, which cause the staff to go to their containment cage, where Lalamon X causes them to fall asleep, and they escape. Agumon X, Guilmon X, Gaomon X, Terriermon X, Lalamon X, and Renamon X head out to find their human partners, while Falcomon X, Monodramon X, Kudamon, the PawnChessmons, and the Dracomons went to the holding cells to free their partners, they were able to find Musha, Ryu, and the four DART computer operators, but the commander was taken into custody to a different facility a while ago. Musha tries to find Takasugi, while Ryu follows after him, Musha finally finds Takasugi, as well as three unknown digimons behind him, Musha activated his digi-aura to digivolve Falcomon X to Crowmon X, Ryu finally catches up and seeing Musha is about to engage in battle with the three unknown digimons, he also activated his digi-aura, to digivolve Monodramon X to Cyberdramon X. The two began to fight, but they were quickly defeated in battle, the four computer operators came in, and saw the mysterious digimons in the shadows, and decided it would be best for the group if they retreat for now. Meanwhile, the other digimons went to find their partners, and convince them to remember, Agumon X was having problem with Kira, and Kira says he doesn't want to see Agumon X again, but Agumon X took drastic measures and punches Kira, and through that punch Kira was able to remember everything from the day he met Agumon X, Agumon X saw how he punched Kira really hard and apologizes to him, when Kira answered he say "Agumon", and Agumon X was happy and asked if Kira remembers, Kira smiled meaning that he did, Agumon X hugged Kira, and Kira tells Agumon X to stop hugging him because it's ticklish. Takasugi saw that Kira remembered Agumon through the Gizumon AT he has on surveillance, and orders it to attack them, but the attack fails when Ichigo, Mason, Suzaku, Karen, and Miko came along with their digimons in their Ultimate Level and knocked it away, Takasugi was surprised when he saw that the rest of them have beaten the Gizumons he sent. The Gizumon AT attacked again, but Kira retaliated with a punch, activating his digi-aura and digivolving Agumon X to RizeGreymon X, and they all were able to defeat it. After their battle, the six of them and their digimon partners head to DART headquarters, only to see Musha, Ryu, the four DART operators and their digimon partners running away from DART HQ, and then see it exploded. 
27 "Return to Digital World! Crisis is imminent!"
Picking things up from the last episode, DART HQ was blown up, the group watches Takasugi coming out of the wreckage of the headquarters, Kira charges at Takasugi for destroying DART HQ, but Takasugi was rescued by a Gizumon XT and escapes through a Digital Gate, which frustrated Kira. The group decided to hide out in Kira's house to think of a way to go back to the Digital World to stop Takasugi, the commander appears (seemed to have broken out) and told them that they need to rely on one man to help them. Kira, Mason, and Karen sneaks into a hotel where men from the National Security Council are guarding the room of the one they need to get help from, they manage to use Lalamon X to put them to sleep, they break in the room, and the man they needed help from was revealed to be Itsuki Karasu, to which was the only Kira who didn't know he was rescuing. The gang manages to help professor Karasu and his family to escape, and they promise to let them see Musha if they help them. When escaping they faces some trouble when they are being chased by cars belonging to the government, but their persuaders were slowed down and the group didn't know what did it, from the shadows it is revealed the commander helped them when Kudamon de-digivolves from his Champion Form Reppamon, not even noticing, the commander was being watched by two mysterious figures. When the group arrive in an Amusement Park where Musha is, they tries desperately to persuade professor Karasu to help them to open a Digital Gate from the equipment in his lab back in his house, but Musha persuades his parents to do it, and they did. Meanwhile, the commander drives to the lab right away, where he was confronted by the two mysterious figures who was watching him earlier, the pair manages to slow down the commander. Meanwhile, back at the lab, the group were having trouble opening the Digital Gate, and things weren't bad enough the National Security Council were on to them, and the two figures arrives (a muscular man and a girl), The four operators confronted them with their PawnChessmons and Dracomons. Meanwhile, the professor manages to open the Digital Gate, Kira, Ichigo, Mason, Suzaku, Karen, Miko, Ryu, and their digimon partners headed in first, Musha stayed a little to say goodbye to his parents, and saying he was happy for meeting them and left with Falcomon X. The two figures overpowered the four digimons, and broke into the laboratory and went through the Digital Gate, and disorted the Digital Gate, the commander arrives just in time, but the professor tries to stop him from entering the unstable Digital Gate. Meanwhile in the Digital Gate, the group were confronted by a young man named "Raito" and the group were surprised for him being here, and then his two friends "Mizuki" and "Adam" arrives. Raito begins to attack with a punch and Kira responded with a punch back, when their punches collided, Kira's digi-aura activated which surprise everyone because Raito was human. But Raito reveals that he and his friends are Bio-hybrids (human-digimon hybrids created by Takasugi), as he bio-digivolves to BioSkullGreymon, Mizuki bio-digivolves to BioSkullScorpiomon, and Adam bio-digivolves to BioSkullMeramon. Kira digivolves Agumon X to RizeGreymon X, the rest (except for Musha and Ryu) digivolves their digimons to Ultimate Level, they fought hard, but were no match for the Bio-hybrids, the bio-hybrids attacked and de-digivolves their digimons, leaving the group helpless against them. The Bio-hybrids were about to attack, but the commander interferes and order the group to head to the Digital World while he deals with the three Bio-hybrids, the commander activate his digi-aura to digivolves Kudamon to Chirinmon, and Chirinmon's power and speed manages to harm the three hybrid digimons, which surprised them, the Bio-hybrids retaliated, and Chirinmon did the same, which caused a huge explosion, as the DART agents watched in horror what happened to the commander. The group made it to the Digital World, and watched as the Digital Gate closes trapping the commander in there, the group follows the commander's last orders to save the Digital World as they won't let his sacrifice be in vain. 
28 "Showdown, DART vs. Biohybrids! Meltdown, the Ultimate Power within!"
Still on their search for Takasugi, the group decided to go see Cherrymon, the group arrived in a destroyed digimon village, only to witness a Mushroomon being deleted by a Gizumon XT, Mason keen eye was able to see the Gizumon collecting the digital energy of the Mushroomon it destroyed. Musha was angry and activated his digi-aura to digivolve Falcomon X to Crowmon X, more Gizumon XT arrives, the rest (except for Kira) activated their digi-aura to digivolve their digimons to Ultimate Level, Kira was about to punch a Gizumon, but was unsuccessful, the digimons were easily beaten to, Mason pointed out that Takasugi may have upgraded the Gizumons to make them more stronger and faster. The Gizumons were about to finish the group off, but a mysterious digimon named BanchoLeomon appears, and Kira asked him for help, and BanchoLeomon helped them and defeated all the Gizumon XTs. Kira challenges BanchoLeomon to a fight, but was declined and gave Kira some advice about that Kira doesn't have power, and that power comes from the heart not the fist, and left. Musha decided to leave the group to search for more power, and promises to come back, Ryu left also, looking for information on Takasugi's whereabouts. The group continues on to Cherrymon's forest village, they arrived there only to see Cherrymon and the Nyokimons caring for injured digimons that were hurt by the Gizumons attacks. But things get worse when the Bio-hybrids returns, Kira asked what happen to commander Hijikata, they answer he's gone, then Raito had an idea to destroy all the injured digimon around. After hearing that Kira was mad and charged at him, Raito retaliated with a charge, too. The three Bio-hybrids bio-digivolves, and the six DART agents digivolves their digimons to their Ultimate Level, they fought their best, but was easily defeated, BioSkullGreymon was about to finish off RizeGreymon X, but the Nyokimons came to protect him, BioSkullGreymon was about to finish them all off, but Cherrymon interfered and protected them all. The Bio-hybrids decided to finish off Cherrymon, the DART agents were watched in horror for Cherrymon's sacrifice, angered the DART agents suddenly release some sort of power, allowing their digimons to beat the Bio-hybrids, but the price overloaded their digivices and damage them. The Bio-hybrids retreated through a Digital Gate, and the group decided to leave Cherrymon and the forest village, the gang has a new problem, their digivices are damaged beyond, their digimons can't digivolve without them, and that they might get attacked by Takasugi's forces. Kira came up for a solution, find Dr. Kasai and have him fix their digivices. 
29 "Digivices digivolve! The Ultimate Evolution, Super-Warp Digivolution"
The group decided to find Dr. Kasai, but finding him will be like a needle in a hay stack, but there were no choice in the matter, and decide to start searching in Coast Peak, since that was the only lead they have there. The group arrived in coast peak, only to be surprised by the up-side down mansion was replaced by a dojo. They crossed path with BanchoLeomon again, who was the one apparently running the dojo, and asked them that if they knew what a digi-aura is, but they don't, and BanchoLeomon told them that was the reason why their digivices broke, which surprised them that he knew, he told them to go inside his dojo so that they will know and told the digimons to wait outside because this is what their human partners to know on their own, and that they'll be stronger. BanchoLeomon told them that they must defeat his wooden figures in order to know the secret of the digi-aura, the gang refused and tried to leave, but the dojo had a forcefield around it, so they couldn't leave, and they must begin their training. The digimons were playing games to pass the time for their partners to finish their trainings, when the Bio-hybrids suddenly appears, and demanding where their human partners are. The group were still training when suddenly shocks from the outside were heard and everyone was wondering what is happening outside, then the attack took down one of the walls, and showed that the Bio-hybrids were responsible for it, and attacking the DART agents digimon partners, the group asked BanchoLeomon to take down his barrier, but he said only if they finish their training they would get out, the DART agents told their digimon partners to run away, but the DART digimons still continues to fight hoping their partners will come back and get stronger for them, the digimons attack but were knocked back down, and Kira desperately tries to find Agumon X, only to see that BioSkullGreymon demanded that Kira would come out or Agumon X is finished, Kira watched and was angry, which released the same power within him that he used to beat the Bio-hybrids last time, BanchoLeomon told him it wasn't enough, and tells him what he desires, and Kira desires to save Agumon X and all of his friends, and Kira was able to control his power, the group were amazed by Kira being able to control the digi-aura, and BanchoLeomon told them that digi-aura is human emotion, and that their digimons react to it, and the rest tries it and were successful, and BanchoLeomon told them to strike their digivices , but the group wondered why they must strike their digivices when they are broken, BanchoLeomon told them to do it, Kira tries and his digivice transformed, BanchoLeomon introduced it as the Digivice XD Burst and that their digivices taught themselves to digivolve, and that their digi-aura will work now, the rest tries it and their digivices digivolves, Kira goes deep into his heart and release his digi-aura to break the wooden figures and the barrier, Kira charged out and punches BioSkullGreymon. Kira head to Agumon X to see if he was alright, Agumon X was happy and knew he would come and won't let him down, Kira was happy to hear it, and told Agumon X to payback the Bio-hybrids for what they did. Kira digivolves Agumon X to ShineGreymon X, Ichigo digivolves Guilmon X to Gallantmon X, Mason digivolves Gaomon X to MirageGaogamon X, Suzaku digivolves Terriermon X to MegaGargomon X, Karen digivolves Lalamon X to Rosemon X, and Miko digivolves Renamon X to Sakuyamon X. The Bio-hybrids were surprised by the digimons newly digivolved Mega Level Forms, BioSkullGreymon attacks ShineGreymon X and Gallantmon X, but was blocked by Gallantmon X's "Aegis" and was thrown by ShineGreymon X, BioSkullMeramon attacks MirageGaogamon X and MegaGargomon X, but MirageGaogamon speed was so fast to take a hit and MegaGargomon defence was unpenetrable, and BioSkullMeramon was kicked by MirageGaogamon X, BioSkullScorpiomon decide to attack Rosemon X and Sakuyamon, but was strike down by them. The DART gang were amazed on how the digi-aura made their digimons so powerful than before, and they finished it off with ShineGreymon X's Glorious Burst, Gallantmon X's Final Elysion, MirageGaogamon X's Full Moon Blaster, MegaGargomon X's Mega Barrage, Rosemon X's Forbidden Temptation, and Sakuyamon X's Amethyst Wind, blowing the Bio-hybrids away. After their battle, the gang thanks BanchoLeomon for his training, and he return the favor by giving them the directions to Myotismon where the Digidestineds are being held captive, and left. Mason suspects that BanchoLeomon knew that the digivices were programmed to digivolve with their digi-aura, and wonder who BanchoLeomon is. 
30 "DART vs. the Digidestineds, Myotismon's sinister plan!"
Following BanchoLeomon's direction, the DART group embark on a rescue mission to save the Digidestineds from Myotismon's castle, but they ended up capture by a group of Bakemons and Soulmons. Meanwhile, Takasugi finds a way to improve the Bio-hybrids by replacing the current digimon data in their DNA of a higher level, and promising that they will be strong enough to beat Kira Kasai, the son of his hated enemy Zero Kasai. Back at Myotismon's castle, Myotismon leading scientist Datamon activated his mind-controlling chips in the Digidestineds and their digimons and shows Myotismon on how he can control them, and suggested that he'll use the Digidestineds to hunt the DART members for sport, Myotismon happily agreed to it. Myotismon orders the DART members to be released into the forest, the DART agents ran quickly. Kira and Agumon X was confronted by Tai and MetalGreymon X with Davis and Flamedramon, while Ichigo And Guilmon X was confronted by Izzy and MegaKabuterimon with Ken and Stingmon, Mason and Gaomon X were confronted by Matt and WereGarurumon X with T.K. and MagnaAngemon, Suzaku and Terriermon X are confronted by Joe and Zudomon with Cody with Digmon, Karen and Lalamon X was confronted by Sora and Garudamon with Kari and Angewomon, and Miko and Renamon X was confronted by Mimi and Lillymon with Yolei and Shurimon, the Digidestineds attacked the DART agents, leading the agents and their digimons to their demise as the DART members fall off a cliff. The Digidestineds returned to Myotismon and reported to him that they did the deed, then Gennai appears and activate a blinding light, which freed the Digidestineds from their controlled state. Myotismon was surprised by this, the Digidestineds regained consciousness and asks what happened. Myotismon broke the news that he controlled them and send the DART agents to their demise, the Digidestineds were heart-broken by this, and Myotismon laughed as he snapped his fingers and an army of his Ultimate Level digimons appeared, moving in to fight the Digidestineds. Kira suddenly appears and punches one of the evil digimons, Myotismon was surprised to see Kira alive, as well as the other DART agents and their digimons, Kira explained that it was all part of Gennai's plot, as the DART agents distracted them, while Gennai finds a way to free the Digidestineds. Myotismon orders his digimon army to attack the DART agents quickly, as the heroes watched in horror as the DART agents and their digimons are blasted, Myotismon thought he won, but was surprised that the DART agents survive and that their digimons digivolved to the Mega Level, which surprised everyone, Myotismon ordered his army to eliminate them, but the Mega Level digimons were to overwhelming, and defeated his army easily. Myotismon orders millions of his followers to attack at once. Luckily Gennai brought help from the Sacred City, a giant city that was on a back of a giant digimon named ElDradimon, and the army was lead by Ryu and Cyberdramon X, who came to help. The battle rages some more, when Myotismon decided to escape and send Gizumon XTs to cover his escape, Arukenimon, Mummymon, and DemiDevimon followed. The six DART Mega Level digimons easily defeated the Gizumon XTs, but one was hiding and attacking the Sacred City, but Musha and Falcomon X appears and stop them, with the help from a group of Ninjamons and Kogamons. Myotismon's minions fled the scene, and the Sacred City welcome the heroes with welcomed arms, and identified Kira as the son of Zero Kasai, who was a legendary hero who saved their fair city, and they celebrated and praised Kira, Mason shows signs of jealousy for Kira, meanwhile Kondo was investigating the Gizumons energy tank, and concluded that it was filled with life-energy from digimons, and wondered what Takasugi is planning. Meanwhile, Takasugi was about to give Myotismon the digimon life-energy he collected, and was called by one of his men about the Bio-hybrids, and went to greet them and asked how they are, the Bio-hybrids answered that they feel much stronger, and Takasugi was briefed by Myotismon and was shown the image of ElDradimon, and Takasugi hoped there were escapee digimons in there, and the Bio-hybrids guessed that Kira and his friends were there, and Myotismon confirmed it, Takasugi orders his men to prepared for battle to laid siege on the Sacred City. 
31 "Battle of geniuses! MirageGaogamon X, MegaGargomon X, MegaKabuterimon, Zudomon, and Shakkoumon vs. BioLotusmon!"
Mason came up with a defensive position for ElDradimon by putting him in the middle of a lake, but Kira got all the credit because he's the legend's, Mason shows signs of jealousy on his face. Meanwhile, Takasugi and his men are waiting, Mizuki commented on how well-thought their position is, Takasugi guessed Mason thought of this plan and commented that Mason has a high IQ, and Mizuki was interested in the fact, not knowing, a Ninjamon spied on them. The same Ninjamon reported on the location of the Gizumon XT's gathering, and identify the leader as Takasugi, later Kira encourages the digimons to fight and strike as fast they could to beat Takasugi, Mason then commented on how this may be a trap left by Takasugi, Kira didn't care and excite everyone up to face the enemy, even Kondo thinks that they should do it, which places Mason as the odd one out. In the afternoon, a team comprised of Kira, Ichigo, Tai, Matt, Davis, Ken, Musha, Ryu, and their digimons head out to face Takasugi in his base of operations, and told Mason to take care of the city until he comes back. In the dark of night, Kira's group with their digimons in their Ultimate and Mega Levels Forms battled a horde of Gizumon XTs to get to Takasugi, while the rest defends the city from the invading Gizumons around the lake, with the help from the city, they were able to defeat the Gizumons, Mason said that those were scouts, and that the real attack comes from the waterfall. Mason consist a team of Suzaku, Izzy, Joe, T.K., and Cody, to help him with defending the waterfall, but things get complicated when Mizuki appears and asked why Mason is fighting with the digimons, Mason answered that the digimons are his friends and they are connected in an emotional level, Mizuki laughs and that Mason joined DART to boost his own ego, and Mason asked Mizuki why does she join forces with Takasugi "a fool who only destroys what he fears" he quoted, Mizuki answers that hunting digimons is an "enjoyable hobby", Mizuki still tries to convince Mason to join their side, but Mason refused, and Mizuki told him that was the last straw, Mason told her that they beaten her before, but she debated that she's much stronger than before and bio-digivolves to BioLotosmon, everyone was surprised by Mizuki's digimon form and she says that she's much more powerful, and they retaliated by Mason and Suzaku digivolves their digimons to Mega, while the Digidestineds digivolves their digimons to Ultimate Level. They fought brilliantly, but they were no match for BioLotosmon's speed, BioLotosmon captures Mason and put him in an illusion, Mizuki tries to convince him to join her side and tell him that he'll not be lonely and they'll be like gods, but Mason answered that he has friends to back him up, and Mizuki answers "friends like Kira Kasai", Mason answered yes and that Kira's strength helped him many times, and Mizuki debated that they're not friends and that they need him and drags him down. MirageGaogamon X frees Mason from the illusion, and told Mason that his attacks won't work, Mason tries all of his tactical strategies, but decided to put all in a gamble, by having MirageGaogamon X charges straight off with Mason on his shoulder, they manages to defeat BioLotosmon, BioLotosmon asked how Mason know that his attack might work, Mason said it was a gamble, BioLotosmon was insulted that she was beaten by a gamble, and uses the last of her energy to destroying the waterfall, which overflowed the lake, leaving ElDradimon helpless. Meanwhile, Takasugi got a report that Mizuki lost, but was pleased that she destroyed the waterfall, and was also notified that Kira is still battling the Gizumon XTs to get to him, Takasugi ordered his men to tell the Gizumons to withdraw, so that Kira would get here. After the battle, Mizuki commented on how that she wasn't beaten by Mason, but by Kira Kasai's power, which confused and irritated Mason, which cause the group to worry about Mason. 
32 "Girls team up! Rosemon X, Sakuyamon X, Garudamon, Lillymon, and Silphymon vs. BioZeedGarurumon"
Things heat up as Takasugi's assault on the Sacred City continues, ElDradimon becomes more invulnerable when the lake that is acting as its moat was washed up and destroyed. Kira and his group continues to push forward hoping to catch Takasugi, the girls are the only one left in the groups when they are faced with the impossible task of fighting the entire Gizumon brigades coming. And things get awkward for Karen, when Adam, one of the Bio-hybrids breaks in and flirt with Karen and tries to asked her on a date, the girls were dazed and confused, Karen declined, but Lalamon X challenges Adam to a duel, to whether or not Adam should see Karen or not, Karen asked what Lalamon X was doing, Lalamon X explained to the group that Adam may be in charge of Takasugi's forces and hope distracting Adam may weaken their attacks, but more hopefully to kick Adam's butt. Karen and Miko digivolves their digimons to their Mega Level, while the Digidestined girls digivolves their digimons to Ultimate Level. Things get more intense when Adam bio-digivolves to his new Bio-hybrid form BioZeedGarurumon, which surprised everyone, BioZeedGarurumon attack with moves that has names that are descriptions to his delusional future dates with Karen, Karen tries to tell Adam that she will never go on a date with him, Rosemon X jokes around and make puns during the battle, Karen wonders if this is a stand-up comedy routine or a fight, the girls are comforting Karen for things getting any weirder. Meanwhile, after their battle with BioLotosmon, the guys are making a decision to whether or not go help Kira or help defend the city, Mason was still disturbed by what Mizuki said about being defeated by Kira's power, which confuses him. Gaomon X asked Mason what to do next for the group, Mason decided for the group to help Kondo and the others defend the city, and they headed back. Meanwhile, continuing the fight with BioZeedGarurumon, the girls fought desperately, and the fight damages the wall of the city, getting the small digimon involve, the girls protected the young digimons, while a Yasyamon sneaks behind to attack BioZeedGarurumon, but fail, BioZeedGarurumon returns the favor by deleting him mercilessly. The girls watched in horror, and asked why would he do that if he's part human, BioZeedGarurumon answered that Takasugi pays him if he hunt digimons it is his business, the girls were angered and combined their powers to defeat BioZeedGarurumon, and they did it. Meanwhile, Mason group digivolves their digimons to get them to the city fast, then Mason notice something Takasugi's men left behind under ElDradimon, and told the group to follow him to find out what's Takasugi's planning. Meanwhile after the battle with BioZeedGarurumon, Karen finds a picture of Adam with a group of kids, Adam wanted the picture back because it was a picture of him and his little brothers and sisters, then the girls got it, Adam works for Takasugi so that he can support his family, after learning that the girls couldn't forgive Takasugi for manipulating the weak-hearted like Adam. Meanwhile, Takasugi heard from one of his men that Adam was defeated, but was confronted by Kira and his group, who just arrives and was about to charge at Takasugi, but he was confronted by Raito, and they fought, Takasugi said he had won the battle, Kira was confused and demanded what Takasugi meant. Meanwhile, Mason discovered that Takasugi's men left a dimensional bomb under ElDradimon and was set off 15 seconds later, and unleashed a Digital Gate under ElDradimon. After hearing that ElDradimon is sinking down to a Digi-Gate, Davis and Ken Ichijoji digivolves Veemon and Wormmon to Imperialdramon and carried Tai, Matt, Ichigo, Ryu, and their digimon partners to the Digital Gate. Musha did the same thing to Falcomon X and digivolves him to Crowmon X, to carried Kira and Agumon X to the Digital Gate. Kira's group rushed there despite some obstacles, and they were able to make it through the Digital Gate as it was about to close. Meanwhile, ElDradimon manages to make it out of the Digital Gate, the DART agents and Digidestineds looked around and see that they were transported back to the human world. 
33 "GeoGrey Sword reveal thyself! ShineGreymon X, Gallantmon X, WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode vs. BioVictoryGreymon"
ElDradimon and the whole Sacred City was transported into the human world, and the citizens were panicking about it. Kondo tries to calm them down, but Karen said why bother, because Kira will riled them up, the citizens still have some hope because of Kira might know to what to do. Mason wonders what takasugi is planning to bring ElDradimon to the human world. Kira's group manages to gotten out of the Digital Gate and was brought to the human world, Imperialdramon and Crowmon X landed in the roof of a random building, Kira saw that ElDradimon was at the waterfront and wat about to head there, when he is confronted by Raito who told Kira that he must get through him. Kira told Musha and Ryu to go, while he, Ichigo and the Digidestineds faces with Raito, the two listens to Kira's orders, Ryu digivolves Monodramon X to Cyberdramon X, and the two boys and their digimon partners left. Kira and Raito both charges at each other, when in contact, Kira notices that Raito isn't the same as before, Raito bio-digivolves to BioVictoryGreymon, which surprised everybody, and they retaliated by digivolving their digimons to their Mega Level Forms, and Imperialdramon mode change to his Fighter Mode, and they began to battle. Meanwhile, Takasugi hoped that Raito may keep Kira and his friends busy, while he set up his plan in destroying ElDradimon. Meanwhile, Neko and Yuki, were near the waterfront where a TV news van is broadcasting the event live, Tsubasa and Riku were watching the news report in their secret hideout, while Asuka, Shiori, and Kintoki watches the report in their house, and wonders if Kira and Ichigo came back. The battle with BioVictoryGreymon continues, but the problem is that they have to limit their attack power, because they might destroy the whole city, and protecting the people from BioVictoryGreymon's attack. Things get worse when Takasugi unleashes his ultimate weapon to destroy ElDradimon with, the Gizumon Javelin. The boats first hold ElDradimon still to restrict his movement, the mayor Baromon orders them to stop, but was destroyed by a Gizumon XT, and his lasts words was for Kira to protect ElDradimon as he was permanently deleted, enraged, Kondo orders Gwappamon to destroy the Gizumon XT that destroyed Baromon. Meanwhile, Kira's group were having trouble with BioVictoryGreymon, as he taunt them that they have no time and they might as well watch ElDradimon be destroyed, Kira was determined to beat BioVictoryGreymon, that a light from his digivice glow, and he put his hand on the light, and ShineGreymon X gained a new power: the GeoGrey Sword. Kira was amazed, and that it is a way for ShineGreymon X to fight, without destroying the whole city, BioVictoryGreymon attacks with his "Trident Gaia", but ShineGreymon X deflected it with his GeoGrey Sword, which surprised BioVictoryGreymon, and he decided to charge with his "Dramon Breaker", but the GeoGrey Sword broke the sword and defeated BioVictoryGreymon, Kira wonders what happened with his digivice, but the celebration was cut short when ShineGreymon X reminded the group that they need to go save ElDradimon. Takasugi gotten the report that BioVictoryGreymon's signature was lost, which assumes that Raito lost, but he thanked him for buying him enough time. Kira's group races to ElDradimon, the DART members, the Digidestineds, and everyone in Sacred City evacuates just as the Gizumon Javelin drove through ElDradimon, deleting him and his life force was stolen by Takasugi's forces, Kira yelled in the distance, furious at his failure to protect ElDradimon. Later after the battle, DART and the Digidestineds were mad at themselves for not stopping Takasugi in time, but Kira and his group appears saying it was not over and that there is still a slim chance of hope to stop Takasugi and Myotismon, and they all fly off somewhere, except for Mason who was stopped by two mysterious men. While flying, Musha then notices that Mason and MirageGaogamon X were nowhere to be found, and Kira then notices a helicopter fly off, carrying Mason and Gaomon X and wonders why Mason in there, and calls out to him. 
34 "Mason betrayal, Kira mad with rage! Dark digivolve, ChaoticGreymon, raging dragon of darkness!"
The City is busy rebuilding from the recent digimon battle, and the DART members and the Digidestineds went into hiding in a secret hideout with the four DART operators and professor Takame, and they all wonder if Mason will come back, Kira said he will. Meanwhile, Mason and Gaomon X were brought to a house in an isolated island where Mason's father and sister are, Gaomon X played with Emily a little, while Mason talked with his father and asked why would he want him here, but was shocked when Takasugi was in the living room, saying that he can cure Emily's rare illness. Meanwhile, Asuka and Shiori brought food for the group, and Kira pointed out that they're aiding criminals, but Shiori doesn't mind it and tells him to eat. Kira, Ichigo, Agumon X, Guilmon X, Asuka, and Shiori decided to get some fresh air and talk, but they get a surprising visit from BanchoLeomon. Mason was told by his father, to help Takasugi for exchange for his sister's treatment, and Takasugi told Mason that DART methods is simply idealistic, and then tells Mason that they'll create a new world together if he comes to work with him, Mason remembers that was the same thing Mizuki said, and agreed to help him. Meanwhile, BanchoLeomon heard that the Sacred City fall by Takasugi's hand, and then Kira told him that the Digivice XD Burst gave them a new weapon "The GeoGrey Sword", then BanchoLeomon told them that their new digivices can get thei digimons to go through Burst Digivoluion a way to digivolve again to a level that's way beyond the Mega Level "the Super Ultimate Level", and warns them that they'll have bad consequences if they messed up the digivolution. The digimon alarm sound, and it belong to a Piximon, a survivor from their battle, the group went to where the signal was, but they were too late when a Gizumon deleted the Piximon, and a whole swarm of Gizumons appears, and the group digivolves their digimons to their highest level and battle the Gizumons, Gennai then appeared and gave Tai and Matt the power for WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon to digivolves to VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon, giving them the power to beat the Gizumons. Kira messes around with his digivice to try to summon the GeoGrey Sword again, but was unsuccessful, but that didn't stop ShineGreymon X from beating the Gizumons. Mason and Gaomon X suddenly appears, Kira notices their presence, and asked Mason where he had been, everyone else took a note of Mason's appearance, Mason digivolves Gaomon X to MirageGaogamon X, ShineGreymon X greeted MirageGaogamon X for being here, but things got difficult when Mason orders MirageGaogamon X to attack ShineGreymon X. Kira demanded Mason what was he doing, and Mason explained that he is going to create a peaceful world with Takasugi's help, after listening to what Mason said, the group were shocked by this. Kira and Mason fought with their fists and their digimons, when Gallantmon X tries to stop them, he was quickly strike down by MirageGaogamon X, Shinegreymon X attacks with his Glorius Burst and MirageGaogamon X countered it with his Full Moon Blaster, and pushes ShineGreymon X down deep into the bottom of waterfront. At a far-off location, Takasugi and Myotismon watches the fun unravels as Kira and Mason fight each other. Mason punches Kira to the ground telling them that nothing is gain by fighting, and Kira enraged told Mason to shut his mouth and tell him that he doesn't believe that, it doesn't matter to Mason what Kira think because their friendship are through. Mad, Kira punches Mason and tells him that he won't forgive him anymore for betraying them, which causes Kira to activate a digi-aura, a dark one this time, which caused Gallantmon X to de-digivolve to Guilmon X, and his Mega Level data code to change into a Megidramon X data code and fuses with ShineGreymon X to become ChaoticGreymon, and everyone was surprised by the newly digivolved digimon, but BanchoLeomon fears on what's it going to do next. 
35 "Team crisis, Mason's betrayal, Agumon X returns to a digi-egg! Takasugi's plan, Ultimate Digivolution of Myotismon!"
The battle between Kira and Mason continues, as ShineGreymon X digivolves to ChaoticGreymon, their fight clashes and ChaoticGreymon has the upper advantage, Kira was so mad at Mason for betraying not just them, but all of the digimons who risked their lives for them, and he'll make him pay for desecrating their memories, and ChaoticGreymon was about to finish MirageGaogamon X, but Asuka snaps Kira back to reality saying that Mason was his friend and that he wouldn't so anything to hurt him. Once Kira realizes that ChaoticGreymon was on a rampage and destroy the surrounding areas, Kira orders him to stop, but BanchoLeomon told him "it's no use", because Kira put ShineGreymon X into a dark digivolution, a kind where a digimon digivolves and goes berserk, Kira tries to reason with ChaoticGreymon, but BanchoLeomon explained that ChaoticGreymon will not listen to him and he'll have to wait until he self-destruct. ChaoticGreymon still continues to attack at random, he even destroys all of the Gizumons around, Mason put MirageGaogamon X back in his digivice and retreated, Takasugi tells Myotismon that he thinks it would be best for them to leave as well. Kira tries so hard to stop ChaoticGreymon from attacking everything, and calls out for him to stop, Kira sheds tears from his eyes, and one of the tears dropped and landed in the signal port of his digivice, and a strange light appears from his digivice, and that light causes ChaoticGreymon to stop and self-destructed, turning him back into a digi-egg, Kira catches the egg, and realizes what he has done to Agumon X and frustratedly cries in the distance. Later after the battle, the group decide to stay in the hideout, and asks themselves why did ChaoticGreymon turned back into a digi-egg, and they concluded ChaoticGreymon used up all of his digi-energy, the group are in a state of panic due to these recent events, which made T.K. remembers the terrible event that happened to him, but he was comforted by Kari, telling him to not worried and things will get better soon. Meanwhile, Mason and Gaomon X retreated back to Takasugi, and Takasugi greeted Mason and didn't even know that ShineGreymon X can digivolves into a higher level than Mega, and Mason concluded his statement that Kira must have gain some new power to be able to digivolve Shinegreymon X to that level, and Takasugi told Mason not to worry, because ChaoticGreymon turned back into a digi-egg after he left, Takasugi didn't even know why, but was pleased that he won't meddled with his plans anymore. Mason then asks what are Takasugi's plans, and Takasugi shows him that he's giving the Digi-Energy he collected to Myotismon to digivolve him into GranMyotismon, a Mega Level digimon that has the combined power of GranDracmon, VenomMyotismon, and MaloMyotismon, with Takasugi gained the trust of all the governments in the world, his goal of ruling both the human and Digital World are in fruition. Musha appears and tries to stop Takasugi from succeeding, Gaomon X fought him off, but falcomon X appears and help Musha escapes, Takasugi then alarms his men that there's an intruder in the building who'e escaping and orders them to dispatch the Gizumons. Musha was on Peckmon X, escaping back into the hideout and were gonna tell the others on what Takasugi's planning. Mason tells Takasugi to order the Gizumons away so that they won't get in their way, Takasugi questions Mason loyalty, then Mason said that they can't let Musha escape after what he saw, Mason digivolves Gaomon X to MirageGaogamon X, Musha did the same and digivolves Peckmon X to Crowmon X, and Crowmon X asked MirageGaogamon X is he really is betraying them. Meanwhile, back in the hideout, Lalamon X detects the battle between MirageGaogamon x and Crowmon X, and Kira decided to go to stop Mason, but BanchoLeomon stops him from going, Kira tries fighting BanchoLeomon so that he'll go through, but BanchoLeomon bested him and says that Kira didn't inherited his father's fighting capabilities, when Kira heard that he asked BanchoLeomon that if he knew his father, and BanchoLeomon said that Zero Kasai was strong and powerful, and BanchoLeomon wonders how did Zero produced an offspring like Kira and left, after listening to their conversation, Shiori was surprised that BanchoLeomon knew Zero. During the battle, Musha notices that MirageGaogamon X right arm was injured, probably created by ChaoticGreymon, and orders Crowmon X to attack his right arm, hurting MirageGaogamon X so that they would escape, MirageGaogamon X chased after Crowmon X after he escapes, the group manages to see Musha and Crowmon X arrive, only to see MirageGaogamon X pushes them into the waterfront and fled from the scene. Meanwhile, Emily happily waited for her operation, Kondo and Kamemon appears in her hospital room. 
36 "GranMyotismon's power, Tokyo citizen are hostages! The battle begins!"
The gang desperately finds Musha and Crowmon X, after the two were pushed into the waterfront by MirageGaogamon X, the others wouldn't believe that Mason would do that to them. Musha and Falcomon X appears before them, injured. Meanwhile, Mason presented Takasugi with the digimon controller he requested, Takasugi hoped it would be enough to control GranMyotismon, and Mason asked Takasugi that he's keeping his end of the bargain to cure his baby sister, Takasugi answered back that it guaranteed for Mason, Mason was pleased by it. Kondo and Kamemon tries to escape with Emily from the hospital, but it proves to be difficult when Takasugi's forces is everywhere, but learn that Emily's surgery is to fuse her with a digimon, but he was confronted by Mason. Meanwhile back in the hideout, the group watched as Musha and Falcomon X recovers from their injuries, they were able to survive because MirageGaogamon X misses, Musha was still confused about MirageGaogamon X misses from close-range, Musha explains Takasugi's scheme to the others, Meanwhile, Kondo and Kamemon were captured, Mason told Kondo that he switched sides on his own free will, that Takasugi promises to cure Emily and gives Mason challenges for his brain, Kondo explains that Takasugi's surgery is to fuse Emily with a digimon making her a Bio-hybrid, Mason's father Oliver agrees to it because it may save Emily's life, Mason agrees to it too. Meanwhile back in the hideout, the gang detects a digimon signal belonging to GranMyotismon, Takasugi is testing the digimon controller that is connected to GranMyotismon by destroying random buildings, then Takasugi calls Director Iesayu and tells him that he's controlling GranMyotismon, and demands that every nations should submit to him, the group heard this and head out to stop Takasugi, while Kira stayed behind to look after Agumon X's digi-egg. Meanwhile, Kondo tries to break out of the room where he is locked up, but he fails each time as he watches as Mason prepare to operate on Emily, Emily asked Mason that she wants to race with Mason after she gets well, and Mason promised that to her. Meanwhile, the group arrives to battle GranMyotismon, things starts off when Ichigo, Suzaku, Miko, Karen, Tai, Matt, Davis, and Ken digiolves their digimons to their Mega Level, Musha, Ryu, and the rest of the Digidestineds digivolves their digimons to the Ultimate Level, Neko and Yuki decide to fight as well and digivolves their PawnChessmons to RookChessmon and BishopChessmon, Tsubasa and Riku follows and digivolves their Dracomons to Wingdramon and Groundramon, but all of them combined weren't no match for GranMyotismon, Impmon appears and digivolves to Beelzemon X, along with a giant digimon called Leviamon and Wizardmon, who the Digidestineds were surprised to see, the arrival of the three digimons were no match against GranMyotismon, but all that change when the National Security Council send helicopters lead by Yukimura Okita, to deal with GranMyotismon, but fails. Meanwhile, Mason orders Gaomon X to stop the surgery, which surprises Kondo, and Mason pushes a button on his watch, and Takasugi's controller suddenly exploded, and GranMyotismon stopped, Takasugi demanded what happened to the digimon controller that Mason built, Mason explained that he has set a tiny bomb and it was set off in a certain time, Mason explained that he only pretend to switch side to gain Takasugi's trust, Mason's father demanded what Mason was thinking, Mason answered that he'll cure Emily and that was the reason for him studying medicine, and Mason requested that Kondo watches his family and he says "yes", and Kondo reassures Mason's father that Mason will find a cure for Emily one day and that it won't turn her into a monster. Meanwhile, Takasugi was frustrated that Mason betrays him, but unknown to Mason, Takasugi uses his back-up plan to fuse with GranMyotismon and causes him to digivolve to DeathMyotismon, and the group were in bigger trouble than before if they can handle DeathMyotismon, Mason arrives in a helicopter and digivolves Gaomon X to MirageGaogamon and prepared to battle Takasugi. Meanwhile, fed-up, Kira decides to head into the battlefield with Agumon X's digi-egg. 
37 "Wake Up Agumon, team needs you! Ravemon X and Justimon X appears, but not enough!"
Kira with Agumon X's digi-egg on his back was on his way to the battle. Meanwhile, the others were surprised by the appearance of Mason and MirageGaogamon X, and was hostile to him because they suspect he came to help Takasugi, but their suspicions were lifted when MirageGaogamon X attacks DeathMyotismon, and Mason apologizes to the group for his actions earlier and asks for their forgiveness, MirageGaogamon X tries to beat DeathMyotismon. Kira appears and punches Mason, and Mason explain to Kira that he pretend to betray them so that he can gain Takasugi's trust, Kira forgave him, and Mason told Kira that Takasugi fused with DeathMyotismon, and Kira thought of that as a good thing, because he can hurt both Takasugi and Myotismon at the same time. MirageGaogamon X tries to fight off DeathMyotismon, Kira tries to punch DeathMyotismon, but fails, and Mason told Kira to stay out and let him handle it, and Kira was frustrated by not doing anything. MirageGaogamon X fought off with DeathMyotismon, but was too weak to beat him, DeathMyotismon was about to finish off MirageGaogamon X, but the others back MirageGaogamon X up, but were quickly defeated. Crowmon X and Cyberdramon X tries to stop DeathMyotismon head on, but they failed and de-digivolves back to Falcomon X and Monodramon X. Musha and Ryu were mad at Takasugi talking trash at digimons, Musha and Ryu debated that digimons are like humans, but Takasugi laughed at what they said, angered Musha and Ryu activates an all new digi-aura and digivolves Falcomon X and Monodramon X to Ravemon X and Justimon X, Takasugi was surprised that the two digimons digivolves to the Mega Level, the two newly digivolved Mega Level digimons worked together to overpower DeathMyotismon, as they thought they've beaten DeathMyotismon, he suddenly grows and attack everything. Musha, Ryu, and their digimon partners defended Kira, angered at what Takasugi had done and tells him that he's going to be defeated, but DeathMyotismon takes control, and put the humans of the group (except for Kira) into an illusion to what they desired, putting their digimon partners in danger. Kira was mad and tells Agumon X to hatch out of the digi-egg, and cries telling him to help him fight, then suddenly Agumon X's digi-egg hatches and a Koromon X came out, Kira didn't recognizes him, and remember what BanchoLeomon said and realizes that Koromon X probably won't remember him, but Koromon X asks what Kira was talking about, and says of course he knows him, Kira cries and Koromon X asks Kira if he was crying, Kira said it was sweat, and tells him that they are late for a fight, and with that Koromon X was envelop by a strange light, and that light frees everyone from their illusion, both the group, their digimons, their digimon allies and DeathMyotismon/Takasugi were surprised, when they watched as Kira and Agumon X comes out of the light, and the both of them begins to charges DeathMyotismon. 
38 "Shining light of burst DNA Digivolution! Super Ultimate, ShineGreymon X and Gallantmon X becomes CrimsonGreymon!"
The group gained hope as Agumon X is back, the group tries to help by attacking DeathMyotismon, DeathMyotismon was distracted when Kira punches him and activated his digi-aura, causing Kira to digivolve Agumon X to ShineGreymon X. The group were at an advantage with Mason's tactics and everyone was impressed at ShineGreymon X becoming more powerful than before when his Shining Blast manages to do real damage to DeathMyotismon, the group were at an advantage in their battle, but things turn to the worst when Takasugi manages to gain consciousness and appears in DeathMyotismon's chest and he compromise with DeathMyotismon by letting them control their fused body together, and Takasugi angrily yell at Kira and Ichigo for meddling in his affair like their father did, and he would have become the ruler of both the human and Digital World by now. But Kira said that won't happen as long as he's around, Takasugi made DeathMyotismon absorbs the city's power supply and made him swallow the Portable Digital Gate Devices, Mason explained that Takasugi was able to control DeathMyotismon a lot better, and orders everyone to fall back, because if they keep allowing Takasugi/DeathMyotismon to continue to attack, it will get both the Digital and human world to collide, destroying both worlds. Kira tells the others it's no big deal, and that they always deal with situations dangerous as this, and that they need to beat Takasugi fast, and the others agree and gained hope. Mason's orders the digimons to distract DeathMyotismon while ShineGreymon X charges a lot of energy for his Glorious Burst attack, and blasted at DeathMyotismon, but DeathMyotismon manages to survive, and overpower everyone, and causing RookChessmon, BishopChessmon, Wingdramon, and Groundramon to de-digivolve back to PawnChessmons and Dracomons, Kira and Ichigo challenges Takasugi, and they are answered back with an attack, ShineGreymon X and Gallantmon X tries to defend them, but the two boys were defended by MirageGaogamon X, MegaGargomon X, Rosemon X, Sakuyamon X, Ravemon X, and Justimon X, the two boys watched as the six digimons falls, and causing the two boys to demand power to protect their friends, the Kasai twins and their two digimon partners understand that power comes from the bond they have. Then suddenly, the digimon sovereign Azulongmon appears and give the two boys a new power that is emulating from their digivices, and Mason told the boys to use it. Then Kira and Ichigo DNA digivolves ShineGreymon X and Gallantmon X to the CrimsonGreymon, both Takasugi and DeathMyotismon were afraid by the newly digivolved digimon and tries to defeat him, but CrimsonGreymon immense power overpowered and counterattack against DeathMyotismon, and CrimsonGreymon walks slowly to DeathMyotismon, Takasugi tells him to stay away, and CrimsonGreymon hold out his left palm in front of Takasugi and reveals Kira activating his digi-aura, everyone cheered for Kira and tells Kira to finish off DeathMyotismon, Takasugi begged Kira to take pity on him and shows mercy on him, but Kira tells him that "mercy" is the last thing he gives him if he hadn't deleted a lot of digimon, and punches Takasugi in DeathMyotismon's chest, while CrimsonGreymon punches DeathMyotismon, Kira's digi-aura goes through DeathMyotismon's chest, and they manages to defeat him. Everyone watches in glee as they won against Takasugi and Myotismon, Takasugi said his plans aren't over yet, and he pushes a button, activating a Digital Gate, which causes the space-time continuum to become unstable, Takasugi vanishes as the space-time energy blasted him, and the entire Digital World appears in the sky. 
39 "World Crisis! The End is nigh!"
Things got a whole lot worse when the barrier between the human and the Digital World gets destroyed, and both worlds are crashing down at each other, Mason explained that both worlds will disappear if they collide with each other, which shocked everyone, with the Digital World in the sky, strange weather began to destroy the city, luckily the digimons helps save the people and tries to evacuate them. Meanwhile, a hooded figure who turns out to be Yggdrasil and Craniummon discuss what to do with the problem with both worlds colliding. Things take a turn for the worst in the human world when a plane was strucked down, and ShineGreymon X and MirageGaogamon X hold on to the plane to keep it from crashing, and Cody was reminded of the event 5 years ago, on which he was on a falling plane when the Digital World was shown in the sky and they were saved by the digimons. The group asks if there is anyway to stop this from happening, Mason explained that once the space-continuum was disrupted it's impossible to reverse again. Yggdrasil and Craniummon reached a decision, and decided the human world will need to be eliminated to save the Digital World. Meanwhile, the heroes gave up hope, then at the nearest tallest mountain near the city, BanchoLeomon activated his digi-aura to the maximum to stop both worlds from colliding, and told Kira and the others to go see Yggdrasil the ruler of the Digital World, because Kira's the son of Zero Kasai and it is his destiny. Kira cried out to BanchoLeomon, then he told the others to go to the Digital World with him, because they sacrificed too much for this, all of them agrees and decide to head out for the Digital World
40 "Digimon Action Recon Tactical Squadron reinstated! The Royal Knights appear!"
The gang decide to head out to the Digital World, but the wind currents between the dimensional gaps were very strong and dragged them down to the Digital World. When they all wake up, their digimons have de-digivolved back to their Rookie Level. T.K. was on top of Kari, which kinda made Davis jealous, Sora was blushing because she was between Tai and Matt, and Kira demanded that the three should get off of him, because they're sitting on him, Karen sat down on a rock, a rock that could talk, the group think it was a digimon and decide to dig him out, but they were surprised when they find out the digimon was Gotsumon, the same Gotsumon who lead the attack on the human world a while back, but he lost his memory of it. Gotsumon showed the group a way to get to Yggdrasil, they arrive in Yggdrasil tree, only to be confronted by Craniummon of the Royal Knights and tell them they would be destroyed if they trespass into Yggdrasil's domain, Kira charged at him, but Craniummon pushes Kira super fast, and the team were surprised by his super speed, Kira charged at Craniummon again only with his fist preparing to punch, and activating his digi-aura, everyone was surprised by Kira's quick thinking. Kira digivolves Agumon X to ShineGreymon X, the rest follows and digivolves their digimons to Mega and Ultimate. Things get heated up as the group's digimons and Craniummon clashed, but they were not successful, the group began to lose confidence, but Kira told them not to give up and summons the GeoGrey Sword for ShineGreymon X, and Craniummon responded by summoning his "Duo Solar Spear", the two digimon's weapons clashed, but Craniummon came out victorious, and he was about to finish off ShineGreymon X. But Kira manages to save ShineGreymon X, by stopping Craniummon's weapon with his fist, and pushes Craniummon, which shocked everyone, and told Ichigo to prepare to DNA digivolve, ShineGreymon X and Gallantmon X DNA digivolve to CrimsonGreymon, they have the upper advantage with Craniummon, but they were interrupted by Gallantmon of the Royal Knights. But he didn't came alone, the rest of the Royal Knights appears: Omnimon, Magnamon, Dynasmon, Crusadermon, UlforceVeedramon, and Examon, and they attacked causing DART and the Digidestineds digimons to de-digivolve back into Rookie Level. Then a hooded figure appeared, and claiming to be Yggdrasil by the Royal Knights, and Kira went ahead and charged at him, and causing Yggdrasil's hood to go down, and his face revealing to be Dr. Zero Kasai, which shocked Kira and the others. Kira talked his dad, but he says he doesn't remember him nor Ichigo, Tai, and Kari. And told Kira "as king of the Digital World, for the Digital World to be saved, the human world must be eliminated", which shocked everyone, and left Kira heart-broken to see his father this way, and gave up hope. Dr. Kasai/Yggdrasil ordered the Royal Knights to execute the group, Agumon X told Kira to snap out of it and fight, but Kira just kneel helplessly, the Royal Knights were about to execute the group, when another Royal Knight Sleipmon appears, the group were terrified by what action Sleipmon's gonna do, but he saved them from the Royal Knights wrath and escpaes back to the human world, the Royal Knights were shocked by the betrayal of one of their own, and Gallantmon uses his "Final Elysion" to fire on Sleipmon, but the Royal Knights knew that Sleipmon can withstand the attack and prepared themselves to go after him, but Dr. Kasai/Yggdrasil orders them to let them go and prepare themselves to destroy the human world. 
41 "American and Asian Digidestineds unites! Power of GeoGrey Sword and CrimsonGreymon vs. Royal Knight Gallantmon! Sleipmon Ultimate Sacrifice!"
Kira remembers the time 10 years ago when his father was about to depart for the Digital World, and he says goodbye to him. Kira wakes up and sees he's back in the human world with his friends, the others waked up and notices it, and asked how they get here. Sleipmon appears and says he was the one who saved them, the group remembered but had doubts about him, being a member of the Royal Knights after all, their doubts quickly dissolves when commander Hijikata appears, who happened to survive his battle with the Bio-hybrids surprised them, and even surprised them even more when Sleipmon is Kudamon's Mega Level Form as he de-digivolve, Kudamon has suffered injuries when Gallantmon used his "Final Elysion" on him, and the group decided to head back to the hideout for him to recuperate. Commander Hijikata explain that Kudamon is the digimon ambassador for Yggdrasil, after the explanation commander Hijikata decide to split the group up in different parts of the world for defensive measures. Team one (Kira, Ichigo, Izzy, Mimi, Davis, Kari, Neko, Yuki, and the commander himself) are sent to help the American and Asian DigiDestineds to defend New York. the team rendezvous with Michael, and he showed them the group of DigiDestineds who were gonna allied with them, the Poi Brothers were glad to see Kari again, but Davis tries to intervene and asks Kari to go with him, but Kari refused and saying that she loves somebody else, which made the four boys depressed. Kira decided to leave the group and wanders off in New York, and calls his mother, and told her about the situation he had back in the Digital World, on how he encountered Zero Kasai, who's claiming to be Yggdrasil, and when their eyes met, Zero Kasai didn't even recognizes him. Meanwhile, Gallantmon attacks New York, the group intercept him just in time, he wasn't surprised that Kudamon was still alive, and Kudamon persuade him not to destroy the human world, but Gallantmon refused and says this is the order issued by Yggdrasil. Ichigo digivolves Guilmon X to Gallantmon X, hoping to match strength with him, Gallantmon was more powerful and says "out of all the Gallantmons in the Digital World, I alone am the strongest and the most powerful of them all, even X-Antibody versions aren't as powerful as me", Davis armor-digivolve Veemon to Flamedramon, while Kari, Izzy, Mimi, Neko, and Yuki digivolves their digimons to Ultimate, the other Digidestineds digivolves their digimons to Champion. Meanwhile, Kira finishes the conversation with his mother as then the ground shake around him, and BishopChessmon crashes through the building beside him, Agumon X calls out to Kira saying one of the Royal Knights are here, Kira recognizes the Knight as Gallantmon. The Digidestineds digimons are weaken, Gallantmon and Gallantmon X clashes, but Gallantmon came out as the victor and was about to finish off Gallantmon X, Kira appears out of nowhere and punches Gallantmon, activating his digi-aura to digivolve Agumon X to ShineGreymon X, and he summons the GeoGrey Sword for ShineGreymon X to battle Gallantmon X. But even with the GeoGrey Sword, Gallantmon was too powerful, Kira punches Gallantmon again, activating his digi-aura, and tells Ichigo to activate his digi-aura also, the both DNA digivolve ShineGreymon X and Gallantmon X to CrimsonGreymon, CrimsonGreymon manages to weaken Gallantmon, but wasn't enough to beat him, Gallantmon was about to finish everyone with his "Final Elysion" attack. Kudamon told Hijikata to digivolve him to Sleipmon, but Hijikata tries to reason with him that he's still injured, but Kudamon refused, commander Hijikata activate ti digi-aura to digivolve Kudamon to Sleipmon, and he blocked the attack to save the group. Gallantmon asks Sleipmon why is he betraying them, Sleipmon told him just as they have the ability to digivolve the humans can change also and have faith in the humans, and the two clashes, and Sleipmon traps Gallantmon and sacrifice himself to freeze them both up, he told both Hijikata and Kira to save the two worlds, as he and Gallantmon freezes together and swallowed up by the sea. The Digidestineds are fixing up New York, but they are surprised to see Kira on ShineGreymon X leaving for the Digital World, and are even more surprised by Ichigo, who was on Gallantmon X doing the same thing, the group wonders what are the two boys thinking, as they watched them fly into the Digital World
42 "Australian and French Digidestineds unites! Super Ultimate, BlastGaogamon, fight Crusadermon and Mason's family pride!"
Team two (Mason, Suzaku, Tai, Joe, T.K., Cody, Tsubasa, and Riku) handles things in Europe with the Australian and French Digidestineds. But things get complicated when Kondo calls Mason and that he and Mason's family are in England right now, Gwappamon is holding his own against the army of Knightmons, but all that change when the Digidestineds arrives and defeated the group of Knightmons. Mason then asks his father on what's was he thinking, Mason's father explained that he needed to protect the family estate, Mason tells him that it didn't justified him putting Emily's life in danger, and that he was always like this. Mason then flashbacks to the time after his mother had died, his father appeared to take him to England, up to when Emily was born, and up to when his grandmother decided to make Mason succeed as the next head of the family due to Emily being born too sickly. Meanwhile, Suzaku flirts with Catherine, but she rejected him and says that he really creeped her out, which made Suzaku heart-broken and depressed. The Knightmon army start to move again, Kondo decided to activate his digi-aura and digivolves Gwappamon to Shawjamon. Suzaku, Kondo, and the Digidestineds fought against the horde of Knightmons. Mason's father orders Mason to fight, Mason accepted it, saying he'll do it for Emily not for him, Mason digivolves Gaomon X to MirageGaogamon X, they easily fought off the Knightmons, but things turn to the worst when Crusadermon appeared and he easily fought off against the partnered digimons and "will deliver justice to the traitors for defying Yggdrasil". The doctors tries to transfer Emily to a nearby hospital, because of her weak condition, while being transferred, Emily saw Mason and tries to ran up to him. A Knightmon saw Emily and decide to attack her, Mason's father tries to get Emily, the Knightmon attacks, but MirageGaogamon X protected Emily and attacks the Knightmons, Mason appears to comfort Emily, Mason father's held down on his knees and apologizes to Mason for treating his children as objects, because he wanted to protect them from harm's way, Mason finally understands his father's emotions, and decided to do something about Crusadermon. Meanwhile at the same time, Suzaku saw the entire thing, and it made him remember the event when Makuramon took his sister from him, and decided enough was enough and promises to make sure nobody experiences this again. Mason's and Suzaku's digivices glowed and the digimon sovereign Baihumon appeared and gave them the new power to DNA digivolves MirageGaogamon X and MegaGargomon X to BlastGaogamon, Crusadermon was surprised that the digimon sovereign helped the humans, and tries to beat them, but BlastGaogamon overwhelmed Crusadermon, and defeated him turning him back into a digi-egg. Afterwards, Mason and his father spoke and reconnected their bond with each other, later Mason talks to Suzaku and says thanks, and wonders what triggers Suzaku to let him DNA digivolve with him, Suzaku explain that the incident with his sister being taken by Makuramon affected him, and promises himself that nobody should go through what he been through, Tai arrived and told the two what Kari told him regarding the aftermath in the New York battle. 
43 "Mexican and Russian Digidestineds unites! Super Ultimate, Sakuramon and Cybirdramon! Dorumon returns, and Alphamon, legendary Royal Knight leader appears! Duftmon's motto: Justice equals Power!"
Team three (Karen, Miko, Musha, Ryu, Matt, Sora, Yolei, and Ken) stayed behind in Japan to defend it with the Mexican and Russian Digidestineds, they look around the deserted city after the people were evacuated, but things get worst when a tornado appeared right by Kira's house. Meanwhile, Asuka, Shiori, and Kintoki were at the house at the time the tornado hit, but the house manages to stay strong against the tornado. The group arrives, only to see a group of Fresh to In-training digimons fall from the sky, and were surprised to see that Dorumon is the leader of them, Asuka recognize the Dorumon as the same one who she met a while ago. The group tries to look after the weak digimons, and things were pretty well easy for them. Meanwhile in the Digital World, Kira, Ichigo, Agumon X, and Guilmon X are in a dried up oasis, but things get weird when Gotsumon falls from the sky, and the guys were glad to see him, because he will lead them to Yggdrasil's lair. Meanwhile back in the human world, the group help nurture the young digimons, Matt and Sora acted frustratedly with each other because of their break-up a while back, and that Matt was mad at Sora for going out with his best friend/rival Tai. Dorumon asks Musha is it okay for him and the young digimons to be here, Musha remembers the same exact thing he said to Kira, and said it is okay, and learns why Agumon X called Kira "boss", because Kira always looked after others. Things turns to the worst when Duftmon appeared and attacks the city, the group head out to battle him, the DART members digivolves their digimons to Mega Level, while the Digidestineds digimons digivolves to Ultimate Level, while the other Digidestineds digivolves to Champion Level, they fought against Duftmon, but was unsuccessful in defeating him, the group tries to convince Duftmon if they continue to battle, the young digimons taking refuge will be put in danger, Duftmon says their sacrifice will be justice for Yggdrasil, Asuka heads outside to see what's happening, Dorumon followed, Duftmon attacks while the other retaliated it, but the attack was too strong Kira's house was in the way. Fortunately Dorumon digivolves to Alphamon to protect it, Duftmon was surprised to see Alphamon, the leader of the Royal Knight here, the group were shocked by this news, Duftmon tries to persuade Alphamon to come to his side, but Alphamon refused and says that Asuka is important to him and will protect her even if it meant defying Yggdrasil, Asuka was happy to hear it, Duftmon was disgusted by the fact that the leader of the Royal Knights will side with humans than the king of the Digital World. Karen, Miko, Musha, and Ryu confront Duftmon and told him that he will not destroy anymore parts of the human world, and that they will protect everyone here and promise that Kira and Ichigo will have a home to go back to. Then suddenly the digimon sovereigns Ebonwumon and Zhuqiaomon appears, Musha's and Ryu's digivices digivolves to Digivice XD Bursts, Ebonwumon gave Rosemon and Sakuyamon the ability to DNA digivolve to Sakuramon, while Zhuqiaomon gave Ravemon and Justimon the ability to DNA digivolve to Cybirdramon, Duftmon was surprised and heard the Super Ultimate Level was a myth, but the four told them he was wrong, they manages to overwhelmed him, and the four told him what he told them "justice equals power" doesn't apply to just him, and they manages to beat him and turn him back into a digi-egg. After the battle, the group decide to leave Dorumon and the international Digidestineds in charge of protecting everyone, while they head out to the Digital World after hearing the news on Kira and Ichigo, and decided to help them. 
44 "Rematch with Craniummon, the power of the human heart!"
Kira, Ichigo, their digimons, and Gotsumon head to Yggdrasil, but they were confronted by Craniummon, who Kira and Ichigo faced once again. The two boys and their digimons tries to tell Craniummon to go and let them pass, but Craniummon told them that they'll be destroyed, Craniummon told the digimons to betray Kira and Ichigo, their lives will be spared, Agumon X and Guilmon X refused of course, but Gotsumon is still making his decision to whether or not switch sides. Kira told Craniummon that humans have the potential to surprise everything. Kira decided to fight Craniummon and charge right at him, Craniummon punches Kira, but Kira use the close-range of Craniummon and punches his fist, activating his digi-aura, digivolving Agumon X to ShineGreymon X, Ichigo activate his digi-aura and digivolves Guilmon X to Gallantmon X, Craniummon summons his "Omni Shield", which shows he's serious in this fight, he boast his "Duo Solar Spear" can pierce through any material while his "Omni Shield" can block any attack, and asks Kira and Ichigo to challenge him to a battle to the death, Kira and Ichigo didn't retreat and kinda of accepts the challenge. Meanwhile, DART and the Digidestineds finally regrouped in the Digital World and head to Yggdrasil's Tree hoping to get to Kira and Ichigo in time. ShineGreymon X and Gallantmon X fight off Craniummon, but Craniummon was advantageous at the moment, Kira charges through and punches Craniummon's shield, only ended up breaking his hand, but he was faking it, just in time for ShineGreymon X to use his "Glorious Burst" and Gallantmon X "Final Elysion" attack close-range on Craniummon, but Craniummon anticipated their attacks and retaliate against them, Craniummon didn't leave much of a scratch. ShineGreymon X and Gallantmon X keep on attacking, but Craniummon shield protected him from their attacks, Craniummon decided to retaliated and was able to knocked down the two digimons saying he's not seeing any evidence of "Human potential", Kira summons the GeoGrey Sword, but even with the sword it wasn't enough, Craniummon said that he's not feeling any human potential through the battle, ShineGreymon X and Craniummon fought hard, ShineGreymon X surprised attack Craniummon with his GeoGrey Sword, but when the sword made contact with the shield, it snapped and split in pieces, Craniummon gained the momentum from the battle. Meanwhile, the group are still hurrying hoping Kira and Ichigo are still all right. Back in the battle, Kira, Ichigo, and their digimons are tired, Kira looked up at his hand and sees his digi-aura and gained hope and have that "never give up" determination in his face, Ichigo agreed, Craniummon asks himself why would the humans never surrender and their digimons trust in each other never fades away, Kira figured out that if they need to beat Craniummon, they must destroy his shield, Kira and Ichigo DNA digivolve ShineGreymon X and Gallantmon X to CrimsonGreymon, CrimsonGreymon tries to destroy Craniummon's shield and Kira tries to help, but Craniummon was too strong for them, and knocks Kira, Ichigo, and CrimsonGreymon down, but the three of them still won't surrender, and Craniummon decides to finish all of them together, Kira, Ichigo, CrimsonGreymon, and Gotsumon watches as they all were about to be destroyed by Craniummon. But they were saved when MirageGaogamon X used his "Full Moon Blaster" to deflect the attack, the group finally arrives and saved the three from near-death, Kira asks if his family is okay, Mason said they were fine and they came here because they care, Kira was irritated by his answer, the group end the conversation and decide to batlle Craniummon. Craniummon asks why would the humans rushed foolishly into battle without thinking, the group debated that the human heart and spirit can overcome anything, and that human potential is always flowing through the mind and body as long as humans never give up, Craniummon finds it rubbish. The DART members DNA digivolves their digimons to BlastGaogamon, Sakuramon, and Cybirdramon, Kira and Ichigo was surprised that they were able to digivolve to the Super Ultimate Level, Kira told everyone to target Craniummon's shield, and if they all destroy it, his defenses will be down and they all attack full-on, everyone was surprised on how brilliant Kira's plan was, the Digidestineds were to fallback on Kira's orders, putting them in the reserved if the DART agents failed. The four Super Ultimate Level digimons attacks, starting with CrimsonGreymon charging at Craniummon, following BlastGaogamon using his "Final Mirage Burst", then Sakuramon with her "Kiss of Breath", Cybirdramon "Crimson Formation", Craniummon tells them that's it's useless and that his shield can blocked all of their attacks, but he was surprised when his shield has a crack in it, Gotsumon finally understands that the humans can make the impossible possible by never giving up on each other, Mason found the opportunity and orders BlastGaogmon to attack, Sakuramon followed by using her "Amethyst Wind" attack, Cybirdramon attacks using his "Marut Cyclone", but Craniummon dodges it only to be sneak attacked by BlastGaogamon and knocking him down to the ground, CrimsonGreymon uses his "Final Shining Burst" attack on Craniummon, and Craniummon blocked it with his shield, which made it even more cracked, Kira then jumps off of CrimsonGreymon and charges down at Craniummon saying this is what human potential can do, Kira punches the shield, shattering it, everyone was surprised by it. After since Kira has bested him, Craniummon decided to surrender and let the group pass, because Kira proven human potential with honor, and tells the group to go, Mason asks Kira if they're walking into a trap, but Kira brushes it off by saying it is in his gut telling him to trust him. Craniummon staked everything on Kira saving everything, and learns that Yggdrasil's word isn't absolute, and wonders this is why BanchoLeomon sacrifice himself for this. Kira and the others head to Yggdrasil tree, and Kira hoped to see his father again. 
45 "Dark Masters returns! Trapped in Techno-toyland with Machinedramon and Puppetmon!"
The combined group of the DART members and the Digidestineds head into Yggdrasil's tree, but they were attack by some blinding light. When Kira woke up he was in his classroom, with Tai, Matt, Sora, and Karen in their desks. Kira and the four of them look around the school, to see Izzy in his 1st year homeroom, and Suzaku in his 3rd year homeroom, the group decide to head to Odaiba Jr. High which was pretty convenient next door, and they find Davis, T.K., Kari, and Yolei there. The group look around to see that the city isn't like the one at home, and sees it has a dome on top. Mason, Miko, Musha, Ryu, Mimi, Joe, Cody, and Ken arrives and think that this is an artificial city that is within Yggdrasil's tree. Things turns to worst when Machinedramon appears, who the Digidestineds were surprised to see alive, and he launches a barrage of missiles against them, Mason and Suzaku digivolves their digimons to their Mega Level, and fought off Machindramon, Izzy and Joe decided to help and digivolves their digimons to the Ultimate Level, Cody also help by armor-digivolving Armadillomon to Digmon, Mason then orders the others to go underground, while his team distract Machinedramon. The group go through the sewers, only to be ambushed by Puppetmon, he control the group to do silly things, like keeping Tai and Sora very close, Matt smacking Ichigo's head, T.K. and Kari dance with each other, and etc. Kira manages to break out of Puppetmon's control and punches him, activating his digi-aura, the others manages to break free, and saw that Kira activated his digi-aura, Davis saw this as a good thing, because ShineGreymon X can defeat Puppetmon, the others didn't see it that way, and asks Davis what will happen if Agumon X digivolves, Karen manages to stop Kira, saying if Agumon X digivolves, there'll be no room for him to battle, because of the cramp corners, and tells him that she, Miko, Mimi, Kari, and Yolei can handle Puppetmon, the rest of them leaves, Karen and Miko digivolves their digimons to their Mega Level, Mimi and Kari digivolves their digimons to their Ultimate Level, Yolei armor-digivolves Hawkmon to Shurimon. Meanwhile, Mason and Suzaku decided to DNA digivolve MirageGaogamon X and MegaGargomon X to BlastGaogamon, the firepower of BlastGaogamon was even to the firepower of Machinedramon, and with the help of the Digidestineds digimons, they manages to push him far. Meanwhile, Karen and Miko decide to DNA digivolve Rosemon X and Sakuyamon X to Sakuramon, they manages to push Puppetmon up to the surface. Machinedramon and Puppetmon bumped into each other, and they were about to be finished by the combination of BlastGaogamon's "Gaoga Barrage" and Sakuramon's "Sakura Forbidden Temptation", and the two Dark Masters were destroyed and turn into digi-eggs. Meanwhile, Craniummon arrives in the human world, and encounters Dorumon, who told him to leave, but he refused and pushes Dorumon off, heading for BanchoLeomon. 
46 "The Dark Masters last stand! Dark Aquarium of MetalSeadramon and Piedmon"
The group still head for Yggdrasil's throne, they arrive in a copy of File Island, where on the way to the island, they are attacked by MetalSeadramon, Musha, Ryu, Matt, and Sora stayed behind to deal with him and tell the others to head into the island. Musha, Ryu, and Matt digivolves their digimons to their Mega Level, while Sora digivolves Biyomon to Garudamon. The rest head to the island, to see a circus to fill it, and they were confronted with Piedmon and the Daemon Corps, Kira as usual, charges at Piedmon and activate his digi-aura to digivolve Agumon X to ShineGreymon X, Ichigo and Tai did the same and digivolve their digimons to their Mega Level, Davis and Ken DNA digivolve Veemon and Wormmon to Imperialdramon and mode change him to his Fighter Mode, T.K. digivolves Patamon to MagnaAngemon. MetalSeadramon was overwhelmed by Cybirdramon, the others arrived just in time to see Cybirdramon defeat MetalSeadramon and turn him into a digi-egg, the others then head out to help Kira and his group, and suspected that if the Dark Masters returns, the only other left is the most strongest of them all. THe battle with Piedmon continues, but Piedmon played dirty by taking Kira, Tai, their digimon partners, and Gallantmon X's soul and putting them into miniature action figures, the others watched in horror at what they saw. The rest of the group arrives, to see Kira, Tai, their digimon partners, and Gallantmon X lying on the ground, and to see Piedmon laughing, the group asks what did Piedmon did to them, and Piedmon point his figure at the unconscious bodies, as they rose up, Ichigo went to them, only to be punched by Kira, which the others were surprised and asks Kira why he did it, but Piedmon intervene and explained that he now has the total control of Kira and his movement, as well as the others who were knocked out by him. piedmon ordered gallantmon X to attack Ichigo, but Ichigo told him to stop, Gallantmon X hesitated, this made Piedmon realizes that he must also take the soul of the digimon's human partner, he quickly disappears and later reappears behind Ichigo and takes his soul turning it into one of his action figures, to the others horror. When Ichigo woke up, he was Piedmon's mindless minion, and he and the other two zombified boys ordered their digimons to attack, the others fanned out and try to avoid them. Imperialdramon was having trouble dealing with ShineGreymon X and Gallantmon X outnumbering him, he manages to make Shinegreymon X fall down and was about to punch him, but Kira interfered and blocked Imperialdramon punch with his own punch and knocks himm back a few steps, Davis and Ken realizes that Kira has activated his digi-aura, Kira and Ichigo DNA digivolve their two digimons to CrimsonGreymon. The others were in big trouble when this happened, Piedmon manges to take the souls of the remaining three Super Ultimate Level digimons and their partners, and orders Tai to digivolve WarGreymon to VictoryGreymon, Matt retaliated and digivolve MetalGarurumon to ZeedGarurumon. Piedmon use this opportunity to take Matt's and ZeedGarurumon's soul, he late captured everyone's soul, leaving only Davis, Ken, Imperialdramon, Izzy, Kari, T.K., Digmon, MagnaAngemon, and Angewomon left. T.K. was so mad at Piedmon for taking everyone he knows and turning him against him, his emotions activate a digi-aura from himself, Piedmon tries to take T.K.'s soul, but fail due to the immense power of his digi-aura, then the other realizes the only a concentrated power of a digi-aura, they reached deep into their heart and activated the digi-aura, Izzy hypothesis that if they can make the digi-aura stronger they can free the other's souls, and just as Izzy hypothesis, the souls were free from the figures and returned to their original bodies. Izzy told them about it, and they all activate their digi-aura from deep inside their heart, Piedmon realizes that he's finished, and ordered the Daemon Corp to fight all of them, the battle was easily won by the heroes, Piedmon tries to escape, but he was strucked down by CrimsonGreymon's "Final Blazing Elysion" and was pushed into MagnaAngemon's "Gate of Destiny". After the battle, the group final got to Yggdrasil's throne room, and Kira punches Yggdrasil/Dr. Kasai, trying to make him remember him, but Yggdrasil/Dr. Kasai says he doesn't have a son and left Kira unbalanced, he was about to finish Kira off, but was intervene by the appearance of BanchoLeomon. The others were surprised to see BanchoLeomon here, and he explained that Craniummon is holding the Digital World from colliding with the human world for him, Kira was surprised to hear that Craniummon was helping. BanchoLeomon told the group that in front of them is Zero Kasai's body, and that Zero Kasai is himself. 
47 "Kira's and Ichigo's tears! The sacrifice of Zero Kasai and BanchoLeomon!"
A while ago, Craniummon arrives where BanchoLeomon is holding the Digital World to stop it from colliding, Alphamon appears with Asuka on his back, Craniummon was surprised to see him, Alphamon asks Craniummon to stop if he wanted to attack BanchoLeomon, who's holding the weight of the Digital World in his shoulders, but Craniummon explained that he came here to take Bancholeomon's place in keeping the two worlds from colliding, and told BanchoLeomon that he was right, and the Yggdrasil's law isn't absolute, and refers BanchoLeomon as "Zero Kasai", which shocked the two pair. The group were confused, and BanchoLeomon started to explain that he was Zero's partner during his quest to bring peace to both their worlds, they were confronted by Craniummon on their way to Yggdrasil's tree, they manages to beat him with honor. Things turn to the worst when Yggdrasil recieve word of Takasugi's attack and orders the Royal Knights to arrest Zero, and Zero agreed to be imprison to bring peace to the two worlds. But 10 years later in human time, the recent deletion of Merukimon enraged Yggdrasil, thinking that the human world will bring war, orders the Royal Knights to prepare themselves for battle and to get ready to attack the human world, but Zero asks Yggdrasil to plead his forgiveness and asks to be sacrifice for humanity's crime, and Yggdrasil accepted it, and orders the Royal Knights to execute Zero Kasai, before he was executed, Zero asks BanchoLeomon to look after his two sons for him. After the execution, BanchoLeomon hold Zero's body and tells him that he will keep his promise as Zero's spirit passes on to him, suddenly Zero spoke, which surprised BanchoLeomon, he explains to BanchoLeomon that he is Yggdrasil, and he thinks that he'll understand human beings if he is in a human body, and if BanchoLeomon tells anyone about this, he'll destroy Zero's body. Right now, the group were surprised at BanchoLeomon's story, and thinks that Yggdrasil methods are very extremed for the king of the Digital World, then a girl named Norn appeared, Suzaku jumped at the chance and began to flirt with her, but Kira punches him before he got the chance, and asks the girl who she is, Norn explains to the group that she is Yggdrasil's consciousness and explains to the group that Yggdrasil was taken over by an arrogant digimon called Lucemon and planned every like reviving Devimon to plunging the human world and Digital World, the group were angered at Lucemon's actions, and demanded that he would stop right now, before he plunges their worlds into total destruction. BanchoLeomon restrained Zero's body and told the others that the only way for them to defeat Lucemon/Yggdrasil is to destroyed them both, even destroying Zero's body and spirit, and asks Kira to do it. Kira refused to do it, BanchoLeomon says this is the only way, to sacrifice himself and Zero to save both worlds from the great evil, Kira tries to see if they was any other way, but BanchoLeomon told him this is the only way from stopping Lucemon, Kira stopped hesitating and finally understand there is no other way and activate his digi-aura deep inside his heart, the digi-aura was so immense it was like fire, and burn everyone who touches him, Kira digivolves Agumon X to ShineGreymon X, Kira hesitated it for a moment but finally understsnd he must do it, and orders ShineGreymon X to use his "Glorious Burst" attack on BanchoLeomon and Zero Kasai's body, the attack hit destroying the entire throne room, Zero's spirit appears and thanks Kira for doing it, the DART agents, Digidestineds, and Norn manages to survive the blast. After the horrible ordeal, the heroes along with Norn regrouped outside the tree, and Kira started to cry, because he manages to see his father only to see him get destroyed by his own hands. The others comforted Kira, and tells him that they will return to the human world. But things turned to the worst, when Lucemon appears in his digimon form, with the four evil digimons beside him, the group prepared for battle as this will be their final battle to save both their worlds. 
48 "Final Battle begins! CrimsonGreymon vs. Daemon of Wrath, BlastGaogamon vs. Belphemon of Sloth, Sakuramon vs. Lilithmon of Desire, and Cybirdramon vs. Barbamon of Greed!"
Lucemon appears before the group eyes, and the Digidestineds were surprised that Daemon was here, Daemon explained that he escaped the Dark Ocean, after something or someone defeated Dragomon, and turned him back into a digi-egg. Everyone started to look at Kira, and he started to whistle suspiciously, after 15 seconds of whistling, Kira orders ShineGreymon X to attack the five evil digimons, everyone else digivolves their digimons to their Ultimate and Mega Levels, respectively. The five evil digimons were too strong to beat, Kira summons the GeoGrey Sword for ShineGreymon X, but when Lucemon touch the Sword, he snapped it in two with his own bare hand, he orders Barbamon to use his "Pandæmonium Lost" on the heroes, thinking that the group have been dispose of, the five evil digimons head for the human world. Back in the human world, Craniummon continues to hold the mountain to stop the two worlds from colliding, then the five evil digimons appears, Craniummon feared them, Asuka asks what's wrong, Alphamon explain that the five digimons who arrived are the Seven Great Demon Lords, Lucemon orders Craniummon to drop the Digital World, and he must do it, because Yggdrasil is a part of him, Craniummon must follow the order, Craniummon refused and tells Lucemon that he is a manipulative egomaniac who enjoys making people suffer, Lucemon was irritated at Craniummon for calling him that, and prepares to destroy him, but Alphamon appears and digivolves to his Ouryuken Form, and tries to defeat Lucemon, but was unsuccessful, Lucemon pushes Alphamon with the tip of his finger, and Alphamon de-digivolves to Dorumon, Asuka rushes to his side and tend to his injuries, Lucemon laughs saying that the world will be born anew, and all of this happened because of him. Kira appears with ShineGreymon X and saying it won't happen, Lucemon was surprised by Kira being alive, and he was even more surprised by the fact the rest of them survives too, Lucemon didn't understand, but he figured it out that Norn may have used her powers to teleport them to safety. The DART members DNA digivolve their digimons to their Super Ultimate Form, Lucemon orders the rest of the Demon Lords to seperate and take on different opponents. Cybirdramon faces Barbamon alone, he manages to dodge all of his attacks, but Barbamon manages to capture him and begins to slowly delete him, but Beelzemon X and Leviamon appears to help Cybirdramon, Barbamon remembers the two digimons as members of the Seven Great Demon Lords who betrayed them, the two explained to Musha and Ryu that Lucemon decisions have reached the scales where his pride took him too far and became unstably insane, and switch sides to save the Digital World, the two trust the two digimons and orders Cybirdramon to escape, the two digimons distracted Barbamon, while Cybirdramon uses his "Marut Cyclone" to finish him off. The girls are dealing with the problem with Lilithmon, saying that "little girls" couldn't beat her in a million years, Karen and Sora took that as an insult and determine to beat her, Sakuramon was strong but Lilithmon was stronger, and at the end the girls banded together and defeated Lilithmon. BlastGaogamon, MetalGarurumon, Shakkoumon, MegaKabuterimon, and Zudomon are holding their own against Belphemon, but the digimon's rage mode instinct kicked in and manages to knock the group down, but Mason and Suzaku weren't giving up, taking a page from Kira, they gambled on what they though could help them by combining all of their attacks together, and they defeated Belphemon. CrimsonGreymon, WarGreymon, and Imperialdramon are holding their own against Daemon, Daemon was getting powerful and explains to the three digimons that he represent wrath or anger if they will, and he's getting a huge heaping from Kira's anger and frustration, and taunts him more to get even more stronger, Kira then release a huge amount of his digi-aura with his anger, and Daemon can't get more stronger from it, because the digi-aura is pure light inside the human heart, and the anger is poison to him now, Kira and Ichigo orders CrimsonGreymon to use his "Crimson Light" attack to finish off Daemon, Daemon tries to escape the light, but was unsuccessful and absorbed in the light, finishing him off. The group finishes their battles with the four Demon Lords and are preparing themselves to face off against Lucemon, who was irritated that he's was getting beat by humans. 
49 "Final Boss, Lucemon Chaos Mode of Pride, and strongest of the Seven Great Demon Lords!"
Lucemon was furious, so furious in fact, he digivolves to a powerful form, which was more scarier than his young boy appearance. The group wasn't afraid, and challenges him head on, but his "Paradise Lost Punch" knocks the digimons down. Lucemon uses his "Ultimate Sacrifice" attack, and put the DART agents, Digidestineds, and their digimons in the sphere, and Lucemon asks them to decide their fate to get out of the sphere, they would either come out alive with massive damages or be annihilated completely, the group were afraid at whether to choose their, either way one is a slow-agonizing death which will be of Lucemon torturing them, the other will be a quick swift one to go right before everyone else in both worlds. Lucemon made their decision for them and decide to keep them alive, barely as they got major bruises to their bodies, Lucemon uses his attack again, only Leviamon got in his way and sacrifices himself to save the others. After seeing Leviamon sacrificing himself for them, Kira was determine to defeat Lucemon, the others didn't stop because they're also determine to beat Lucemon. Lucemon laughed and says that they'll never beat him, because his power comes from the data of the digimons who were destroyed by the Gizumons created by Takasugi, the group were shocked and realizes that Lucemon planned this from the beginning, and allied himself with not just Takasugi, but all of their other enemies. Lucemon answered yes, saying he orchestrated the whole thing, getting Myotismon to absorbed the data of the digimons that were destroyed, only for him to get destroyed to get the data and plunge the two worlds into total chaos if the two ever failed, he says "either way" it's a win-win situation. Kira was mad at Lucemon, and orders CrimsonGreymon to defeat him, but Lucemon was too strong for him too handle. Lucemon uses Yggdrasil's power within him, to bring back Devimon, Myotismon, Takasugi, DemiDevimon, Arukenimon, Mummymon, the Dark Masters, the Daemon Corp, and the four recently defeated Demon Lords back to life. The group were amazed and terrified at the same time, Kira told Lucemon he wasn't get away with this, Lucemon taunted him and said you can't do anything about it if you're too happy, Kira asks what's he talking about, Lucemon fires a ball of light at the heroes, causing them to daydream of their deepest desires, Lucemon thought that will distract them for a while, the partnered digimons were furious and attacked, but with Lucemon and his army of minions, the heroes' digimons lost and de-digivolve back to their Rookie Forms. Everyone daydreams they were in a world were digimons and humans live in harmony, the gang and their families were at the park, Kira played catch with his dad, while Ichigo showed his latest inventions to his family, Mason played with his sister, who had been successfully cured by him, Suzaku cook to impress some girls, and also to make his sister happy as he entertain her by cooking while his father watched them have fun while he's working, Karen showed some initiative and prove herself she isn't weak in front of her family, Miko had a cup of hot tea with her grandparents, Tai and Matt were playing tag with their younger siblings, Sora and her mother were arranging flowers, Izzy was happily typing on his laptop and explain a lot of facts of life to his parents, Mimi was having a picnic with her family under a cherry blossom tree, Joe and his brothers were reading books on medicine, Davis and his sister were help solving their problems with their own respective love life, Yolei and her siblings were having fun socializing with other people, Cody showed his father how the world is at peace with digimons and humans harmonizing with each other, and Ken showed his brother how happy he is with his friends. Asuka tries to get them to snapped out of it, Lucemon prepared to use his "Ultimate Sacrifice" attack again, Agumon X manages to get Kira out of his trance, Kira woke up and realizes it was an illusion, but was too late to stop Lucemon. Then something blasted Lucemon, causing him to lose his concentration, it was a cannon blast from Omnimon's "Garuru Cannon", he's not the only one who came, Magnamon, Dynasmon, UlForceVedramon, and Examon came along too, they have came to help the humans into defeating Lucemon, Kira feel that the Royal Knights weren't lying, and activate his digi-aura to free the others from the trance, the others woke up and realizes that Lucemon tricked them, and they were enraged at him. Lucemon orders the Royal Knights to stand down, because he absorbed Yggdrasil, he is Yggdrasil, Norn appeared and tells him, that not all of Yggdrasil's decision is absolute, Lucemon denies it and thinked that if he had Yggdrasil's power he'll be unstoppable and nothing will defied him, a voice said he was wrong, and that voice belonged to the Royal Knight Gallantmon who survived his frozen prison in the depths, and said that humans have the power to make the impossible possible, something his dear friend Sleipmon told him and understood that not all of Yggdrasil's word is absolute and explained he was freed when Sleipmon uses all his energy to freed them from their icy prison, Kira then asks Gallantmon what happened to Sleipmon, and Gallantmon showed him in his hand the tired-out Kudamon, who Asuka quickly carried into her arms to protect. Lucemon laughed at this and said that things will go his way, he was toying with them for far too long, and tells him that he can annihilate both worlds if he want to, if he showed them the true power of Yggdrasil, it turns out Yggdrasil is actually a computer which was designed to control all lifeforms in the Digital World at its will, and because Lucemon has Yggdrasil's power, he can destroy any digimon if he wanted at any time. But things didn't go Lucemon way, when Norn severed Lucemon's connection to Yggdrasil's true power, Lucemon tries to attack Norn, but the Royal Knights retaliated to protect Norn, they were able to knock down Lucemon. Kira told Lucemon that he didn't get it, and tells Lucemon that selfish people don't get anything, and that people who have friends and trust them are power themselves and that they can defeat evils within themselves, Lucemon told Kira to shut up and says, how dare a lowly human talk down to him, the new "God" of the Digital World and charges right at him, Kira did the same thing and charges at him. 
50 "Final Showdown Concluded, Lucemon Shadowlord Mode! End of the Heroes Adventures."
Kira and Lucemon charges at each other, Kira manages to dodge Lucemon's punch by ducking, and punches in his stomach, knocking him back a few steps. Lucemon was embarrassed on how dare a lowly bested him, and digivolves to his most powerful form. The Royal Knights were ordered by Norn to help Craniummon hold the Digital World from colliding. Kira activate a digi-aura to build a pillar of foundation from it to hold up the two worlds from colliding, Lucemon laughed at what one pillar can do, then sets of light appears and seemed to be heading for the mountain they're on, and appears the Digidestineds around the world who came to help, Lucemon laughed even more and says "so what you have friends, what what are they gonna do about it", Ichigo answered that they'll help by raising a pillar of their digi-aura to help stop the two worlds from colliding, as he activate his digi-aura in the same manner as Kira, the DART agents did the same thing, the original Digidestineds told the others how to activate their digi-aura, and they were able to create pillars from their digi-auras, not just the Digidestineds digi-aura, but all of the humans in the world are releasing digi-auras to stop the collision with help from all the digimons in the Digital World, and they manages to stop the collision of both worlds and pushes the Digital World back into it into it's proper place, Lucemon was surprised on how they are able to do it, but he says he'll destroy them all to achieve his dream of ruling everything around him. Kira tells Lucemon that's not going to happen, Lucemon asks "Says who?", Kira answered "says me", as he uses his digi-aura to digivolve Agumon X, but this was no normal digivolution, as Agumon X didn't digivolves, but GeoGreymon X, RizeGreymon X, and ShineGreymon X appears, everyone was surprised and asks Kira how he did it, Kira didn't know and says he was wishing for both worlds to be at peace, the Digidestineds believed him and says that this has happened before. Ichigo tries it and got Growlmon X, WarGrowlmon X, and Gallantmon X to appeared, Mason did the same thing as Gaogamon X, MachGaogamon X, and MirageGaogamon X appears, the rest of them tries the same thing and their digimons' Champion, Armored, Ultimate, and Mega Forms appeared. Kira summons the GeoGrey Sword for ShineGreymon X, and the sword was able to harm Lucemon, the wound leaked out digimon data and with Yggdrasil's power, the deleted digimons who were destroyed by the Gizumons returned, including Merukimon and Frigimon, who Musha was happy to see, as well as Leviamon who was destroyed earlier. Lucemon said this was impossible, Kira said nothing was impossible as long as they believe it, as the DART agents burst DNA digivolve their digimons to get their Super Ultimate Forms to appeared, and the younger Digidestineds DNA digivolves their digimons to have their DNA digivolved Forms appeared, Paildramon digivolves to have Imperialdramon appeared and he mode change to have his Fighter Mode appeared. Lucemon orders his side to attack, Kira summons the Burst GeoGrey Sword for CrimsonGreymon, and the two sides clashes, Kira orders CrimsonGreymon to take him and Agumon X into the "Gehenna" that Lucemon is carrying, because he sense that Yggdrasil's power core is in there, CrimsonGreymon obeyed and fights his way to get to the "Gehenna" and was told to charge in it, the group watched in horror as Kira entered the world of darkness. When Kira was inside, something shielded him, Agumon X, and CrimsonGreymon from the darkness, it was Yggdrasil's power, leading them to Lucemon's true form, where Kira snatches the orb (which is the concentrated power of Yggdrasil) it was carrying, and orders CrimsonGreymon to escape, but Lucemon wouldn't let him, and tries to dragged them into the darkness, but Kira was strong and activate the digi-aura in his right fist and punches Lucemon true form, destroying him and his body, turning him into a digi-egg, Kira and Agumon X was then transported into a strange world where a sphere is talking to them, and the pair assumes it was Yggdrasil, and it asks the two to build a world where humans and digimons should live together in harmony, Kira promises saying it was what his father wanted as well, as he blacked out. 
51 "Epilogue: The aftermath of the adventure."
Kira woke up, to see all his friends gathered in one to see if he's okay, Kira stressfully asks what happened. Mason told him that everything is all right, they defeated Lucemon and the evil digimons, and that the barrier between the two worlds have stabilized. A helicopter arrive in the mountain the group were on, carrying commander Hijikata, Kondo, Neko, Yuki, Tsubasa, Riku, and the heroes family members. The Digidestineds get a big welcome from their family members and gotten praises from them for saving the world. Suzaku get a big welcome by his family, he gotten hugs from his sister Shizuka, as well as noogies from his older brother and sister, a kiss in the forehead from his mother, which kinda embarrassed him, and a congratulations from his father. Mason gets a hug from his little sister Emily, and reconnects with his father. Musha introduces Frigimon, as the digimon who raised him in the Digital World when he was little, to his family, and they thanked Frigimon for looking after Musha. Kira, Ichigo, and Asuka were glad to see their mother and grandfather, Kira broke the news to his mother about his father demise, and couldn't kept his promise in bringing him back home, Shiori said it was all right and she can wait for him forever. Then someone called out hello from the distance, everyone turn their heads around to see Zero Kasai, alive and well. Kira and Ichigo began to asked how it was possible, Norn appeared and said it was Yggdrasil's gift for them, for saving both worlds from Lucemon, Kira then notices the orb in his pocket, and remembers that it was Yggdrasil's power core, and gives it to Norn saying it rightfully belong to her, Norn says thank you, Kira then promised her what he promised Yggdrasil, to build a world where digimons and humans live in harmony. Norn smiled and have Craniummon gave her a lift as she was about to leave for the Digital World through a digi-gate, with the other Royal Knights, and the rest of the digimons who were deleted by Takasugi, the Royal Knights said that Kira was a true hero, and will always be remembered as a legend of the Digital World, Kira thanked them and says he can help them anytime at all, just as Norn was about to leave, she then promises everyone that she will be the best goddess she can be, and left. Zero sees Asuka and patted her head and commented on how big she has gotten, he then gotten a hug from Shiori, who was glad to see him, he was reunited with his father Kintoki, who was glad to see him alive, and he was especially as happy to see Kira and Ichigo to see how matured they have gotten. While everyone was having a reunion, Takasugi, who was still alive at the time after being revived by Lucemon, tries to escape, only to be arrested by men from the National Security Council, everyone turned around to see Takasugi being escorted by the government officials, Takasugi demanded what's going on, Okita appeared and explains that Takasugi is going to jail, and his sentence is life behind bars. The charges are causing a digimon genocide, disrupting the space-time continuum causing the world to be put in a state of jeopardy, and falsifying information to the government. Takasugi said that the digimons made him do it, Okita said that was impossible, and did a cross-reference with videos of humans who were controlled by digimons, and concluded that Takasugi followed the digimons orders with his own free will, Takasugi demanded that he sees director Iesayu about this, Okita says he can't, because director Iesayu resigned and given the position to Okita. Everyone watched as Takasugi was being dragged to prison, and Okita turned his attention to the heroes, and says he was wrong about digimons, saying that not all of them are bad, some of them may be misunderstood, and left, after seeing there is a side of Okita who was kind to digimon, made them think there is a chance for a world of harmony for both their worlds and left the mountain. The next day, at the rebuilt DART HQ, the commander announces to the DART agents and the Digidestineds, that DART HQ will be converted to Digi-Terminals, where Trailmons and Locomons bring digimons to the human world, and humans to the Digital World within a year, the group were joyed to the great news, that they decided to celebrate by having a party in the park, and invite all their friends and family to it, the commander was happy to see the joys in their faces. Five years later, an older Asuka and Musha attended their 3rd year in middle school, and are walking back home with an older Davis, Kari, T.K., and Cody, along with their digimon partners, to get ready for Tai and Sora wedding in Primary Village, where the group met up with an older Karen and Miko, who were out on patrol with their digimon partners, and Karen was the one who was driving the car, and she rushed off chasing off an older Raito, who wasn't wearing a helmet at the time. Meanwhile, and older Ichigo, Guilmon X, and Zero heads home, after working with Izzy, Tentomon, professor Takenouchi, Shuu, professor Takame, and professor Karasu on their research of the Digital World, when they were on their way home, they passed by Suzaku's restaurant, who was at the time loading a ton of food for the wedding with Terriermon X at the time, when the three finally gotten home, Kintoki was drinking tea and Shiori watched the news on Mason, who was awarded the Nobel prize for curing Emily rare disease, Joe was watching the news in his class in medical school and was taking notes at the time, Mimi also watches the news report as she was preparing to go through a Digi-Terminal for the wedding. Matt was driving in his van picking up his brother and his friends to the Digi-Terminal for the wedding, on their way they greeted Kondo and Kamemon, who were at the time fishing and promises to see them at the wedding tonight, and they arrive in DART HQ and were about to board a Trailmon, in the command centre, where commander Hijikata gave Ryu and the four operators the night off for the wedding, Tsubasa asks Yuki out to be his dat for the wedding, and the two manages to convince Riku and Neko to do the same. Meanwhile, Kira and Agumon X stops a brawl from erupting, and tell both sides to negotiate and settle their differences, on their way to the wedding, Yolei and Ken were setting up for the wedding, and are still waiting for Suzaku to get here. Everyone arrived just in time and clapped as they watch the ceremony unfold. The story then turn to an adult T.K. saying it was another story for another time, it was 12 years since the wedding, T.K. was now a famous author married to Kari, who had became a school teacher, and have a son and daughter, they were on their way to meet the old gang. Izzy and Mimi were married, and have two sons, Izzy was still researching the Digital World, while Mimi had her own cooking show. Mason and Joe are now doctors, Mason is in the field to find and cure rare diseases, and has a son who is groomed to become the next heir to the Worthington lineage, while Joe is the first doctor to digimons, and has a son who assist him. Yolei and Ken were married, with three daughters, Ken is police officer as well as an official DART agent, while Yolei lives a life of a simple housewife. Ryu now is the commander of DART, when commander Hijikata was promoted to general commander, Ryu now has a son who is a DART agent as well. Cody is now a prosecutor, who sometimes win/lose, but it doesn't matter to him, the only thing he care about is dealing out justice to those who did wrong, he now has a daughter. Matt is an astronaut as well as a musician, he now has a son. Ichigo is still helping Izzy with his research, and he now has a son. Miko and Suzaku are married, with a son and two daughters, Suzaku still runs his own resturant, while Miko is a DART agent in the day, and a shrine-keeper at night. Musha is now married to Asuka, who have two sons, one who like to explore the Digital World, the other who looked up to him. Tai and Sora have two kids of their own, a son and a daughter, Tai's a diplomat who's working with relations with both the Digital World and human world, as well as a famous soccer player at the side, Sora is now a tennis star who have her own of fashionable clothes she designed, which became a huge trend. Davis now has a son, and grew up to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Kira and Karen are now married, Kira is now a specialized covert DART agent, while Karen is still a field agent, they have a son and a daughter. The gang met up and remanence on the good old days while their children played with their digimons, not knowing Yukio Oikawa appears and watch them from afar, and smile to see that the future of the Digital World looks bright, and disappears into moths, the children ran, lead by Kira's son and his digimon partner, and were smiling hoping they have some kind of adventure awaiting them all. 


These episodes of the fan-based series are comical episodes concerning DART agents and the Digidestineds free time, when they are not busy

Ep# Title
01 "Valentine's day crisis! A Nerd's Revenge of Rejection!"
Valentine's Day is near, and love is in the air, and also a nerd wish to be loved, his emotions brought out a Gargoylemon, who wants to help the nerd to get all the girls he want, and feed off the negative energy from him all he wants. On Valentine's Day, all the agents have day offs. The guys are trying prototype exo-suit that gave them enhanced abilities, an orange suit for Kira that gave him enhanced strength and power, a blue suit for Mason that gave him enhanced speed and agility, a red suit for Ichigo that gave him bladed armaments for close-combat battles, a green suit for Suzaku that are loaded with firearms that are for long-ranged support. The guys (except Suzaku) think the suits are a bad idea, but Suzaku thinks that with the suits they could become the G-Squad (The Gs from their respective partners champion forms: GeoGreymon, Growlmon, Gaogamon, and Gargomon), with Orange-Dinosaur (Kira), Red-Lizard (Ichigo), Blue-Dog (Mason), and Green-Rabbit (Suzaku), they could help save Valentine's Day from a great evil that rose up to ruin love forever, so said Suzaku. Meanwhile, Sora, Mimi, Kari, Karen, Miko, Neko, and Yuki shop for some chocolates, when the nerd came in along with Gargoylemon swoop in and capture them, and forced them to love them by holding them hostage. The guys along with Yolei, heard about it and came rushing in, to the room where the nerd, Gargoylemon and the girls are in. The G-Squad came in crashing down the ceiling to stop the nerd. They use their exo-suit's abilities to fight Gargoylemon but were unsuccessful. Kira then took off his suit and punch Gargoylemon, because he prefers fighting this way, along with Ichigo and Mason. Agumon X digivolve to GeoGreymon X, Guilmon X digivolve to Growlmon X, and Gaomon X digivolve to Gaogamon X. They fought against Gargoylemon, and try to win, while the guys namely Suzaku tries to free the girls, so they could adore him, but was cruelly ignored. Gargoylemon got destroyed by the combination of GeoGreymon X's Mega Burst, Growlmon X's Pyro Blaster, and Gaogamon X's Spiral Blow. At the end, they transported Gargoylemon's digi-egg to the Digital World, wipe the nerd's memories, while Suzaku tries to convinced the others that the G-Squad is a great idea, the others goes back to Kira's house for the Valentine's Day party and Cake, that Shiori set up.

Note: This story plot is similar to Digimon Adventure 02: Armor Evolution to the Unknown 

02 "Burgermon's Problem! Cooking showdown between Kira and Suzaku!"
03 "The Mystery Twins! Kira and Ichigo, teen detectives!"
04 "It's Summertime! Beach and camping adventure!"
05 "Exciting Halloween Party! Demonic and Undead Digimon Sinister plan!"
06 "Secret Agent Suzaku, mission to save the princesses!"
07 "Double Date, Tai and Sora with Takeru and Kari! Also Great Detective Agumon X!"
It's Tanabata, all the young Digidestineds and the Patrol Squadron members (except Mason) goes to the Tanabata festival. Tai and Sora has a double date with Takeru and Kari, a jealous Davis spies on the date, Ichigo gives the guys advice, while Karen gives the girls the same thing. Meanwhile, Agumon X has to become a detective based on a familiar cultural icon, to solve a crime of a massive explosion caused by an ignition of fireworks his suspects are: Kira, Guilmon, Matt, Gabumon, Tentomon, Miko, Renamon, Cody, and Armadillomon. Suzaku watches these two events unfold behind the scenes (or we say on top of a tree). 
08 "Digimon Rock Band! Hello world, I am Kira and we are DART"
09 "Special recap episode! Digimon trivia challenge!"
10 "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Heroes Ultimate Holiday Party"


Ep# Title
01 "Activating the power of Burst Mode!!"
02 "The Ultimate Enemy"
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