Level Champion
Type (Ja:) Plant
(En:) Vegetation
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits
Wind Guardians
Jungle Troopers
Prior forms Clovermon

Lilacmon is a Vegetation Digimon. It has a tropical flower blooming on its head. Although it digivolved like a reptile from Clovermon, it is an unusual Type which is classified as Vegetation based on its outward appearances and special qualities, As a Vegetation Digimon, it gets along with other digimon During the day, it opens up the flower and spreads its leaf-like arms to perform photosynthesis. It usually buries its root-like feet under the ground, and although it is absorbing nutrients, it is also able to walk. As for the flower on its head, when it is joyful or happy, it will waft about a sweet fragrance, but when it is angered or senses danger, it releases a foul stench that will drive off even large Digimon.

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