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This article details the relationships between Koichi Kimura and his fellow DigiDestined of Digimon Frontier.


Takuya Kanbara[]

Takuya and Koichi didn't interact much, even after Koichi joined the group, but when Lucemon Chaos Mode scanned Koichi's data, Takuya was furious and he and Koji became Susanoomon to avenge Koichi's demise and destroy Lucemon.

Koji Minamoto[]

Upon finding out from his grandmother that Koji existed, Kouichi proceeded to somewhat stalk him, as he was very curious as to what kind of person Koji was. But when Koji was chosen to go to the Digital World and Kouichi was left behind, Kouichi began to feel resentment and jealousy, which caused Cherubimon to take him in and transform him into Duskmon.

As Duskmon, there are some significant traits of his fixation that remain. He starts to regain himself when Takuya yells Koji's name, and eventually regains his memories back. However, his anger towards Koji is still manipulated by Cherubimon and it takes a straight-on confrontation from Koji to get Kouichi back to normal.

Once again normal, and now a member of the DigiDestined, Kouichi continues to pursue his goal of finding more about Koji's personality, eventually developing a protective and caring side towards him. This culminates when Kouichi sacrifices himself in the interests of his brother.

Kouichi survives by virtue of not truly being in the Digital World, and eventually he goes to take Koji to see his mother.

J.P. Shibayama[]

Tommy Himi[]

Zoe Orimoto[]

Zoe is the first and only person other than Koji who has a full conversation with Koichi just before the IceDevimon attack in Ice Ice Baby. She is also often seen standing or sitting beside him, and in the episode that Crusadermon and Dynasmon appear in, he can be seen holding Zoe's shoulder's to make sure that she is alright after the Royal Knights attack.