Kaito Uriamuzu
Appears in:Digimon: Times of Darkness
Partner(s):Guilmon X
Digivice(s):Violet X Loader w/ teal and red buttons
Age 15
Grade 10th
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Hunter

Kaito Uriamuzu is a protagonist and the Main Protagonist in Digimon: Times of Darkness. He is partnered with Guilmon X and later Souldramon, and is a member of the DATS as well as a Digimon Hunter.


Kaito is a young boy with dark red eyes and black hair. He wears a blue shirt with a Red Jacket. He also has yellow shorts, and black shoes. Kaito is the series's Goggle Boy, and wears red goggles.

Xros Loader

Kaito Wields a Violet Xros Loader with teal and red buttons. He received it from Alphamon to not only protect the Human World from invading Digimon but also assist in protecting the Digital World and DigiQuartz.


Kaito is generally lazy and rather takes shortcuts but is always willing to help those in need and never gives up.

When angry he become a completely different person. Consumed by rage, he'll do whatever it takes.


Team Hyper Fire Army

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