Jeri Hikari
(Hikari Jeri)
Jeri Katou
Appears in:Super Digimon Xros Wars
First appearance "A New Xros Heart is born" [01]
Voice actor(s):Bridget Hoffman
Other voice actor(s)
Louise Vallance
Trait(s):Loyalty and Light
Age 12
Date of birth January 16th
Grade 6th
Gender Female
Known relatives Unknown
Nationality Japanese Jp flag

Jeri is the same age as Ian and plays as a older sister figure to all the human members of the army. Jeri has a crush on Ian and often tells him some of his ideas are crazy, but that's in a way just Jeri's way to tell Ian to "Go for it". Some of the members on Blue Xros Heart call her and Ian "Xros-Twins" due to the fact their birthday is on the same day. Jeri after the last battle and Ian is sent back to the Digital world, she hears a melody of a dying Digimon and is sent into the Digital World to help Ian. She has a Lavender X Loader.


File:Crest of Loyalty.png Loyalty File:Crest of Light.png Light