Level Super Ultimate
Type Ultra Dragon Lord
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Nightmare Soldier
Prior forms Shadowdramon M + Helixmon-02
Partners ???

Helixmon-03 is Shimidramon's digivolution line Super Ultimate (Mega 2) digimon. He is created when Shadowdramon M and Helixmon-02 DNA Digivolve. He is a natural carrier of the X-Antibody

He is 10 times bigger than Helixmon-02 and is purely made of Red Chrome digizoid, except on his cannons, which are made of Gold Chrome digizoid. Helixmon-03 has the incredible ability to fuse with ANY Dragon's Roar, Metal Empire or Nightmare Soldier digimon, and take full control of the new born digimon. He can also instantly absorb any kind of weapon and amke it a part of his body (example: If he absorbs a sword, a sword will appear as a spike on his back).

He have 2 forms: The Helixmon and The Shadowdramon form.

When he uses the Helixmon form, he get an impenetrable defense and extreme attack at the point to destroy the data of any digimon. And in the Shadowdramon form, he get the "speed of the teleport", as he can appear instantly in any place without passing 0,00000000000000...000000001 second.


In the Helixmon form he is exactly as Helixmon-02, but he is 10 times bigger, and changed his Nemesis Cannon and Olympus Blade for the X-Eliminator at his right arm and Fatality Drill at his tail.

In his Shadowdramon form he is a purely machine Shadowdramon with tons of cannons and horns/spikes, and also, he can use the new weapons: Cybernetic Spear at his tail and the Holy Destroyer black hole from his mouth.


Ultima Fusion: Fuses with the enemy (Dragon's Roar, Metal Empire and Nightmare Soldiers only) and takes full control of the new born digimon.


X-Elimination: Launches a powerful and huge beam from the X-Eliminator cannon, which destroys any X-Antibody carrier Digimon and absorbs his energy.

Atomic Lightning: Automatic paralyzes the enemy with a huge thunder launched form his spikes.

Fatality Impale: Impales the enemy spinning the Fatality Drill in his tail, destroying automatically any digimon's data... and his digi-egg.

Fatality Elimination: Automatically uses all his weapons on the enemy destroying his data and digi-egg.


Cyber Tornado: Spin the Cybernetic Spear in his tail and creates an energy tornado to destroy the enemies.

Holy Buster: Destroys and absorbs all holy digimon nearby by simply activating his Holy Destroyer inside his mouth.

Shadowy Mechablaster: Launches a laser that destroys any enemy and his dig-egg.

Digimon that he have already fused

With Azulongmon: Dark Azulongmon

With Grimmon: Shadow ExoGrimmon