Level Mega
Type Holy Knight
Attribute Vaccine, Virus
Family Metal Empire
Virus Busters
Prior forms MirageGaogamon + ShineGreymon
Next forms none

GaoShinemon is Digimon created from fused ShineGreymon and MirageGaogamon.


He is somewhat similiar to Omnimon; he's torso is formed by metal armor similiar in shape to ShineGreymon's head. He has legs of MirageGaogamon and has ShineGreymon's and MirageGaogamon's heads on his shoulders. His left arm belongs to ShineGreymon and grips GaoShine Sword; his right arm belongs to MirageGaogamon. He has two giant spikes protrunding from his back and wears a dark blue cape with courage symbol on it. He also has ShineGreymon's tail. He's mask looks like lupine's head, but also has horns similiar to that of WarGreymon.


Crescent Mirage - Uses his Gaoga Claw to shot crescent-shaped air blade.

GaoShine Sword - Uses his sword to slice enemy.

Solar Flare Gun - Shots solar energy from jaw on his chest.

Ultimate Eclipse - Gathers solar energy in left hand and lunar energy in right, then combines both of them to create giant orb of energy, that will shot powerfull beam obliterating all foes in range.


He will appear in final battle with Barbamon in Digimon Savers:Revival of Seven Mao.[1]

This Fan Digimon was created by Final_Cannon

Notes and references

  1. My fanfic idea, don't exist yet.