Gamblemon by LKani color
Level Rookie
Type Human
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters/Nightmare Soldiers
Next forms Acemon

Gamblemon, the Gambling Monster. He resembles a little human child wearing a sharp-looking card dealer's outfit, a red-and-black checkered vest over a white shirt and dark blue slacks. He has messy white hair and green eyes, with white cat's ears on the side of his head and cat's paws for feet. Gamblemon has devilish-looking horns, wings, and a tail. but he is a Vaccine-type.

True to his name, this Digimon is a compulsive gambler and will take any bet. He's a tenacious fighter, but he knows when to fold if the going gets tough. He can seem either distant or spaced out due to his tendency to put on a poker face, masking his emotions. He's very prideful and hates losing, but he is extremely good at hiding his disappointment. It's said that befriending this Digimon will make you lucky, but becoming his enemy will bring misfortune.

His evolves to a his Royal Knight Acemon who is only called up upon when the digital world is intrue danger and is known as an unstoppable force who created the Royal Knights with Alphamon.


  • Fortune Shot: Throws a pair of explosive dice at the opponent. This attack is weaker or more powerful depending on what numbers are rolled; two sixes create a big explosion, while two ones make hardly any effect.
  • Spade Shot: Call upon his spade shaped minions and fires them through his roulette staff.