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List of Fan fiction[]

Digimon World Online[]

Season 1
File Island Arc
Reminiscing at Dragon Eye Lake
Deletion in Factory Town


Ancient Warrior Saga

Olympias Warriors[]

  • Sol Yammoto & Coronamon
  • Moone Rioga & Lunamon
  • Heete Mamoro & Leomon
  • Voyd Mamoro & IceLeomon
  • Mosse Shiste & Algeamon
  • Veenoma Makake & Rattlemon
  • Barron Kokama & Hornmon
  • Graynite Kokama & Antlermon
  • Dimond Shima & Crystalmon
  • Aqua Kakama & Gomamon
  • Rore Makemada & Orangmon
  • Flaer Kokona & Irratomon

Angel Force[]

Author: *xX Jose Rueda IV Xx*

"Fan:Digimon Infinity"[]

  Season 1
 Season 2
  • Max & Truamon
  • Rachael & Ventusmon



Break the Chain![]


Corrupted Miracles[]

Author: S.Stryker

  • BlackAzulongmon


DigiDestiny: At the beginning[]

Author: Coolbloo12

Digi Explorers[]

Author: BramBenthem

  • Ultimate: ChargeAngemon

Digimon 2.5[]

Author: Cherry Girl UK

Digimon (2021 film series idea project)[]

Creator: CAJH

Chosen Children:

Digimon A-3[]

Author: Pikacheeckmon

  • Baby: Kabumon
  • In-Training: Hornmon (Pinchmon)
  • Champion: Dinodramon

Digimon: Another Time, Another World[]

Author: Candescence

  • Keith Windslow
  • Jase Merson
  • Christa Pickett
  • Ada Horton
  • Heath Chaney
  • James Kessal
  • Roy Hawk
  • Lisa Juse

Fan:Digimon Adventure G[]

Author: CartoonLover

Fan:Digimon Adventure X[]

Author: Garmagic

It is a project that I have in mind. It happens in 2029. I was inspired in the Digimon Adventure 02 epilogue, with the DigiDestined sons. Here resides the X Antibody, the most important element of the series.

-Main DigiDestined[]
  • Fan:Riku Kamiya (Tai and Mimi's son)
    • Fan:NegaKoromon (in training)
    • Fan:X BlackAgumon (rookie)
      • Fan:X BlackGreymon (champion)
      • Fan:X SkullGreymon (incorrect ultimate)
      • Fan:X BlackMetalGreymon (correct ultimate)
      • Fan:X BlackWarGreymon (mega)
      • Fan:Primon (second mega)
  • Fan:Kendra Ishida (Matt and Sora's daughter)
    • Yokomon (in training)
    • Fan:X Biyomon (rookie)
      • Fan:X Birdramon (champion)
      • Fan:X Garudamon (ultimate)
      • Fan:X Hououmon (mega)
  • Fan:Shin Ishida (Matt and Sora's son)
    • Tsunomon (in training)
    • Fan:X Gabumon (rookie)
      • Fan:X Garurumon (champion)
      • Fan:X WereGarurumon (ultimate)
      • Fan:X MetalGarurumon (mega)
  • Fan:Hiroshi Ichijouji (Ken and Jolei's son)
    • Minomon (in training)
    • Fan:X Wormon (rookie)
      • Fan:X Stingmon (champion)
      • Fan:X JewelBeemon (ultimate)
      • Fan:X GrandisKwagamon (mega)
  • Fan:Kohana Izumi (Izzi's daughter)
    • Motimon (in training)
    • Fan:X Tentomon (rookie)
      • Fan:X Kabuterimon (champion)
      • Fan:X MegaKabuterimon (ultimate)
      • Fan:X HerculesKabuterimon (mega)
  • Fan:Kazuo Tachikawa (Tai and Mimi's son)
    • Tanemon (in training)
    • Fan:X Palmon (rookie)
      • Fan:X Togemon (champion)
      • Fan:X Lilymon (ultimate)
      • Fan:X Rosemon (mega)
-Other DigiDestined[]
  • Fan:Kasama Ichijouchi (Ken and Yoeli's son)
-DigiDestined from Digimon Adventure/02[]

Oviusly, I am not going to touch these links. Just for help my anime.








Digimon Beyond[]

Author: Neos-Two

Digimon Century Battles[]


  • The Digimon Adventure (and 02) cast
  • Christopher R. Martin
  • Benedict Rambaldi
  • Elizabeth Munroe
  • Lucas and Lucia Johansen

Digimon Cinematic Sagas[]

Author: CAJH

Main characters

DigiDestined Saga (First Adventure, Network Battles, The Third World, Digitaclysm Part 1 and Part 2):

Legendary Tamers Saga (Age of Tamers, Ordeal of Deva, Evolution Beyond and Judgement Code)

DigiPast Chronicles:

Digimon Code[]

Original Concept: Universal Gravitation
Artwork: Anthy
Color Illustrator: TKTakeru, Anthy
Script: Anthy, Keeper of Honour
Editor: Paper Dragon

  • Fan-manga, status unknown.

Digimon Continuity[]

Author: Digi9346

Digimon Country![]

Author: The Pulse

Main Characters

  • Fennelmon
  • Rai Okame

Digimon Crisis[]

Author: HailyXdiana(Second fanfic!;#1 was Divinity)

  • Tekawa Fumori
  • Reiyuki "Rheya" Mizukeiro
  • Rukyo "Ryan" Aowara
  • Hisui "Hazel" Kawari
  • Setsuju "Jake" Shiroawa
  • Yvonne Lu

Digimon D-D[]

Author: Reynoboy

Digimon D-D: Nano-Energy[]

Author: Reynoboy

Digimon:Digital Online[]

Author: Eronan

Main Characters

Digimon: Digi-Guardians (01)

(This series combines both Tamers and Adventures. If you don't read the actual Wikipage, the first half of tamers happens during the second half of adventures. WIth Izzy spreading the word of the DigiDestined's progress to quite litterally everyone else that claims to be DigiDestined, so many rumors got leaked. And because of what many adults saw years ago, they decided to make games out of it for profit. Hence everything that is mentioned in tamers)
Main Characters:
-Jack Porter + Terriermon (Crest of hope, Goggleheaded Leader)
-Daisy Chandler + Patamon (Crest of Love)
-Lilian Roe + Tantilimon (Fanfic creation) (Crest of Knowledge)
-C.K. Roe + Magimon (Fanfic creation) (Crest of Courage, not Goggleheaded leader)
-Tyler "Ty" Roe + Calumon (With Digivolutions) (Crest of Friendship (Well what else is Calumon supposed to have?)
-Kyo Yamaki + Biyomon (Crest of Sincerity)
-Joshua Kamiya + Wizardmon (Crest of Reliability)
-Miko Kamiya + Gatomon (Crest of Light)
-Artur + Dracomon (Crest of Miracles)
-Eric + DemiDevimon (Crest of Kindness....yes, you read that right. DemiDevimon with the Crest of Kindness)
Digimon: Digi-Guardians (02)
Main Characters:
-Tyler "Ty" Roe + Calumon
-David Bell + Wormmon
-Noah Williams + Patamon (Different Patamon)
-Luke Blake + Veemon
-Sarah Blake + Palmon

Digimon Divinity[]

Author: HailyXdiana

  • Takumo Hashina
  • Karen Hanichi
  • Kaihaku "Chris" Tenkaru
  • Kukaze "Kyle" Tsurugi
  • Hakuai "Haily" Heitanirie
  • Hitotsu "H.T." Konomida

Digimon Elements[]

Digimon Elements Webcomic[]

Digimon: Forever[]

Author: Ashley Lambert

Digimon: Forever Episode Guide

Main Characters:

  • Darrell Sanders + Agumon
  • Sy Holloway + Gabumon
  • Rosie Peat + Biyomon
  • Jorge Crinson + Tentomon
  • Venetia Polizzi + Palmon
  • Jeff Bishop + Gomamon
  • Ashley Lambert + Patamon
  • Alicia Gear + Gatomon
  • Lucas Gillett + Terriermon
  • Simon Davies + Renamon
  • Kieran Howse + Veemon
  • Dan Parsons + Wormmon
  • Thomas Townsend + Keramon

Digimon Frontier 02: Clash of the Sovereigns[]

Author: Baudelaireinventor

Digimon Frontier: Climax of Elements[]

Digimon Frontier Guardians[]

Author: Kakashi94

Digimon Future[]

Author: Aquilathunder

Digimon Guardians[]

Digimon Journey[]


Digimon Lucas[]


Digimon Overwatch[]

Author: Jaymi Saeki
deviantArt Group

Digimon Radiant[]

Author: some guy. I don't know.

  • Rook Tenndy & Migimon
  • Champion: Jinnmon
  • Armor: Avgoplizomon
  • Ultimate: Yakshamon
  • Mega: Tenshimon
  • Super-Ultimate: Valhamon
  • Absolute: Edenmon
  • Havoc Tenndy & Hidarimon
  • Champion: Seirimon
  • Ultimate: Rakshamon
  • Mega: Akumamon
  • Super-Ultimate: Heimmon
  • Absolute: Golgothamon
  • Twelve Olympians[1]:
    • Jupitermon
    • Junomon
    • Neptunmon
    • Plutomon
    • Vulcanusmon
    • Marsmon
    • Merukimon
    • Venusmon
    • Minervamon
    • Apollomon
    • Dianamon
    • Bacchusmon

  • Royal Knights:
    • Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
    • Alphamon
    • Omegamon
    • UlforceV-dramon
    • Magnamon
    • Rapidmon
    • Dukemon
    • Dunasmon
    • LordKnightmon
    • Craniummon
    • Sleipmon
    • Duftmon
    • Examon
  • Nile Lords:
    • Ramon
    • Sobekmon
    • Osirismon
    • Isismon
    • Horusmon
    • Sethmon
    • Nephthysmon
    • Anubismon
    • Thothmon
    • Bastemon
    • Pharaohmon
  • Demon Lords:
    • Ogudomon
    • Daemon
    • Beelzebumon
    • Lucemon
    • Barbamon
    • Belphemon
    • Leviamon
    • Lilithmon
  • Time Eaters:
    • Dassaumon & Raptormon
    • DeathStarmon -> Novastermon -> SuperNovastermon
    • Messermon -> TriDentamon -> Hydemon
    • KairouGensoumon -> HyouGensoumon -> EnGensoumon -> FuuGensoumon -> Gensoumon Kouken Mode / Gensoumon Anken Mode
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Linkmon
    • Wyvermon
    • Ignismon
    • Noctimon
    • Fulgurmon
    • Aquamon
    • Luxmon

Digimon Re: Story[]

Author: Shiramu-Kuromu

  • Human Cast:
    • Sayo (Minor role with a large impact; gets a larger role later on)
    • Fujita Enju (Primary role of the story and most conscious of her fusion with Sayo due to having the healthier condition of the two at first)
    • Fujita Saju (Fusion of Sayo and Enju; main protagonist of the story)
    • Chief Julia (Leader of Night Claw)
    • Chief Glare (Leader of Light Fang)
    • Koh (Secondary protagonist)
    • Oshiro Roy (Main human antagonist)
  • Digimon Cast:
    • Usagi (Dianamon) (Sayo's/Saju's Partner Digimon)
    • Flare (WarGreymon) (Enju's/Saju's Partner Digimon)
    • Tempest (MetalGarurumon) (Enju's/Saju's Partner Digimon)
    • Omegamon (Saju's Partner Digimon)
    • Shredder (MirageGaogamon) (Saju's Partner Digimon)
    • Wizarmon (Sayo's/Saju's NaviDigimon)
    • Obliterate (Darkdramon) (Roy's enslaved Partner Digimon)
    • Leonidas (BanchoLeomon) (Koh's Partner Digimon)
    • Chaosmon (Recurring central antagonist)
    • ZeedMillenniumon (Recurring main antagonist)
    • ExoGrimmon (Recurring main antagonist)
    • Prophet (ChaosGallantmon X-Antibody) (Recurring main antagonist)
    • GraceNovamon (Saju and Koh's Partner Digimon)

Digimon Revolc[]

Author: Skpcboy


Digimon Revolution[]

Author: Mizuki-Tensa

  • The Digimon Adventure (and 02) cast
  • Miyuki Takahashi & ExVeemon aka Kizuna Kurosaki
  • Haruna Shirayuki & Lalamon
  • Len Kagamine & Agumon
  • Ichigo Shirosaki & Wormmon

Digimon Revive[]

Author: MinecraftSonic/Skpcboy

Main DigiDestined:

Other DigiDestined:

NOTE: This series has been cancelled and will not be touched upon again

Digimon: The Children from Mysidia[]

Author: BrokenHeart15

Digimon: Spirit's Edge[]


Main Characters:

original digi-destined

New Children:

  • Christine Adelaide. Partner: Renamon
  • Elizabeth "Beth" Moore. Partner: Gaomon
  • Scheherazade 'Sarah" Agrawal. Partner: Kudamon


  • Epsilon
  • Terminus

Demon lords:

Digimon: Scripture[]

'New kids'

  • Shinji Umineko
  • Akiko Arisawa
  • Makoto Asada
  • Utada Konishi
  • Suzie Wong


  • Phanuel
  • Metatron
  • Suriel
  • Zagzagael
  • Akatriel
  • Astanphaeus

'Original Digi-Destined'

Digimon Chapter[]

Digimon Chapter: Eclipse[]

Author: Digital Tamer 18:49, 14 July 2009 (UTC) Main Characters:

Digimon Stories[]

Author: Jmanski141

  • In-Training: Albimon
  • Champion: Germon

Digimon Tamer: Millenniummon's Menace[]

Author: Seraphimon-T.K

Digimon Tamers II[]

Author: Syndicate Saber

Digimon—The Divide[]

Author: Ayakil

  • Utilimon

Digimon Ultra Beast[]

Author: Reynoboy

Digimon Xtreme[]

Author: Fractyl

  • Ginomon
  • Honshumon


Author: Blazing Chaos

Digimon 02 Reload Author: Wawa998

Digital Partners[]

Author: Paulaelia

Digital Dawn[]

Author: s0phia1996

Digimon Universe[]

Author: Why are all the DigiDestined leaders boys?!

  • Chapter 1

The Digiversum[]

Author: CAJH


  • Tadao Deguchi, Yoko Deguchi, Agumon and Gabumon
  • Keisuke Ishimura and Tentomon
  • Nori Fujima and Piyomon
  • Alisha Jones and Lalamon
  • Sven Vestergaard, Kristin Vestergaard and Gaomon
  • Matthew "Matt" Thwaite and Guilmon
  • Justin Alder and Bearmon
  • Thaddeus "Ted" Alder and Kotemon
  • Vincent "Vince" Haldman and Veedramon
  • Jiro Ichida and Gomamon
  • Wade Goldblum and Terriermon

Spirit Warriors:

  • Theo Robbins, the Spirit Warrior of Fire
  • Kaiji Komiyama, the Spirit Warrior of Light
  • Jonah Sheridan, the Spirit Warrior of Thunder
  • Osip Ivankov, the Spirit Warrior of Ice
  • Gemma Illiano, the Spirit Warrior of Air
  • Kazuo Komiyama, the Spirit Warrior of Darkness

Army Generals:

  • Michael "Mike" Hou, the High General of Fusion Heart United
  • Christopher White, the former General of Blue Flare
  • Nene Amano, the former General of Twilight


  • Sadaharu Deguchi
  • Eden Christensen and Edenmon
  • Patamon/Seraphimon
  • Plottmon/Ophanimon
  • Lopmon/Cherubimon


Envoy of Destruction[]

Author: Gazimon X

Ed, Edd n Eddy: A Crack in Ed-Time[]

Authors: Crazybob2014 (story idea and screenplay) and KirbyStarWickett (screenplay)

  • Inspired by: Ice Age Continental Drift
  • Based on: Ed, Edd n Eddy and Digimon Adventure
-DigiDestined from Digimon Adventure-[]



Gallantmon Strikes[]

Good vs Evil[]

Author: Croon


Hazard code[]

Author: Hazardblade1990

  • Lea/FireKazemon
    • Baby: ???
    • In-training: ???
    • Champion/H hybrid: FireKazemon
    • Ultimate/B hybrid: BlazeSilphymon
    • Mega/Combined hybrid: CoronaIrismon
  • Josh and Jerich(0)mon
    • Baby: ??? (Presumably Jerich(0)mon(Baby))
    • In-training: ??? (Presumably Jerich(0)mon(In-training))(Might be Cyrus)
    • Champion: Jerich(0)mon(Champion)
    • Ultimate: Jerich(0)mon(Ultimate)
    • Mega: Jerich(0)mon(Mega)
    • Super Ultimate: Jerich(0)mon(Super Ultimate)


Insert Self, Digimon Chapter 1[]


  • Name:AkaRyu
  • Partner: Dracomon
  • Digivice: Digivice iC Armor
  • Age: 17
  • Nationality: USA


Jeri's Growth Spurt[]

Author: User:ChipmunkRaccoon

Joe's Wonderful Life[]

Author: User:StinkomanFan


Author: User:RiffmonTamer



Author: Kozumi*

Fan:King Dramon


Lanate's Works[]

(A central page to all of Lanate's works)

  • Ultimate: Encyclomon
  • Mega: Akashicmon
  • Ultimate: Chronosmon
  • Mega: Tempusmon

Legend of the Digital Saber[]

Author: Tomoyo264

Live Action Script[]

Author: MrWii000


The Miracles Series[]

Author: Dark Side of the World



Ryuusei no Digimon adventure Z[]



The Call[]

Author: TMSmith

  • In the summer of 2003, the nightmares begin, seeping into reality and forcing the Chosen Children into a confrontation with a lingering evil from out of the past.

The Diaries Universe[]

Author: Lord Archive

Fan:The Lost Chronicles[]

Author: SeadramonX

The Web of Diaboromon[]

Author: ggctuk

The Palamons[]

Author: Anonyomous -->


Under Dark Wings[]

Author: Destiny Calling

Summary: All the Chosen Children and Tamers suddenly find themselves in a different Digital World, where a war is going on. They are split up, and find themselves in the hands of different armies. They all agree on that army's thoughts, so join up with them. But when it comes to meeting in battle, how will they handle it? 01,02,03,04,06 Xros-over. A bit dark, not for children.



War of the Crests[]

Author: xXxTheBeastxXx


Fan-made Human Characters[]

Note: Please use the following format when adding Fan-made humans.

  • Name:Kotone Hibiki
  • Partner:Mariemon & HeroPossumon
  • Digivice:Pink Digivice Data Scan,Pink Digivice Virus Destroyer
  • Age:12
  • Nationality:Japanese
  • Name:Kimiko "Kimi" Haruno

Fan-made Digimon[]

Note: Please use the following format when adding Fan-made Digimon.

<Fan fiction's name>

  • <Rookie's name>
    • Baby: <Baby's name>
    • In-Training: <In-Training's name>
    • Champion: <Champion's name>
    • Ultimate: <Ultimate's name>
    • Mega: <Mega's name>
    • Ultra (AKA Super Ultimate): <Ultra's name>

Leave out those that are unavailable. A few examples are shown below.

  • Champion: SteEledramon


  • MegiTyranomon

  • Kittenmon
  • Champion: Grazelmon
  • In-Training: Chompmon
  • Champion: Serpentmon
  • Mega: Maskmon
  • DarkSnakemon

  • Fresh: Koyomon
  • In-Training: DemiGogumon
  • Champion: Gentomon
  • Ultimate: BladeGentomon
  • Mega: Titanmon
  • Ultra (AKA Super Ultimate): (w/ Callistomon) Megalomon
  • Armor (DigiEgg of Piety): Silphdramon
  • Shonomon
  • Fresh: Pinipmon
  • In-Training: Taromon
  • Champion: Katanamon
  • Ultimate: Shinomon
  • Mega: Callistomon
  • Ultra (AKA Super Ultimate): (w/ Titanmon) Megalomon
  • Armor (DigiEgg of Gratitude): MetalDigmon

  • Megalomon

    • Armor (DigiEgg of Piety): GroundMegalomon
    • Armor (DigiEgg of Gratitude): AeroMegalomon

  • List of War-class Digimon
  • Mechadramon
  • catmon
  • Rookie: Kitmon
  • Ultimate: Airmon

Digimon: Digi-Guardians (01)

  • Tantilimon
    • Baby: Silmon (Never seen)
    • In-Training: Akanekomon (Never seen)
    • Champion: Priestumon
    • Ultimate: MagnaPriestumon
    • Mega: HoshiAkarimon (Never seen)/ Osamimon (Biomerge)

Digimon: Digi-Guardians (01)

  • Magimon
    • Baby: Punimon (Never seen)
    • In-Training: Mystmon (Never seen)
    • Champion: Auromon
    • Ultimate: MysticAuromon

Digimon: Dinobot Adventures

  • Euoplomon
    • Baby: Dinomon
    • In-Training: Hammermon
    • Champion: SpikeEuoplomon
    • Ultimate: DarkEuoplomon
    • Mega: KnightEuoplomon (Biomerge)/ KnightPteramon


    • Ultra: UltraEuoplomon
    • Armor: Baryomon (Digi-egg of Knowledge)

Digimon: Dinobot Adventures

  • Pteramon
    • Fresh: Ramphormon
    • In-Training: GreenRamphormon
    • Rookie: GreenPteramon
    • Ultimate: DevilPteramon
    • Mega: SaintPteramon (biomerge)/ KnightPteramon


Digimon Supreme[]

Main Article: Fan:Digimon Supreme

This Idea belongs to: Ben10,000 12:51, August 23, 2010 (UTC)Ben 10,000

Notes and References[]

  1. Ceresmon is excluded because Venusmon absorbed(?) her.