Fan:Digimon Xtreme WORK IN PROGRESS, Water DigiMemory.

Part 1: Netsurf Village

King Whamon: Keeper of the Water DigiMemory.

King Whamon: There you are! I've been waiting for you. -- [The kids gasp in disbelief.]

KingWhamon: It told of a time long ago, when a strange being appeared from behind the Firewall, a virus that maliciously destroys these arrangements. The mere existence of this being caused a warp that would ruin the world. It was then that ten brave warriors rose up against the virus and sacrificed themselves to restore the peace. The legend says these ancient warriors left behind DigiMemories should their power be needed.

?????: What's this?

KingWhamon: The Aqua DigiMemory, the embodiment of the Net-Ocean Goddess.

Good guys, led by KingWhamon:

  • Submarimon
  • Dolphmon
  • Whamon

Bad guys:

  • Divermon
  • Mantaraymon

He's taking to the sea!

<>: Big trouble. <>'s in a huge disadvantage in the water. --- Digi-Memory Energize!



Oxygen Torpedo!


How's that?!
That thing is really amazing




DNA Xros:<> Submarine Mode

[Dives into the water.]



[plunges head

hides into the rocks.]


[Destorys the sea mountain so no more.]

In that case, spin!

DNA- Xros: Submari Spiral!

[spinning, it clash of spining attacks.]

[<> Submari emerges from the water, with <>'s explosion bursting to the surface.]