Fan:Digimon Xtreme Work in progress

Skuld Terminal, the Steel Continent: Fullmetal City

Guardromon: Intruder! Intruder!

ANALYZER: Guadromon is a robot Digimon. His special attack Guardian Barrage.

Guardromon: Intruder! Intruder!

<>: There must be a hundred of them! <> I's a good time to go back to our world.

Gardromon: Intruder! Intruder!

<>: Are you guys crazy? Quit now? I've never been a quitter!

<>: Don't be so stubborn! There are far too many of them! We have to get out of here while we can! <>: I agree. We have to hurry! <>: Oh, alright.


Gardromon: Guardin Barrage!!

<>: Wait for me!

[the TELEVISION is blown up my GARDROMON'S attack]

ANALYZER: Andromon is one of the most powerful cyborg Digimon, his body is a tireless machine capable of almost anything. He seeks out the target and destroys it with his lightning blade.

<>: Come on, Kari, we'd better get going!

[ANDROMON appears in front of <>]

<>: Huh?

<>: Why can't these guys ever be small?

<>: Andromon?

<>: I am..Highndromon.

ANALYZER: HighAndromon is one of the most powerful cyborg Digimon. He seeks out the target and destroys it with his lightning blade.


HighAndromon: I have been upgraded to destroy the enemy. You are the enemy. <>: Andromon, don't you remember us? We're your friends! <>: <>, you're hanging around with the wrong people!

<> HighAndromon: Atomic Ray [The two attacks clash.]

Take this you piece of slag metal!

[the attack just bounces off of Andromon. The cyborg turn towards <>.]

<>: Hey, that comment about scrap metal was just a joke!

<>: That didn't work! So what now?

<>: Andromon, don't you remember?

<>: He can't even hear your voice!

<>: You don't know that!

<>: As much as I like you two arguing, he's headed right for us!


HighAndromon: I must fullfil my objective. Delete! Delete!

[HighAndromon picks <> up into the air]

<>: Do you remember me?

HighAndromon: Remember?


[HighAndromon puts <> down]

<>: Andromon!

HighAndromon: I’m normally a non-violent digimon.

<>: You could have fooled us.

HighAndromon: I never meant to hurt anyone.

[Suddenly, a wall is blown out of the hallway. When the smoke clears, a large red machine Digimon stands before them.]

Datamon: I'll destroy you first while the others watch. Chaosdramon

HighAndromon: I'll hold him off. You hide.

[Chaosdramon is stopped by the much smaller digimon for a moment, but after a pause, the monster continues forward, and HighAndromon is pushed along in front of him.] --- Datamon: Chaos Crusher!

[One of Machinedramon's arms rams the ground like a drill, until he is knocked.]

[A fireball rises from the place Machinedramon is standing, but the mega digimon emerges from the flames undamaged.]

Datamon: Hyper...Cannon!


Datamon: They weren't even worth Chaodramon's time. --- Datamon: What is this immense power?!


[the kids and the other digimon watch silently as Chaosdramon starts to spark.]

Datamon: I was so...CLOSSSSEEEE!

[Explodes.] --- <>: Andromon, are all these Guardromon going to stay broken forever?

HighAndromon: No. Their programs were just re-written.

[HighAndromon reprograms one of the GARDROMON]

Guardromon: Guardomon on-line