Digimon Mighty Squadron

(Dejimon Maiti Sentai 02)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction
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Digimon Mighty Squadron 02 (デジモンマイティ戦隊02 Digimon Mighty Sentai 02 in Japan) is a fanfictional season of Digimon & sequel to Digimon Mighty Squadron. It's based on the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Tactimon, emperor of all that he sees, arrives at the Moon Palace of Lilithmon, where he takes her place & throws her into a space dumpster again. He then begins to attack the DigiDestined with Piranhamon, a stronger Digimon than the DigiDestined are used to fighting. Piranhamon freezes four of the Digimon & takes control of Tyrannomon & Coredramon. The DigiDestnied need to upgrade their Dinosaur Digimon into stronger Thunder Digimon, which can become ThunderOmnimon. They defeat Piranhamon & give Tactimon his first defeat.

Soon after that, Tactimon realizes he needs to destroy Coredramon. He does so with a special Green Gem, using it to take away Coredramon's powers permanently since he had limited powers after Lilithmon had taken away most of them in Season 1. The Green Gem also powered up the Dark DigiDestined, but when Alex smashed it, the Dark DigiDestined's powers were transferred back to the regular DigiDestined. Tactimon thought he'd already won, but Seraphimon made a Digimon named Baihumon to aid the DigiDestined in battle. Baihumon's partner turns out to be Alex. Then the DigiDestined make some new friends, Cody, Zoe, & Liam. They discover the DigiDestined's identity, & become allies of them.

When Taylor, Spencer, & Carly are selected to go to the Peace Conference in Switzerland, they need to find three replacements for them as DigiDestineds. They need to find The Sword of Light to make the power transfer. It's located on a deserted planet. Tactimon wants the Sword too & introduces Leviamon, his personal Digimon. The Sword is retrieved & taken back to Earth. Leviamon runs out of power & is put away for now. The retiring DigiDestineds choose three new DigiDestineds, & come up with Cody with the red digivice, Zoe with the yellow digivice, & Liam with the black digivice.

Lilithmon had returned to Earth when the DigiDestined were fighting an evil Digimon & Alex made his debut with Baihumon, & fell into the hands of Brick & Stick, but the DigiDestined put her back into space. She then again returns to the Moon &, with the help of Wisemon, uses special moon mud to retrieve a younger face. She then puts a love potion into Tactimon's Rejuvenation Chamber & he falls in love with her. They get married & fight the DigiDestined together, now stronger then ever.



Character Digimon
Alex Musha
(ムシャアレックス Musha Arekkusu)
Coredramon (former)
Baihumon (current)
After losing Coredramon, Alex leaves the DigiDestined. Luckily, Seraphimon gave Alex Baihumon, & Alex returned to the DigiDestined as the new leader.
Taylor Kyoda
(キョーダテイラー Kyōda Teirā)
Member of the DigiDestined. Although he's no longer leader, Taylor always looks up to Alex. When Taylor has to leave the DigiDestined, he gets replaced by Cody.
Cody Chiseng
(チセングコーディ Chisengu Kōdi)
A brave kid who's often a class clown. He joins the DigiDestined when Taylor has to leave. He is the show's version of Rocky.
Spencer Chosei
(チョーセイスグル Chōsei Suguru)
Member of the DigiDestined. When Spencer has to leave the DigiDestined, he gets replaced by Liam.
Liam Kansun
(カンスンリアム Kansun Riamu)
A fair-haired boy who's strong & often makes jokes. He joins the DigiDestined when Spencer has to leave. He is the show's version of Adam.
Nicky Hanawa
(ハナワニッキー Hanawa Nikkī)
The brains of the DigiDestined.
Carly Yamasan
(ヤマサンカーリー Yamasan Kārī)
Member of the DigiDestined. When Carly has to leave the DigiDestined, she gets replaced by Zoe.
Zoe Monroe
(モンローゾーイ Monrō Zōi)
An African-American exchange student who joins the DigiDestined when Carly has to leave. She is the show's version of Aisha.
Maggie Oshika
(オシカマギー Oshika Magī)
The most agile of the DigiDestined.


  • Tactimon: Disgusted at Lilithmon's performance at attempting to conquer Earth, Tactimon came to the Moon himself to get rid of Lilithmon & do the job right himself, but would also be unsuccessful. Lilithmon found her way back to the Moon, & placed Tactimon under a love spell. The two got married, & continued to fail at world domination. He is the show's version of Lord Zedd.
  • Lilithmon: A feared sorceress, Rita attempts to conquer all in sight. After being released from a dumpster in which Seraphimon imprisoned her in a final battle, she tried to conquer Earth with her crew. Lilithmon had no luck however, being defeated by the DigiDestined time & time again.
  • MadLeomon: Lilithmon's top warrior. He frequently accompanies monsters to Tokyo, & holds his own against the DigiDestined.
  • Grumblemon & Etemon: Lilithmon's two bumbling henchmen that do their best to help their mistress in her war against the DigiDestined, but usually end up screwing up.
  • Wisemon: Wisemon is part magician, part scientist. He creates Claymon & evil Digimon for Tactimon (after Lilithmon was banished to Earth), along with the occasional technological device. Wisemon is very easy going & gentle by nature.
  • Dark DigiDestined: Tactimon's band of evil DigiDestined; formerly the newest bullies who were transferred to Tokyo Junior High. They think that Tokyo belongs to them, which pleases Tactimon who teleports them to his Otherworld.
  • Claymon X: When Tactimon arrived, he brought with him the Claymon X, which are more powerful than any previous Claymon, & have to be hit in the X spot to be destroyed. They're the show's version of the Z Putty Patrol.
  • Minions

Other Characters

  • Seraphimon: A wise old sage, Seraphimon used to fight evil around the Digital World, eventually establishing a base of operations on Earth. In a final battle with Lilithmon, Seraphimon was trapped in a time warp, & his only window to our reality is being a giant tube in the Command Center.
  • Kokuwamon: A robot-like Digimon, Kokuwamon is the loyal assistant to Seraphimon in the Digi Chamber. He was recruited by Seraphimon to assist him in establishing a vanguard against evil on Earth.
  • Ebonwumon: A Digimon who supports ThunderOmnimon & WhiteTigerVespamon. He's the show's version of Tor the Shuttlezord.
  • Brick & Stick: Tokyo Junior High's resident punks, bullying those smaller than them, & always coming up with schemes to get fame or fortune, like finding out the identities of the DigiDestined.
  • Hojo: The owner of the Tokyo Youth Center, the most popular hang out spot for the teens of Tokyo. Hojo is generous & good-natured, often giving out free drinks & food for special occasions, & helping out his customers if they need it.