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To begin the game, choose a starting Tamer and Digimon from the following lists:


If you want to be a tamer, you start out with an egg and have to raise it to get your digimon. You start out with a D3 digivice and some basic supplies, but that's about it.


If you want to be a digimon, you start out as an In-Training and have to evolve up from there. It gives you a 60 post bonus to start with as well.

Existing Characters

You are not allowed to play as any of the characters in the Digimon episodes/movies/games, etc. These canon characters are not involved at all in the world of the RP. Certain digimon are off limits too. The Royal Knights and Demon Lords, for example, cannot be used until they are defeated in the plot. X-Antibody digimon (except Dorumon) are currently restricted. This will soon change though, as the x-antibody works its way into the plot.


To get higher level digivolutions, you have to have a higher post count. The more times you post, the higher you can digivolve.

010 - Egg, 030 - Fresh, 060 - In-Training, 120 - Rookie, 190 - Armor, 240 - Champion, etc.

Special Digivoloutions

Normal digivolution is allowed without approval, but Armor and DNA and Mode-Change digivolutions require you to apply for them. You must also RP out your quest for the digiArmor egg in order to do so.


Combat is done on a trust and honor system. You just role-play out your attacks. The more well-written it is, the harder it will probably be to avoid. In extreme cases of disagreement, Moderators will step in and decide. None of your attacks will hit automatically, so you have to let yourself get hit when it makes sense.


OOC talk is allowed, but does not add to your post count. There are guilds to join, jobs and bounties to take, and places for the artists and writers to hang out and show off their work. There is an active chatbox at the bottom of each screen, which is usually going around 19 hours each day with staff nearby.



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