Digimon Fates is a Japanese anime of Digimon. It will be released in June 13, 2022, as part of the 25th anniversary of Digimon. The anime focuses on a group of kids being sent to a parallel world where they meet strange computing creatures called the 'Digimon' in order to help improve their lives. Although the human characters are different, the Digimon remained the same as Digimon Adventure.


Main Characters

Akira Akayama - 5th grader. The typical 'gogglehead' and the leader of the DigiDestined. Hot-headed and reckless, he usually does things without thinking, but deeply cares about the concern of his teammates. He is close friends with Jilynn Kwon, Yoshio Mitsuke, Ryusuke Morigakawa (before his death) and Kouda Hikarigaoka (before his treachery). In the episode before the Season Finale, he was extremely devastated to learn that Kouda was in Chaosmon's (and Bagramon as a whole) side all along. He and Hiroshi took Jesse to Tokyo at his home at the end of the Season Finale. He is the partner of Agumon and the holder of the Crest of Courage.

Agumon - Akira's partner Digimon who is usually frustrated about his partner's attitude, although he shares some of his traits. He is also very gluttonous, and eats everything in sight he considers delicious. His Digivolutions are Botamon, Koromon, Greymon, MetalGreymon and WarGreymon. His Dark Digivolution was BlitzGreymon when Akira felt betrayed by Hiroshi's temporary betrayal, resulting in BlitzGreymon fusing with CresGarurumon to become Omegamon Alter-D. He fuses into Omnimon with MetalGarurumon.

Hiroshi Aozora - 5th grader. The loner of the group who prefers to be left alone to allow him to think for himself. Initially cold and hostile towards Akira and his friends at first, but gradually warms up with them. He cares a lot about his younger stepbrother Tomomi Kourikawa, and was shocked when Tomomi was easily manipulated by Kouda and Bagramon into turning evil. At the end of the Season Finale, he and Akira took Jesse to Tokyo. He is the partner of Gabumon and is in charge of the Crest of Friendship.

Gabumon - Hiroshi's partner. He is concerned about his partner's solitude personality and wants him to change. Shy and gentle, he usually wears a Garurumon pelt to cover himself. He digivolves from Punimon and Tsunomon and can digivolve to Garurumon, WereGarurumon and MetalGarurumon. He dark digivolves into CresGarurumon when Hiroshi temporarily betrayed the team after being tricked by DemiDevimon, resulting in CresGarurumon fusing with BlitzGreymon to become Omegamon Alter-D. He fuses into Omnimon with WarGreymon.

Jilynn Kwon - 5th grader. A half-South Korean, half-Japanese girl who is the childhood friend of Akira. She is usually concerned about Akira's reckless attitude, and acts like a 'little mother' to the DigiDestined. Her partner is Biyomon and is holds the Crest of Love.

Biyomon - Jilynn's partner, who, like her partner, looks after other partner Digimon like as they were her children. She digivolves from Nyokimon and Yokomon and digivolves to Birdramon, Garudamon and Hououmon.

Yoshio Mitsuke - 4th grader. A child prodigy who moved to England at a very young age, where his parents worked in a university there. Intelligent and knowledgeable, Yoshio is very eager to learn everything surrounding him. His partner is Tentomon and takes care of the Crest of Knowledge.

Tentomon - The partner of Yoshio who aids him in his research around the Digital World, and is very knowledgeable about everything that involves Digimon. His digivolutions involve Pabumon, Motimon, Kabuterimon, MegaKabuterimon and HerculesKabuterimon.

Shiki Hanamura - 4th grader. A spoiled valley girl who lives in France and comes from an extremely rich and powerful family from Japan.She enjoys shopping for 'cute' clothes, wearing exotic clothes and dancing. Because of her attractive appearance and fortunate life, she starts of as being prissy and conceited, but learns of her behavior from the Digital World. She was killed by Darkdramon during the Order 66 event. She is the partner of Palmon and takes charge of the Crest of Sincerity.

Palmon - Shiki's partner, who also enjoys doing girly things except that she is concerned about her partner's spoiled and prissy nature and wants to remind her that she won't be able to get anything fortunate from anyone when she grows up. She can digivolve from Yuramon and Tanemon and her digivolutions are Togemon, Lillymon and Rosemon.

Reiji Hyousuke - 7th grader. The oldest of the DigiDestined. Living in the US, he is a stereotypical jock and a bully who enjoys picking on others at first, but eventually learns that bullying is not a sign of entertainment. He was killed by BanchoLeomon during the Order 66 event. His parents were children of war veterans. He is partnered with Gomamon and holds the Crest of Reliability.

Gomamon - The partner of Reiji who wants his partner to stop bullying others as entertainment. A swift swimmer, Gomamon can use his fishes to let the DigiDestined to travel from river streams in the Digital World. His digivolutions include Pichimon, Bukamon, Ikkakumon, Zudomon and Vikemon.

Tomomi Kourikawa - 3rd grader. The youngest member of the DigiDestined. He is the younger half-brother of Hiroshi Aozora and a bullied crybaby at the start of the series, but eventually becomes courageous when he travels around the Digital World. Fortunately, he was aware of Kouda's true nature and treason towards the previous generation DigiDestined. Unfortunately, when he tried to stand up against Kouda when he betrayed the main team, he was bullied and brainwashed by the traitor due to the influence of Lucemon from being bullied in the past, he unwillingly becomes evil and becomes Lord Kelor by Bagramon and Lucemon. His partner is Patamon and takes in charge of the Crest of Hope.

Patamon - The partner of Tomomi who tries to get his partner to be courageous but couldn't stop crying because of the influence. He was reluctant and unwilling to serve Tomomi when he was turned evil by Lucemon and quietly helped him to kill some DigiDestined without questioning what his or the Bagramon army's intentions are and is turned into Tsukaimon by Lucemon in the finale, who became an unwilling servant of the fallen angel. He digivolves from Poyomon and Tokomon and can digivolve to Angemon, MagnaAngemon and Seraphimon. As Tsukaimon, his digivolutions are Devidramon, SkullSatamon and Barbamon.

Hiroko Tenshiya - 6th grader. A veteran member of the previous generation DigiDestined who now works as a guardian in Alphamon's palace. Because she takes her job very seriously, she is very distrustful towards anyone who wished to see Alphamon. She appears to be unaware of Lucemon's presence. She deliberately allowed herself to get killed after her friend Tomomi (who was ordered by Kouda to do so) brutally choked her and her former partner Kouda brutally kicked her in the head while Patamon and Commandramon respectively shot a Boom Bubble and an M16 at her before getting slashed in the throat by Liollmon in order to let the other DigiDestined escape to safety after his betrayal. She was afterwards sent to a hospital where she gave birth to Jesse, Luigi and Gloria at the Season Finale, with Akira and Hiroshi taking Jesse to their custody, Jilynn taking Luigi and Poyomon in her care and Gloria and YukimiBotamon's status being unknown. She is partnered with Gatomon and holds the Crest of Light.

Gatomon - Hiroko's partner who helps her in guarding Alphamon's palace. She died after Commandramon fired a M16 at her and gave birth to a newborn YukimiBotamon and Poyomon at the season Finale. Her digivolutions include YukimiBotamon, Nyaromon, Salamon, Angewomon and Ophanimon.

Hiroaki Midorikawa - 5th grader. Hiroshi's older twin brother who was separated from his brother when they were babies after their parents got divorced, with their alcoholic father taking in Hiroaki, but was moved to an orphange after his father was arrested. Usually kind and gentle, but after enduring memories of abuse from his father as well as from the orphanage he grew up in, Hiroaki became the cruel and ruthless Digimon Controller after being manipulated by Bagramon, and was eventually freed from evil by Hiroshi and WereGarurumon with the help of the DigiDestined. While being part of the DigiDestined, he was being aware of Lucemon's presence and was eventually killed by Kouda after he found out he was in Bagramon's side all along. He was partnered with DemiDevimon before being freed from evil and now Dorumon. He wields the Crest of Kindness.

Dorumon - A mini dragon Digimon who became the true partner of Hiroaki.


Alphamon - The ruler of the Digital World and the leader of the Royal Knights who has constantly being terrorized by his former fighting partner Chaosmon. When the DigiDestined first arrived at his palace, he gave advice on how to stop Chaosmon. He was killed by Jun Raihakai and Samudramon under Chaosmon's orders, and this sacrifice allows all the Digimon partners to evolve to their Mega forms, but was later reborn as Dorumon. It is later revealed that Alphamon was the partner of the leader of the first DigiDestined, Touron Akayama, the father of Akira.

Valdurmon - One of Alphamon's servants who helped the DigiDestined cut through shorter paths on their journey, especially sending them to meet Alphamon. She was killed and absorbed by Chaosmon to use her data for last resort use. It is later revealed that Valdurmon was the partner of a member of the first DigiDestined, Biddy Aozora, the mother of Hiroshi and Hiroaki.

Kentaurosmon - One of the Royal Knights who served Alphamon. Killed by Chaosmon for last resort use, which was later used to fused into UltimateChaosmon.

UlforceVeedramon - One of the Royal Knights who served Alphamon and partnered to Ryusuke Morigakawa as Veemon. Killed by Chaosmon during the event Order 66.

Gallantmon - One of the Royal Knights and the Saviors of Space who served Alphamon and partenered to Yang Shin-yong as Guilmon. Killed by Chaosmon during the vent Order 66.

PlatinumNumemon - The leader of the Numemon army but when the Numemon became evil in the Order 66 event. He and his wife escaped to the Gekomon swamp.

MarineAngemon - The wife of PlatinumNumemon.

Chief Triceramon -

Captain Monochromon -

Sergeant Tyrannomon -

Penguinmon army -

Omnimon - The fusion of Akira's and Hiroshi's partners WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon to combat against Tomomi and Seraphimon.


Chaosmon - The primary antagonist of the series and the partner of Kouda Hikarigaoka. He was once banished by Alphamon for abusing his power and showing hatred and jealousy towards the former. Power hungry and determinant about taking over the Digital World, Chaosmon wishes to usurp Alphamon and rule the Digital World with an iron fist. As Kouda's partner while he pretends to be a DigiDestined, he takes forms of two different Digimon; one being Liollmon, Liamon, LoaderLiomon and BanchoLeomon and the other being Commandramon, Sealsdramon, Tankdramon and Darkdramon. He even had a perfect copy of himself to take his place during his absence. Before Order 66, when his copy was destroyed by the combined efforts of the Mega level partners, Kouda betrays the main DigiDestined during the episode before the Season Finale by fusing his partners into the real Chaosmon. During the climax of UltimateChaosmon arises, he and Kouda fused together to become UltimateChaosmon using the data of Valdurmon and Kentaurosmon and attempted to destroy both the Digital World and the Human World and recreate it and failed when Omnimon defeated them. Their bodies, along with Tomomi, Tsukaimon and Bagramon, were later found by Lucemon who used his power to revive all of them.

Kouda Hikarigaoka - 6th Grader. He is Akira's childhood friend and Hiroko's former partner and love interest. He is very popular in the school Akira attends in, with him being the school's best football team captain. He is later aware of Akira's status as a DigiDestined and joins them as the 10th DigiDestined, and was later revealed to be part of the DigiDestined before Akira was chosen. As a "DigiDestined", he holds the "Crest of Miracles". However, it is later revealed that he was a traitor of the previous generation DigiDestined when he willingly sided with Chaosmon and Bagramon and attempted to kill Alphamon and take the crowns. He even went too far as to bully Tomomi and allow Lucemon to corrupt him and become Lord Kelor at the end of the series, despite Akira and Hiroshi telling him to stop. He later betrays the main team, joins Chaosmon and Bagramon, and uses a brainwashed Tomomi and a brainwashed Patamon to kill many innocent people and DigiDestined. He later fuses with Chaosmon using the data of Valdurmon and Kentaurosmon to become UltimateChaosmon, but were later defeated by Omnimon. He was later found by Lucemon along with Chaosmon, Tomomi, Tsukaaimon and Bagramon, whom Lucemon used his power to revive and strengthen all of them, with Kouda becoming Kouda 2.0, a cyborg variant of himself who is stronger than his organic counterpart.

Emperor Bagramon - The main antagonist of the series. He is the leader of his army and the boss of Chaosmon and Kouda. He is a vengeful and cruel individual who wished to conquer the Digital World and the Real World to get revenge on his former partner, Alphamon. He later used a brainwashed Tomomi and a reluctant Patamon, along with Chaosmon and Kouda, to conquer the Real World during Order 66, and later used Tomomi and Patamon to fight against Akira and the DigiDestined, but they were all defeated. He, along with Tomomi, Patamon, Chaosmon and Kouda, were found by Lucemon at the end of the Season Finale and were revived and strengthened by him.

DemiDevimon - Hiroaki's partner before joining the DigiDestined, and later a servant of Bagramon. He digivolves to Devimon, NeoDevimon and Daemon. Eventually killed by Dorumon when he temporarily digivolved to Alphamon.

Beelzemon and BelleStarmon - A bounty hunter couple hired by Chaosmon to capture the DigiDestined.

Datamon - Bagramon's servant who is responsible for creating Kouda's cyborg body after he was defeated by Omnimon.

Five Destructive Generals - A quintet of five Mega level Digimon who are extremely loyal to Bagramon and have no qualms in obeying his orders even if they seem unreasonable. Unfortunately, during the Order 66 event, they were all killed by Bagramon for last resort use.

  • Murmukusmon: A vengeful Digimon. Killed by Hououmon but later revived before being killed again.
  • Bolboutamon: A cruel Digimon. Killed by HerculesKabuterimon but later revived before being killed again.
  • Rafflesiamon: A beautiful Digimon. Killed by Rosemon but later revived before being killed again.
  • Pharaohmon: A silent Digimon. Killed by Vikemon but later revived before being killed again.
  • Gulfmon: A brutal Digimon. Killed by Seraphimon but later revived before being killed again.

The Numemon Army - An army of Numemon and Gekomon led by PlatinumNumemon, but was corrupted by Bagramon (and Lucemon) during order 66.

Lucemon - A mysterious fallen angel who would be Tomomi's corrupting influence and is the reason of him becoming evil and Lord Kelor. He appears at the end of the Season Finale where he found Kouda, Chaosmon, Tomomi, Patamon and Bagramon, and revived them using his power, with Tomomi becoming Lord Kelor, Patamon becoming Tsukaimon and Kouda becoming a cyborg named Kouda 2.0 with his power.

Bagramon's Army

A group of Digimon serving under Bagramon. They consist of many Champion, Ultimate and Mega level Digimon. They are paired with the Anti-DigiDestined and serve the Five Destructive Generals.


A group of evil children summoned by Bagramon to stop the good DigiDestined, kill Alphamon and steal the crowns in order to power up Chaosmon after Hiroaki's downfall as the Digimon Controller. They eventually returned to their normal lives after Hiroaki was freed, but returned when Kouda, Liollmon and Commandramon (and an unwilling Tomomi and Patamon) betrayed the team but all of them including their partners were killed by him as well.

Jun Raihakai - The leader of the anti-DigiDestined. He is a very brutal and vicious individual who enjoys killing and destruction and treats his sub-ordinates cruelly as like they are his slaves, including his partner Samudramon. He holds the Crest of Fear which glows when Jun uses his opponents' fear while fighting them. He serves as the counterpart to Akira Akayama.

Samudramon - Jun's partner. Despite being mistreated and abused frequently by his human partner, he obeys his commands anyway to achieve their goal.

Itsuki Samishii - A member of the anti-DigiDestined who is the least evil of the group. Itsuki usually demands Jun to stop when he viciously continues to fight his weakened opponents. He is partnered with Dinotigermon and holds the Crest of Animosity which glows whenever Itsuki turns away from his group. He serves as the counterpart to Hiroshi Aozora.

Dinotigermon - The partner of Itsuki. Like his human partner, Dinotigermon prefers to be left alone and is not as evil as the other Anti-DigiDestined partner Digimon, who enjoy attacking victims viciously.

Maika Orihana - A member of the anti-DigiDestined. A classmate of Shiki Hanamura who was constantly bullied by her and her friends, and developed a deep hatred towards her to point where she wished to killed her. She is partnered with Ornismon and holds the Crest of Hate. She serves as the counterpart to Jilynn Kwon.

Ornismon - The partner of Maika. A very destructive and unreasonable bird Digimon that destroys at Maika's orders.

Yuuga Saijun - A member of the anti-DigiDestined. He is very lazy and believes he knows everything. He is partnered with TyrantKabuterimon and is in charge of the Crest of Ignorance. He serves as the counterpart to Yoshio Mitsuke.

TyrantKabuterimon - The partner of Yuuga. A very arrogant and violent Digimon who chooses to attack something without even thinking, and has no qualms in killing his victims.

Nuiko Amaikana - A member of the anti-DigiDestined. She appears to be a very sweet girl wearing sweet lolita maid uniforms, but is in reality a psychopath who enjoys brutalizing and killing others without mercy. Her partner is Lotusmon and she holds the Crest of Insincerity. She serves as the counterpart to Shiki Hanamura.

Lotusmon - The partner of Nuiko. A very vain Digimon who puts her opponents into sleep.

Youji Kitamaki - A member of the anti-DigiDestined. He is a very stubborn and compulsive liar who likes to see anyone around him to suffer his own problems and allowing himself to escape from them. He is the partner of Neptunemon and the holder of the Crest of Unreliability.

Neptunemon - The partner of Youji. He rules his ocean territory with an iron fist.

Tarou Kanemura - The youngest of the anti-DigiDestined. A mean-spirited, grouchy and ill-tempered emo child, Tarou can hardly be impressed by anything and thinks that nothing can truly make a difference. He is partnered to a Devitamamon and is the bearer of the Crest of Despair. He serves as the counterpart to Tomomi Kourikawa.

Devitamamon - The partner of Tarou. An extremely violent and unpredictable Digimon who attacks anything in sight, including his own allies.

Eriko Kanahawa - A member of the anti-DigiDestined. A goth girl who only thinks of herself and no one else. She is partnered to Lilithmon, who happens to be an incarnation of the Seven Great Demon Lords.

Lilithmon - The partner of Eriko who is an incarnation of the Lilithmon of the Seven Great Demon Lords.

Other DigiDestined

There are also other DigiDestined who serve as allies to the main DigiDestined, but unfortunately many of them were killed by Bagramon, Chaosmon, Kouda, a brainwashed Tomomi and a reluctant Patamon and many other evil Digimon during the Order 66 event before the season finale. This event would eventually be revealed to be orchestrated by Lucemon, who corrupted Tomomi (and an unwilling Patamon) and used him to gain more power.

Ryusuke Morigakawa - 5th grader. A DigiDestined and a classmate and close friend of Akira Akayama who is in the same class with him, Jilynn and Hiroshi. He is partnered with a Veemon. During the Order 66 event, he was killed by Darkdramon along with UlforceVeedramon.

Mikako Nakamura - 5th grader. Another classmate of Akira. She is partnered with a Hawkmon. She was killed by the Numemon army during Order 66.

Yusei Akita - 5th grader. Another classmate of Akira. He is partnered with an Armadillomon. He is killed by the Numemon army during Order 66.

Soma Tatsujima - 5th grader. A boy who acts very similar to Hiroshi and attends the same school as Akira, Jilynn and Hiroshi. He is partnered with a Wormmon. He is killed by Kouda and Tomomi by being beaten to a bloody pulp during Order 66.

Yang Shin-yong - A Korean DigiDestined partnered to a Guilmon. Killed during the Order 66 event.

Lee Jun-yang - A Chinese DigiDestined partnered to a Gaomon. Killed during the Order 66 event.

Jason Reynolds - An American DigiDestined partnered to a Betamon. Killed during the Order 66 event.

Angela Garnier - A French DigiDestined partnered to a Floramon. Killed during the Order 66 event.

Johnny Fernandes - A Brazilian DigiDestined partnered to an Elecmon. Killed during the Order 66 event.

Peter Allison - A British DigiDestined partnered to a Hagurumon. Killed during the Order 66 event.

Kylie Minuette - An Australian DigiDestined partnered to a Swimmon. Killed during the Order 66 event.

Kai and Mie Hsiu - Taiwanese twin DigiDestined partnered to a Terriermon and a Lopmon respectively. Both were killed during the Order 66 event.

Unnamed DigiDestined who died during the Order 66 event - Many unnamed DigiDestined around the world were killed during the Order 66 event. Their known partners are Crabmon, Gazimon, Floramon, Gazimon, Renamon, Impmon, and Falcomon.

8 young DigiDestined - 8 Young DigiDestined were killed By Tomomi and Patamon. Their known Partners are Koromon, Tsunomon, Yokomon, Motimon, Tanemon, Bukamon, Tokomon and Nyaromon.

Yuzo Tsuchiga - Another Japanese DigiDestined partnered to a different Agumon who can digivolve to GeoGreymon, RizeGreymon and ShineGreymon. He is one of the non-main team DigiDestined to survive the Order 66 event after being saved by Akira.

Other Characters

Asuka Akayama - Akira and Hiroko's older sister who aims to become an idol much to her brother's chagrin. She gets the most attention from their parents and is very playful with her younger brother. Because of this, she treats her younger brother with little to no respect until MetalGreymon saved her from a Megadramon under commands of Akira. In the Order 66 event, she was almost killed by The Numemon Army until WarGreymon protected her using Brave Tornado.

Touron and Fumika Akayama - Akira and Asuka's parents. Touron works as a technologist in Shibuya while Fumika is a housewife. They treat Asuka better than Akira before the latter is summoned to the Digital World and when MetalGreymon saved them from a Megadramon. It is later revealed that Touron was the leader of the first DigiDestined and that his partner was Alphamon who helped banish Chaosmon. Because of this, he and his family became the targets of Chaosmon and Kouda.

Torbert Midorikawa - Hiroaki and Hiroshi's alcoholic biological father who took in Hiroaki when he divorced from Biddy Aozora. He is a factory worker who constantly brutalizes his son and other people surrounding him, which made him the reason why Hiroaki became the Digimon Controller. He was arrested and jailed when he was exposed of abusing Hiroaki, and later committed suicide.

Biddy Aozora - Hiroaki and Hiroshi's mother who took in Hiroshi when she divorced from Torbert Midorikawa. She works as an author and is later remarried with Kazuhiko Kourikawa. She is concerned about her son's hostile behavior towards the society due to his loneliness. She is also unfamiliar with strange creatures, which is shown that she thought Gabumon was a large plush toy when she first saw him. It is later revealed that she is a member of the first DigiDestined and her partner was Valdurmon and before meeting Torbert, she had a crush on Touron before breaking up with him for unknown reasons.

Kazuhiko Kourikawa - Hiroshi's stepfather and Tomomi's biological father who works as the captain of a security guard team, whom he had a difficult relationship with due to unfamiliarity, despite his kindness towards his step-son, Hiroshi.

Bonhwa Kwon - Jilynn's youngest brother who often annoys his older siblings, including Jilynn with his loud behavior. Although Jilynn finds his very annoying, she is the closest to him. Because he is just only 7 years old, he thought Biyomon was a free toy for him. He was one of the non-DigiDestined killed during the Order 66 event.

Chin-hae and Hyun-ki Kwon - Jilynn's older brothers who study at a university who rarely come back home. They were confused about Jilynn's status as a DigiDestined when they saw Yokomon searching for food.

Johnston and Miyuki Mitsuke - Yoshio's parents who works as a professor and an associate professor respectively in a university in United Kingdom, where Miyuki's brother and nephew lives there with Yoshio. Miyuki was later killed during the Order 66 event.

Tyrone Mitsuke - Yoshio's uncle and guardian who raised him while his parents were busy. He was one of the non-DigiDestined killed during the Order 66 event.

Leonardo and Camilla Hanamura - Shiki's very wealthy parents who are owners of a powerful conglomerate. They were one of the non-DigiDestined killed during the Order 66 event.

Benjamin - Shiki's butler whom Shiki is very close with. He was one of the non-DigiDestined killed during the Order 66 event.

Persia Kuromi - Reiji's girlfriend. She was one of the non-DigiDestined killed during the Order 66 event.


Order 66

Taking place before the Season Finale, Order 66 is a tragic event it is when all Numemon (excluding PlatinumNumemon) and Gekomon turn bad due to Bagramon's Order as well as Kouda, Liollmon and Commandramon betraying the main team by manipulating Tomomi and Patamon with the help of Lucemon into joining their side and killing many DigiDestined and non-DigiDestined, including some of the main team. This event is later revealed to be orchestrated by Lucemon, who used Tomomi and Patamon's fragile emotions to turn them evil and use them to kill everyone to gain more power for the fallen angel. It marks the start of the Empire era.


A sequel to Digimon fates it is Called Digimon Awakening. Another sequel and the trilogy finale named Digimon Awakening: Journeys from the Future takes place a year after the finale of the sequel.


1. Beginings 2. Greymon and Garurumon 3. Birdramon and Kabuterimon 4. Togemon and Ikkakumon 5. Angemon 6. A Visit to Alphamon and Hiroko 7. The Origin Story of the Digital World 8. Chaosmon and Alphamon's Origins 9. The Secret behind the Partners 10. Akira and Kouda: A Close Friendship 11. The Digimon Controller 12. Clash of the Perfects 13. Goons of the Space 14. The Digimon Controller and Demidevimon 15. Tomomi, stay strong 16. Jilynn and Shiki, work together 17. Yoshio and Reiji, let bygones be bygones 18. Akira and Hiroshi, fight for ultimate freedom 19. The Digimon Controller's secret 20. The Potential Return of Chaosmon. 21. The Anti-DigiDestined 22. Alphamon's death and Mega Evolution 23. Seraphimon and Ophanimon vs Devitamamon and Lilithmon 24. Rosemon and Vikemon vs Lotusmon and Neptunemon 25. Hououmon and HerculesKabuterimon vs Ornismon and TyrantKabuterimon 26. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon vs Samudramon and DinoTigermon 27. More Digidestined come to help 28. Alphamon Returns and Hiroaki's Freedom 29. Operation: Rescue Ryusuke and UlforceVeedramon 30. The 10th DigiDestined 31. DemiDevimon's Revenge 32. Hiroshi, betrays the team?! 33. Akira vs. Hiroshi, Dark Digivolution! 34. Omegamon Alter-D on the rampage 35. 5 Destructive Generals 36. Seraphimon and Ophanimon vs Gulfmon 37. Rosemon vs Rafflesiamon 38. Vikemon vs Pharaohmon 39. HerculesKabuterimon vs. Boltbultamon 40. Hououmon vs. Murmukusmon 41. Akira and Hiroshi reunited! BanchoLeomon and Darkdramon vs Chaosmon 42. Fates Fought! Death of Chaosmon? 43. Kouda's Horrible Secret 44. Tomomi's Corruption and Hiroko's sacrifice 45. Order 66 46. Invasion of the Numemon Corps 47. Akira vs Kouda: A Fallen Friendship 48. UltimateChaosmon arises 49. The Holy Knight, Omnimon! 50. The Death of UltimateChaosmon and Bagramon's new plan 51. Birth of Lord Kelor and Kouda 2.0 52. End to the Beginnings (Finale)

Army Digimon before Order 66

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Army Digimon During and after order 66

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