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Type Unidentified
Prior forms Diaboromon
Next forms DigiXros Charts

Deoxymon is a Digimon whose name is derived from DNA.


  • Gravity Crusher: Breathes a burst of green colored energy.
  • Sonic Spear: Fires a purple colored energy blast from his right hand.
  • Virus Pulse: Fires several computer viruses from his palms, which can delete enemies.

Virus Armies

Virus Armies

Virus Armies are a Digital Lifeform whose name and design are derived from "Virus Armies". Virus Armies look like Tsumemon with small bumps same as Kuramon, and are commanded by Deoxymon

  • Copied Attacks
    • Rock Damashi: Transform and fuse into gigantic, Shoutmon-type robot, which fires its Rock Damashi.
    • Infinity Boring: Transform and fuse into Brakedramon, fires all the drills operating throughout its body, allowing it to smash mountains.

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