"DarkKnightmon + Dark End"
Prior forms DarkKnightmon + Dark End
Partners Leroy

"DarkKnightmon + Dark End" is a DigiXros of DarkKnightmon and Dark End. It has a navy-black demonic mammal-shaped chest reminiscent of DarknessBagramon, its right arm became long with purple claws for a fingers with a matching clawed right leg, and its Dark End-style body color on its right leg. It uses its Twin Lance as its weapon. It has not been officially named.


  • Twin Spear: Stabs with its Twin Spear.
  • Death Claw: Uses its right arm to delete all that it touches.
  • Curse of Darkness: Uses a Darkness Loader-style mouth on its right palm to unleashed the burst of dark energy, which take the shape of a indigo-bluish demonic reptilian dragon's face made of flames and electric energy to turn the enemies to muteness, blindness, and deafness.
  • Drill Spear: Drills with its Twin Spear.
  • Star of Darkness: Gathers a solar energy into an ever-expanding dark star that incinerates all that it touches.