File:Dark Azulongmon.png
Level Super Ultimate
Type Dark Dragon
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Azulongmon + Helixmon-03
Partners ???

Dark Azulongmon is a digimon created by Helixmon-03's Ultima Fusion in an Azulongmon, he have the full control of the Dark, Thunder, Fire and Holy attacks, and he as well can control the shadows and the machines. But since Azulongmon's willpower is strong, there's some blue parts of the Holy Dragon digimon.

But Helixmon fully controls the body, turning him into a mortal menace.

His digicores are still blue, but they are charged with pure dark power that he can use to revive himself a total of 12 times. Also, his body is made from the same material that Shadowdramon M is composed, being flexible and giving him the ability to duplicate himself lots of times... and his head is made from the Obsidian Chrome digizoid, which isn't affected by dark nor poison based techniques.


He is exactly like Azulongmon, but instead of the original blue color, there are black and purple colors, but he still have his blue parts.


Shadow Lightning Strike: Summons an infinite rain of black-colored thunders from the sky to obliterate the enemies.

Whirlwind of the Black Thunders: Creates a full black-colored tornado that explodes into thunders after capturing the enemy.

Fallen Flames of Death: Breathes a black-colored flame that corrupts data. If angel digimon are hit by the flames, they become demons (Seraphimon -> Daemon, etc).