Coredramon (Dark Red)
Level Champion
Type Flame Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Dracomon
Next forms Fan:Clawdramon

Coredramon (Blue) is a Dragon Digimon. It is the digivolved form of the Dracomon who assimilates plenty of Red Diamante, a rare gem mined from Volcanic regions with high mountains. For them to live on steep mountains, they have grown wings and can fly at a high speed. Attacks

  • Red Flare Breath: Fires a stream of Red flaming breath from its mouth. It can decompose the texture data on the body surface, therefore the Digimon receiving this attack becomes bare, allowing attacks towards the digicore.
  • Strike Bomber: Uses his tail to slam his opponent.
  • G Shurunen II:Similar to Dracomon's G Shurunen attack, when its "gekirin" is touched, its horns glow and it fires diffusing laser beams indiscriminately from its mouth.
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