Beauty & the Beast is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Digimon Mighty Sqaudron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Depressed about Alex's departure from the team, Maggie seeks out the advice of a Fortune Teller, Madam Swampy, despite Nicky's claims that such practitioners are likely frauds. Meanwhile, Tactimon reveals a desire to have Maggie as his Queen (presumably out of lust). He dispatches MadLeomon & the Claymon to capture Maggie. Through the use of a magic golden dust that renders Maggie in a zombie-like state, he manages to take Maggie away from outside the Fortune Teller's shack, & holding her captive in an underground cave known as The Cave of Fantasy.

Tactimon attempts to distract the DigiDestined by sending the Claymon to attack Spencer's cousin Trey & his friend Devin. Once Nicky managed to pinpoint the location of the cave, he & Carly go after Maggie, while Spencer goes after the Claymon attacking his cousin. Taylor is unable to be reached because he is in the mountains, which are shielding him from communication signals from the Command Center.

Meanwhile, inside the cave, Maggie's digivice is taken by MadLeomon, who also transforms her clothes into that of Lilithmon's, to include her staff. However, his mental manipulation spell failed, & Maggie retained her memories as a DigiDestined. She then impersonates Lilithmon's sour attitude, screaming at MadLeomon, Grumblemon, & Etemon, even screaming that she had a headache. Carly & Nicky arrive, causing Maggie to drop the act. Carly recovers the digivice while Nicky holds off MadLeomon long enough for the three to escape.

All five DigiDestined teleport to the park to face Mercurymon. After the defeat of the Claymon, Tactimon forces the Digimon to grow (forgetting about Maggie), & the DigiDestined summon ThunderOmnimon. Once defeated, the kids return to the Youth Center where Brick & Stick end up washing dishes for eating without paying.

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