Eyesmon Scatter Mode
(アイズモン:スキャッターモード Eyesmon: Scatter Mode)
Eyesmon Scatter Mode b.jpg
Title Jet-Black Shadow
(漆黒の影 Shikkoku no kage?)
Level Champion
Type Demon Dragon
Attribute Virus
Debut Digimon Adventure:, "And to the Digital World" [03]
Next forms Eyesmon[1]

Eyesmon Scatter Mode is a Demon Dragon Digimon. They are the scattered form of Eyesmon. They monitor social networking services where large quantities of data leak, and consume and store larger data. Their power is weak due to them being scattered about, but once they sense that they are in danger, they will converge into one as Eyesmon and counterattack.[2]


  • Janengan (邪念眼? lit. "Wicked Thought Eye"): A cursed beam fired from its eyes.
  • Kageshibari (影縛り? lit. "Shadow Bind"): Enters the enemy's shadow and controls its movements.



Eyesmon: Scatter Mode (アイズモン:スキャッターモード)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Adventure:

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