Erlangmon Blast Mode is a Shaman Digimon. It is Erlangmon's truly awakened form, with no limits whatsoever on its powers. Erlangmon takes this form only when facing an enemy so strong that not even the observation skills of its third eye are sufficient to defeat it. Now clad in the armor form of Kotenken, Erlangmon is also imbued with the power to perceive all things through its third eye. In this form, Erlangmon fights while using its awakened third eye to perceive all creation, including the thoughts of its opponents. It cuts its enemies down with a huge Sanjian-liangrendao (三尖両刃刀 Sān jiān liǎngrèn dāo?, lit. "Three-pointed, Double-edged Blade") that has transformed into a state of pure energy. The fighting style used by this form incorporates foresight of the very future, and renders Erlangmon essentially unbeatable. Since Erlangmon's third eye is also its DigiCore, however, this astonishing strength comes at the expense of exposing its DigiCore to danger. Furthermore, the burden borne of managing both this form's enormous power and the information it processes means that the form cannot be maintained for long.[2]


  • Bansho Ikkan (万象逸貫 Banshō Ikkan?, lit. "All Things One-through"): Concentrated energy surges out of its third eye to blast clean through foes.
  • Tengan Kensei (天眼顕聖? lit. "Heavenly Eye Holy Revelation"): A precognitive technique in which it observes movements in an enemy's body and soul and can also deduce all manner of behavioral patterns and subsequently foresee all attacks.


Erlangmon Blast Mode is based on Erlang Shen.


Erlangmon: Blast Mode (イーランモン:ブラストモード)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

Zhēnjūnshòu: Jífēng Xíngtài (真君兽:疾风形态)

Official Chinese name used in the Chinese version of the Digimon Reference Book. Some media shorten "Jífēng Xíngtài" to "BM", pulling from "Burst Mode" of Japanese and English media.[3]

  • True Lord (真君 Zhēnjūn?). A title given in Taoism. Erlang Shen is one of many Chinese Gods given the title.
  • Jífēng (疾风?), Chinese for Blast.
  • Xíngtài (形态?), translating to form, which is how Chinese media refers to Mode Change.


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