Erlangmon is a Shaman Digimon. It was born from the data of a certain warrior from Chinese legend. Acting in accordance with its conviction to rid all Digimon of wickedness, Erlangmon is an earnest being regarded by others as an honest and upstanding Digimon. Erlangmon wields a sanjian-liangrendao as freely as if it were an extension of its own body. It is also accompanied by its divine weapon, Kotenken, which has a giant, dog-like head and a will of its own. This weapon is Erlangmon's beloved companion, and can appear at a moment's notice to deliver a surprise attack whether it has been summoned or not. Erlangmon also possesses a remarkable transformation ability that is believed to allow it to change into any other Digimon. However, though Erlangmon is able to perfectly reproduce the appearance of another Digimon, it cannot copy their abilities. As such, its transformations are often used to create disturbances or perform covert missions. Finally, the third eye on its forehead can identify both its opponents' weaknesses and the evil within them. When Erlangmon uses this eye alongside its shape-shifting tactics, those opposing it, or hiding wickedness in their hearts, are faced with an opponent that is almost impossible to escape.[3]


  • Yosen Enbu (鷹尖円舞 Yīngjiān Yuánwǔ?, lit. "Yīngjiān Waltz"): Swings its sanjian-liangrendao around its own body to perform a circular slice that takes out surrounding enemies in one blow.
  • Shorai: Kotenken (招来・哮天犬 Zhāolái: Xiàotiānquǎn?, lit. "Incur: Howling Celestial Dog"): Summons Kotenken to chomp on an enemy's Digicore.


Erlangmon is based on Erlang Shen.


Erlangmon (イーランモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

Zhēnjūnshòu (真君兽)

Official Chinese name used in Digimon New Century.

  • True Lord (真君 Zhēnjūn?). A title given in Taoism. Erlang Shen is one of many Chinese Gods given the title.


Digimon New Century[]

Erlangmon Fuses from MetalGarurumon and Cherubimon (Good).

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