Eri Karan
(花嵐 エリ Karan Eri)
Eri Karan t
Appears in:Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters
First appearance "A Dokkan Punch To Your Heart! Eri is an Appmon Idol!" [05]
Latest appearance "Our Singularity" [52]
Actor(s):(Ja:) Umeka Shoji
Other actor(s)
(FR:) Nacy Phillipot
Digivice(s):Blue and green Appli Drive
Blue and gold Appli Drive DUO
Age 14[1]
Grade 8th (ep 1-26)
9th (ep 27-52)[1]
Gender Female
Height 150cm[2]
Known relatives Mother
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student

Eri Karan (花嵐 エリ Karan Eri?) is a main character in Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters. Her Buddy Appmon is Dokamon.


Eri is a teenage girl with fair skin, long, wavy pink hair in several shades tied up with yellow hairties into of two ponytails, and blue eyes. She wears a blue jacket over a bare midriff white shirt, and a pink tie. She also wears jean shorts with brown attachments, black knee-high socks with pink trims, and aqua-and-hot pink sneakers.

As an idol in Appliyama 470, her variation of the uniform has her dress long-sleeved, knee-length, and plated, as well as her socks being black, and reaching below the knee.

Beginning at episode 35, Eri wears a midriff white tank top with blue on the sides, jean shorts with stars on them, white socks, and she keeps her sneakers.


Eri is a lively person with a strong personality who is described as athletic. However, in reality she is very kind and a bit prone to loneliness. She is an active member of the idol group Appliyama 470. Her catchphrase is "I'll punch my way into your heart! I am the centre of the universe, so call me Lord Karan Eri!" (あなたのハートにドッカンパンチ!私こそが宇宙のセンター、花嵐エリ様なんだからん! Anata no hāto ni dokkanpanchi! Watashi koso ga uchū no sentā, Karan Eri-sama nandaka ran!?)[citation needed]

When she goes to stand on a chair, she removes her shoes beforehand.


Eri Karan (花嵐 エリ)

Name used in and official romanization given by Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters.

  • Ja: Karan (花嵐?). Japanese surname that means "flower storm".
  • Ja: Eri (エリ?). A Japanese feminine name. Possibly after ELIZA, an early computer program. Although the software ELIZA is pronounced "Iraiza" (イライザ?) in Japanese, the name "Eliza" can be written as エリザ ( Eriza?). Also from Ellie, an AI therapist software able to detect depression.


Eri Karan is an idol and a member of Appliyama 470. Half a year prior to meeting Haru Shinkai, she was a normal schoolgirl. She always ended home alone at night because her mother worked extra shifts. One night, she was watching Izumi Kagurazaka's concert video when she found herself swept up in the idol's excitement and smiling. She then discovered an Appli Drive in a crane machine on her way home, which asked her if she had anyone she wanted to see smile. Deciding she wanted to see everyone smile, she said yes and became Buddies with Dokamon, also beginning her journey to becoming an idol. During this time, she hid away her Buddy. A Dokkan Punch To Your Heart! Eri is an Appmon Idol! During the audition for Appliyama 470, Eri became nervous and unable to answer the judges' question. Kagurazaka, who was also overseeing the audition, commented on Eri's catchphrase, telling her impact was important. Eri then became confident, stood on the chair, and shouted her catchphrase. She was accepted into Appliyama 470 The Road to the Top Idol! Coachmon's Intensive Training and became their final member. A Dokkan Punch To Your Heart! Eri is an Appmon Idol! On July 23, 2016, she auditioned for a role as the heroine in a TV series, but was rejected. Christmas Has Vanished! Calendar Thief Calendarmon!

On October 8, she is performing in a concert. The Eerie Guide! I am Navimon! One November 3, Haru sees one of the shows she participated in and catches sight of her Appli Drive. She is being interviewed in Roppongi when Haru and Gatchmon sneak into her dressing room. Eri is ecstatic to find someone else with an Appli Drive, breaking character during the conversation. She reveals her own Buddy, Dokamon, still in chip form. Before the conversation can progress too far, fashion apps begin malfunctioning due to an L-Virus-infected Dressmon. Eri is reluctant to get involved, but Haru and Gatchmon drag her into Dressmon's AR-Field. Gatchmon ends up trapped, and Dokamon pleads with Eri to appliarise him. Dokamon tells Eri that they share the same goal; as Dokamon is an Appmon of action games, he desires nothing more than to put smiles on the faces of his players. Bonding with her, Eri steps up to the plate and appliarises him. Her Appli Drive generates a controller that she uses in conjunction with Dokamon's Dokadoka Rush attack, which blows back Dressmon and allows Haru to free Gatchmon. Eri then lends Haru Dokamon's chip, which he uses to applink their Buddies and defeat Dressmon. Fashion apps return to normal, and that evening, Eri tells Haru the events that led to her obtaining her Appli Drive. They then part ways as friends after exchanging contact information. A Dokkan Punch To Your Heart! Eri is an Appmon Idol!


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