Epilogue is the final chapter of Digimon Seekers. Unlike the previous four chapters, this one is only a single part.

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Around a year after the defeat of Tomonori Ryusenji, Eiji Nagasumi and Leon Alexander are in a yakitori restaurant celebrating Eiji's birthday. Now in their 20s, they are able to drink alcohol — and as such buys themselves multiple pints. Leon once again thanks Eiji for saving him and then gives him his birthday present — information in relation to the recent incident in the X Nation the previous month. As they make jokes about the Nation's leader Satsuki Tamahime and Shuu Yulin arrive and join in the drinking.

Satsuki, quickly drunk, demands to know what information they had been sending each other, though Yulin tells her they aren't on duty right now and so didn't need to grill hackers. Though she protests that the DigiPolice are always on duty, she stops yelling when Leon gives her more alcohol with her focus now on getting even more drunk. It doesn't last though, as she drinks it fast and yells out that they cannot trust the new leader of the Sons of Chaos — with Yulin informing Satsuki as she went to the bathroom that Tartarus was still the leader. Yulin discusses the fact that Eiji and Leon were working together often, though Eiji denies this since they only see each other every few months.

A year earlier, Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi defeats DexDorugoramon, reverting it back to Dorumon. As they see the threat had been dealt with, they also notice Tomonori had left. Kosuke arrives and declares that Phase Four of Operation Tartarus was now complete since they had secured BlackAgumon. BlackAgumon and Kosuke thank Eiji for all he had done, though they have to cut it short when Eiji has Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi revert to Loogamon and Pulsemon then cuts the Mindlink as he had ran out of time.

In the restaurant; Yulin, Eiji, and Leon talk about change though she quickly changes the subject and asks where Kosuke is. Eiji tells her he had invited him to his birthday party, though he might not show up as he was "probably" in another country. Hatsune Moka arrives and proceeds to complain about the amount of work she had been doing recently, with her becoming shocked upon seeing the chief of the DigiPolice there. She asks Hatsune if it was true that Tomonori had moved his main research facility to America though gets no answer due to Hatsune introducing herself and Satsuki returning from the bathroom. The group do a toast, which comes to a halt when Hatsune says that Tomonori wants to come to Eiji's birthday party. With everyone shocked, Hatsune clarifies that though he wanted to come he couldn't as he had to go to a meeting with the United States secretary of defence and so had to cancel his flight to Japan. The group sign with relief upon learning this.

In the Wall Slums, Loogamon, the Tyrannomon, Pulsemon, and Ryudamon sit waiting for their partners. Bored, Loogamon brings out food and home made Loogamon branded alcohol — starting a party of its own. They, alongside the other Wall Slum Digimon, watch as Eiji's three Tyrannomon dance. Pulsemon asks Loogamon if it had regained its memories, since it regained some every time it digivolved, though Loogamon simply says "maybe" instead of actually answering. It tells it that it was the past, it would rather focus on the future, and that it wanted to help Eiji have a good life. Pulsemon was amazed by this answer, and the two go back to drinking. After a little more alcohol, Pulsemon asks if Loogamon had invited Kosuke — and as Loogamon tells it that Eiji had invited him it is surprised when a Mindlinked Dorugoramon shows up. It, Kosuke, and BlackAgumon had now shown up to the Digimon's party — with Kosuke asking where Eiji was. Loogamon tells him he was on his way, and as they wait — they do a toast. As they toast, Eiji and the others arrive.

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  • Wall Slum Digimon (16)


DexDorugoramon 1 Dorumon 3 Dorugoramon 4 Dorumon
DexDorugoramon b Arrow RR Blue Dorumon b Arrow RR Dorugoramon b Arrow RR Blue Dorumon b
Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi 2 Loogamon
Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi b Arrow RR Blue Loogamon b
(w/ Pulsemon)
Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi 2 Pulsemon
Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi b Arrow RR Blue Pulsemon b
(w/ Loogamon)