Emilie de Rochefort (エミリー・ド・ロッシュフォール Emirī do Rosshufōru?), also known as Lili (リリ Riri?), is a Tamer partnered to Catherine.

Lili originates from the Tekken series, and is, along with Sebastian, the first character from another franchise to appear in any Digimon material.


Lili is a teenage girl with fair skin, purple eyes, blonde waist-length hair with full fringed bangs that cover her forehead, wide hips, and a large bust. She wears a short, white Victorian-style dress, a red and black gingham-patterned ascot tie with a red orb and a metallic, eye-shaped ornament around it. She also wears white and red fingerless gloves, white and red boots, and red socks.



Digimon World Re:Digitize

Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode

While in the Digital World, Lili is seeking a new Partner, which she intends to name "Catherine-chan MK-2" (カトリーヌちゃんMk-2 Katorīnu-chan Mk-2?).

Digimon forms


Lili can pass herself off as a Monzaemon by donning its costume. Unlike most Monzaemon, this one is brown and wears a red bowtie.

As "Monzaemon", Lili can register to the VIP Room, where Taiga can fight her. In this form, she is known under the nickname of "Kigurumi Lili" (きぐるみリリ Kigurumi Riri?).

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