Eiji Nagasumi (永住瑛士 (ナガスミ エイジ) Nagasumi Eiji?) is the protagonist of the Digimon Seekers web novel and its live action counterpart. His online handle is Fang (ファング Fangu?). His partners are Loogamon and four Tyrannomon.


Eiji is a young man that makes his living as a free lance cracker. He is a lone wolf anti-hero that doesn't have much success in life. Despite this, he never gives up.[3]

When Eiji sees a girl he thinks is cute, he flirts with them. These attempts haven't been very successful however, with Hatsune Moka and Satsuki Tamahime unimpressed with his flirting attempts.


As Eiji is a lone wolf, Bandai decided to create a wolf to be his partner Digimon.[3]



Eiji Nagasumi (永住瑛士 (ナガスミ エイジ))

Name used in Digimon Seekers.


Digimon Seekers[]

When Eiji was younger, he was childhood friends with Leon Alexander. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-10

One day, when out at a BBQ with his family and Leon's family, Eiji fell off a cliff and into a river and nearly drowned. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-10

At some point, Leon had visited Abadin Electronics and been given a Digimon Dock with a Digi-Egg inside it by Tomonori Ryusenji, figuring he could raise the Digimon well. Leon had lots of fun raising the Digimon, and upon digivolving it up to the Rookie level showed it off to his best friend – Eiji. The two bonded over how cool Pulsemon was, though their friendship eventually drifted apart as exams kept them busy which was followed up by them going to different schools. This got even worse when Leon moved back to the United States. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-6

In the many years after that, Eiji's dog — and grandparents — passed away. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-5 His parents were on WWW Airlines flight 626, a flight that was attacked by X Nation's Machinedramon resulting in the deaths of everyone on board. After their deaths, Eiji got the deeds to the house, as well as their life insurance money, though wound up selling the house. Their deaths shook him so hard he was unable to focus on school, which lead to his grades falling. The money he got from selling the house ended up being used to pay off the rest of his parent's mortgage whilst the life insurance money was used up on daily necessities. His Internet didn't have the bandwidth to allow him to attend his online high school entrance exams which meant he also couldn't attend university. Instead, after leaving high school, he spent a while unemployed before becoming a free lance code cracker in which he uses the alias Fang (ファング Fangu?). Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-8 Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-9

Not having much money, his Digimon Dock is not only hand made — it very also old and outdated. He is unable to afford a new one. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-1 Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-3

One of the jobs he takes is from Tomonori Ryusenji, one of the founders and the major shareholder of the IT giant Abadin Electronics. Tomonori hires him to get him a ModokiBetamon. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-3

After tracking one day, Eiji sends three of his four Tyrannomon after it. As they try to catch it for him in the Digital World, he watches a local restaurant's mascot jumping around to promote a new burger. He wonders if there are any part time jobs he can apply for and browses through GriMM on his smartphone looking for one. As he looks through, not interested in most of them, he eventually comes across a high paying advertisement looking for someone to capture a BlackAgumon for them. Though initially excited, he loses his enthusiasm upon seeing the negative comments on the post and assumed it was a hoax listing. As he sighed, he received a notification that one of his three Tyrannomon had been killed by ModokiBetamon and — not wanting to fail the mission since he needed the money — quickly replaces the defeated Tyrannomon with his fourth one. He then continued looking for part time work. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-1

He is eventually able to capture the ModokiBetamon. He travels to Abadin Electronics's headquarters, with the receptionist, Hatsune Moka, helping him sign in on the nearby tablet. Half way into filling it out he pulls out his smartphone and texts Tomonori he had arrived as putting so much information into it was annoying him. As Eiji marvelled at a nearby 3D image he is approached by Tomonori, who refers to Eiji by his alias "Fang". Eiji introduces himself with his actual name, with Tomonori telling a flustered Hatsune to give Eiji a guest pass and a co-researcher pass as they were going to visit D4. He escorts Eiji to D4 and tells him he plans to show him Abadin Electronics' top secret project. As Eiji was about to follow Tomonori in, the security guards perform a security check on him and take away his personal belongings. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-2

After following Tomonori into D4, he shows Eiji a presentation on the nearby computer which explains to him what the Digital World and Digimon are. It explains that most people don't know about them, then segways into talking about how criminals had been using Digimon to help aid them in their illegal activities. The presentation shows footage from someone who was on a plane, with the footage showing the plane falling from the sky — having been shot down by someone who owned a Digimon. This freaks Eiji out, and he decides he didn't want to see any more.

Tomonori takes Eiji to his office where Eiji gives him his Digimon Dock. He puts it into his lab equipment and happily celebrates when it hololizes and shows that Eiji had managed to capture the ModokiBetamon he had asked him to get. Eiji, having seen a Betamon during the presentation, is confused as to why Tomonori wanted a ModokiBetamon since he already had a Betamon and didn't know what made them different other than the difference in color. Impressed that Eiji had noticed the difference in the first place, Tomonori gives him a bonus on top of his regular payment which makes Eiji happy as it would allow him to buy some more expensive food to eat later than night.

Tomonori asks Eiji what he thought of the earlier video, and though he hadn't enjoyed the plane part, said he enjoyed the video. He tells him that they had previously planned to open up an amusement park named "Digimon Land" with Eiji saying he liked the part where it said Digimon were "living A.I. creatures" and thought it was cool fiction and that if he were still a kid he would've loved it even more. Tomonori, hearing heard what Eiji had just said, tells him that Digimon are not fictional, they are real. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-3

Eiji laughs and says it would be cool if they were actually real. He asks Tomonori when they plan to make "Digimon Land" real, though is disappointed when he tells him that they had shelved the plans. Eiji comes to the conclusion that they had done so as some people used Digimon to commit crimes, figuring that's why Tomonori had brought up Digimon crimes earlier. Tomonori explains that crimes involving Digimon were not known to the public as World leaders had covered them up, but that it would cause an uproar if anyone found out that the same creatures in "Digimon Land" were also being used to do crimes and the media would probably create a media storm calling Digimon and the Digital World evil. This fact upset Tomonori, who once again said that Digimon are real.

He asks Eiji if he wants to know the truth about the Digital World and what was inside of it, which Eiji agrees to as he wanted to see what Tomonori had been seeing. Having originally thought that the video footage was made on a computer, Eiji realizes the footage was in fact real and reacts in excitement about the fact he had learned that Digimon were actually real. Now aware that they're real, he feels bad about the fact that one of his Tyrannomon had died.

As Tomonori tells Eiji that he had dedicated his entire life to researching the Digital World, the transfer of ModokiBetamon finishes. Tomonori picks up Eiji's Digimon Dock and throws it towards the trash can, with Eiji reacting quick enough to catch it before it went into it. Annoyed, since he had spent a lot of money on it, he asks Tomonori why he had done so, with Tomonori telling him that there was an error in its memory and that the error had nearly destroyed the ModokiBetamon during the transfer due to how old his Dock was. Eiji tells him that he can't throw it away, since he doesn't have much money, and that the old Dock was all he had. Hearing this, Tomonori gives him a brand new Digimon Linker which had already been calibrated to work for Eiji — since he had always planned to give it to him in the first place. He then shows Eiji that the Digimon Linker wasn't the only gift he had given him, pressing a button on the device to show that he had also given him a new Digimon — Loogamon.

Eiji agrees to look after Loogamon, and returns to the reception hall to admire the Digimon Linker. Hatsune notices him and tells him to return his passes, then notices the Digimon Linker on his arm. He shows it off to her, with Hatsune surprised her boss would give him the new secret prototype and figured he must trust Eiji a lot. She then brings up that he hadn't actually finished filling in the form on the tablet and asks him what his job is so she can finish it for him. After a long thought, he tells her he's a freelance code cracker. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-4

Happy at having been paid so much by Tomonori , Eiji orders takeout from a local takeaway. He goes home and tells the family cards that were placed on his family members (and now deceased dog's) tablets he was home. As he eats alone, he looks at Loogamon through his new Digimon Linker and remembers that Tomonori had asked him to raise it. He looks at his home made Digimon Dock, remembering that the memory card inside it was apparently corrupted and that he would have to fix it at some point — though was in no rush as he now owned the Digimon Linker.

A few days later, and Loogamon had already grown quite a lot with Eiji feeling like he had been raising his own child due to the Digimon Linker directly connecting Loogamon to his heart. Wanting to be able to raise Loogamon properly, he goes onto GriMM and asks for tips on raising dog-like Digimon — though makes sure not to mention he had a Loogamon as after searching for information on it he got zero hits meaning no one else had one. He receives a reply, with someone telling him to put his Digimon with other Digimon he owned as they will all play together and learn together. He doesn't bother to read the rest of the reply though, which states that dog Digimon have a social hierarchy and to discipline it first, and instead transfers his Tyrannomon from his Digimon Dock to his Digimon Linker. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-6

A few days later, Eiji receives an urgent call from Abadin Electronics, which leads him to rush over to Tomonori's office. He asks Tomonori what was up with Loogamon, though Tomonori just tells Eiji that he seems to have been raising Loogamon well and that he will reward him even more if he is able to get Loogamon to digivolve to higher levels with each level bringing him more rewards. Eiji tells him not to change the subject and asks him if he had read the training report he had sent, though Tomonori says he hadn't as he received hundreds of emails per day and as such hadn't had time to read it.

Tomonori opens up the email and clicks on the video file Eiji had attached to it and watches as it shows Loogamon in front of four bowls of food, with his three Tyrannomon trembling in fear of the dog Digimon in the corner of their cage. Tomonori tells Eiji that Loogamon is a wolf, and that when wolves form a pack they always have an alpha wolf and are strict about their social hierarchy. Loogamon had made itself leader of the pack despite being at a lower level than them and as it was the leader of the pack, had first dibs on food. Eiji tells Tomonori that Loogamon had even tried to eat one of his Tyrannomon, then complains that it ate too much and popped too much and that he couldn't afford to feed such a glutten. Tomonori didn't care though, and after Eiji realized this he instead asked about the thing on Loogamon's forehead. Tomonori doesn't tell him what it is, though still praises him for noticing it, then asks him if he had used Loogamon in battle yet. Eiji cries out about how Loogamon wouldn't listen to a single one of his commands, unlike the real dog he used to own, and so Tomonori tells him to hololize it. Eiji does so, with Loogamon being asleep. Tomonori analyses the data and is impressed, praising Eiji for how high his DS value was. He tells him that no one else had ever managed to score so high and that he was glad he had hired Eiji for this. He asks Eiji if he had gotten his other Digimon from GriMM, which he confirms, then asks Eiji to tell him what his occupation was. Eiji tells him that he is a code cracker, which Tomonori says means he should know what Crack Teams are. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-7

Tomonori plays a video for Eiji which explains what Crack Teams are. He tells Eiji he can do whatever he wants in the Network and Digital World, as they had no borders or laws, but warns him about his code cracking job since the government consider them to be trouble makers. Eiji protests, saying he's careful and that the DigiPolice wont go after him. Tomonori brings up that Eiji was a code cracker but doesn't seem to follow the same ideals as them and asks him what his goal is, to which Eiji says is to win. He wants to become a really good code cracker so that he can raise Digimon well, make lots of money, and have a team of his own just like Tomonori. Tomonori wonders if he has to be a code cracker to achieve those things, to which Eiji affirms as he wants to get into the Digital World and sees it as the only way to be able to do so. Tomonori breaths a sigh of relief and tells Eiji that he was just testing him, as if Eiji had shown he believed in the ideals of the other code crackers he wouldn't have hired him.

Tomonori plays another video, this one displaying information about the Sons of Chaos. Eiji says he knows who they are, and Tomonori asks him what he thinks about them. Eiji says he thinks they are dangerous and are known for doing crimes with Digimon. Despite this, Eiji finds their leader, Tartarus to be very charismatic, despite not actually knowing who it was. Tomonori tells Eiji that although they are popular, they are meddling with the Digital World's ecosystem in a very negative way which would also cause issues to the human society, and as such was threatening his research. The last thing he wanted was for such crackers to cause laws to be made against the Digital World and that the prime minster and police weren't doing enough to stop it. Eiji brings up that it sounds dangerous, to which Tomonori asks if that means he wasn't interested. Instead however, Eiji was even more excited as he had always wanted to confront other code crackers over their terrible acts. Happy with this, Tomonori tells Eiji to join the Sons of Chaos as an undercover agent so he could find out what Tartarus was up to. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-8

After accepting the job, Eiji goes home with Loogamon and applies to join the Sons of Chaos. The room Eiji was renting did not allow pets, though since Loogamon wasn't a real animal he figured it wouldn't count and so allowed Loogamon to hololize in his room. He tells Loogamon about what they'll be doing and tries to pet it, though it doesn't allow him to and instead growls at him.

Eiji's alarm goes off, which has him put Loogamon back into the Digimon Linker. He opens up GriMM and begins an interview with a member of the Sons of Chaos. The interviewer tells him that he can only join if he is a good code cracker, to which Eiji asks if he is whether that would allow him to meet Tartarus. The interviewer finds this curious, though Eiji insists that since Tartarus is so well known anyone would want to meet them. The interviewer tells him that if he is really good, one of the higher ups would eventually contact him and allow him to meet Tartarus but that very few members had actually managed to meet him. The interviewer sends Eiji an exam, and tells him to complete it. Eiji finds that the mission is named "A Wolf at the Back Gate", which he finds odd since he has Loogamon, though doesn't mention that fact. The interviewer tells him that nine out of ten people who do the exam lose their Digimon, they would not insure his Digimon for him or pay compensation should he lose his Digimon. Eiji wasn't deterred though and proceeds to Mindlink. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-9

Eiji loses consciousness, which causes him to fall off a cliff and into a river, which also leads him to remember back to when he and his childhood friend Leon had a BBQ together when they were children. He remembered how he had fallen off a cliff and into a river and had nearly drowned back then and a similar thing was happening here once again.

Eiji eventually wakes up, confused as to his surroundings and, smelling the scent of wet dog, assumed he was dreaming. A Chuumon, Damemon, and ChuuChuumon runs past him — with the Chuumon having stolen cheese from the other two. Chuumon begs for mercy, hoping it would be spared as it was a rat just like ChuuChuumon though ChuuChuumon states that it is was offended it shared such a commonality with it. Just as Damemon was about to attack Chuumon, it notices Loogamon, and calls out to it which confuses Eiji since he had no had no idea what Damemon meant by asking who the unknown dog was. Damemon tells Loogamon that if he doesn't leave its turf by the time it was done killing Chuumon, it would kill him next. As Eiji wonders what is going on, a voice suddenly rings out of his ears laughing at the fact that a rat would challenge a dog with Eiji — still not aware of the fact he was seeing the actions of Loogamon itself from within its body — sees himself walk towards the Damemon (thinking it was his human body doing so). ChuuChuumon tells Damemon to attack Loogamon, though Loogamon is able to avoid the bullets of Damemon's "Gun Vulcan" attack. Eiji complains about the smell radiating from its weapon which Damemon laughs about since such a stench would effect a dog due to its higher sense of smell. Unlike Eiji however, Loogamon wasn't deterred and easily counter attacks Damemon — with a single "Howling Fire" enough to not only defeat Damemon but also send it flying out of the window of the building Loogamon had found itself in. ChuuChuumon had fallen out of the Tyutyu Tray during the ensuing attack and cowers in fear after Loogamon said it was going to eat it. ChuuChuumon, recognizes the interface on Loogamon's head asks if it was Loogamon, the Digimon known as "The Demon Wolf of the Castle of Nine Wolves". This took Eiji by surprise, though also had him finally realize what was going on. Loogamon allows ChuuChuumon to leave, deciding it didn't look tasty, which is followed up by Eiji directly asking Loogamon if it could hear him. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-10

Loogamon was surprised that Eiji hadn't listened to the Mindlink explanation from Tomonori and sighs after Eiji says that all he got from the explanation was that it'll make him a better code cracker as Ryusenji was hard to understand. As Loogamon starts to walk, Eiji warns it that it's about to step on a broken piece of glass. Loogamon looks into it, which gives Eiji even more confirmation that he was not in his own body as it was Loogamon looking back at him.

As they looked into their reflection, Chuumon approaches Loogamoon and apologizes for not having recognized the legendary great boss of the Castle of Nine Wolves. Chuumon offers its services to Loogamon and asks where it had been, as it had heard it had either been killed by an assassin or kidnapped by a human. Loogamon sees this as disrespect and tells it that neither of those things would happen, and that it had not told Chuumon that it could speak to it. Loogamon still ends up accepting Chuumon as its new minion since it looked tastier than ChuuChuumon, and asks if anyone else thought those things had happened to it. Chuumon asserts that it was only a rumour but that everyone from Ninth Avenue had deserted it following Loogamon's disappearance. Loogamon gives Chuumon some real world meat as an allowance, which it accepts — after which it flees in fear of the dog with both the meat and the cheese it had stolen from Damemon and ChuuChuumon. Eiji asks if Loogamon had finished talking to it to which Loogamon asks if he still wanted an explanation. Eiji confirms as such, though Loogamon simply tells him that "seeing is believing/the proof is in the pudding" and jumps out of the nearby window. This shocked Eiji, with Loogamoon landing on its feet on the floor. It runs towards the nearest building and is able to climb up it by digging its claws into it.

As Loogamon climbs up the wall, it explains what Mindlinking is to Eiji who remembers that Ryusenji had told him something similar and that he had only really understood it now that Loogamon had explained it to him. Loogamon asserts that Eiji will get more used to Mindlinking as time goes on, with the duo continuing to talk as it scales the building. After a short climb, Loogamon reaches the top. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-11

Eiji looks on in amazement at the Digital World. He was surprised to see a deserted city, as he thought he would see something more like the vibrant Digital World he had seen in Tomonori's video. Loogamon tells him that they were actually in a Wall Slum and that they weren't actually in the Digital World. This surprised Eiji, which had him theorize that no human had ever actually managed to enter the Digital World with Loogamon stating it was unlikely any human was able to to get through a Wall Slum and as such no human was likely to have actually into the actual Digital World. A monitor appears before Loogamon, with Loogamon reminding Eiji that they were here to complete a mission for the Sons of Chaos.

A cloaked Digimon, with a member of the Sons of Chaos using Mindlink to talk to them through it, tells Loogamon/Eiji that they were two minutes late. Eiji suddenly appears next to Loogamon, which surprises even Loogamon. Eiji explains he had remembered he was told he could access commands on virtual monitors by thinking of doing it and having seen a button saying hololize simply thought of pressing it which allowed him to hololize next to Loogamon. Loogamon is surprised that Eiji wasn't scared that something might go wrong and calls him an idiot, though stops himself halfway into saying it and instead says Eiji is brave though didn't actually mean it and simply didn't want to waste more brain cells on Eiji's silly actions. Eiji tries to pet Loogamon and is surprised it's able to work with an annoyed Loogamon telling him not to touch its forehead. It tells a confused Eiji that when Digimon hololize in the real world they exist as data and that the same thing is the case for Eiji now they were in an alternate World. Eiji asks the cloaked Digimon about the information for the mission, to which the cloaked Digimon answers by telling Eiji he had already been docked two points on the test due to being late. It tells him that his mission is to create a map of Ninth Avenue for them, and that he just has to walk around the area with the provided map tool as it would auto fill the information for him. Loogamon laughs, and informs Eiji that the mission was perfect as it had something it needed to do in Ninth Avenue anyway. The Sons of Chaos member then wishes Eiji luck on his mission, hoping he would be able to pass and become a member of the group. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-12

Loogamon heads further underground, and tells Eiji that is was a shortcut. It goes to the subway with a train showing up just as they arrive. Eiji was unable to read the DigiCode on the subway map, with Loogamon telling Eiji to not cause any trouble as they were in a pubic place. As the train drives to its destination, Eiji talks to Loogamon and as they do so many Digimon get off and on the train with most of them reacting in shock to seeing a human on board. He notices they were all injured or damaged and is shocked when Loogamon tells him they were all Digimon that had previously been partnered to humans that found themselves abandoned upon failing missions and that they had banded together to create a place where such Digimon could live. Since everyone there was poor, they all fought to survive which is why they had seen the fight earlier between Chuumon, Damemon, and ChuuChuumon. It also tells Eiji that they couldn't return to the Digital World as the Digital World would reject any Digimon that been been contaminated by data from the Human World which is why they had to live in the Wall Slum and that that was how God had set things up. The train finally arrives at Ninth Avenue, leading the duo to get off the train. Eiji asks Loogamon why he knew so much about the Wall Slum and why Chuumon recognized him though Loogamon replies that its memory was hazy and it was regaining them as they travelled throughout the Wall Slum. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-13

Eiji looks around at the area in fear, figuring that it must have a really high crime rate though he snaps out of it when he excitedly — to Loogamon's annoyance — exclaims that Loogamon should be his superior due to how smart it was (senpai in the Japanese version) which Loogamon flatly rejects.

They walk around, having the map app auto map the area for them and notice that nearby Digimon were hiding from them. They arrive at the Castle of Nine Wolves which causes Loogamon to remember that the castle is where it used to live. It remembers that it lived in there as a higher digivolved form than Loogamon though when Eiji asks about said digivolved form a Cargodramon approaches them. Eiji realizes it belonged to the DigiPolice and is shocked that they were in the Wall Slums. A group of Commandramon get out of Cargodramon and surround the Castle, with someone having contacted Eiji asking to talk to him on GriMM. Turning down the request would be seen as going against the DigiPolice but Eiji had no choice in the matter as his means of communication during the mission was in the hands of the Sons of Chaos member running the mission. Thinking Eiji himself had turned down the request, a voice yells out in disgust at him ignoring it. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-14

Rather than be scared of the DigiPolice however, he is instead excited at being able to meet them and even tells an annoyed Loogamon to take a picture of them. As he fawned over the DigiPolice, Satsuki Tamahime performs a Mindlink which alerts her to the fact that Eiji was a member of the Sons of Chaos with the fact he was able to Mindlink and Hololize making him even more dangerous. She gives him one last warning to come with her, though he turns it down claiming he was just on a walk so had no reason to go with her demands. This angers Satsuki, leading her to send the Commandramon to attack the duo — though their bullets intentionally miss them with Satsuki telling him they were merely a warning shots. This gave Satsuki time to get out of Cargodramon and approach Eiji directly, though she too was Hololized.

Eiji tries to flirt with her, though she angrily shuts him down and asks him what a member of the Sons of Chaos was doing there. She also has Cargodramon fire another warning shot since she was annoyed with his failed flirting attempts and tells him that he's lucky she didn't have Mechanorimon with her, since she would've had it kill him by now if it was here. Eiji once again protests and tells her that he was just walking around making a map of the Digial World with Cargodramon backing him up since he didn't have anything stolen on him. As Satsuki complains, still wanting to arrest him, Loogamon makes the situation worse when it suddenly attacks and defeats two of the Commandramon with it stating it had done so as they were invading its home. This infuriates Satuski, causing her partner, Numemon, to jump out of Cargodramon to fight him — with this leading Eiji/Loogamon to realize she was Mindlinking as well. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-15

She tells them they're under arrest and accidentally tells them who she is causing her to panic since she wasn't meant to have done so. As she gets halfway into telling the remaining Commandramon to shoot them to death, Eiji cuts her off and asks her what Kanji she uses to spell her name and also tells her his name — hoping it would help to de-fuse the situation. After answering his question she becomes more annoyed at him seemingly flirting with her once again, with Eiji also realizing that telling her his name was a bad idea. He tries to back track and use his online handle of Fang instead, though it was too late since he'd already told her he was Eiji Nagasumi. Now knowing who he is, she ranks him as a A class hacker which causes Eiji to celebrate thinking it was a good thing — also thinking this meant Satsuki liked him since he was A rank. On the contrary, she informs him that A rank hackers are put onto the DigiPolice's blacklist and he would no longer be able to live a normal life.

Numemon finally attacks, though Loogamon is able to avoid its attacks. Loogamon comments that Numemon is gross, and that makes Satsuki gross too since she has one. Satsuki becomes even more angry since she loves Nuemon, with Eiji once again trying to de-fuse the situation by asking her why she likes Numemon so much. This actually works, with Satsuki going on a long tangent about why she loves slugs and snails and informs him that she owns some in real life as pets and asks him if he wants to see a video of similar creatures. He turns that idea down, though she ignores him. As she searches the internet for a video to show him he deactivates his Hololization though she notices Loogamon trying to flee and has the Commandramon launch an attack. Loogamon tries its best to deal with the Commandramon and Numemon but with so many of enemies, one of them being at the Champion level, its attacks begin to have less and less of an effect with both Eiji and Loogamon's desires causing it to digivolve to Loogarmon. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-16

Loogarmon easily defeats Numemon with one attack, causing Satsuki to call out for a retreat. The Commandramon rush to the wounded Numemon, help it up, then flee on Cargodramon. Eiji Hololizes again to admire Loogarmon, who informs Eiji it had regained some of its memories as leader of the Ninth Avenue. Eiji excitedly celebrates the fact its partner ran the area, though Loogarmon doubts it is still the leader having left at some point. Loogarmon becomes determined to regain the rest of its memories and as it declares this hundreds of Digimon arrive and chant Loogarmon's name. This pleases Loogarmon, since it meant it was still considered to be the leader, and it poses for its followers. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-17

Shortly afterwards, Loogaramon de-digivolves to Loogamon, and Eiji sends out the three Tyrannomon to collect map data and estimate the population within Ninth Avenue. As they do so, Eiji asks Loogamon if it had got its memories back, though Loogamon tells him that its memories were fragmented, hazy, and lacked details and it only knew it had ran the area due to the smells there. Despite this, Loogamon didn't care it lacked its memories anyway since it didn't want to be the type to cling to memories. The Tyrannomon return, with Loogamon telling Eiji to have them to continue to patrol this way, so as to make sure no one could invade its territory, with Eiji telling them to do just that. A siren blares, causing the Digimon of Ninth Avenue to flee, with Loogamon telling Eiji to recall the Tyrannomon. As Eiji questions it he looks into Loogamon's eyes, realizes its serious, and does as he's told. Loogamon runs up the side of the Caste of Nine Wolves to assess the situation.

Upon reaching the top of the Castle, it looks out at the Net Ocean in which it sees a giant whirlpool. Eiji asks about it, to which Loogamon states its dangerous and that the Walls are meant to protect them from things such as those but that sometimes things get through it. As they talk, the whirlpool destroys a section of the Wall Slums — also killing all the Digimon living inside said area. After doing so, it disperses. Eiji's alarm goes off, causing him to end the Mind Link and return to the Human World as he had an appointment with Tomonori Ryusenji to attend.

Eiji goes to his meeting with Tomonori, who congratulates him on his recent results with Loogamon. Eiji tells him that he had been accepted into the Sons of Chaos and informs him of his trial mission and tells him it was easy since Loogamon had lived there before. Tomonori tells him that Abadin had collected Loogamon from Ninth Avenue to keep it safe, though doesn't expand on that when asked. Eiji continues to tell him about the mission, and about the fact that Loogamon had regained some of its memories, with Tomonori telling Eiji to be there for Loogamon when it gains its memories as regaining them can cause mental anguish. As Eiji affirms he will, he is given a reward due to helping Loogamon digivolve to Champion and is tasked to continue looking into the Sons of Chaos. He tells them he already has a meeting set up with the higher ups of the group, impressing Tomonori — who becomes even more impressed upon learning his meeting will be with Marvin Jackson. He reminds Eiji not to blow his cover, then opens up a file for him to see stating it is so important it is a matter of life and death. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-1

The video footage shows the person who had Mindlinked the most strapped into a chair. The person's body has negative reactions to Mindliniking with the person convulsing and having to be attended to by medical personnel. The man eventually ends up motionless, seemingly dead, with Tomonori telling Eiji that the higher level the Digimon the less time they can spend Mindlinked warning him something like what happened to the man in the video could happen to him too. Should Eiji spend too long Mindlinked his mind will never able to to return to his body, and his body will die shortly afterwards. His consciousness would still remain within Loogamon, though he would be forever trapped within his partner. Tomonori sets a warning system within Eiji's Mindlink and tells him to return when it tells him to to avoid falling to the same fate. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-3

After the mission, Eiji had used sock puppet accounts to spread rumours about the mission — making himself a popular topic among hackers. This lead to the meeting with Marvin. Eiji logs into GriMM and accesses the Sons of Chaos' channel to attend his virtual meeting with Marvin, taking Loogamon with him. As the duo talk, making sure they're set to private so that no one could hear them, Loogamon notices it was being scanned by someone and quickly notices Marvin — and his partner Airdramon — approaching them.

They exchange introductions, followed by Marvin asking if Eiji had ever applied to the SoC under a different name or if he had belonged to other cracker teams, as it was unusual for such new cracker to be able to defeat the DigiPolice like he had. He figured either the information was a lie, or Eiji was up to something. Eiji, now fearful that the SoC had already caught on to him, states he hadn't and had simply been a freelancer until recently, with Marvin figuring that a Mindlinker probably wouldn't be stupid enough to pull something. The four of them go into Marvin's private room, where he tells Eiji about their upcoming plan and that they don't have enough members to pull it off. Eiji questions that, since the SoC have a lot of members, though Marvin says they need A class hackers that can Mindlink and that there are very few of those. With Eiji fitting that criteria, he instantly offers his services without listening to what it was with Marvin surpirsed since it would obviously be dangerous. Marvin praises him for defeating the DigiPolice, whilst Eiji asks if Tartarus will be part of the mission claiming he idolizes him with him being the entire reason he joined. Marvin becomes distracted as Airdramon begins to play with Loogamon — Marvin deciding to join in too — though answers Eiji after doing so, telling him that though Tartarus set up their missions, he rarely gets involved in himself. He shares a file with Eiji, telling him that the mission was named "OPERATION INFINITY", and that he should return Mindlinked the next day. Just as Eiji bids farewell, Marvin asks him if he had heard anything about a BlackAgumon though Eiji states he only knew that someone was looking for one. Marvin reveals it was actually the SoC that were looking for it, with Eiji surprised, since the reward was 100 million. Marvin informs him that 100 million was nothing for SoC, especially as Tartarus was obsessed with getting his hands on a BlackAgumon. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-2

Eiji joins the other members of Operation Infinity in Marvin's SoC room, with there being eight users there total. The monitor displays the mission, with Eiji learning they will be hacking Nation X's server. Eiji is surprised, and questions the other users about doing such a thing, which leads the others to laugh at him. Marvin tells him that all members need to be on the same page, then informs him that hackers from Nation X had performed lots of cyberattacks and had even recently stolen billions worth of cryptocurrency – with Eiji surprised to learn that they were the ones responsible for it. Since the SoC use cryptocurrency they couldn't turn a blind eye to them doing such a thing, especially if it caused a major shift in the World's financial powers. Eiji continues to be surprised, since hackers do so to become rich meaning this was hypocritical, with the other hackers stating they just wanted to destabilise Nation X's leader as well as get revenge on them, as they had done crimes using a Machinedramon and framed the SoC. Tartarus arrives, introduces himself as the leader of the SoC, and then tells them to render their server useless and capture their Machinedramon. After cheering, the hackers – including Eiji – summon their partner Digimon and Mind Link with them. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-3

The Sons of Chaos have their eight members split into teams of two, with the Mindlinked Loogamon/Eiji travelling alongside Airdramon/Marvin. Eiji asks Marvin what Tartarus will do with X Nation's Machinedramon once they have it, with Marvin becoming annoyed at Eiji for being more interested in Tartarus than the mission. He tells Eiji that even as Tartarus' right hand man he barely knows him and has no clue why he wants Machinedramon. Eiji insists that isn't the case and he was super focused on the mission, even to the level he hadn't slept – which causes Marvin to realise he had been overestimating Eiji as not sleeping could cause him to make a mistake and ruin the mission. Eiji continues to ask questions about Tartarus as they travel, with Marvin answering with theories rather than actual answers. A vortex appears, though it quickly disappears, with Marvin warning Eiji about them. Eiji and Marvin discuss rumours of people supposedly going into them and living with Marvin not believing them as he hadn't known a single person to go inside one and come back. They eventually reach X Nation's servers, and begin their attack.

Airdramon and Loogamon fight and defeat Digimon belonging to X Nation hackers, with Marvin telling Eiji not to digivolve to Champion as staying at Rookie will allow him to Mindlink longer and get both of them out once Marvin runs out of time. The other teams were simply decoys for Eiji and Marvin, making it even more important for them both to avoid running down their times any longer than needed. They are stopped in their tracks by a wall, with Loogamon stating Machinedramon was behind it. Airdramon complains at how much power it will take to destroy it, though Loogamon tells Eiji to set his tool to Decode which – to the shock of Marvin – allows Loogamon to decrypt the wall in an instant.

As they pass what used to be a wall, they are greeted by the roar of Machinedramon. They see it was held in place by a bunch of tools, meaning it wasn't a threat, with Marvin sending his Airdramon to attack it. He has Airdramon digivolve to Megadramon and attack Machinedramon, trying to free it. Eiji's monitor suddenly alerts him to the fact another Mega had just shown up, which proceeds to easily defeat Megadramon. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-4

Eiji and Loogamon looked on in shock – unaware of who had even defeated it. They panic, looking over Megadramon, worried for Marvin since if it takes enough damage it could kill not only Megadramon, but Marvin as well. The other SoC members arrive, and ask Eiji why they hadn't captured Machinedramon yet. They see Marvin's Megadramon knocked out and wonder who had done it, since they had acted as a decoy to keep most of X Nations defences busy. They shoot down Eiji's suggestion that maybe the DigiPolice had caught onto their plan, since the Japanese police hacking another countries server would cause a massive international incident. Kazuchimon proceeds to defeat every member of the SoC, including Loogamon, with the SoC members realizing who it was as only Leon Alexander was known to own a Kazuchimon. Unable to do anything, they watch as Kazuchimon kills the still trapped Machinedramon. Leon tells it to return to being a Digi-Egg and hopes that upon its revival it would be taken in by a nice person, rather than an evil hacker. He tells the SoC that he had decided to help their operation to stop X Nation doing crimes but couldn't allow them the pleasure of doing it themselves as he hated all hackers. Loogamon tells Eiji they need to flee as the mission was a failure, with Eiji refusing to leave Megadramon/Marvin behind. Loogamoon protests as they weren't friends with Marvin, but Eiji refuses to budge as he thought Marvin was as nice guy and he actually had become friends with him. He tells the other members to get Megadramon to safety, and as they do so he will distract Kazuchimon. The other members doubt he could defeat a Mega but Eiji simply tells them to do as he says.

As they try to do so, Leon demands to know where Tartarus was and tells the SoC he will ruin their reputation as he had heard none of their missions had ever resulted in one of their members dying. Feeling cocky, Leon has Kazuchimon de-digivlve to Boutmon figuring that as he had already taken out Megdramon and Machinedramon he no longer needed to waste some of his Mindlink time at Mega as he would still be able to kill the other seven with his partner at the Ultimate level. Loogamon points out that as Leon was mindlinking he was on a time limit as well, and figures they could save everyone by stalling long enough. Loogamon digivolves to Loogarmon and attacks Boutmon, with the force of its attack enough to stop it before it could reach Megadramon. Leon is surprised at just how strong Loogarmon was, with Eiji mocking Leon, telling him that he had actually de-digivolved as he was almost out of time. Megadramon wakes up, with Marvin telling everyone to flee as well as telling Leon he had committed a grave mistake in making an enemy of the SoC. Boutmon de-digivolves to Pulsemon and as Eiji looks at it, he recognizes it and wonders why. He then remembers, his childhood best friend Leon had shown him his partner Digimon a long time ago with it being the same exact Digimon. Realizing that meant he was fighting Leon, he Hololizes – which also causes Leon to hololize as well. Not only was Eiji surprised to see Leon, Leon was surprised to see Eiji. Their reunion is cut short however as more X Nation hackers arrive, causing everyone to flee before they could be taken out by the reinforcements. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-5

Eiji and Leon reconnect online, and set up a meeting to reunite and set up a meeting at Abadin Electronics. As Eiji waits, he watches TV and sees the leader of X Nation state they would get revenge against the Crack Team for what they had done. Eiji feels uplifted by it having played a part in the nation's defeat and as he continues to watch, Leon arrives and walks up to Eiji. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-6 They go to a the café within DDL to catch up. Leon shows off Pulsemon to him once again, having done so when they were kids, with Eiji showing off Loogamon as well... though the air between the two Digimon was tight and awkward since they had been fighting only days before. They express shock upon learning they both work with Tomonori with Leon annoyed at the fact he'd hired Eiji to do things for him instead of having Leon do them since he was his assistant. Pulsemon pokes fun at Loogamon for only being able to get to the Champion level, something Loogamon isn't amused by, with the duo arguing over and over till their tamers put an end to it. As Leon tells Eiji he was the only person other than his dad that ever understood him, Hatsune and her friend, who had recently been hired to work for DDL, interrupt their conversation with Hatsune's friend fangirling over how cute the Digimon were. Hatsune was surprised to learn Leon and Eiji were friends, which was followed up by her friend fangirling over how hot she thought Leon was. Hatsune tells her friend not to harass employees of their boss, after which a big TV in the room plays the recent announcement from the leader of X Nation, in which he states he will get revenge against the hackers, with the four of them watching it. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-7 After breaking Eiji's heart by saying that hackers are lame dangerous depressed weirdos, Hatsune's friend is taken away from Eiji and Leon by Hatsune so that she would stop interrupting the boy's reunion. The surprise of the boys, their Digimon argue over which of the two girls was cuter. Eiji and Leon continue their conversation, which moves to how they should be treating their partners as actual lifeforms rather than AI. Eiji tells Leon how he had recently changed his perspective and began doing just that thanks to Tomonori, with the mood changing completely when Leon tells Eiji he should quit not just the Sons of Chaos but hacking as well. This angers Eiji, since he had to do work as a hacker to make money — unlike Leon who attended a prestigious university and had a well paying job as Tomonori's assistant. This outburst surprises Leon, since the Eiji he remembered had good grades and asks how he ended up down this path as a hacker instead of something more reputable. Eiji brings up WWW Airlines flight 626, which instantly upsets Leon due to his personal history with it. As Leon refuses to talk, Pulsemon interjects and talks about the event instead with Leon learning Eiji's parents were two of the 300 killed by Machinedramon that day. Leon was shook, since he considered it his fault it had happened, feeling even worse now he had learned his childhood best friend's parents were on board and he had been unable to save them. Now knowing Eiji's personal history, he becomes confused as to why Eiji would work as a hacker with Digimon when one was responsible for his parents deaths. Eiji states he doesn't blame the Digimon but instead blames the hackers and though he isn't proud of being a hacker it was the only way he could make a living. Working with Tomonori had finally had him feeling proud of himself, something he figured Leon would understand as he worked with him too. Leon asks what Tomonori has Eiji doing other than raising Loogamon, though Eiji tells him he isn't allowed to tell him and leaves saying he has an appointment with Tomonori to attend. Pulsemon gives Loogamon a bunch of files before he leaves, with Eiji saying they should do this again sometime but without all the complicated stuff. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-8

After his meeting with Leon, Eiji goes to meet with Ryusenji in his office. They discuss the SoC's failure in trying to acquire Machinedramon, with Eiji noting he had realized just how serious the Mind Link limit was. To the annoyance of Loogamon, Ryusenji mentions they survived as they had kept time on their side with Loogamon taking it to mean had they not they would've lost. It insists it will defeat Pulsemon should they ever fight again, with Ryusenji telling him he would, at the least, need to digivolve to Ultimate to stand a chance of doing so. Wanting to win, Loogamon tell Eiji to help it digivolve to Ultimate, which Eiji happily agrees to do. Sad that they had been unable to capture Machinedramon, Eiji blames Leon with Ryusenji mentioning him as one of his employees. He brings up a file on Kazuchimon, with Eiji worried that fighting one of his employees might get him fired. Ryusenji assures him he has no reason to fire him with Leon disapproving of Eiji being a hacker having nothing to do with their relationship. Though he didn't tell Leon about the fact he was working as a double agent, he tells Ryusenji he's worried Leon could figure it out and let it slip though as Ryusenji tells Eiji he will deal with Leon his phone rings with the news his next appointment had arrived. Eiji excuses himself, though not before telling him he had had contact with Tartarus. Interested, Ryusenji asks how he was though Eiji reports he only heard his voice — relaying that no one had ever DMIA during one of his missions and that he wanted a BlackAgumon. Ryusenji calls in his waiting guest — Shuu Yulin — with Eiji walking passed her on his way out. Though he didn't know who she was, he got a chill throughout his body from looking at her.

As Eiji leaves, Hatsune thanks him for their earlier chat — with Loogamon yelling from within Eiji's Digimon Linker asking Hatsune if she would eat some monjayaki with it. The onlookers assumed it was Eiji asking her out, though she quickly makes it known in an amused tone that it was actually Loogamon asking her out. Loogamon continues trying to set them up, though wanting to change the subject Eiji mutes his Linker and asks Hatsune if Ryusenji's guest was a member of the DigiPolice. She confirms as such, stating that she visits quite often and is actually a former student of Ryusenji's. Going back to Loogamon's previous declaration, Eiji follows up on in asking if she would like to go for a meal with him and she agrees to do so since he has a job, is mature, and has something she wants to discuss with him anyway. She gives him her GrimM contact information then tells she'll message him about it later, as she can't discuss it at that very moment.

Eiji is woken up by the sound of women at the nearby post office. Loogamon greets him, with Eiji asking if he had any mail. Rather than answer, Loogamon snarkily tells Eiji to check for himself with Eiji finding he had gotten plenty. Marvin had sent him a thank you gift, and Hatsune had also messaged him. Excited to have heard from her, his heart plummets when he reads the contents of her message — she had a boyfriend — her request asking him to hack his account for her as she was worryed he was cheating on her. Dejected, not wanting to go through with her request since it was illegal, Eiji becomes even more annoyed when Loogamon mentions he could swoop in and date her if her boyfriend is cheating since she'd then single, Eiji annoyed since he was now taking dating advice from a Digimon. Loogamon points out he had another message, from one of the SoC mods, with it being urgent. Loogamon tells him its from Tartarus, with a shocked Eiji telling it to wake him up in the middle of the night if he has to when it comes to messages from Tartarus. The message praises Eiji for his work during the attack on X Nation's server with Tartarus stating he wants to hire Eiji again in the future. Tartarus asks Eiji to get revenge against Judge for interrupting their mission since failing to retaliate would lower the image of the SoC with Eiji seeing it as a test of loyalty. Figuring he can't turn it down since it would sow seeds of doubt in Eiji, he declares he'll have to fight Leon with Loogamon surprised since they were friends. Eiji tries to use Loogamon's Wall Slum friends as an example though it doesn't work since Loogamon only considered them to be minions. He tells Loogamon that a friend is someone you want to do things for, and that right now — he doesn't want to do anything for Leon. Eiji asks if Loogamon was worried about having to fight a Mega, with Loogamon not worried at all and instead excited to get the chance to knock Pulsemon down a peg. Wanting to protect his job with Ryusenji and stand up for code crackers, Eiji's determination to defeat Leon becomes stronger and stronger with the duo motivated to do so. Eiji remembers Pulsemon gave Loogamon something, though both refuse to open it since it could be a bomb or a virus. instead, Eiji declares he will help Loogamon digivolve even further so they can defeat their newly found enemy. They then start devising their plan to defeat Leon. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-9

Eiji and Loogamon train, with Eiji also sending a message to Leon on a burner account with fake information about where he could find Tartarus. He sends Leon to a floating island of garbage data, in which he has his three Tyrannomon hide, with Pulsemon taken by surprise when Loogamon ambushes it. Having been warned just in time by Leon, who had seen Loogamon just in time, Pulsemon is able to avoid most of the hit though does still take minor damage from it. Eiji reveals he was the one who had sent the fake message, as he figured Leon would have no choice but to fall for it since he would obviously want to take out Tartarus. Leon asks if he is there to represent the SoC as Tartarus's mouth piece with Eiji confirming he is. Leon assumed this means Eiji is one of the leaders of the entire group, and refuses to believe him when he states he is actually one of the newer members. Eiji tells him that though he was happy to have reunited with him, he was left with no choice but to fight him as he had made himself an enemy of the SoC. Eiji tells him that they had allowed Eiji himself to decide on Leon's punishment and that if Leon were to agree to never interfere with the SoC again, they'd let him get away with just an apology. Leon turns this down, though still considering Eiji to be his friend tells him to quit being a code cracker and would help him with money if that was the issue. Apparently feeling mocked, Eiji turns it down as he didn't want to be pitied and had no desire to quit due to how good he had gotten at his job. He tells Leon to stop interfering with his work, with Leon laughing as Ryusenji had gone through loads of code crackers in the past and had thrown them all away like the trash they were. As Eiji reacts angrily, he realizes he had lost track of Pulsemon with Loogamon realizing just in time to be able to avoid its attack. Leon tells Eiji to leave Ryusenji alone and to stop using him, as associating with code crackers will ruin his reputation. Eiji takes this as jealously, and with Leon seeing he had no way to talk Eiji down has Pulsemon warp digivolve to Boutmon. Eiji reacts by having Loogamon digivolve to Loogarmon, though this only disappoints Leon since they're still stuck at the Champion level.

Unlike in their previous head to head battle, Loogarmon would use the flames of its Howling Burner to hide and upon Boutmon putting the flames out with its own attacks is surprised when Loogarmon had just been stood there doing nothing. This shock lasts long enough for Loogarmon to launch a counter attack at Boutmon, and before it can even do anything, is attacked from three separate directions from a sneak attack by Eiji's three Tyrannomon. It takes the brunt of the four separate attacks, with Leon confused as to how Boutmon hadn't picked up on them being there. Boutmon states it couldn't due the amount of junk data that was there, and that they had fallen right into Eiji's trap. Boutmon is able to shrug off the flames, as Eiji yells out about how he's going to defeat Leon even if he has to play sneaky to do so. As their attacks clash, Boutmon is able to overpower Loogarmon's flames and get in direct hits against its lower levelled opponent — but is unable to get many of them in as the Tyrannomon's distant attacks are able to distract Boutmon long enough to allow Loogarmon to distance itself. Realizing he wasn't going to win against four opponents who were just trying to wear them down and win in a long drawn out battle Leon decides to have Boutmon digivolve to Kazuchimon.

Seeing the Tyrannomon terrified of the Mega level enemy, Eiji recalls them to his Digimon Linker. Leon was surprised at him doing so, though tells him he'll never have to think about plans again after he murders him. Before they can react, they are trapped within Kazuchimon's Shido Ittetsu — meaning they could no longer escape. Leon suddenly declares that he had made a mistake, confusing Eiji, with Leon saying that Eiji didn't want money or sympathy — he wanted failure. He tries again to convince Eiji to give up code cracking but Eiji again refuses as he wants to be able to change his own miserable life with his own hands. Eiji demands for Loogarmon to digivolve further, wanting to win, and Leon, having given up on changing Eiji's mind, decides he will finish him off with Kazuchimon's most powerful attack. Refusing to lose and seeing they have no chance to avoid the attack, Eiji once again demands Loogarmon to digivolve. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-10

Eiji's information had been shut off and he instead was looking at a blue screen within his partner's DigiCore, unaware of what was going on and unable to provide any commands. Loogarmon had indeed digivolved, with the newly digivolved Helloogarmon fangs stuck right in Kazuchimon's throat. Though he is unable to get control again, Eiji is able to confirm Loogarmon had digivolved after hitting the device. Though he wanted to win, he realized the digivolution was a mistake as his newly digivolved partner was out of control. Leon even confirms this for him, as he yells out that his partner had lost control and the digivolution had failed. Remembering back to how Ryusenji had told him there was no such thing as a success or failure in digivolution, Eiji refuses to accept it as a failure, even with Leon continuing to insist it was. Since Eiji was no longer able to control his partners actions, Leon informs he had dug his own grave by forcing this digivolution to happen and is shocked when Eiji declares he had forced the digivolution so that he could defeat Leon even if it came at a cost like this. Upon seeing Helloogarmon though, he once again considers it a mistake and tries to talk his partner down but his words came to nothing. Shocked at the fact an Ultimate level Digimon could damage a Mega level, Leon becomes even more shocked when his device warns him about the C level and that he would need to sever his Mind Link soon. This has Eiji mock Leon, stating he too had dug his own grave. Seeing just how far Eiji had gone just to defeat Leon, he apologizes to his childhood friend — feeling responsible for what had just happened. Eiji realizes Helloogarmon manifested due to his own jealously and hidden desire to kill Leon due to said jealously and apologizes, having lost the will to fight despite knowing he has to win no matter what. Sensing this, Leon yells out for Eiji to focus as his willpower would be the only thing able to stop Helloogarmon's rampage. No matter what he did though, he was unable to get a single command through only getting error message after error message. Kazuchimon is unable to move, overwhelmed by the power of Helloogarmon, with Eiji yelling out for Leon to just run away to save themselves as their time was about to run out. Leon though, refuses to do so unless Eiji agrees to quit code cracking. Confused as to why he would risk his life just to try and stop Eiji's hacking, he demands to know why with Leon simply saying he had a reason as to why was doing what he was doing. He then brings up WWW Flight 626, telling Eiji there was more to the story but before he could finish his sentence Kazuchimon had managed to break free from Helloogarmon, the wolf's squeal cutting Leon off. It throws Helloogarmon into the electrified walls of Shido Ittetsu, the pain taking both Eiji and Helloogarmon out of the action. Eiji tries to restore access to the monitor to either heal his partner, or at least de-digivolve it back to Loogamon, and as he tries, Leon tells him the truth about the flight — that the X Nation's Machinedramon was responsible for it. Though Eiji was aware a Digimon was involved, he had no clue it was Machinedramon, but figured he would still have followed orders to capture Machinedramon rather than get revenge against it. Leon apologizes for it, with Eiji confused since he didn't think Leon had anything to do with it. Leon tells him that he was part of the team trying to stop Machinedramon and had failed, and as such blamed himself for Eiji's parents deaths with Eiji confused as to why he would apologise over it as it wasn't his fault, it was the X Nation's fault. Leon tells Eiji it is his job to stop evil code crackers and that he needs to stop Eiji, as he himself might end up causing his own terrorist attacks once day with Eiji annoyed as as he would never do such a thing. Rather than kill Eiji, he changes his mind and decides instead to save him from the code crackers and with enough time left for one last attack before his Mindlink time was up decides he will use it to stop Helloogarmon. As he's about to do so however, the barrier created by Shido Ittetsu is ripped open by a vortex with both Tamers surprised to see that Omegamon of the Royal Knights had just arrived via the vortex. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-11

As it joins the battle, it freezes Helloogarmon in place with the freezing temperature of the ice enough to temporarily knock Eiji out. Helloogarmon was no longer a threat. Accepting that it was all over, and he and his partner were going to die, Eiji could only watch as Omegamon readied to pierce Helloogarmon's body with its Transcendent Sword. As Leon had just resolved to save his childhood friend, he refuses to let the Royal Knight kill him and has Kazuchimon tackle it. The tackle sends both of them into the vortex, away from Helloogarmon. Eiji, now conscious enough to react, yells out for Leon to let go but he refuses to do so as Eiji would be unable to reason with a member of the Royal Knights — nor would be be able to take out a Digimon that is even stronger than the Mega level. Eiji's monitor suddenly begins to work again, leading Eiji to command Helloogarmon to revert back to Loogamon. He also activates recovery mode. As Loogamon recovers, confused as to what was going on, Eiji yells out that he lost the battle and will consider quitting code cracking. Having no clue whether Leon had heard or not, he continues to yell out for Leon to escape and then tends to Loogamon's wounds. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-12

After returning to the real World, Eiji sends a message to Ryusenji about what had happened to Leon so that he could check on his body since he knew were Leon lived as Eiji didn't. Eiji, now at home, wallows in despair. He thought he had won, only to end up losing due to being unable to control Helloogarmon's power which was followed up by seeing his childhood friend sacrifice himself to save him from Omegamon. Though he wasn't officially dead, he may as well have been, with Eiji blaming himself for the loss of not just Leon but Pulsemon as well, figuring there was no chance it would have survived the battle with Omegamon. Blaming himself for Leon's "death" he spends his time throwing up in the bathroom with Loogamon insulting Eiji for his low Digimon Linker readings. Rather than snap back like Loogamon expected, Eiji removed the Linker and declared he couldn't do it any more. He didn't want to win this way, couldn't control Loogamon, and had gotten Leon killed. A message arrives on his Linker, with Tartarus congratulating him on taking out Leon. He was the hero of the Sons of Chaos. This only made Eiji feel even worse. He had given them what they had wanted. Loogamon reminds Eiji that there were no laws in regards to DMIA and that it wouldn't be pinned on him. He tells Loogamon about when he nearly drowned as a child, and that Leon had saved his life. Loogamon, changing the subject, tells Eiji he had opened the gift Pulsemon had given them before and shows him that it wasn't a virus or a bomb but rather was food alongside a message asking them to meet up again soon. This shocks Eiji, having learned that Pulsemon had wanted to be friends. Loogamon tells Eiji that it thinks it lost control because it really wanted to win and then talk to Pulsemon, with Eiji's feelings not in synch as he had wanted to kill Leon. As it enjoys the meat, it realizes that it was actually friends with Pulsemon. It asks Eiji if he wants to save Leon, to which he says he does. Loogamon responds that he wants to save his friend Pulsemon, and would do anything it could to save it even if it meant having to fight Omegamon. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-Intermission

Loogamon wonders whether Eiji's recent actions were the same as its own during its digivolution to Helloogarmon though Eiji instead blames himself entirely for that digivolution due to his emotions. Loogamon ends up agreeing with him, since he would supposedly never do something like that, though it was in a playful manner as it says it just really wanted to defeat Kazuchimon no matter what. Eiji explains himself to Loogamon, saying that he he didn't want to go back to his awful life before becoming a hacker and that he was scared Tomonori and the Sons of Chaos would abandoned him if they lost which had caused his emotions to go out of control. Loogamon accepts this, and declares they will save Leon Alexander and Pulsemon. They try to Mindlink but it fails, as Eiji's vitals weren't in the right shape to allow them to do it. Loogamon offers to hack the Digimon Linker so that they could force a Mindlink though they decide against it when they realize that could cause another out of control digivolution due to Eiji's current mental state. Instead, Loogamon tells Eiji to look for Leon in the real world.

As Eiji wondered how they would be able to do that, his doorbell rings. He looks through his monitor to see who it was, though the only part he could see of the individual was their shoulder. He then gets a message on his Linker, with Kosuke Kisakata — under his alias Tartarus — telling him that he was at his apartment. Eiji considered pretending to not be in, but Kosuke states he knew Eiji was home leaving Eiji little choice. This got even worse when Loogamon uses its hacking powers to open the door anyway, excited at the fact the leader of the SoC was at Eiji's house. Kosuke asks if he can come in, though goes inside anyway when Eiji takes too long to answer. He compliments Eiji's apartment, pays his respects to Eiji's deceased parents, and then brings up WWW Airlines flight 626 — the flight which Eiji's parents were on when they died. He gives Eiji supplies from the nearby convenience store, figuring Eiji needed them, and explains that he was in the same state after someone close to him (Saya Ryusenji) had gone into DMIA as well so knew Eiji needed the help. Eiji is shocked, since he had heard that no one had ever DMIAed whilst working for Tartarus, and as Eiji's stomach growls due to the food Kosuke points out that meant he had the will to live and as such should get his life back in order. Seeing that Tartaus was right, Eiji starts to eat the food. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-9

After finishing the food, Eiji Nagasumi has a shower. Whilst he does so, Loogamon keeps Kosuke company.

As Eiji returns, he realizes how much of a mess his apartment is and apologizes — though Kosuke laughs and says his is the same and apologizes for showing up uninvited. Eiji asks who Kosuke is, though he only uses the name Tartarus rather than use his real name. Eiji introduces himself with his actual name and asks if there's any proof that Tartarus really is who he says he is. He summons Dorumon, with Loogamon recognizing it as the Digimon who had given them the test to join the Sons of Chaos. Eiji, remembering it was a random guy who had interviewed them, disputes that this proves he was Tartarus — though Dorumon insists he is and that the interviewer account was just an alternate account Tartarus sometimes uses. Though he still wasn't sure if it was actually Tartarus, Eiji knew very few people know of the test in the first place so at the least knew it was someone high up in the group even if it wasn't Tartarus himself. He asks why Tartarus, the leader of the SoC, would oversee the test of a newcomer himself and figures that must've meant he knew why Eiji was applying in the first place — as a spy of Tomonori Ryusenji. Dorumon laughs, and reveals that they knew the entire time that Eiji and Loogamon were spies. Eiji asks why they would let him join knowing this, to which Kosuke says they needed Eiji's muscle and knew they could trust him because he was working for Ryusenji. He thanks him for saving Marvin's life in their previous mission, whilst Dorumon tells him he also had another reason to accept him into the SoC and that accepting him into it would allow them to put Tartarus' plan into action. Loogamon resent this, not wanting to go along with someone else's plan — and tells them that their goal was to rescue Leon and Pulsemon. Dorumon tells them that's exactly why they were here, which causes Eiji to realize he would have to work with them to be able to save his friend. Dorumon points out that it was Tartarus himself who requested Leon to be taken out and that Eiji wanting to save Leon meant they actually had the same goal as Tartarus as he too wanted to save someone who had gone into DMIA and that that was the entire reason the SoC was even formed in the first place. Eiji is surprised to hear this, and, going back to his previous thought, brings up the fact that he had heard no one had ever gone DMIA during a mission attended by Tartarus — since this would mean that wasn't true. Tartarus says the story was misunderstood and that he was the first person to lose someone to DMIA and had made sure that he would lose no one else to it again. Eiji asks for more information, to which Tartarus agrees to share his story. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-10 Kosuke tells Eiji his real name with Dorumon surprised at the fact its partner had done this but Kosuke simply states he thought it was fair since he knew Eiji's real name. He was also happy he got to use his real name for once, since he usually had to hide his identity due to being the leader of the Sons of Chaos. He tells Eiji about what happened to Saya Ryusenji when he was still a university student, though doesn't actually say who it happened to and leaves her identity vague. He brings up the job listing for someone to find a BlackAgumon, a listing Eiji recognized, and explains that he was looking for it because the person he lost was the partner of it. He explains that the person's body had been moved abroad to receive special care and that he had gotten no leads on the BlackAgumon despite how many years had passed. Eiji asks if he could restore his friend should they find the BlackAgumon and Kosuke brings up a file with a 3D modelled syringe on it. He explains that the syringe has medicine in it that can heal someone of DMIA — though it would need to be applied to the Digimon — and that it had originally been made to extend the amount of time one could safely Mindlink. Theoretically it would peel the human consciousness away from the Digimon's DigiCore, granting a window for the human's self-awareness to return, which they hope would allow them to heal someone of DMIA. They had run tests on Digimon with AI copies of human data and had found that it was possible to separate the human from the Digimon, and they had worked with Tomonori Ryusenji on it.

Eiji was confused as to why Code Crackers would work on such a thing, to which Kosuke explains they had struck with deal with Tomonori. They would provided the needed drugs, and he in return would give them the data on the trials. Eiji was surprised Kosuke would do this, since a failed product could kill the person they were trying to save, though Kosuke brings up a video of Saya's unconscious body and explains that the drug was what was giving him hope. This has Eiji realize just how much Kosuke trusts Tomonori and this in turn causes Eiji to trust Kosuke. Dorumon asks if that means they will work together, to which Eiji and Loogamon agree. Eiji asks if they have enough of the drug to help both Leon and Kosuke's friend but he informs them they only had the one. Eiji says he will just ask Tomonori to make another one, though Kosuke insists it's fine as they just needed to focus on finding Pulsemon for now. Eiji declares it was time for them to come up with a plan, but Kosuke tells him to instead come with him as he already had a car ready and that they need to leave since the DigiPolice would be arriving soon. As they return to the car, Kosuke tells Eiji they were going to reboot Operation Tartarus — though Eiji had no idea what that was. Kosuke tells Eiji he will have to say goodbye to his old life, to which Eiji is more than happy to as his old life was awful. After a short friendship pledge with Loogamon, Eiji gets into the car with Kosuke telling him they were going to the Gateway to code crack their way into the depths of the Digital World. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-11

Eiji and Loogamon go to Ninth Avenue and convince Loogamon's minions to join in on the plan. They are then able to convince other Digimon in the Wall Slums to join too with them all agreeing to join the uprising since it was the chance for them to return to the Digital World having been banned from returning due to being contaminated with data from the human world. As they ride the train back from Ninth Avenue Kosuke calls and praises them for having convinced the Wall Slum Digimon to join. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-12

The battle begins, with it gaining the attention of the DigiPolice. When a Mindlinked Satsuki asks the recon Sealsdramon if they had managed to find any of the SoC higher ups, though they relay that they had been unable to do so. As she tells them to keep looking, she is startled when Loogamon jumps on top of the Mekanorimon that Numemon had been riding. Satsuki, angrily recognizing Loogamon, yells out Eiji Nagasumi's name, with a Hololized Eiji surprised that someone knew his name. They quickly realize the voice belonged to Satsuki, and as such also realize that meant they had fallen into the laps of the DigiPolice. Eiji and Loogamon mock Satsuki, Numemon, and Mekanorimon, with this quickly leading to a battle. After Mekanorimon knocks Loogamon off itself, it and the Commandramon aim their weapons and Loogmaon and Eiji. If Eiji were to be attacked in his Hololized form, he would die in real life, and as such he quickly switches from Hololize to Mindlink. They all fire at Loogamon, though it is able to avoid all of the bullets by diving behind a boulder for cover. This didn't last long though, as this gave the Cargodramon time to close in. Loogamon was now pinned down, stay behind the boulder and it'd be killed by the Cargodramon. Come out, and it'd be killed by the rest of the DigiPolice. Just as Satsuki was about to order the Commandramon to throw their DCD Bombs over the boulder, she is contacted again by the Sealsdramon — who tell her they had located their target. She demands their location with it telling her they were right above her head. Satsuki has no time to react, as Airdramon — Mindlinked with Marvin — attacks the Cargodramon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-1 Satsuki is surprised and questions the two of them as to why they would try to take on the DigiPolice on their own, whilst Eiji gets Marvin up to speed on what was happening and that Satsuki was a much bigger threat than when he had defeated her in the past. Needing to keep the rest of the DigiPolice away from Kosuke and Yulin, Loogamon digivolves to Loogarmon and joins Airdramon in battle. They weren't alone for much longer however, with Marvin sending the other leaders of the SoC and a large group of Crack Team Espimon into battle. A three way battle ensues, with the DigiPolice, SoC, and Gatekeeper Digimon all fighting each other. Wanting to defeat Eiji specifically, Satsuki calls in her "aces" and sends Tachibana and Sakurada to attack Loogarmon.

Eiji surveys the battlefield, spotting Dorugoramon and Ouryumon fighting above them. He considered attacking Ouryumon to help out Kosuke, but decides against doing so upon remembering Kosuke had said he wanted to defeat Yulin on his own. As they pondered this, as well as if they should digivolve to the Ultimate level, they are attacked by camouflaged Commandramon — with Eiji telling Loogarmon to use its Howling Burner in every direction so that they could flush out their enemy. This works, with the Commandramon coming out of camouflage to avoid the attack. Loogarmon, underestimating them due to them being Rookies, is taken by surprise when their attacks prove to be more powerful than a regular Commandramon's, and becomes even more shocked when they both digivolve to ​​Hi-Commandramon. Now in a two on one battle against two Mindlinked Champions, Loogarmon was at a disadvantage and began losing the fight. They had even managed to split Eiji away from Marvin and the other members of the SoC. Not wanting to have Satsuki reach Kosuke, alongside wanting to win so they could save Leon Alexander and Pulsemon, Eiji and Loogarmon's feelings synch together perfectly with Loogarmon beginning to digivolve. Kosuke, despite being in the middle of a battle with Yulin, yells out from above for the duo to achieve their ultimate forms — with this motivating Eiji and Loogamon and having them decide they were now actually ready to handle Ultimate level power. This motivation allows Loogarmon to digivolve to Soloogarmon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-2 The newly gained digivolution restores more of its memories, with Soloogarmon now having the upper hand against Tachibana and Sakurada Digimon. It takes little damage from their attacks, and proceeds to defeat both of them with little effort. Eiji tells Soloogarmon not to take it too far though, as he didn't want to kill the two DigiPolice members. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-3

After losing to Dorugoramon, Ouryumon de-digivolves to Ryudamon, and having won, Dorugoramon de-digivolves to Dorumon and checks on Ryudamon to make sure it's still alive. Figuring he still needed to keep them out of his way, Kosuke uses a program to restrain Ryudamon — just in case it were to awaken. With phase 2 of Operation Tartarus now complete, Kosuke declares it was now time to start phase 3. He contacts Marvin and asks if he's still alive, to which he confirms he is. He then learns about how the rest of the battle was going — the DigiPolice had around a third of its members left, whilst the only remaining members of the Sons of Chaos were Kosuke, Marvin, Eiji, and a few of the other leaders. Though some members of the Crack Team and Wall Slum Digimon remained, there weren't enough of them for them to guarantee a win against both the DigiPolice and the Gatekeeper Digimon. Dorumon tells Marvin to bring Eiji to them, with Marvin asking if they were going to use "you know what". Upon hearing confirmation they would, Marvin activates a tool from his suit — with a loud roar being heard.

Marvin and Airdramon deliver Eiji and Loogamon to Tartarus, then leave to return to the battlefield. The other SoC leaders with Kosuke log out, with all of them having things to do in the real World. Tartarus thanks them for their work, with the only ones remaining being Kosuke, Eiji, and the unconscious Ryudamon. Eiji looks on, and sees the DigiPolice retreating. He sees Ryudamon and asks if it was alive, to which Kosuke confirms it is. He asks what they need to do next, with Kosuke stating the next step was to crack into the gateway. He states they need to use the interfaces of the three Prototype Digimon, and that the fact they were so old meant the Digital World hadn't accounted for them which would make their hacking easier. He tells him of how he needs Vaccine, Data, and Virus Prototype Digimon and that all three of them were now present. Eiji asks what he and Loogamon needed to do, but he tells them they don't need to to anything — to their disappointment. The only thing that was needed was their presence, and they could just watch as Kosuke did the hacking. This has Eiji realize that's why Ryudamon was restrained, it didn't need to be awake or even do anything — it simply just had to be there.

Loogamon, Dorumon, and an unconscious Ryudamon form a circle around a Hololized Tartarus — with Eiji complaining and saying if they had told him about all this from the start, he would've helped. Kosuke tells him that that wouldn't have worked, since they needed all three Prototypes to be able to digivolve to Ultimate, and he had only recently achieved that stage. Kosuke begins the hacking once Marvin returns, and, as Loogamon and Dorumon would be unable to fight during the process — Marvin and the other SoC members with Marvin were the only defence they had. Marvin hadn't returned to Kosuke alone, he and the SoC members he brought with him brought a Chaosdramon. Within seconds of arriving, it attacks the nearby Gatekeeper Digimon — taking them out with ease. Eiji wonders who was Mindlinking with it, but Marvin tells him no one was as it was too volatile and instead — he himself was controlling it with a bot. With no more enemies at the current point, he has Chaosdramon go on standby, but warns Kosuke that "you know who" would show up soon. With no enemies currently in sight, Kosuke begins hacking. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-4

As Kosuke continues hacking into the system, the Sons of Chaos are attacked by Gatekeeper Digimon. Chaosdramon and the SoC hackers Marvin brought with him are able to deal with them however, with Kosuke's hacking at 33% — which was 3% higher than when he had tried it in the past with only Dorumon.

Gatekeeper Digimon continue to arrive, but the SoC deal with them every time. As more and more fights happen, Kosuke hacks even more, now at 66%. Loogamon senses something, and tells the others that "it's coming". As Eiji worries about Loogamon's warning, Dorumon tells them there's nothing they can do about it, with the situation becoming worse as their SoC allies needed to log out due to their Mindlink times running out. This would leave Marvin as the last line of defence. Before they can log out, they are attacked by a Mekanorimon. Eiji was confused, since he thought the DigiPolice had retreated, and quickly learns that it was being piloted by a Mindlinked Satsuki/Numemon. The Mekanorimon collapses, being heavily damaged, but had still been able to do this last attack. Numemon gets out of the now fallen Digimon, with Marvin asking why she was here. She tells him she was here to recuse Yulin, with Marvin laughing as she only had a Numemon with her. This wasn't the case though, and she pulls out a Digimon Dock and tells the unconscious Yulin/Ryudamon that she had tendered her resignation as she had broken the rules of the DigiPolice by stealing their secret Digimon. She activates it, unleashing a Brigadramon.

Brigadramon aims its attacks at Eiji, Satsuki still wanting to kill him, but Marvin has Chaosdramon shield him. This was enough to pin Chaosdramon down, and with only Airdramon left — Numemon/Satsuki charge in to try and free Ryudamon. Eiji and Marvin are shocked to learn the DigiPolice had a Mega level Digimon the entire time, with Satsuki faking annoyance that Chaosdramon's Red Digizoid was able to withstand its attacks. With Brigadramon in range, Chaodramon grabs its arms but Satsuki reveals she wanted this to happen and had tricked him since it had missile launchers in its claws and as such would now be able to fire all of them at Chaosdramon at point blank range. Before it can do so, Eiji yells at them to stop fighting as "it" was here. Omegamon of the Royal Knights had arrived.

Omegamon attacks Kosuke, but Marvin is able to have Chaosdramon block the attack. As it falls to the powerful Royal Knight's attack, it is able to launch one final attack itself but Omegamon avoids it. Satsuki has Brigadramon attack Omegamon, though its attacks do little to it. Though she had no desire to help the SoC, she continues to have Brigadramon attack the Royal Knight as she didn't want Omegamon to kill Ryudamon/Yulin alongside the others. Brigadramon overheats, with it now unable to continue fighting. Omegamon comes out of the smoke unharmed, with there now being nothing to stop it killing Kosuke. The hacking was at 97%, and as Omegamon charged at Kosuke the mission seemed like it was going to fail. Kosuke however, reveals he had a trump card — and pulls out two Digimon Docks. He summons two Mega level Digimon and has them block Omegamon's attacks. With the hacking now at 99%, the gateway scans the three Prototype Digimon with its analysis bringing up holograms of their Ultimate forms. This confirmed they met the requirements, with the gateway giving Kosuke the key. The hacking was complete. Omegamon kills Kosuke's Mega Digimon but it is unable to reach the group in time as upon Kosuke activating the key — he, Eiji, and the Prototype Digimon vanish. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-5

Eiji and the others find themselves in a void beyond the Gateway, with Eiji wondering if they had managed to reach the depths of the Digital World. As the Hackers and their partners discuss their surroundings, Kosuke pulls up a monitor — and after searching it informs the group they were in the Source Domain. Upon that realization, Yulin and Ryudamon wake up — with Kosuke giving a quick update on what had happened. Yulin is enraged, but is unable to do anything as Ryudamon was still restrained. Kosuke apologizes for doing so, and tells her he had no choice as he had to do the hack. She asks what happened to Satsuki, and is surprised to learn she had stolen Brigadramon. As the two talk, Eiji expresses shock at the fact Kosuke and Yulin actually knew other by name — the leader of the DigiPolice and the leader of the Sons of Chaos. Figuring there was no point in keeping secrets, Kosuke tells Eiji a brief story about the duo's time working with Tomonori Ryusenji back when they were students. With how long the conversation had gotten, Eiji asks if they can really stand around and do this since Omegamon could come for them at any moment. Dorumon alleviates his fears though, telling him that only Prototype Digimon could be in the Source Domain — and as such, Omegamon couldn't get in. It even states that King Drasil wasn't allowed in. Eiji breathes a sign of relief, though goes back to worrying when Dorumon says it actually has no idea if the Royal Knights were allowed in or not and was simply theorizing. As Kosuke states that they had finally reached the place where they could get the Sacred Chalice, Loogamon notices the nearby area's smell as changed. As it sniffs it more, the area Loogamon was sniffing changes shape. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-6

As Loogmon and Eiji react in fear at the changes, Loogamon realizes it had seen the newly formed object before — it was the same device in Tomonori's office that displayed Vaccine, Virus, and Data. The three orbs on it, one for each Attribute, envelop the three Prototype Digimon, with it confirming the trio match the requirements. Now all Kosuke had to do was hack into the source code of the system so he could get access to the Sacred Chalice. Phase 3 of Operation Tartarus was now complete, with Phase 4 now beginning.

As Eiji watched Kosuke hack, he realized that Tomonori had given him Loogamon and told him to infiltrate the Sons of Chaos all for this moment — so that he could digivolve Loogamon to the Ultimate level and help Kosuke free Saya. Yulin continues to try and break Ryudamon free from the restraints so that she could stop Kosuke from hacking into the Digital World, but still found herself unable to do so. As Kosuke states he would hack into the system, slipping passed King Drasil and the Royal Knights, Yulin continues to try and break free as she didn't want her former friend to become a target of the Royal Knights. She also didn't want him to upset the balance between humans and Digimon, just to free one human as the risk of the Digimon retaliating against the Human World was too strong. Kosuke insists it will all be worth it to save Saya, his fiancée and the Professor's daughter, this fact shocking Eiji since he wasn't aware of Saya's connection to Kosuke — never mind the Professor. This finally had Eiji realize just how important she was to Kosuke and Tomonori. Not actually caring about Saya, Loogamon tells Kosuke to hurry up as it was only interested in saving Leon and Pulsemon. Yulin tries to reason with Eiji, hoping he can put a stop to what was happening, but he and Loogamon tell her they had come too far to turn back now. Kosuke continues his hack, with the Attribute logos connecting together followed by lots of objects coming out of the ground — eventually forming a stone circle around the group. Dorumon and Loogamon, Loogamon pulling the restrained Ryudamon, approach the newly formed altar with the now woken Ryudamon telling them they can do what they want as they had bested it in combat. Dorumon states it will pay back the love Kosuke had given it by helping free Saya, but not just that — it would free the Digital World and change it.

Eiji asks Kosuke if he knew how to find Pulsemon's data, to which he states he doesn't as he only had the information for Saya's BlackAgumon. Loogamon points out it remembers Pulsemons scent, feeling that'd be enough, whilst Eiji pulled out the medicine he was given by Tomonori to cure someone of DMIA. As Loogamon sends the scent data over to Kosuke, Yulin reacts in shock having learned Tomonori was part of the operation. As Kosuke continues to hack, letters only the Prototype Digimon would understand appear with the trio decoding it. Kosuke's monitor suddenly shuts off however, ending the hack, with Tomonori arriving and greeting the group with a cheery "good morning". Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-7

Everyone is confused by Tomonori's presence, which the professor fails to understand, as he is the one who asked them to raise the Prototype Digimon for him. Tomonori then restrains Loogamon and Dorumon with the same tool used on Ryudamon, bypassing both of their security systems. Loogamon realizes the restraint tool was installed in them from the start. Tomonori states the restraint tool is part of the research tools installed in the Digimon handled by Ryusenji Electronics and the Digimon Linker. Eiji realizes the Digimon Linker's monitoring of his health and Loogamon's progress is all being sent to DDL. Tomonori reveals he can forcibly take control of their Digimon whenever he wants, even when they are mindlinked, and that their Partner Digimon are his tools.

Yulin realizes that while the Prototype Digimon are meant to access the Source Domain, the Digimon Linkers are meant to be a bridge between the Real World and Digital World, granting Tomonori access to the Source Domain. Eiji realizes Tomonori's image is a video feed projected from their Digimon instead of being properly hololized. Loogamon regains its memory of being captured by DDL employees in the Wall Slum and having the restraint tool installed in it. Kosuke angrily reacts to Tomonori's actions. Tomonori starts to decrypt the Data part of the Source Domain's code with Dorumon's interface and states it's only right the leading expert on Digital World research be the one to do this. Kosuke gets angry because they were supposed to be on the same side, and he also wants to save Saya. Eiji asks Tomonori about Saya, trying to learn the full story.

Tomonori explains how he covered up the accident with the Tartarus probe to protect Kosuke and Yulin, and his promise to look after them even after they left Ryusenji Electronics. He also tells Kosuke and Yulin he's proud of having invested so much in them, and asks them to see his current actions as him calling back the favor they own him. Eiji continues his question, realizing it makes no sense for Tomonori to fight Kosuke if they are both trying to save Saya. Tomonori reveals he has no interest in looking for BlackAgumon, which confuses Eiji. Yulin asks Tomonori about a hunch she has had. Tomonori calls the universal directory information tree and summons an unconscious Pulsemon to the Source Domain, revealing one can easily search any Digimon by their identification code in the Depths of the Digital World.

Tomonori then summons BlackAgumon, also unconscious. The professor confirms his suspicion that a Partner Digimon survives their mindlinker's death. His words shock all in the room. Tomonori shows for a brief moment a video of Saya in a capsule full of colored fluid, revealing the videos he had been sending to Kosuke were fake, and Saya has been dead for a long time. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-8

Kosuke refuses to believe it, with Tomonori finding Kosuke's reaction boring — since he had predicted that's how he would react. He did find satisfaction in the fact the fake hope that she was alive allowed him to control Kosuke though, since it had allowed him to achieve his goals. Eiji yells out to Kosuke that they had found the BlackAgumon the Sons of Chaos had been looking for, with this snapping Kosuke back to reality. Still refusing to believe she was dead, he takes out the medicine that would sever her and her BlackAgumon's Mindlink connection. Tomonori tells Kosuke that the medicine was real, and would indeed work, and that the only thing he had lied about was the fact she had already died but asks him if he would be able to live with the consequences — what would happen if her consciousness had no body to return to? As he looked at the BlackAgumon, he found himself unable to administer the medicine. He didn't have it in him to find out if Tomonori was lying or not.

Tomonori's hacking finishes, with Dorumon screaming in pain — the pain causing it to pass out. Kosuke apologizes to his partner, with Tomonori telling the group they had no idea what Kosuke was going to do with the source domain once he had it. Kosuke tells Tomonori he hadn't needed to do any of this as he was simply going to give the credit to him anyway — since he only cared about Saya — though Tomonori didn't care as he was done with Kosuke. He would turn his attention to Ryudamon, and begin hacking it just like he had done to Dorumon moments before. Yulin asks Tomonori why he was doing this — since his daughter was dead — with Tomonori telling the group he was interested in the Source Digimon. Yulin tells him that trying to find it was too dangerous, to which he agrees, but had no desire to stop in his goals despite how dangerous it could be as it would satiate his boredom. Yulin tells him she had lost all respect for him, whilst Eiji declares him a traitor. Tomonori didn't care though, and tells them he was going to Mindlink with the Source Digimon.

Tomonori asks Eiji how he had betrayed him, to which Eiji changes his mind and decides he actually hadn't. He realizes that someone as talented and rich as Tomonori would never take interest in someone like Eiji unless it was to have him digivolve Loogamon, and so couldn't betray him as he was never really on Eiji's side in the first place. Tomonori tells him that he was the perfect candidate to raise Loogamon, since his entire family were dead and his DS levels with Loogamon were high and that had he told him about the plan — neither he nor Loogamon would've developed as well as they had. Seeing that Eiji had understood what had happened, he became confused as to why he had taken the side of Kosuke and Yulin. As Tomonori questions Eiji, Loogamon gets up and tells Tomonori to shut up. Having heard enough, Loogamon asks why Tomonori hadn't put a stop to its digivolution to Helloogarmon — since he had clearly been watching the battle — with Tomonori telling that watching the battle was more fun that stopping it, even had it resulted in Leon's death. This enraged the duo further, with Tomonori disappointed that they had supposedly betrayed him. He tells them that Leon knew his secret and had grown too strong — and so had to be dealt with.

Eiji and Loogamon still had the desire to save Leon and Pulsemon. Their hearts become one, with this allowing Loogamon to break free from the restraints. This shocks Tomonori, with Loogamon telling him that it can delete any foreign objects within its body with its flames. Tomonori pauses his hack on Ryudamon, and turns his attention to Loogamon. Eiji readies his Digimon Linker, and tells Tomonori that this wasn't going to end well for him. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-9

Tomonori had already hacked Dorumon, and, having paused his hacking of Ryudamon to hack Loogamon instead, tries to using his hacking tools to restrain it so that he could do so. As Eiji wonders how they would be able to stop him, since they couldn't attack a hologram, Loogamon tells its partner that the battle would most likely be against Tomonori's pawns. As he says that, Dorumon — having woken up during the conversation — attacks Loogamon. Eiji asks Kosuke why he had told Dorumon to attack them, though Kosuke — who had not been paying attention to what was going on as he was still wallowing in despair — looks at the commotion and asks why Dorumon was attacking them. This has Eiji realize Kosuke wasn't behind it, with him coming to the conclusion that someone else must've been controlling its actions. He asks Tomonori if he was the one doing it, to which he confirms he was as he had hacked into Kosuke's Mindlink — allowing him direct control of Dorumon's actions. He forces Dorumon to digivolve, with Dorumon digivolving all the way to the Mega level.

With Dorugoramon by his side, Tomonori asks Eiji if he was going to fight him or if he was going to join his side and allow him to complete the hack of the three Prototype Digimon. He tells him that if he helps him get access to the Source Digimon he would forgive his betrayal and would allow him to continue working for him. He states he would give him a free apartment, as much food as he wanted, and that if he took this offer one of the women working for him might fall in love with him — specifically naming Hatsune. He gives him to the count of ten to make his choice, with Eiji actually considering accepting since he could skip university and work for such a prestigious company and maybe even become one of the higher ups or use the money to make his own business. As it seems he was going to accept the deal, Loogamon reacts in shock, with Eiji explaining that he had already had a taste of the good life and wanted more. Tomonori reacts happily, and tells Eiji he will make sure he has a high salary, though Eiji reveals he was bluffing and instead was going to forge his own path by using the Digital World to bring people to together. Not amused by the deception, Tomonori gives him one last chance to reconsider but Eiji refuses and has Loogamon digivolve.

Soloogarmon attacks Dorugoramon, but its attack does nothing to its Mega level opponent. Tomonori sarcastically congratulates the duo on their attack. Yulin tells Eiji about Dorugoramon's attacks, and that it is very effective in both short and long range combat — with this leaving very little in the way of defeating it. Eiji is surprised upon hearing Yulin helping him, though she quickly points out the fact that Soloogarmon would lose from just one attack. Refusing that notion, Eiji and Soloogarmon declare they'll win and start mocking Tomonori. He sees through their ruse though, and tells them that since he isn't Mindlinking they wouldn't be able to stall him out and that all that would happen is that Kosuke would fall into DMIA — since Kosuke was actually the one Mindlinking with Dorugoramon. Even if that were to happen, Tomonori would still have control of Dorugoramon. Their plan thwarted, Soloogarmon uses its thrusters to fly into the air — in the hopes that it would be be able to avoid Dorugoramon's attacks and defeat it from the air. As Soloogarmon avoided the attacks, they notice Dorugoramon had suddenly stopped paying attention to them and realize it was now aiming its attack at Ryudamon and the others. Eiji was confused, since killing Ryudamon would make accessing the Source Digimon impossible, and realizes his actual target was Pulsemon. He was going to use Pulsemon as a hostage to get what he wanted. Not wanting his friend to die, Soloogarmon changes from aerial attacks to a direct attack but is easily defeated by Dorugoramon at close range. Tomonori tells Eiji he is lucky that he can't kill Soloogarmon, since he still needed it, and mocks the death of Eiji's parents. This further angers Eiji, with Tomonori telling him he had won since no matter what he did he still had Pulsemon. Tomonori motions to Pulsemon but reacts in shock when he sees that it, BlackAgumon, and Ryudamon were no longer there. One of Eiji's Tyrannomon arrives, with Tomonori realizing he had had his Tyrannomon do stuff whilst Tomonori was distracted with Soloogarmon. As Tomonori wonders where they had gone, he figures there was only one place they could be — the altar. Eiji and Soloogarmon try to tell the Tyrannomon to flee but they're too late, with Dorugoramon getting there within seconds. Dorogoramon attacks the Tyrannomon at the altar, though Soloogarmon is able to get there in time and block the attack — saving its allies. Tomonori becomes confused, since Eiji could easily replace the Tyrannomon, but Soloogarmon tells him to leave its friends out of their battle. Now even more determined to win, Eiji and Soloogarmon's hearts become even more linked — and with an even higher desire to save their friends — Soloogarmon digivolves to Fenriloogamon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-10

Eiji and Tomonori have a back and forth about their ideals, with Eiji declaring he would take Tomonori out. Tomonori tries to bribe Eiji again, but it fails once again after Loogamon snaps Eiji out nearly falling for it again. The talking over, Fenriloogamon attacks the mind controlled Dorugoramon.

In the middle of their battle, Fenriloogamon and the mind controlled Dorugoramon notice a giant pillar of light emanating from the stone circle. This has them realize Kosuke had used the medicine on Pulsemon.

Pulsemon runs into battle, and joins Fenriloogamon's side. Pulsemon and Leon's voices speak at the same time, the two of them still connected, with Tomonori fascinated to see Leon's mind trying to split itself from Pulsemon's. The battle comes to a halt, with Tomonori wanting to watch the medical history unfold before his eyes — which gives Eiji and Leon/Pulsemon the time to catch up. As they talk, Leon/Pulsemon eventually notices Tomonori linked with Dorugoramon and asks why he was doing so. Tomonori tells him he was simply fighting the Sons of Chaos, and was currently in the middle of a battle with Eiji — claiming he was now one of the SoC's leaders. He uses his fake personality to try and smooth over Leon, telling him that they had finally managed to reach the Digital World, but that Eiji and the Sons of Chaos were trying to ruin it for him and so they should team up to stop Eiji. Eiji defends himself and tells Leon/Pulsemon that the enemy was Tomonori and not him, with Pulsemon digivolving upon hearing this.

Tomonori and Eiji both yell out for Leon to take their side, with Kazuchimon answering by attacking Dorugoramon. Tomonori was shocked, and asks why he had turned on him. Leon/Pulsemon tell him that Kosuke was the one who had saved him, and that Eiji was the one who had been looking for him the entire time — with Tomonori having used them as blackmail to try and stop Eiji in combat. He reveals he had heard everything that had happened even though Pulsemon was unconscious and states that though he could never stand beside a code cracker under normal circumstances — he could put it aside for now as he was even more against someone trying to cause an irrational loss of life in the Digital World by wanting to play God. Leon/Kazuchimon tell Eiji that they could trust him more than Tomonori, as Eiji having unlocked his partner's Mega form showed he was worth trusting compared to Tomonori who had caused Dorumon to digivolve to Mega by force. Before the battle continues, Eiji tells Tomonori the main reason lost his trust for him was because he wasn't Mindlinking and risking his life and was instead just controlling Dorugoramon from within the safety of his office. Tomonori tries to defend himself, saying the mission only had a fifty percent chance of working — meaning he didn't want to risk his life over something that might not actually succeed — though Leon/Kazuchimon tell him that such cowardice means he will be unable to win the battle. Leon/Kazuchimon offers Tomonori the chance to surrender, since it was now two against one, though he refuses as he thinks it's his former employees who had no chance of winning. He starts to hack, reminding the duo he had gained access to the source code, and as he does, Kosuke's hologram collapses. Yulin freaks out, confused as to what was going on, with Eiji and Leon/Kazuchimon noticing something was happening to Dorugoramon's DigiCore. Large amounts of data begins to pour into Dorugoramon's DigiCore via its interface, with everyone realizing that if it continued — Dorugoramon would die as its body would be unable to handle that much data. Wanting to save Dorugoramon, the two Mega Digimon try to attack it — but are too late. Dorugoramon, in a bid not to die, began Death-X-evolution. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-11

Fenriloogamon and Kazuchimon try to stop it before it could complete the digivolution, but were unable to do so. Eiji compares the situation to when Loogarmon digivolved to Helloogarmon, whilst Tomonori boasts about having learned about Death-X-evolution via the source code and had decided to put it into action right away so that he could use it to defeat his new found enemies. Eiji, seeing DexDorugoramon, is reminded of his now deceased dog and realizes that Dorugoramon was dead. Instead, it was now a zombie with its mind being controlled by a virus. It had even taken in the data of various other DigiCores, technically no longer being just Dorugoramon. Tomonori realizes that DexDorugoramon was now the closest being to the Source Digimon, and that if he continued he would finally gain access to said Digimon, and has DexDorugoramon attack its enemies. As Fenriloogamon and Kazuchimon are taken out with only one attack, Eiji and Leon — their Digimon suffering from the effect of the attack — discuss the fact that DexDorugoramon was this strong with only one third of the source domain's power and that they could not allow him to win and gain the rest of the data by hacking Loogamon and Ryudamon. If they allowed it to happen, he would gain access to the Source Digimon and could rule the World. At this point, Tomonori yells out he no longer had control of DexDorugoramon and had instead had managed to program it to work in auto pilot and had commanded it to eat the DigiCores of Loogamon and Ryudamon so that it could become the ultimate Prototype Digimon. As the battle continues, Leon tells Eiji to flee — since they could not allow it to eat Loogamon's DigiCore — and tells him he will fight in his place as thanks for saving him. Eiji refuses though, telling him he was done running away and crying as he had done enough of that after seeing Leon fall into DMIA. Leon tries to change his mind, though Fenriloogamon tells him to shut up and that they were not going to abandon their friends. Surprised they still wanted to be friends, Leon confides in Eiji that he didn't think he had it in him to defeat Tomonori because of what they had been through but wonders if he could do it with Eiji, Pulsemon, and Loogamon by his side. He tells Eiji that, although they were on different sides, he still believed in him, with Kazuchimon putting his hand against Fenriloogamon's interface. Leon tells Eiji he had earned Kazuchimon's power, this causing their partners to Fuse together — the duo becoming one as Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi.

Tomonori was surprised to see just how much Leon hated him, to the level that he would even team up with a code cracker. Leon tells him he cannot live with pride until he defeats Tomonori, with Eiji telling him he had gone way too far. As they readied an attack to defeat DexDorugoramon, Eiji's Mindlink timer rang — meaning no matter what happened, this was the final attack. Tomonori declares he will have DexDorugoramon eat both of them and end their lives, though they both tell him to shut up. Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi then launches its attack Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-12 and defeats it, reverting it back to Dorumon. As they see the threat had been dealt with, they also notice Tomonori had left. Kosuke arrives and declares that Phase Four of Operation Tartarus was now complete since they had secured BlackAgumon. BlackAgumon and Kosuke thank Eiji for all he had done, though they have to cut it short when Eiji has Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi revert to Loogamon and Pulsemon then cuts the Mindlink as he had ran out of time. Epilogue

Afterwards, everyone agrees to not say a word about what happened, though most of the information ended up leaking anyway. Tomonori flees Japan and goes to the America, though he ends up not getting into any trouble as what he did wasn't actually illegal. Despite now being enemies with Tomonori, Tomonori apparently didn't seem to mind as he still made occasional contact with Eiji and Leon and continued to pay them both. Kosuke, having completed his goal, also stops making appearances — though Eiji remains in contact with him. Eiji moves into Kosuke's former safe house though still visits and uses his apartment as Loogamon liked it and his family altar was there. With Kosuke no longer doing much work with the SoC, Eiji ends up being seen as the unofficial leader by the members themselves. Despite this newly found almost leadership role, he stayed in contact with Yulin as well — who assured him the DigiPolice would not take action against him.

Around a year after later, Eiji and Leon go to a yakitori restaurant to celebrate Eiji's birthday. Now in their 20s, they are able to drink alcohol — and as such buys themselves multiple pints. Leon once again thanks Eiji for saving him and then gives him his birthday present — information in relation to the recent incident in the X Nation the previous month. As they make jokes about the Nation's leader Satsuki and Yulin arrive and join in the drinking. Satsuki, quickly drunk, demands to know what information they had been sending each other, though Yulin tells her they aren't on duty right now and so didn't need to grill hackers. Though she protests that the DigiPolice are always on duty, she stops yelling when Leon gives her more alcohol with her focus now on getting even more drunk. It doesn't last though, as she drinks it fast and yells out that they cannot trust the new leader of the Sons of Chaos — with Yulin informing Satsuki as she went to the bathroom that Tartarus was still the leader. Yulin discusses the fact that Eiji and Leon were working together often, though Eiji denies this since they only see each other every few months. Yulin, Eiji, and Leon talk about change though she quickly changes the subject and asks where Kosuke is. Eiji tells her he had invited him to his birthday party, though he might not show up as he was "probably" in another country. Hatsune arrives and proceeds to complain about the amount of work she had been doing recently, with her becoming shocked upon seeing the chief of the DigiPolice there. She asks Hatsune if it was true that Tomonori had moved his main research facility to America though gets no answer due to Hatsune introducing herself and Satsuki returning from the bathroom. The group do a toast, which comes to a halt when Hatsune says that Tomonori wants to come to Eiji's birthday party. With everyone shocked, Hatsune clarifies that though he wanted to come he couldn't as he had to go to a meeting with the United States secretary of defence and so had to cancel his flight to Japan. The group sign with relief upon learning this. After a little more celebrating, the group mindlink and go to the Wall Slums to meet with their partner Digimon — finding that Kosuke and Dorumon where there as well. Epilogue

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